“Oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end; 

but establish the just: 

for the righteous God trieth the hearts and reins.”

-Psalm 7:9 KJV

The laws of this earth are not for us.

They are not meant to protect us.

They are meant to divide us.

Nothing on earth is exactly as it seems

We were never meant to succeed under man’s law, 

but under God’s law.

If we only knew the truth

I bet we’d turn and walk away 

from everything we’d normally run to.

The things that we believed were to help us,

to protect us…

Are the very same things that made us this way,


They broke us to rebuild us 

So they could control us.

We have been categorized 

into a multitude of tiny groups, 

programmed to believe that we are opposing forces.

We have been programmed to either 

Fight or Flight.

We have so many programmed beliefs 

that we can no longer see where we started,

Or where we went wrong.

Every word & Every action is a trigger, 

The lingering aftermath of trauma for someone,

Regardless of intentions.

We all need to heal,

And we cannot do it alone.

It can only be done by Love,

God’s Love

Through us.

With love,

Jessica Linn