Word of God Church presents Gratitude:UnFiltered XIII "The Testimony of Tony Diaz"


The Testimony of Tony Diaz & The announcement of Gratitude:UnFiltered San Diego, Word of God Church San Diego, My Brothers Keeper San Diego....


"My name is Anthony Diaz born April 27th, 1962 in Beth Israel hospital in NYC Born and raised in the TRUE ghettos of NYC I was the firstborn of my generation meaning I was the oldest child of the oldest child. My father was the oldest of 10. Which meant growing up I was favored by both grandmothers of which my maternal grandmother was the one that primally raised me.

Being the oldest of 5 and my mother has had 4 children before the age of 21 meant I had to take on the older brother/father/caretaker role. Having been sexually/physically/emotionally abused from approx. age 5-14, started a downward spiral of what became a miserable existence. I made it to about the 10 grade before dropping out and becoming a professional alcoholic/addict/manipulator.

Although the drinking and drugs were always there even through school remembering my first time, I smoked a joint was when the first of many various perpetrators passed me a joint in front of my mother! Which leads to approx. 35 years of severe drug and alcohol abuse. Having overdosed 4 times twice on cocaine twice on heroin. Clinically dead twice!

Aug 13, 1980, was the day I was shot twice by a drunk NYC police officer on 17th street and Ave C in NYC. Sept 27th, 1983 my oldest son was born April 8th, 1985, I strapped on a knapsack and decided that NYC was my problem so I left in hopes of becoming clean and sober. Which lead me on a 6-year adventure of traveling the United States of America. 1991 was the year I stopped hiking and met the first of my 2 wives Anna.

We both did plenty of drugs together but she was able to stop I was not. On one of my binges, I pushed her out the door in an effort to get her to go get me more money from the ATM. She tripped after my push and hit her face on the concrete floor shattering 12 teeth and breaking her jaw in 2 places. And yes, I went to jail on that charge but subsequently leading me to AVP. (anger management). Anna married me anyway after going through AVP with me and we both became facilitators.

Doing workshops in MAX security prisons along with creating a workshop designed for domestic violence offenders and victims 1998 Became a Microsoft Certified Trainer teaching computer networking for New York University and Brooklyn university. Sept 19th, 1999 Got run over by Mack truck on the Manhattan bridge in NYC going to go buy more drugs at 2 AM. Jan 2000 divorced from Anna Sept 11th, 2001 Witnessed the world trade center destruction.

I helped get people off the island of NY in my passenger van. 2002 moved to Oklahoma married my second wife Angela we stayed married for 9 years before I filed for divorce. Aug 2nd, 2005 one of the days of my life the day my daughter was born Grace Olivia Diaz Oct 6th, 2005 is my sober date as of this writing I have 14 years, one month, 13 days Dec 27th,2007 Another amazing day when my 4th child a son was born 2013 did a 14-week experimental clinical drug for HEP-C. although I was cured of the virus. The same drug killed two others one of heart failure the other kidney failure.

Became part of a class-action lawsuit suing the drug company I was 1 of 15 clients the case was settled out of court for 80 Million of which I received my share. Purchased White Buffalo Ranch (which is not a Sober Living Ranch) Jan 2017 divorce finalized but still in appeals court as at this time. More will be revealed as we do the show let me know if you need any more background info on me And once again thank you so much for the opportunity and all you do for the church and us in recovery.

Sincerely Yours,

Anthony Cowboy Diaz

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