Word of God Church presents Gratitude:UnFiltered II 

The Testimonies of Lorenzo and Victoria Stanback 


This Gratitude:UnFiltered brings it! Live music, a monologue, 2 amazing testimonies, and empowering conversations! 

Lorenzo Stanback: A March, 2019 Graduate of My Brother’s Keeper. Mr. Stanback was born in Mississippi but raise on the South Side of Chicago Illinois he (Lorenzo Stanback) from a very young age of 14/15 years old had a long time of gang affiliation, and drug dealing and jail/prison time.

Teaching himself to read and write after dropping out of high school due to bullying and shaky home life, but he had a praying mother/Pastor Pearl Stanback. Lorenzo found his journey taking him to Oklahoma around 1998 to present-day his life of crime was not left behind until 2012 when his journey of redemption started to evolve. 2013 – 2018 would show how God would take him from Glory to GLORY from the back to streets of Oklahoma to the FRONTLINES with Word Of God Church and My Brother’s Keeper.

Victoria Diaz Stanback: Born in North Carolina, (Tori) was raised by her grandmother for the better part of her life. B.C. (Before Christ) she was left 3 days old by her birth mother at the hospital. At around age 4 her birth mother returned to take her to New Jersey. Tori’s birth mother would subject her to the hands of many family members to be abused sexually by age 6, by age 8 her birth mother handed her over for $45,000.00 to Tori’s new handler in Human Trafficking. Ages 6 to about 10 Tori was passed from handler to handler.

There was a brief time where she thought she was safe until around age 13 when her birth mother would return and engage in the destructive life. Completing high school was the determination, Tori left the day after graduation for a somewhat better life in higher education but not leaving the learned life style of Human Trafficking. By the age 19, Tori was already entertaining Diplomats in the Nation’s Capital. By the age of 25, Tori had lived in the lower 48 states. 2013 was the renewal and restoration. Ezekiel Chapter 4 would tell most of the story....

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