Welcome to Word of God Church presents Gratitude:UnFiltered XV!

"The Testimony of John Phipps"

I am your host Joshua T Berglan and thank you for joining us!

John and his wife Kristi have been married for 18 years and grew up in the Oklahoma City area. Before John and Kristi planted The Good Fight Church (TGFC), they were both passionate about helping people overcome life controlling problems. It was that passion and desire to help others that led them to start a small group out of their living room in the Fall of 2010. Within a year, the group exploded with growth and changed lives. It was then that they felt God calling them to start a ministry to help even more people. By the end of 2014 there were over 800 people attending this ministry each month. It was at the end of 2014 that God put it on their hearts to plant the church. John and Kristi's life is devoted to showing people the love of Christ through the local church by teaching them about the Head, Hands, and Heart.

John and Kristi have two children, Vivian Rose and Jonah Hayes. When John is away from the church, he enjoys anything and everything that has to do with people and fishing.

Gratitude:UnFiltered is an intelligent, inspiring, polarizing and truly unfiltered talk show ministry. The host, Joshua T Berglan and his guest share powerful testimonies of overcoming and messages of hope each week in front of a live audience, who has quite the story themselves. Join us for live music, inspiration, Truth and even some laughs! This talk show is a ministry, not a church. ----------

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