"The Testimonies"

Vol 5 Michael Peterman

In this testimony, we hear a powerful story of addiction, abuse, healing and redemption in Jesus Christ.

During this time of crisis, we at Word Of God Family Church need funds to support our faith-based discipleship ministry, My Brother’s Keeper.

At My Brother’s Keeper, we maintain homes for the restoration of those ravaged by addiction, abuse and other destructive lifestyles. Historically the residents help raise the necessary funds to provide for their care, however, due to the pandemic we are unable to fundraise at this time.

To help us continue our care of the 30+ men and women here in our restoration homes, located on The Word of God Family Church campus, please assist us with any size contribution possible.

Your contribution will help us continue our day to day operations.

God will Bless you for your giving to those in need during this most trying time.

Thank you, God Bless you. Pastor’s Phillip & Melba Castillio

A Special Thank You to Joshua T Berglan and all the friends of Gratitude:UnFiltered!

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