Word of God Church presents Gratitude:UnFiltered VI

"The Testimony of Sharee Land" 

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A word from Sharee......

"I am a Wife, Mom, and a LaLa, a ministry leader and counselor for " Back Porch Ministry" We are the Owners for our Ministry and Grace which helps women coming out of abuse, addictions. and prison .. I go into the Oklahoma Women's Prisons sharing Jesus Christ and Hope thru Him.... And I am an advocate for mental health ... Went to school to be a Christian counselor.

From the outside looking in, I looked like I had a very happy life, but found myself.paralyzed. and struggling with severe mental health. ADHD, Severe Anxiety Disorder and PTSD .. From a childhood of abuse and being molested to 15 years working in the sex industry, 20 year addiction to crack and meth, a 14-year marriage to a drug dealer and addict living in constant emotional and physical abuse ..

Than finally escaping that life , getting sober , went to work for a big church doing ministry but I was more caught up into appearance and performance and how I looked, that I never took time to heal and face all I had been running from my whole.life .. I began to spiral.down and found myself no longer wanting to live , I could not handle the everyday , PTSD and extreme anxiety and the energy it took to get thru the day .. Some days I couldn't even get out of the house,. All the pain finally rearing its head.of a deep dark ugly past, past generations wounds of loved ones. Those wounds finally busting open, I found myself in a dark place and begin to question my own life ...

But thru a lot of counseling and professional and Godly help., I learned to fight back , and stand.on my feet and find my God given.place .. Thru taking one day at a time , and having SAFE PEOPLE and SAFE PLACES to be broken and finally let walls down , learn to trust and allow people to love me ,and allowing God to begin to heal me and do what only He can do . I learned, I have a choice to get better .. And now living a life of health and happiness and love , and walking with Jesus daily and knowing who I am , my worth and value and my authority in Jesus .. I have taken back my life and now help and teach other woman to do the same ..

That no matter or past, where we have been or what we have done, God loves us and it's not too late, we are made. I AM the image of Christ. He makes all. things new, and if we allow Him, everything the enemy has meant for harm God will turn for good !!! There is life after addiction and abuse, but it's up to us to choose .... "

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