On September 12, 2022, President Biden signed the “Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe and Secure American Bioeconomy” yet most of the world has no clue what that actually means.

On “Transhumanism”, Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’ gives a quick overview on all of the events that transpired to get us to this point in human evolution that is often referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution, the Singularity or transhumanism.

After this broadcast, we hope that you understand what Operation Warp Speed was really all about and how 5g, Graphene Oxide, mRNA, the Great Reset, and Starlink tie into it to bring us into the new world, aka the 4th Industrial Revolution.

A special thank you to JOSEPH MERCOLA from the Epoch Times for writing the article we reference in this broadcast, click here to read.

Read The Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

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Joshua T Berglan 0:00
Hey, what’s up everybody, my name is Joshua. I’m the world’s mayor. And I’m so blessed to have you here. Today we are on the live monitor network. And you can find us by downloading our apps on your phone, tablet, your Smart TV, your computer, your app stores, we’re there, Roku, Amazon Fire. What’s the other day? Oh, Apple TV, all the podcast networks. Thank you so much for your support and finding the live mana network. We are a viewer supported viewer and listener supported network, we’re a 501 C three, nonprofit media organization, we do not charge for our services. However, we do rely on your generosity and your gifting to keep going with our mission. And, you know, other than, you know, giving our network away for distribution for other voices for the voiceless. We have our own content and ministry here. But then we have a full range of media services that we are so happy to give away and serve to those that qualify and qualify. And as simply you don’t have the money. Pretty simple. We don’t really ask a lot of questions in that regard. Because we are not going to let money get in the way of doing what God wants to do in your life. And if we have a way that we can help and serve, we’re going to do it. And so we thank you for your generosity, and allowing us to keep going. It’s been amazing. So lately, we’ve been talking about some civil issues. And, and I have avoided like the plague every possible avenue to see a conspiracy theory possible, not because I don’t believe the conspiracy theories. But because I just didn’t want to flood my brain with more stuff. It’s for me, you know, following a being a conspiracy theorists most of my life, which may make me sound crazy, but the conspiracies really are coming true. I just wanted I just like, it makes me want to dive in and fight. And, you know, and it makes me want to scream from the mountaintops and warn people about what’s coming. And we’ve been doing that. In fact, the subject transhumanism that we’re going to talk about today is basically why I’ve been deep platformed and kicked off of social media. Now, not transhumanism itself. But the how we’re getting there. I have an episode on our network, you can find you can actually Google it. It’s called Meet the beast, talking about the beast system, and who’s going to be responsible for bringing it in? Well, in that talk, March of 2020, I’ve been talking also about transhumanism the singularity, the fourth industrial revolution, and where we’re heading, and what the vaccine has been about what mRNA and graphene oxide really is, the importance of 5g, or the internet of bodies, what the World Economic Forum has been talking about the great reset, literally all that it’s been about. And of course, if you watch the news, you watch the news and you focused on what the screen is showing you. But you’re not looking at all of the other pieces that are sliding in to connect to make the agenda possible. I’ve lost more friendships, loved ones money in business, business and money, I guess could be the same thing. But I’ve lost all that warning people about what was to come. Now, of course, the what woke me up to it was noticing that Gilead was involved in the early stages of the vaccine of the COVID when they were talking about COVID and where it came from, and blah, blah, blah. When I first saw Gilead mentioned in other broadcasts, I’ve said this before, so this is not new to the audience that watches all the time. And Hello, nice to see you. Thank you for coming over and leaving social media to find us. And those of you that are new welcome. No time to give you a backstory today about me, but you can read the devil inside me and you will learn all about it. So

Joshua T Berglan 4:17
but when I saw that they were involved, my ears perked up and I was like, Wait a second, something’s not right. Now why would Gilead, raise my awareness? my spidey sense, if you will, while I have HIV and Gilead is who makes my medication. So that that’s why like, why would an HIV drug and COVID Why do they have similarities? What’s going on? So went down that wormhole started to learn the truth about Dr. Fauci his involvement with the smallpox vaccine, which delivered aids which created it. So I found all that and thank God for you know, archive.org because archive.org is a great place to go find articles that have been removed from our news feeds from searchable request. Like when things disappear from the internet, maybe it’s the Internet Archive. So one of the books that I’ve referenced a lot in past episodes, especially when I talk about mRNA, and graphene oxide and 5g and its role in mind control, believe me, believe it or not transhumanism ties into all this stuff, but check out this book. So this is the chapter book. Let me remove my face. Can I remove my face? It’s a little bit bigger, with one big over here. Okay, go back. Here’s the cover, how the aluminum how the tongue twister, how the aluminum create an undetectable total mind control slave. It is not a conspiracy book. But in these chapters. Where’s it going? Okay, right here, the use of electricity. The, it’s this, I don’t know how to make this bigger so you can see it. But where it gets into? It’s chapter six, the use of electricity and electronics for torture, memory deletion for implanting thoughts in electronic communication and control. The reason I’m showing you this is because it’s that chapter that talks about mRNA graphene oxide and how it works together in the body, how it becomes a computer processor, and becomes programmable, just like a computer. This book, I don’t want to say anything factually incorrect here, about when this book was written. Dad gummit, would it be the very last page that would show me that here? Let’s go to the very last page and see. Okay, maybe the page before that. It doesn’t say you should I, okay. It’s basically written either the late 70s or 80s. I forgot the exact number, that of when it was written. So anyway, the point is this. We’ve been talking about all of this for a long time, and warning people and it got me kicked off social media. That’s the point, really, but I want you to reference that book. Because so much of what I say and so much when I talk about in the executive order that was just signed by Biden, so much of that literally ties back to this book mRNA technology that now is now going to going to be used in flu vaccine, flu jabs, and, you know, every other jab and they’re talking like it’s this new technology that’s going to change, you know, the world and who will actually it really is going to change the world, but not for the better. The transhumanism agenda is has it’s been around forever that this has kind of been part of where we’re going. I mean, again, it’s in Daniels prophecy, about iron and clay mixing together, this is going to be what’s happening with the vaccine, 5g graphene oxide mRNA is a collective effect. It’s a full spectrum of you everyone only sees one puzzle piece at a time, typically, because they watch the news. So the news will give you you know, some truth. But they’re not giving you the whole picture at one time. They don’t want you to connect the dots to see what’s coming. I again, I’ve lost so many friends and family for just saying read the book, The Great reset, read the book, the fourth industrial revolution, learn about the Internet of bodies. Lord, read this book, The Mind Control slave book, read it. I’m not. I’m not I’m not sitting around going around going on prosthetic, and I’m delivering words that saying that this and that’s going to happen to you? No, I just read the books. I mean, mind you, God gives me visions. But I think God gives everybody visions.

Joshua T Berglan 9:12
But I read the books too. Actually, it was a vision that caused me to read the book, but and that’s kind of how it works with me is God will show me something and then I go look for it. And then I find it and I’m like, Oh my gosh, you’re going to talk about this. That’s how I get my material for a talk show. I don’t really even research that much. I’m I’m learning to be a real journalist. But like, I see something. God shows me where to look, it confirms it. And then I feel confident enough to talk about it. And that has never changed. And I was right. On was right about what’s happening with COVID the vaccine and I can say vaccine vaccine vaccine vaccine now, because I’m not on social media. And I’m on our own network. And I’m not worried about getting censored. But here’s the thing. No one even I don’t even think anyone cares. that you say COVID Are the vaccine anymore? Why? Because now they’re just telling you what’s going to happen. It only took me 10 minutes to get into this. A couple of weeks ago, we started telling you, the President just said, If you don’t have these skills, and he was talking about like media skills, new media, understanding that technology, if you don’t have the skills, you you’re gonna be left behind. The president said it, but no one caught it. It’s what we’ve been saying. Since we started the lid, mana worldwide foundation and became a nonprofit media organization, and why we’re giving away all these resources. Why? Because you’re gonna have to know these skills, and not everybody has the money to get them. That’s why we’ve been screaming for two years. I mean, my God, you could verify why we’ve been kicked off of social media, because this is what we’ve been talking about. And other than, like, I know, I brought up HIV before in the vaccine and why I was worried. But it’s not just the fact that the vaccine destroys your immune system. It’s not just about that, it turns you into a freakin robot. And that’s simplifying it. But I’m gonna prove it to you with not my words within a legitimate news source and also, the president of United States, not that he’s legitimate. I mean, if even if he was duly elected, I’m and I’m no Trump fan, by the way, Trust me. Trust me, I’m not a Q fan. I’m not a Trump fan. I’m none of that. Because I know what’s about to happen. Like I know what’s about to happen, this has been a setup. And I again, go watch, meet the beast, it’s gratitude, unfiltered, meet the beast, I talk about it, march 2020. The Beast system who’s bringing it in why 5g matters, all of this way to learn what Starlink is. Anyway, all this stuff, it is, it’s a collaborative effect. And there’s a lot going on. So it’s really, really hard. When you’re focused on in your attention in, you’re distracted with the screens. Scrolling through social media, like you’re not going to ever see the full picture. It’s not designed for you to see the full picture. But for some reason, there’s a small demographic of people that they, they don’t do a very good job of seeing right in front of their face. But they see the big picture, like God has had to teach me how to look at what’s in front of my face. Because I’m a dreamer. I see the bigger picture, I’m always looking at the bigger picture, which is great sometimes. Because I don’t get stuck in the mud like other people, but you know, focus, you know, on the beam being present, be all that stuff that I’ve had to work on that. So what this is going to be about today, what we’re going to talk about, it only took me 30 minutes to get into this Jiminy Christmas, gotta speed this up. But what this is going to be about today is what the President that bill really was, what it was saying this executive order, and how it affects us how this is the part of the transhumanist agenda and believe it or not, if you really want to get really down deep in the wormhole to show you how deep this goes. What if I told you that the LGBTQ is XYZ f minus t zero what like that agenda? What if I told you that that was just just as much about transhumanism as it was anything genderless sexless robots.

Joshua T Berglan 13:55
Which I know that we are overhype, sexually, you know, group of people, because we’ve got porn all over us, all around us. But I’m telling you like this, that agenda is feeding into us being genderless, sexless and sexless, like literally not having sex, like the interest won’t be there. No. genitalia, like that’s kind of like, I know that sounds really weird, but it’s kind of like part of it. And all you have to do is listen to people like know, from the World Economic Forum talk. I mean, this is where we’re going. And I’m not the only one that’s been saying this. I’m not going to take credit for that but the Epoch Times in specifically. This gentleman here, Joseph Mercola. Yeah, he’s been on it and he’s been telling people to and in look, what can you do about it? Probably not. lineup for more vaccines. There’s technologies that can break up the graphene. I mean, if you noticed, if you’ve seen Stranger Things, if you’ve ever seen the show the rain, they’re there, that virus. There’s also black goo references. In those shows. black goo is graphene oxide. If you look at the Met Gala photos, there’s a lot of black covering face. Kim Kardashian is a prime example. You’ve seen the woods that that girl the climate change teenager that Greta, she’s got a cover with the black goo on her face. It’s predictive programming. And I know this sounds like a conspiracy thing, but it’s not. This is Daniel’s prophecy dead gummit. This is real and it’s happening. And ultimately, part of agenda 22 or agenda 2030, which is really the same thing is you bring in smart cities. But the way that smart cities can function is by it needs us to be a computer processor, basically. So we need the internet of body. So for 5g to really, really work. They need pretty much everybody vaccinated. And for the system for the all monitoring the all seeing eye where there’s you know, against surveillance everywhere, all that stuff for 5g to work the way that they designed it to work, they need host bodies. So it’s not just about 5g. It’s about our bodies having graphic and mRNA together in it so that we can be monitored. Fully No, no privacy. No buying and selling without the B system that’s coming on the other side of this is going to come fast. Fast. Because the groundwork was already laid when Trump was here. I know sounds crazy. I’ll go Google the Abraham accords coin. And you’ll see it clearly. Actually, here a bruh. Here does Abraham that pull it up? Yeah. Okay, cool. Let’s go. Let’s go to images. And those of you who are on which image do I want to show you? Oh, man, it ties into the stinking here. I’m gonna blow that up. Here we go. Okay, so now I can show you Okay.

Joshua T Berglan 18:03
So that’s the Abraham how it ties into the Denver Airport. I just saw that but man that looks familiar. But you can see on the coin, you can see the dove. The Holy Spirit there’s the plane Saturn, Saturn. If you the Muslim faith, the black box or Mecca is you see black box and ascertain the heads of certain Jewish people. But Saturn, the temple of Saturn, the black cube of Saturn that that ties into the beast, by the way, that is the beast the devil, Donald Trump and the sword, you can see a heart. You can see the satellite, you can see the jab, you can see all the numbers, that’s the quantum financial system, 5g satellites. Anyway, there’s other videos that break this apart, like line by line what the words mean and everything. So what I’m saying is, this is part of the plan, Operation warp speed was the operation turn you into a machine. The father of the vaccine is no different than the father of lies. Sorry, Trump supporters, but he’s part of this. But everyone’s all fueled with hate with Biden, this and Trump this? And like, look, they none of them are good. And I have my theory, I believe that there’s two new world orders. There’s a fake one, which is the one that most people think is the new world order. And then there’s the other one, which is the one that Trump’s involved with in Trump will be the Antichrist is what I believe. And I definitely for sure believe he’s bringing it he’s responsible for bringing in the beast system because it’s pretty easy to figure that out at this point. Because without the Abraham accords without him doing like, this wouldn’t be possible and Elon Musk ties into this too because Starlink is Skynet. Alright, so let’s get into this after this

Unknown Speaker 20:33
he ha ha he loves you?

Joshua T Berglan 21:17
Here no All right, we’re back. Thank you for your patience. Okay, so I, I’ve only read the first few paragraphs of this article and the reason why is because when it was sent to me, I immediately started laughing hysterically, because now everything that I’ve been talking about myself and a few others, is now hitting mainstream news. And it’s in front of everyone’s face, and some people will have the eyes to see and some don’t. I only am jumping into this now, again, because it’s it’s it’s coming. It’s here, it’s it’s been coming for two years that everything. But now it’s here. The you don’t sign executive orders to wait three years to do things the executive orders are to take action now. And I can’t tell you dates and timestamps and all that stuff of how when things will happen. But I will tell you that we’re really freaking close. And the fact is that they’ve they’re promoting AI more than ever, the promoting quantum technology more than ever, that is basically so you’re not shocked when you learn about the quantum financial system, which ultimately will be the beast system. So I don’t know what to tell you, except for let’s see what Epoch Times has to say. And the writer, Joseph Mercola. So all right, I’m gonna put this on the screen for you all to see. Executive Order advances biotech transhumanist agenda. So Joseph says, I predicted this no testing required formula, which spread beyond COVID shots and according to the executive order Biden just signed. That’s exactly what’s about to happen. So just a little overview, September 12 2022. This is what I’m talking about. When Biden also said if you don’t know these skills, you’re going to be left behind. President Biden signed the executive order on advancing biotechnology and bio manufacturing innovation for a sustainable, safe, secure America, American bio economy. They’re telling you that sentence, that sentence is telling you what’s about to happen. specified in that order is the development of genetic genetic engineering technologies. techniques to be able to write circulatory for sale circuitry for cells and predictability program biology and the same way in which we write software and program computers, as well as genetic technologies to unlock the power of biological data using computing tools and artificial intelligence. Remember the mind control slave? That’s what this is that same book. This is what it’s referring to that was written 3040 years ago. They’re telling you like, I mean, they’ve always tell us, they’ve always been telling us of what’s coming. It’s like the movies, movies and TV are more real than what we think is real. I think, at this point. This executive order establishes a fast track pipeline of mRNA shots, and other gene therapies that will further this transhumanist agenda to create augmented humans, in bring us into a post human world. Illuminate okay? I gotta, I gotta. So I’ve got this up. So okay, I’m gonna, I’m gonna make sure that this book, if you’re listening on the podcast, or you’re watching, on Apple, TV, Roku, you’re watching on the network. Either way, wherever you’re watching or listening from, you can go to live mana.org. And I’m gonna have links to all of these articles. And so if you’re listening right now, it’s already there. So don’t even sweat it. If you’re hearing my voice, it’s there. So you can check this. And the only way to really be able to understand it, is you got to put the puzzle pieces on the board and compare side by side. So you can look at the language. And you can see it then you look at the dates and you’re like, Well, wait a second. This isn’t new. This is part of the plan. It’s, it’s insanity. Okay. drugmakers have clearly expected this free for all, as they have loads of mRNA candidates and their pipelines, people want to live forever. People want to be a machine. Why stop them? I mean,

Joshua T Berglan 26:48
if that’s what they want to do, who am I to say that they can’t do it? I want to keep my DNA I want to be what God created me to be. And so he didn’t create me to be a robot. But merging with machine is the ultimate go f yourself to God. If you’re made in God’s image what is merging with machine? What is altering your DNA? It’s the ultimate fu to God. Mode Darren boot Maderna began its phase three mRNA flu jab trial in July 2020. Ultimately, Madonna wants us to create an annual mRNA shot that covers all up to 10 viruses that result in hospitalizations each year. Okay, so Biden signed the executive order blah, blah, blah, specified in that order is the development of genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictability program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers, as well as genetic technologies to unlock the power of biological data. Body hacking at its finest. And I really, when I first learned about mind hacking, then I got into body hacking, and that’s hacking. And that’s when I really started to learn about transhumanism. It wasn’t just like these dreams I was having, I started to see, oh, this is actually a real thing. This is not conspiracy. Additionally, obstacles for commercialization will be reduced. So that innovative technologies and products can reach markets faster. They want to do this quickly. They need to do it quickly. Which means I believe, okay, so what I believe about that, because there is a rush on this now, I believe that agenda 22 has been sped up. I believe that it’s happening faster than it’s supposed to, and or what was originally planned. Why is that? Well, I mean, I could suggest that it’s Jesus. They know that Jesus is going to come back and their time is short. It could be that it could be the end of this earth, new Heaven, New Earth. I don’t know. I don’t have it. I don’t know the facts. But I believe that they know that their time is short, because if not why hurry by hurry. Additionally, obstacles for covering over the road that I’ll read it again. Additionally, obstacles for commercialization will be reduced so that innovative technologies and products can reach markets faster. What we have here in a nutshell is the creation of a fast tracked mRNA pipeline. When in June 2022, the US Food and Drug Administration quietly implemented a future framework scheme to deliver reformulated COVID boosters without additional testing. I predicted that this no testing required formula would spread beyond COVID shots. And according to this executive order, that’s exactly what’s about to happen in September to September of 22, Will the FDA also put out medically false and misleading covered COVID Booster campaign messages that prove we’ve officially entered into the era of transhumanism? recharges your immunity. It’s time to install that update update your antibodies with a new COVID Booster. Don’t be shocked you can now recharge your immunity with an updated COVID Booster sounds like a radio read. Is this the death knell to allopathic medicine? Historically, gene therapies have had to jump through extra hoops, which is why so few exist on the market.

Joshua T Berglan 30:43
As of 2021, there are 20 gene therapies commercially available. The world’s first gene therapy trial didn’t begin until 1990. So this is still very still very new field. The entire gene therapy field actually claps overnight in 1999 when a teenage trial participant died from side effects, and FDA investigation concluded research had moved too fast and that safety had not been put first progress thanks to increased caution slowed from there on. Such caution is now being thrown to the wind and is not difficult to predict there will be disastrous ramifications. Millions will die from poorly tested gene therapies and eventually research medical research and allopathic medicine will both cease to exist as survivors vow to have nothing to do with that murderous cabal ever again. Think the vaccine would have taught them. The only way they might be able to keep going as if they are in control of people’s brain function are able to force drugs under threat of death or worse. Neither of which is impossible at this point, shockingly enough. In the meantime, we’re looking at a cornucopia of MRA M RNA shots coming our way. The flu shots are in the works. Not surprisingly, mRNA flu shots are in the works. While we probably won’t see mRNA flu shots during 2022 or 23 winter season, there’s every reason to expect they’ll be rolled out next year. And September September 14, Pfizer initiated a phase three study which will test it quadrivalent mRNA based flu shot on 25,000 American adults aid by Pfizer is also exploring mRNA technology that use a sample self amplifying RNA essay RNA for potential use in the future. Madera began its phase three flu jab trial in early of June 22. It’s also working on mRNA shots for respiratory syndical vog virus, never even heard of that is that new did the vaccine cause that one? And Saito Mego lo virus CMV which is in the herpes family? Oh, that’s a side effect of the vaccine. If you look at the the report that Pfizer had to release, that’s a side effect of the other vaccine. How many side effects does that thing have 4000. Ultimately, moderna wants to create an annual mRNA shot that covers all of the top 10 viruses that result in hospitalizations each year. Its current flu jab candidate and RNA 1010 encodes for a hemo glottal globulin. So glycoproteins, I have a first grade reading, reading education for give me a four different influenza strains, including influenza, a h1 in one, and you can read all these other things. Ha in quotes, Ha is a major influenza surface glycoprotein that is considered an important target to generate broad protection against influenza, and is the primary target target of currently available influenza vaccines. I should say, by the way that even though I can’t pronounce most of these words, as I said before, our Well, look, no, I mean, back that rewind, okay. It’s probably just more proof that God will use, you know, the unqualified to do things. Because I don’t know many people that are crazy enough to take the stand to say what they’ve said about the vaccine. But here I am, like talking about it, and it’s because I have HIV that I was able to go oh, well, someday, right?

Joshua T Berglan 34:40
Of course, I question everything anyway, but I was really questioning that. So I didn’t need to know every how to pronounce every word and how to do all that. But I can connect the dots. I don’t need a lot of medical degree to connect the dots to put two and two together and to research it Very, very basic things because all the rest is just noise, this glial protein, blah, blah, blah, like I know it matters to some people. But for me, that’s just a distraction from the main part that you should pay attention to. And that’s what this broadcast is about transhumanism. So let’s get into the transhumanism agenda. Oh and all references Article Two, so you’ll be able to see the video. Over the past three years I’ve written several articles exploring the transhumanist agenda, which all these mRNA shots and genetic technologies are part and parcel of told you. Basically, the goal of the transhumanist movement is to transcend by biology through technology, and to meld human biology with technology and artificial intelligence, iron and clay, iron and clay Daniel’s prophecy. In September of 2020, I posted a video with Dr. Kerry metadata edge, that’s the one the video above, in which she suggested we are standing at the crossroads of transhumanism thanks to the fast approaching release of mRNA COVID-19 shots in quotes. One reason why it’s important to know whether synthetic are in a creates permanent changes to the genome is because synthetic genes are patented. If they cause permanent changes, humans will contain patented genes. And that brings up a very serious question, seeing how patents have owners and owners have patents. Another unpopular thing that I’ve said is that if you get jabbed you are no longer you don’t have rights. You just may not know it yet. Because that patent I think it was I mean, Allah Jones is kind of nuts. I get it. But I think he was one of the first people to actually warn or David EC or someone like that was one of the first people to warn people about signing your the rights for your DNA away. And one of the first instances that I heard about that was what is it when you want to find out what your races and where you’re from your lineage? You know, when you sent off your DNA, the blood sample, not 23andme I forgot what it’s called. But I would never do it. Like, because you’re signing away your rights. And so, I’ve always felt since that first came out was like all paranoid about it. No, I’m not going to do that. Because again, I believed in the transhumanist agenda. Of course we weren’t really there yet when I was still believe that and but now here we are. It’s really happening. Freaking one all right. Let’s get back to one reason why it’s important to know for certain whether synthetic already read that US Defense Department aims to create human cyborgs. Oh my god, the Terminator. My very first vision of all this came believing the Terminator

Joshua T Berglan 38:20
it’s it’s a like it was a documentary. privatize armies, because governments are going away. Corporations rule the world anyway. Right? The government is really not in control. I remember asking somebody about this one time that they were kind of like a know it all person. They knew everything. And I said When will the military become privatized? Oh, that’ll never happen. And this is when we had private contractors doing mercenary work for the government. Because we’re probably always had that but we’re pretty large scale. Google has a robot army. known about that since 1996. When I first read the article about it on Wired. The height the hydrogel used to preserve the mRNA can also contain nano bat bots to create a bio electric interface capable of connecting to a smartphone or other interface. Can you see novel technologies that measure biological data such as blood sugar, or based on this such technologies will of course have an immediate random ramifications for our privacy. So privacy out the window when you the smart cities are developed. Night and the cities will get destroyed to bring in smart cities because they’re gonna need to destroy it to be able to take over all the buildings that are there to build the smart cities and the smart towers that everything’s connected and it’s the city of the future is going to be very different. cashed in a lot of shows, anyway. But part of that is that you’re part of the grid, like you’re part of the connection. Those that don’t die, we’re going to be part of it that everything is connected. The Internet of Everything, internet of bodies. Your refrigerator is going to have internet, if you ever thought, I mean for the people that were all excited about the internet going into their, their refrigerators and washing machines, and you’re like, some of you were like, well, what’s the point of that? Well, there, there’s the I mean, there is a small point to it, but there’s a bigger point to it being in your body. It’s way more important that it’s in your body than it is a refrigerator. At least to the powers that be for the smart cities and so forth. Some very important. So far doesn’t appear as though the COVID shots have had these kinds of capabilities built in bullcrap. But we do know for a fact that militaries around the world are exploring and working towards such capabilities. In fact, it’s an arms race in its own right. This has been around forever, though. September 14, substack. Article human cyborgs are just the beginning. Dr. Robot, Robert Malone, robot, Malone reviewed several of those plans. I don’t know what I think about him because he is the father of mRNA. And he had to have known what he was doing. And again, if you read about the Illuminati mind control slave book, there’s a PDF for it. You read it? It’s It’s like they’ve known for a long time. What it’s going to do they’ve known for at least 3040 years what mRNA could do, sir, in the the Oh, and that article talks about the Department of Defense too, and the CIA is involvement with this. Bio technologies for Health and Human Performance councils report, Cyborg soldier 2050. It’s happening before that human machine fusion and implications for the future of the DOD. It doesn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination does it? The primary objective of this effort was to forecast and evaluate military implications of machines that are physically integrated with the human body to augment and enhance human performance over the next 30 years. This report summarizes this assessment and findings identifies four potential military use cases for new technologies in this area assesses their impact upon the DoD organizational structure, warfighter doctrine and tactics, Intro

Joshua T Berglan 42:51
operability and true permeability. With US allies and civil society first grade reading level, human augmentation technologies deemed technically feasible by 2050. At the latest include ocular enhancements to improve site situational awareness optogenetic bodysuit to restore it improve muscular strength, muscular strength, and control, auditory enhancements and neural enhancement of the brain for two way data transfers and brain to brain communication. Changing what it means to be human. In the plan to turn you into a genetically edited cyborg, I covered another shockingly dystopian report by the UK Ministry of Defense and the German office of defense planning, published in May of 21. That report human augmentation the dawn of a new paradigm, and strategic implications project reviews scientific goals of the UK and German defense ministries, and they basically mirror that of the US DoD on page 12 of the report the concept of the human body as a platform as described and how various parts of the human platform can be augmented. For example, physical performance such as strength, dexterity, speed and endurance can be enhanced, as well as physical senses. real life superhero Ironman, one example given his gene editing for enhanced site, psychological performance, such as cognition, emotion, motivation can be influenced to activate and direct desired behavior. Examples of cognitive augmentation include improving memory, attention, alertness, creativity, understanding, decision making, intelligence and vigilance. Social performance the ability to perceive oneself as part of a group and readiness to act as part of the team can be influenced. Communication skills, collaborative collaboration and trust, are also included here. They list several ways to influence the physical, psychological and social performance of the human platform, including genetics, synthetic biology, Invasive and non invasive brain interfaces passive and powdered xCO cell skeletons, drug and nanotechnology neurostimulation you should see the drugs of the future. What’s coming? Not that I’m motivating are promoting drug use, but like the drugs of the future that people are going to be using like this. Like that’s what this is reminding me of. It’s Oh my gosh. As noted in this report, human augmentation has the potential to change the meaning of what it means means to be human. This is precisely what Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, mentioned no before. And he has stated that this is the goal, the fourth industrial revolution, the book I’ve been telling you to read for over two years.

Joshua T Berglan 46:00
The W F has been the center of global affairs for more than 40 years and if you take time to dive into the fourth industrial revolution material, you realize it’s all about transhumanism the merger of man and machine so, okay, I’m going to skip over some of this. We’re already been programmed to accept transhumanism Of course we are both the DoD cyber soldier cyborg soldier report and the German. British German human augmentation reports discussed the fact that human augmentation will inevitably widen already existing disparities, inequalities and inequities, inequities, and therefore, efforts should be undertaken to resume reverse negative cultural narratives of enhancements of technologies. So there’s more than that Ctrl key people capabilities go far, but well beyond Orwell’s 1984 84. Boy, AGIS should slow down, I can’t talk. Well, in 19, the 1984 vision you can read about that I’m going to link this article, I don’t want to just see and read all the time. But oh, there’s good. There’s good references here too. So I’m actually going to ask this guy to be on the show, I’d love to talk to him. Listen, I’m not an expert in transhumanism, I just have known that it’s coming. And and I’ve known what all of this is about. Again, I’m a bigger picture thinker and seer. And, but what I want to say is this, I don’t believe that you can fight against it, you can resist. And you can say no. And when you do, you will not be part of the system. You will be exiled from the system. But that’s not really a bad thing. What I can tell you is this 100%. And I know this because of what we do. We we were nonprofit media. And so we get to do a lot of media projects. And we work with Kingdom businesses. And there’s Kingdom businesses that are working on a solution. Some of them have the solution, there’s a solution to to break up the effects of the shots. Technologies been around for years, and there’s been studies done already to prove it would work. So there’s, there’s a solution. There’s no reason to fear I in the point of this broadcast is not even like to call us fear, because I don’t really, I don’t have any fear about it. I just know that I’m reading this to you. And I’m showing you this and I’m telling you all these things. So that you hopefully can see it so you don’t sign up for what’s coming next. Because there’s no turning back from that. There may be turning back from what we have already. But there’s no turning back from this. So hopefully now you can see the bigger full picture. You can go reference meet the BS from years ago that I did two years ago, march 2020. You can do that. And hopefully it’ll make you go okay. All right. But also, if you can trust that then Then trust me saying there’s no reason to have fear that solutions are coming. God is not going to abandon you. And if you’re not right with God, now’s a good time. Now’s a good time yesterday and the day before and the day before that, but um, but now’s a good time to like for all the stuff that I questioned that’s in the Bible. Because I felt the Holy Spirit leads me to question it. But also believe the Holy Spirit shows me the truth. And Daniel’s prophecy was one of those two Ruth’s the never left me. God is not going to abandon you. But we’re going to see some crazy, crazy stuff. And the reason why you can’t be lukewarm moving forward is because that’s more detestable than just being evil, to God. Sounds crazy, right? He needs you to be all in. In fact, it’s going to take you being all in to withstand what’s coming. It’s going to take your being all in to be what God created you to be because of the role that you will play in this next revolution. And this is the enemy’s plan. It doesn’t mean that they’ll succeed. But the plan is obviously moving forward, because more people are getting vaccinated

Joshua T Berglan 51:01
and jabbed and boosted. So, thank you for watching. Thank you for listening. I want to thank you to the Epoch Times, and thank you again to I don’t have permission to read this. But I mean, he posted it, so. But he does get credit for it. Joseph Mercola. And yeah, we are. I want to I would actually love to have him on to talk about this, because, you know, he’s a true journalist. I’m getting in there. I love it. So well, God bless you all. Thank you for being here. Thank you also want to encourage you pull this up. Share, not inviting a guest. Shake this. Okay. Oh, wait for our replay had a beard then pellicle. Okay, so this is our website here. I want to encourage you these two episodes. So this one I did yesterday, from Shadow prisons to effective solutions, really getting to understand civil commitment laws a lot more. And I really would love for you to check this out. As if I didn’t give you enough to research. I love this broadcast. I did this one yesterday, too. Because the Isaiah five and six. Read that. But how it ties into redlining. i This is a completely bizarre episode that I did. But I wanted to draw attention to redlining because it still exists today. And it really when I was reading Isaiah as prophecy, it led me to talk about redlining, which was kind of shocking. This is another exposing the pre textuality of Kansas versus Hendrix. This is about, again, civil commitment, sex crimes, criminal justice, the same thing. This is another civil civil commitment broadcast. And the reason I’m showing you that is because I want to draw attention to it. And because I want more people to know about it. And not that everyone is going to be willing to take up the fight to and once they learn about what’s going on. But if anything, it’ll give you someone else to pray for. That world has really opened my eyes to a lot of different things. And it’s been humbling to and that’s probably a strange way to describe it, but it has been because I think about you know, the things that mistakes that I’ve made my past and the things that I did before I gave my life to the Lord and of course I made mistakes after that still do but I just think about these lines of You know, hurt people hurt people. And so in like in you think about how monsters are created. And it just seems like that anyone who’s had any trauma and become a trauma giver themselves, you know, we have a reason to be grateful that we didn’t go to those, you know, even darker places are even scarier places are more frightening places that like say a Jeffrey Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy or, you know, or even just other other people that I struggle with evil monsters, mental health issues, demon possession, any of the things that you want to give it a name with. But it’s like I, the more I learn about it, not only do I learn that, while I could have been that close to being in the same hospital, not not even from being with somebody underage, because that was never my thing. But it’s not the thing of other people that are there that have been accused of things. I mean, I put myself in so many bad situations because of my, whatever was going on with me at the time, because sometimes it was evil. Sometimes it was drugs. Sometimes it was, I mean, there’s rage. None of them were a reflection of who God created me to be and who I am. But evil it was.

Joshua T Berglan 55:58
And so I’ve been really inspired to pray more for the people that are locked behind in the shadow prisons and other prisons for that matter. Whether guilty or innocent. Because I have to believe that if God can heal me He can heal others. God can heal you. God so me. And I, even though I didn’t do the same things, as a lot of the other people have. I can’t say it was any less evil, evil evil. I don’t need the levels of it just freakin evil. Thank God for Jesus. So anyway, I won’t go down that rant. But I just want to encourage you to check it out and watch, I’d like to draw attention to it. And of course, if you don’t know what redlining is, that’s something to learn about too. Because it may change your attitude about how when we see other people that are, you know, angry, fired up over racial issues, not being heard not having a voice being ignored. Being assumed guilty because of the skin color. You hear people talk about not getting a fair shot. You learned about redlining makes sense? I’d be pissed off too. But God’s going to make all of that right. There is no doubt about it. Thank you for watching. Take care.