Faith through the Fire - How being Turned On has Changed and Challenged Our Lives

We truly desire to Turn You On in an entirely different way than the world sees it

What happens when you give EVERYTHING over in faith

How, why, and where we began Turned On

We are hard-wired for connection

How being Turned On helps us navigate through some of life's most difficult decisions

Why we stepped away from a very lucrative position and what being Turned On means for us in business

The Turned On Lens and how is gives us the perspective to push our limits into new territory even when it seems foolish or crazy to the world

What became an idol in our life without us even knowing it

How changing your atmosphere and environment will shift things dramatically in your favor

How being on cruise control (turned off) can destroy your health, marriage and career

The fine line between loyalty and obligation and how to course correct

Staying on assignment to get in favor

Where are your agreements in the Big Four and when its time to pivot

You have access to the Switch

How technology can turn you off and inadvertently trip you up

You are responsible for your happiness but not your joy

What happens we get hyper-inspired by the outside world

The difference between connectivity and connection

How we can easily forget WHERE God is and how we can find Him in the Big Four

How Marriage and Family is most susceptible to being Turned Off and how to Turn it back On

The 80/20 Rule in every area of our life

When its time to pivot and how to recognize it

What (Who) David and I chase relentlessly for a Turned On live

How can success and favor evade you if you aren't willing to expose the dark spot and have hard conversations

Where and How to find the FIRE at any time or area of your life