Word of God presents Gratitude:UnFiltered VIII "The Testimony of Glenn McCoy"

Glenn McCoy
Born in Louisville Kentucky
1964 (1 of 4 siblings)
Father was a country music artist.
Mother worked for General Electric for 36 yrs.

Family split Raised in an orphanage from 9-16 years old. At 16- went to a Christian High School.

Married my high school sweetheart- had 1 son (Glenn who is 28 yrs old now).

Both went to Bible school.

I have served in (3) mega church's

Mostly as an associate pastor as well as other positions within the ministry. I love to study and teach. I've started men's transitional living centers, served a volunteer Chaplin in Teen Challenge USA and even started a CRACK church once.

Divorced in 1993- and remarried 20 years later. Met my present wife in Lexington Kentucky, Rhonda (white) McCoy. She's my best friend. She was a mom of three children. Together we now have four children, 2 boys & 2 girls. And 3 grandchildren. 2 boys and a girl. We love and enjoy them tremendously.

We live in Edmond Oklahoma, my wife is in the medical field. I'm in marketing and sales. Most of my career I've been a counselor, A family memorial counselor and have dabbled in business ownership.

Together with my wife and serve the Lord anyway and anywhere he leads us.i had the privilege of leading both parents and one sibling to the Lord. I am currently involved in men's ministries at Crossings Community Church and two other smaller ministries. I attend Word of God Church I consider it our home church where I have the privilege to serve as a mentor and teacher to MBK and CASA guys.

(Setbacks include, childhood abuse, drugs, alcohol etc... Family split, lot of childhood baggage, only Christian in my family for many years. Many attacks, once faced a 65-year prison sentence. I've seen God save me and my family through it all. God has completely delivered me and is restoring our lives daily.

All Glory to God,

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