American Idols; Why Are We Looking Outside of Our Homes and Churches For the Amazing Things in Life

The golden statues we worship are false idols

Goals and missions are different than trophies and statues.

We worship the people rather than the ideas behind them which made them famous

Don't get blinded to the point where you can't have an open and honest conversation about what's really going on

The way we edify people is important. What is truly "amazing"?

Is your business strategy inverted? Does it come before God?

We can get so caught up in somebody or something that we miss the truth.

Trust but verify. The slippery slope of idolatry.

Daniel in the lion's den, the ultimate test of faith in who you believe in

You control your decisions. Don't bow to the person or the thing.

There's one person you can't lie to...yourself.

Fame is the temptation of our day. Everybody wants to be seen and heard in 2020

When to check yourself...GOD should be laced in your family, your daily walk and in your business.