On “The Reward”, Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’ shares from a powerful devotion called The Reward Factor and the following……

  • You’re not converting anyone to love Jesus by bashing them and marching outside their abortion clinics.
  • How I’ve stopped being a chem sex addict.
  • Buy The Devil Inside Me Book.
  • What’s the reward for living the kingdom life?
  • You can’t live in your purpose if you’re screwing other people over.
  • The short staffing is worse than you think it is.
  • 70% of the world’s chocolate comes from West Africa. An estimated 1.5 million child slaves are engaged in chocolate production.
  • How long does it take you to recover from a break?
  • The reward factor is a motivational factor.
  • “Now’s the time to live your purpose” –.
  • and The power of purpose in living purposefully.

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Joshua T Berglan 0:01
Hey, what’s up everybody? My name is Joshua. I’m the world’s mayor. And yes, I look different than that guy right there. Today, I got to do a little acting. It’s not very often, of course, I have I had to put makeup on before. Me, I’ve done TV. So I had to do makeup then. But I’ve no I don’t think I’ve ever had to put makeup on for an actual acting gig. And I got to play a homeless person today. And got to shoot at the most beautiful church in downtown Minneapolis. It is unbelievably gorgeous. St. I forgot the name of the Church, which is terrible. Maybe I should just look at my map here and tell you should look this up sometime. What is the name of this church? Oak Grove? I don’t know if I would really just want you to see it. But anyway, bye bye to grow in downtown Minneapolis. And it is stunning. And it’s an Episcopalian Church, which I’ve never even I don’t even think I’ve heard of. And I’m not really a religious person, even though I’m a follower of Jesus and love Jesus with all my heart. But wait, maybe? Is it over there? Oh, I’m gonna read you this. Hold on. Hang on. I’ll be right back.

Joshua T Berglan 1:26
You’re gonna follow me camera. Go. Okay, now you’re not going to follow me. Okay, go on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Okay, that was not fun, I’m sure. For the podcast audience. Oh, by the way, we are on the live mana Network. Thank you so much to everyone who has downloaded our app or found our new website, which is live mana.org, which you’ve heard us promote, but it redirected Dilip Mana worldwide.org. We now live Mana worldwide.org is just our foundation page, even though our content is still there. Now live mana.org is for the network. So we’re there. And it’s actually makes it super easy and convenient. To download the app. It’s right there on the website, you can find us everywhere. We’re at that link that says download our app will take you to all of your options. And this is a fantastic way to watch these broadcast. Anyway, so St. Mark’s Episcopal cathedral. All are welcome. How many churches in the world say that all are welcome. Oh, by the way, we’re going to talk about the some of the dark things going in on the world. Dark things going on in the world today. There’s 30 of them. 30, dark things. We’re going to talk about this as on board panda. We’re going to talk about it. But we’re also going to find somehow some way to tie it into a kingdom message about Kingdom rewards. And somehow I’m going to tie all of it in together. I haven’t read the article. Like I typically don’t. I’ve read the devotional, I haven’t read the article, but I don’t need to because I saw with the very first one was and, and I wanted to make sure that it was they were being honest. And they’re not saying here, it’s gonna pop up right there. People share dark stuff going on around the world, the general public was likely not aware of. And here are the 30 most eye opening answers. Yeah, I’m gonna do that. And then I’m going to find some way to tie it into a purpose message. So anyway, back to this, this church. We quit going to church, because we didn’t. We tried to go serve at the churches around here. And we wanted to serve in the way that we are good at serving and never got an opportunity. And so we went off and started our own thing and started doing our own thing. But I miss going to church. I miss going to church a lot. I missed the community. I want our girls going. I mean mind you, we do church every day here but you know, it’s not like your regular church. So we miss it. We both my wife and I both miss it and been looking for a church. But I’ve been looking for a church that welcomed everyone and not just set it and I don’t know what I think about this. Who knows we’ll be able to look back at this broadcast. Not to like the time date these but October 27 2022. All are welcome all skeptics. All sexes. All 982 of them. All orientations. All colors, all sizes, all ages all cool. cultures, all individuals, St. Mark’s Episcopal cathedral. So there were some things that are going on, that I saw. And I don’t know enough about that religion or this sect of Christianity, to comment on it, except that I love that. I love that. Because you’re not converting anyone to love Jesus by bashing them and marching outside of their abortion clinics, and I may not support abortion, but I don’t believe in making people feel like crap either. Let go Let conviction do it. Not judgment, not our judgment. Who are we to judge? I just don’t believe that we’re converting people that way. And I don’t think you’re going to get them to hear your point of view. And you’re marching outside of their clinics and, and making people feel terrible about their decision and that you don’t really even know their situation. And so it’s really, really easy to say, well, you’re killing a baby. But to them from their perspective, you don’t know their situation, too. I’m bashing gay people bashing bisexual people or whatever sexuality they are.

Joshua T Berglan 6:12
And saying that they’re an abomination. Like you’re saying that because you heard it somewhere, or Oh, you read it in the Bible. But then what you didn’t realize is that Bible had been changed a bunch of times. And now it says that word when I didn’t say that word before. And that word wasn’t even invented until 150 years ago. And, you know, I mean, like, we’re we judge based off of other people’s truth that we’re not really even sure is really truthful. Like, well, I got it from Bible school, or I got it from, you know, med school, who funded those schools, who created the curriculum, who funded that. I was reading I think it was in Ephesians. It’s I rotate between three different Bible apps, because they have three different versions of the Bible that I really love to read. I forgot what it was. But essentially, it was like saying that, okay, believers are going to come together, no one’s going to agree, they’re going to get caught up and fighting over scripture, fighting over eight. By the way, there’s going to be multiple things that happen on this broadcast today. So just hang with me. But if you’ve watched before, you kind of know, we tell stories, and we talk and sometimes I lose the story. And then I leave you hanging. And then I don’t remember again for five other episodes. Bear with me. So almost lost where I was at again. I just did, because I told the story.

Joshua T Berglan 7:48
We’re telling a story. Talking about purpose. Oh, boy. Oh, anyway, truth. Oh, I know, the Bible Version of the Bible. Okay. Kids, this is why honestly, I know I said at the beginning of the episode, that God, you know, all that bad stuff, the bad decisions, the mistakes that we make, like God gives us an opportunity to take all of it and use it for good use. I mean, I believe that I believe in redemption. I believe all the evil that we do in the world, we get an opportunity to do that much more good. I believe all that. But I gotta tell you, don’t wait until you’re 36 to figure out that now is a good time to stop doing meth and coke and everything else under the sun and alcohol and like, I could have stopped soon enough. And here’s the point. Here’s the thing. You got to stop sometime. And I heard something yesterday and I gotta give credit to what is it? I almost called him Neil Patrick Harris, because Jordan Peterson and Neil Patrick Harris look alike. But Jordan Peterson. I heard him say something because he was talking about his family. This three pillars family. He didn’t say faith. Nevermind, doesn’t matter. But he was talking about he liked to drink. It was a drinker. And if you’re a drinker, you love to drink. Like I have my glass of wine. Like that’s your thing. Those of you that love cannabis are like, Well, I have a fine sativa at the end of the night, and this is how I relax. This is how I meditate. You know, you people. When you have your thing. You know some people it’s praise and worship, other people. It’s a drink. But he talked about the consequences of the drinking. And he goes, it’s fun. And it’s a good time. And he goes but you got to find something in life that you love more than having a good time. Like what do you what do you care more about then you Do having a good time. And I it made me step back and say that’s how I stopped. This is how I’ve stopped being a chem sex addict. This is how I’ve started doesn’t mean I’m not a pervert, sometimes. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want drugs sometimes. But I’m I’m not a chem sex addict anymore. I’m not a sex addict anymore. I’m not an addict anymore. Unless if I living I mean, I guess you could be I mean, I’m a, I may be addicted to my work. If I work a serving, and I love doing it, and yes, my dreams get to come true at the same time. And I don’t know. But I what I realize is that I care about this. And the fact that I get to do it with my wife is a dream come true. The fact that my wife gets to raise our kids when when the kids are here, and we want them all the time. But like when the kids are here, she gets to be mommy. You know, the foundation work that we do that comes second to her be a mom. And praise God for that. Their relationships amazing.

Joshua T Berglan 11:34
All right. See, I’m just I, sometimes I get so I’m practicing and visualizing. And as I was talking, it was just seeing all the things that I prayed for. And how God has given that to me, but in the weirdest way. Because it’s not been anything that I thought it would be. And I realized that I just probably stopped in the middle of a sentence again and jump somewhere that happens, I This sometimes happens sometimes I have these little mini switches. And sometimes I’m in and out. Sometimes I’ve like blanked out. I think I did it for like 45 seconds the other day. But I stopped that broadcast and started over because I was embarrassed by it. But you know, the thing is, like I could like I was talking about the drugs. I could have stopped sooner. The party’s got to end sometime. Like it was just eventually just suck my soul. But I had to find something that I wanted that I love more. And I love this work. I love getting to do this broadcast, even though I brain skips out and you know, I’m not going to edit this out. Okay, I love it. I love it that I get to be imperfectly Perfect. Well, it’s probably not correct. I’m a work in perfection. No way. I’m perfection in the works. Yeah. And perfection in the works. There you go. That’s a happy way of saying that I’m a train wreck sometimes. And oh, did I even address Okay, so I got to play a homeless person did it got to be on set. And the cool one of the coolest things about being on set is that you get to watch teamwork. At its greatest. Everyone just stays in their lane, and they do their part. They’re only focused on their part and they do their part. That’s what our purpose is. The purpose of a director is blank, a purpose of a producer is a purpose of a best keyboard grip. The purpose of I made that one up, because I still don’t know what that person does. And but everyone has a role and they stay in their lane you get in other people’s lane, it gets a little funky. And I don’t remember if it was this broadcast, or the one I started to do, but I stopped because my brain skipped out again. But the being like there if we all just this, our purpose is, is so much like the simplest way to define why it’s so special and so important. In the only way to really quantify it as if you’ve seen like how a well run movie set works or commercial set. It’s just boom, boom, I’m only worried about this. Even if you’re the designated keyboard or the the holder of the stacks of papers then the notepad holder. What is that thing called? It doesn’t matter? clipboard holder. If that’s your job. That’s what you do and you do a great and you don’t do anything else. Like that’s for us. Like we sometimes jump over and we look at other people’s lives and we want to jump into her life. And a lot of that times that motivation comes straight from social media. It comes from the fact that it’s coming. It’s coming from the fact that we are influenced by what we see. So what we see on TV, what we listen to in our music, and like that, and they call it programming for a reason, like I stopped listening to music when I worked out the last few days to experiment with something. And I’ve been listening, I found such amazing Christian hip hop, and amazing Christian house music, and I found all I’m no longer bashing the Christian music industry, because I have found some of the most like you like Kings of Leon, I found a Kings of Leon. Boat gospel. You like Thuggy hardcore rap, like I do, like, yeah, give me the Wu Tang Clan, all day long. Well, now. Like now there’s, I mean, I’ve heard a guy that sounds like Drake, and all the all the lyrics are raw, they’re gritty. They’re all the things that you like, about rap.

Joshua T Berglan 16:05
But then the things that you don’t like, like the the bitches and hoes, and, you know, like in sipping on sizzurp, and like the the influences of drugs and addiction and doing all that stuff, like that part is taken out, at least in a, we’re not celebrating that lifestyle. They may talk about that lifestyle, but they’re talking about how they’ve been freed from it. But the lyrics, it’s all this gritty, and it’s awesome. Like, it’s given me so much hope because our dream is to make edgy, real, authentic, faith based films. The devil inside me. We believe that God is going to help us make the full feature length film The devil inside me. And by the way, there’s new tabs, you can buy the devil inside me book on both of our websites now live mana.org It’s right there. Wait, figure that thing right there. If you’re watching. I’m fired up now. I’m awake. But you never know when you must feel like you’re getting a cold and you get really tired. And your eyes get itchy for a second. You know that I have a broadcast in a week and a half and honest to god I wasn’t going to broadcast today. Until I got an email from someone checking on me going Hey, Mr. broadcasts, where are you been? Mike? Oh, that’s nice. I like hearing that. I used to have that when I was on social media. No longer on social media, because I don’t have anything influencing my mind. I’m not trying to live anyone else’s life. Why would you want to live someone else’s life? Like we were created for the specific purpose and like on a movie set that everyone stays in their lane? I was the homeless guy today. So guess what? I got to be the homeless guy on set. That was all I did was be homeless. I mean, I you know, try to bring a good energy to which by the way for having di D. Dissociative Identity Disorder, one of the dangers of trying to switch characters as well as I could switch characters and go to a character that I don’t want to be. That’s happens. Fact Jessica just asked me. Thank you. Okay. You seem a little different. Well, so because I made this comment on set i This by the way, this church the one again, I want to St Mark’s Church in Minneapolis. I think I’m going to show up there. Yeah, I want to show that and it’s just a gorgeous, gorgeous building. And I wonder what singing in that it’s an old cathedral just stunning anyway, train of thought again, I did that again. It’s a frickin

Joshua T Berglan 18:48
I don’t prepare broadcast. I came on here because I miss it. I love broadcasting this is like a way one it can be therapeutic too. It’s just like dad being able to talk and get things off my chest. Three i This is again what I love to do, but I do have a point. So instead of like telling all the stories, because there’s a bunch of I’m going to do this. We’re going to get into some dark stuff. I’m going to try to tie into a message about kingdom right after this. He

Unknown Speaker 20:00
As you

Joshua T Berglan 20:23
here he Alright, we’re back. So we’re going to now tie the reward factor. Like what’s the reward for living the kingdom life? Boy, I was scatterbrained. Anyway, back to life. Now this is going to be solid with the Lord’s help. But I want to show you this, I want to get into this. This is a little crazy. But I’m gonna try to tie this together with the reward factor of living kingdom life. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but we’re going to try. Okay, there’s dark stuff going on all around the world. Make sure that you guys know what I’m seeing here. All right. I’m gonna actually I want to try something. Like playing around if you haven’t figured this out yet. Okay. I need there we go. visual stimulation for the audience in the background here. That’s why folks you want to watch on camera, not just because you can see my face, but because I guess you never know what you’re gonna get now. And makeup today, because I’m going to try to tie all this in and make it make sense. All right. Jeffrey Epstein. So all this, the thing about the media is that media always shows you what they want you to focus on. So that they can do all the other stuff because you know, you think about it, the camera lens is only so big. So you’re telling your vision when you’re watching the boob tube, you’re telling the vision. And it’s like, this is all you’re seeing it then all these other things are going on. And sometimes the thing that’s on that camera, because you’re focusing, it causes you to forget everything else that you’ve been told. My mom just texted me and said my pictures of maker looks. Mom, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make my mama said never want to make Mama said. But it’s telling your vision. And so it can cause you to forget things. So many people forget, when they were making all of these promises about oh, the job will keep you safe, and it’s gonna be you’re gonna be home free, and then you’re gonna be able to be around your family. Oh, wait, no, you’re not. Oh, wait, no, it may not be the same effective. I mean, people forget, people act like oh, yeah, they just go along with the gaslighting. Like as if it’s what’s been said the whole time. Boy, see when you’re crazy, you know, have multiple personalities or whatever. And look, at this point, I feel pretty normal. And what I love about having D ID, and look, it’s cause problems. But it does help you see things from multiple angles. And one of the things that I learned and if you have di D, I’m telling you, and if you haven’t tried this method, leave yourself notes. When people say stuff to you, when you know something’s important, and you hear in it, write it down, regardless who it is and set in write who said it. Because you’re gonna need to remember that someday. Because if you were hearing that as one of your alters, or whatever you may not, you may lose sight of what’s true, or who’s being honest and who you can trust and who can’t. I used to do this to cover my tracks. But then I used the same skill to learn it. So I how I taught myself what was real, how I learned how to not switch into the alters. I did my own experimenting, but I know what worked for me. So write all this stuff down. And like one of the things that I was always writing down with with what Fauci said. And then, of course, going back and digging into his past life, and his involvement with monkey, not monkey pox with smallpox, and how AIDS was, and just telling you like, why we are trusting these people is blows my mind. So Epstein, the clients of Jeffrey Epstein and Giselle Maxwell, are still pedophiles. They’re still free, and they’re putting innocent kids at risk. There’s so much more going on with this story. But of course, I mean, well, we know I don’t know God. In the Bible, it says all that’s hidden will be revealed. The concentration camps. I actually did a broadcast on this. The concentration camps of the Algarve Muslims are right now in China. And it’s devastating, brutal. That one, I did it Mitchell it’s a conversation with Joshua T Berglund and Mitchell. I forget his last name, but it dives right into the into these camps we live like how we we do business that woke culture is so stupid. And the reason why woke culture stupid is because the things that people are all have their panties in a water about, like

Joshua T Berglan 25:45
who your point like we it’s like we’re defending evil in the name of wokeness. And it’s frickin mind blowing. We will support leaders for this an agenda of whatever it may be. All while that they are committing to this the most hideous crimes against humanity, period. I don’t like that word crimes for humanity. Those words don’t like them. But I mean, like we have world leaders that we’re supporting that are doing this the United States of America. I mean, I’m sorry. I’m not like I love I’ve been looking growing up in America has been amazing. But how America has been empowered state and power all these years? Now, not so amazing. It’s not so amazing. And while everyone’s going after Kanye West, because of what he’s made, the comments he’s making now. Have you actually done any real research into what he’s saying? And it’s not anti semitic immune, he’s talking about a few people. He’s not talking about the whole Jewish population. He’s not saying that. There’s a lot more that’s going into what he’s saying, than most people want to realize that they’re just going along blindly with the media narrative, without actually understanding how all this works. And we don’t have time to go into that right now. But we talked about it on our broadcast. It’s not the first nevermind. Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970. I mean, why would anyone want to kill a rhinoceros? Let’s see what else here. People are dying because they can’t afford the overpriced medication, a very easy save, just price gouging and horrible health care. So the healthcare system in itself is a scam. And of course everyone’s trying to scam edge scam each other to survive. I worked in health care for 18 years. And and this is the thing too, and I’m trying to tie this into purpose. But you can’t be in your purpose. And screw other people over. You can’t work for big pharma and not know in some way, whether directly or indirectly, you’re screwing people over you are part of an evil machine. I this financial system that we’re currently in is demonic. It has to be because it encourages slavery. It encourages slavery. And you can’t live in your purpose if you’re if you’re screwing people over because God didn’t create you to screw people over. God didn’t create you to market medications that were going to cause people disease. Oh yeah, we’re gonna make the your we’re gonna make your butt pain go away, but your penis is going to fall off. We’re gonna, we’re gonna take away the flu from you. But you’re gonna have terminal cancer for the rest of your life. You can’t be living in your purpose, living like that. Oh, you may be a marketing genius. You may be the most gifted salesperson of all time, God bless you. But if you’re using tricks to try to sell people or NLP or anything else, you’re you’re why would why do you need tricks? If what you’re offering is truly valuable. Why do you need tricks? Why do you need techniques? Why can’t you just be honest, this is what my product does. It’s a great product. Here’s all the ingredients. This is where it’s sourced from this is the percentage is done in the product. It is just like up on the up and up and we’re honest. If we were truly honest, the things that we sell half the time we don’t even really know what we’re selling. We don’t know that some of the things that we’re selling had been built or created off the backs of slave labor? I’m sorry, but that’s not right. It’s not right. There’s so many of these issues the pharmaceutical industry now just raise the price of the jab. I’m gonna get Be careful anyway, Saudi Arabia sentencing people to death who refuse to move out of their homes so that they can build neon, the new mega city and their relatives being sentenced to multiple decades of prison time just for protesting or merely posting their support for the cause on social media. Oh, that’s coming worldwide. There’s no more speaking out.

Joshua T Berglan 30:44
Why you need to be independent media and off as a chain like we are right now enjoying censorship free life. Half the stuff I’ve said would have gotten me kicked off social media and we’ve been kicked off social media. We don’t use it. It’s why we have our network. It’s why we need your support to keep going because we can be censorship free. This is crazy to me. Okay. The de force it deforestation of Europe. The last protected ancient forest in Europe, mostly in the east are cut down by big furniture companies from Finland and Austria. The people trying to protect the forest, like activists, journalists, park rangers are being intimidated, beaten and killed. This is none of this screams be like Jesus to me. Even just being a loving person. None of this is of God. Not this is not good. God gave us these trees to us what we need. Yeah, we can cut down trees and build our homes within but like it like are is the way that we’re going about this. Right? Is that sustainable? doesn’t feel like it to me. Okay, let’s see what else is here? Yeah, California is water level is very close to the point where we would need to count down the days months or years of water left. What else? BlackRock, Blackrock is absolutely buying everything. What’s the other BlackRock and Vanguard, they pretty much own everything. I was watching the Spotify. And it’s very interesting, like the influence of money. Money is to me, like, it’s a great tool, and I’ve had money, and I remember those days of just being able to spend money and pretend that it was gonna last forever. And it didn’t much have much more healthy respect for it now. But I was watching the Spotify. There’s the Spotify story called playlist. And it was really interesting to me listening or hearing this stories and hearing the stories from their perspective. But with the all the Spotify creators, when they went into it, it was like they were all about, I can’t say that stealing music was a good thing wasn’t but the intentions. It seemed to be there be a purity behind it, and an innocence and wanting to share and you know, and again, I wasn’t like I felt musicians should be paid. And of course, I know the record companies are just tyrants, but like, I don’t, I believe in like, I love artists, I don’t care what kind of art I can appreciate. If you’re ballerina. You’re an artist, you’re a painter, sculptor, you’re a spokesperson, you’re, you’re an actor. I mean, these are arts, they’re art. Art is an amazing thing. And people should be paid for their art. But their intentions were all good. But maybe it got twisted. Of course, you know spot Black Rock is one of the major investors in Spotify now. And with all of these companies being connected with all of these, you know, you think about Blackrock owning 1000s of companies, right, let’s just say that a 1000s could be more 1000s of companies, they’re all connected and interconnected. All of your information that is all leading up to I mean, like this total surveillance state the fourth industrial revolution where we are heading it’s going to be so different than what we know now. It’s going to be so different. And this is why we preach media so much but Blackrock is I mean there would think about it. Total total totality toto total tell boy that sucks. What I have the word in my head that I want to use. But basically when you know people will have complete absolute complete power over you. And when they have your data and all your information, they have all All that what do you learn about social credit scoring, if you don’t know already bacterial resistant to antibiotics are happening at an alarming level. Yikes.

Joshua T Berglan 35:13
Let’s see. I don’t know if I really want to do all these fisheries, the extent of Fisheries and ocean life’s collapse Alaska, just put the emergency brakes I just now learn how to tie all this together. So now we’re gonna go faster. So what I was doing there was kind of stalling it I’ll share this in the blog too. This this link. Oh, I’m a nurse. I’m the US shorts. I’m the US the short staffing is worse than you think. People think the health healthcare system will collapse or is going to collapse but it’s not it already has. Just because you don’t see the hospitals on fire doesn’t mean that there isn’t some severe staffing and supply shortages. This person says in the EU I’m in the UK. We’re missing 25% of our health and social care worker workers. This person’s blaming back Brexit though. Okay. Women go missing from Indian reservations across some of the US. Many are young women and probably being used for sex trafficking. You think there are some interesting podcasts on a subject? People go missing from truckstops People go missing from reservations people go missing out of their homes at a parks and affairs out of schools. She she’s a thought toward authoritarian rule. That was the word I was looking for. The Wii. Yeah, authoritarian rule. There we go. Democracies going bye bye. That’s what happens with a one world government. 8000 Women are burned to death every year over dowry disputes in India. This figure does not count women killed by other means and women who survive the burning and women killed for reasons other than dowry disputes. I don’t understand, of course, not that America is much better. But I don’t understand for the life of me. How pull us down for a second. I don’t understand how for the life of me. How, like Saudi Arabia, like we’ve blindly supported Saudi Arabia, I don’t know if blindly is the appropriate word that the United States supports Saudi Arabia were in bed with Saudi Arabia workers, corrupt to Saudi Arabia, and the way that they treat their citizens and the way that they treat women and the way like, we’re okay with that. But we weren’t okay with what was going on in Iraq and Iran and Afghanistan. We were to liberate them. But what’s happened in Saudi Arabia? The major Malou I haven’t traveled there. I haven’t seen any of this with my own eyes, but it seems a little screwed up. It seems a little screwed up. Like I don’t understand that. Oh, another thing too. So. I question things. I don’t necessarily believe that Adam and Eve are the first people or at least I don’t believe Eve as the first woman. I believe Lilith was before her and could be wrong. I don’t know. But Lilith, I believe she’s the first woman. I also believe that. I well, I have I’m more convinced of this belief that I am not. But I believe that women. I know that minestrone. But women have the real power. Because I believe if life is a paradox, then it’s got to be the opposite. Because if you assume because I’m a big burly mud, that I should be ahead of the house. But I mean, I am as far as leadership and being a protector. But because being honest are think Aren’t most men that hold their wives high and honor their women. Let women lead in their own way. And in a way I believe women are the real power source because I think a woman’s discernment is what makes her almost Well, I mean, I think we’re all supernatural beings and have that but that gift is so supernatural. So supernatural. And so there’s a reason why married men do better in business. Because I’m telling you, there’s something special about having a woman who is operating in her gift by your side, working hand in hand with you my experience when like everything about what I’ve tried to do with my life has been better because of Jessica. I don’t know why we’re talking about that. Anyway. Oh for Women Women true power. Say mercy. Okay 70% of the world’s chocolate comes from West Africa.

Joshua T Berglan 40:12
Interesting an estimated 1.5 million child slaves. Oh my gosh are engaged in chocolate production. Are you freaking kidding me? An estimated 1.5 million child slaves are engaged in chocolate production in Ghana and the Ivory Coast alone, not counting Nigeria and Cameroon. So chocolate is basically made with slaves to Ah, okay shout out to Tony’s chocolate bars who support slave three chocolate bars. They’re expensive but worth it. Oh my. So the way capitalism really thrives is off the back of slavery is that pretty much what’s going on? Cheese. The permafrost is thawing in Siberia, Canada and Alaska, the methane release rate and pre Ice Age bacteria. Awakening from hibernation will wreak havoc on our world at an unpredictable rate. Wow. So this one has literally bothered me the most literally oceans boiling and lethal steam and gases being whipped around us by storms and wild winds. Wow. suicides in Sydney, Australia. Oh, here we go fast fashion. This one is interesting to me. I’ve read a little bit about this in the past. fast fashion is a human rights and environmental disaster. There are certain parts of human garment. The human garment construction process that cannot be merchandised. So humans have been involved in the production or the vast majority of them are underpaid. Additionally, fast fashion, especially in women’s clothing isn’t made to last. So the fabric and the actual construction is shoddy and the clothes wear out quickly. But fabric recycling is rarely available. So most of the clothes end up in a landfill. Natural fibers release greenhouse gases. Whoa. That’s so crazy. That okay, this is the documentary. It’s about new clothes. Okay, I’m going to share this article. So the like, if you are interested in taking a deeper dive in this, you can mass kidnappings in Nigeria and Africa. They labor us the upcoming FIFA World Cup championships safely use slave labor all over the world. Kidnapping and abusing kids for money. Oh my god, propaganda. Anyway, you get the point. When I’m done doing this, I’ll read it. You guys can read the rest. So here’s how I’m going to tie it into purpose. And we’re going to do this quick. Because here’s the thing. If we don’t want we don’t if we don’t find something that we love, more than having a good time will never amount to being what we’re supposed to be. Meaning. How much time do we spend on Netflix today? How much time we spend on social media day? If you’re I’m not here to judge at all son about judgment. But if you’re not here, if you’re not

Joshua T Berglan 43:58
Do you love what you’re doing in life? Enough to quit wasting time. I mean, going out and having drinks sounds like a good time. How long does it take you to recover? How long does it take you to get back in action? I don’t know. I can’t tell you the part of the rave scene where you you know what? There’s like weeks of time. I mean, it progressively got up there. But I’m so grateful that I found something that I love doing more than anything else. And that keeps me from making the bad choices that would make me throw it all away. But I believe the way you get there is by surrendering what you want for what God wants and then eventually you start to realize as God works on your heart, the things that you actually want or what God wants for you why He created you. And then it all ties together in this beautiful little amazing package. And then you just when your hearts aligned with God’s, you begin to soar, you begin to see the challenges that you face and you will experience challenges. You begin to see it as opportunity as Oh, this is a test. This is testing how much I want this and how much I believe we’re all created to live the life of our dreams. But when you No, I mean this literally so you we’re all created to live the life of our dreams. But then how many people actually quit? Saying I give up I’m never gonna get there. Because they have a month or two or three or four. With no paycheck and bills piling up. How bad do you want it? And some people never even try. Some people are so programmed by their family and friends and church or preacher school, whatever, that they have it in their head. Well, I just I’m gonna troublemaker so I need to join the military and I need to go serve my country and I need to get some discipline. Or well, I need to I gotta I’ve got a baby on the way so I gotta get that job. I gotta I can’t I can’t pursue my dreams. That’s for kids. That’s for kids to pursue my dreams. Didn’t Jesus say something about childlike faith? I don’t remember exact verse, but I’m pretty sure he did. Childlike faith. So what’s the reward? Why would someone say okay world, I’m done with what you have. I’m done playing by your rules. God, I’m going to serve you. Take my life. It’s no longer my own, my own. Take my life. It’s yours I surrender. Use me. Use me as you feel blessed. helped me be everything I was created to be and use me for every purpose that you created me for. When you get to that place. When you get to that place, everything changes. Everything changes. Because it quits becoming about you and remind you, if you’re a narcissist like I was, it takes a little bit longer for it to not be about you. But it still happens pretty quick. You’ll start to hear God say, serve me serve me. Like if you’re still breathing, it’s because God’s not done with you yet. So you have a shot at it. You’re in the game, you have a choice to get in the game. And it’s worth it. So the sacrifice, the pain, the struggle, the the operating, and just faith with no assurances, sometimes feeling as isolated as you’ve ever felt. You feel alone. You’re in a house full of people, but you feel alone. You feel like no one knows what you’re going through. Why would I put up with this when it would be so much easier to do the other way? All those questions that you ask yourself. Here’s the reason or one of the reasons.

Joshua T Berglan 48:57
The reward factor, look, I am coming to you, my reward is with me. I will give to each person accordingly to what they have done. Revelations 2212 I have come to realize that whatever time talent and treasure I have in the in this world will lose their value when I leave this world. Think about it. Everything that we’re pursuing in this world is a fart in the wind. It’s going to be gone when we’re dead. What was it to us nothing. These will do me no good in the world to come their value only last while in this world. It was a light bulb moment for me when I finally came to realize I was spending all of my time, effort and time and effort on things that are in the process of perishing earthly objectives like careers position status, wealth, physical fitness. I gotta work out cops are gonna eat doughnuts, accumulated stuff, etc. are all perishable items. I really wasn’t using any of my resources for God’s kingdom. After I became a Christian, I learned that my spirit is going to last forever. It will only be spent in the presence of the Lord if I have established a right relationship with Him. The time talent and treasure we have all we all have are perishable, but they become imperishable, when we invest them in the kingdom of God, they last forever with ever increasing internal rewards. The time, talent and treasure we have are all perishable, but they become imperishable. When we invest them in the kingdom of God. They last forever with ever increasing eternal rewards. Man bigger house bigger boat thing, I totally get it. I told I want I want a helicopter. I want a penthouse apartment. I want a house in the Hollywood Hills. I want to live in London, I want to live in Tokyo. Oh to live in Sydney, Australia. We’re live all over the world. I want to do a lot of things. But I do not want it more than I want to see my purpose fulfilled. Mind you, I get to do some really cool stuff, and fulfilling my purpose. But my heart’s desires to see the vision of the live mana worldwide foundation come true. The vision for why we created the devil inside me film and book want to see that come and see that spiral into the devil inside the franchise of other people’s stories and books and we have a whole plan. That’s what I want to see happen. Because other people get fed and other people get grow and generational cycles are broken and opportunity is created and legacy is a left. Hope is instill. That’s what it’s about for me. But that’s what God did. Because before that I wanted to be Howard Stern. And Oprah. I mean, I still want that level of success. But only because of what I can do with it. The right things. I mean, like I do want a penthouse apartment in New York and but, but ultimately, I want that more. Because I’d also be happy living out of hotels the rest of my life. I’ll go wherever God wants me to go, getting to travel, getting to use my gift, to help people getting to serve all over the world. That’s for me what we want to do. Anyway, the eternal rewards that will someday we will someday receive should be a huge motivational factor in the life of a believer. The Bible is filled with verses that talk about our eternal reward. And now the prize awaits me the crown of righteousness which the Lord the righteous judge will give me on the day of His return. Second Timothy four eight. Anyone who builds on that foundation may use a variety of materials gold, silver, jewels, wood, hay or straw. But on the judgment, a fire will reveal what kind of work each builder has done. The fire will show if a person’s work has any value. If the work survives, that builder will receive a reward.

Joshua T Berglan 53:51
But if the work is burned up, the builder will suffer great loss, the builder will be saved. But like someone barely escaping through the wall of flames first, First Corinthians 312 to 15. I want to say this too. Now’s the time to live your purpose. Like now’s the time to go for it. Because hanging on to Oh, I got this job and I’ve got to have this job to pay rent and to pay the bills like those days are going away. Those who step forward faithfully and trust God, because everyone that’s hanging on to their job right now. I can put them in they have a relationship with God, I can pretty much guarantee you that God is trying to pull you a different direction. I’m willing to take this Pepsi Challenge I’m not claiming prophecy here. I’m talking. I’m willing to I’m willing to bet if you have a relationship with the Lord. In other words, you read the Bible you’re actively praying and seeking Him You’re in, and you’re hanging on to a relationship hanging on to a job hanging on to you’re saying the words, I would do that. But I don’t know how I’m going to blank that you playing God that you’re playing God. Well, God’s saying, trust me

Joshua T Berglan 55:33
trust me, drop your things come follow me. Let’s go. When we gave our lives to the Lord, that’s what we get to do. We get to serve him. Every one of us. It’s not about perfection. It’s about obedience. And they are not the same thing. It’s about dropping your things, picking up your cross, following

Joshua T Berglan 56:01
Him it is. And following him, you live in your purpose. And what you were created for you and you you act, purposeful purpose like and you do everything you can to become more like Him. And His ways, the way that he expresses love the way he is love. And then all the other little things that people get hung up on, fall away. So we can just focus and now remember what I was saying at the very beginning when I forgot, but we focus on his voice, his calling what he’s calling us to do. And he has a better life for us. The whole economy is going to crash, everything’s going to crash. Everything is going to crumble. There’s a new financial system coming. Don’t know when Robert Kiyosaki thinks it’s next week in November. Who knows? I don’t know, I’m not God. And I’m not saying that God can’t intervene. But I’m pretty sure that God said these things have to happen. And I believe it’s about to happen, like, maybe next week, I don’t know. But you’d think with all these horrible events happening, that it would, you know, like, it’s gonna happen soon. But guess what, that’s okay. God is still in control. God is still on the throne. And oh, by the way, God really does when he did with this is just the theater that gets to play out. Anyway, that gets confusing for people that aren’t believers, to talk to believers for a second. But God has a life for you. And it was a life of freedom. Have to dumb stuff that we do have the resentments and the anger and the depression and the anxiety we have comes from doing things that we know we don’t want to do? No, we’re not supposed to do or really didn’t want to do in the first place. We got really messed up and then made some bad decisions. self created. We give way too much power to other people, we let them hurt us. So much of our crap is self inflicted. But yeah, if we were living purposefully, if we were all in on what we were created for, we wouldn’t have time for any of that stuff. We don’t have time for any of it. Because we would be busy doing what we’re supposed to do. And loving it so much. We have no desire to go back. That’s the power of purpose. You want to live the way God created you to live when you’re living purposefully, because you’re living by the instruction manual, the owner’s manual, of what you were created by. So here we are. We are living in a perishable world, we are going to a world that is imperishable. And the meantime we’re going to be preparing for the imperishable world by being engaged in a transformation process in this perishing world. And we all with unveiled face beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed in the same image, from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord, who is the spirit Second Corinthians 318. what Christ has done for us compels us to be focused on God’s kingdom. I guess I could have just done this broadcast. In one sentence, because that sums it all up what Christ has done for us when we accept that, and put that in our heart. It compels us to be focused on God’s kingdom. In other words, what God wants from us, it’s to bring heaven to earth. That’s how we get to act. Without Christ, I am nothing, I am not the perfect example of a Christian and I don’t want to be, I want to be an example of obedience and redemption. And, and I want to show you that, regardless of what you’ve done in your life, to show that your dreams get to come true. That’s what we do as a foundation. What we do as a network, that’s our whole goal is to elevate you to show you that you are worthy of your dreams coming true. It takes work and commitment, and dedication. You know, I’ve, I’ve been homeless before.

Joshua T Berglan 1:01:06
It didn’t last very long. And it was like glamour, Glamour, homelessness, but nonetheless, homeless. I never looked like this. When I was homeless before. And I never had to go through that. Today, outside when I was outside of the church on Saturday decided to go sit on the, there’s like a building right next to the church. And just, when I’ve seen the building before, when I first started coming to Minneapolis, I used to see homeless people there. So I decided to sit on the steps, and I forgot that I look like this. And now I’m just you know, seeing people smiling today, how you doing? What’s up, just talking to people because like, that’s what, that’s how I work in life. I mean, I, I’ll talk to anybody, like, if we make eye contact, I’m going to try to talk to you. It’s just my personality. And and I had this whole, you know, like in my head. And then when I started talking to smiling, and you know, the people were kind of friendly. And then it dawned on me, I was like, oh, what I look like, I’m like, I don’t really do I really am I even put off the energy of what I didn’t know. And I and I got insecure for a second. Because I didn’t want people to perceive me as a homeless guy. And I didn’t know what that was about. And then I immediately got my head and I started going, I wonder

Joshua T Berglan 1:02:48
like, I wanted to I want to do like I wanted to see if I would be treated differently. You know, like I once I became cognitive again, that I was wearing something wearing this. And I wanted to see because you know, I’ve seen on TV where they have those undercovers people, and it’s like the undercover boss, and they wanted to see if the, you know, the people treated the the undercover person that was undercover homeless, or whoever wanted to see how they treated them. And if they were nice and kind, and you know, and you’ve heard, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of, there’s like folklore, about certain, you know, gods, which I don’t believe in how they can disguise themselves as being homeless, but they’re really like a god or goddess. So you want to make sure you treat people with kindness. And I remember hearing that in Hawaii, that there was a Hawaiian God, this woman. And if you don’t feed her, you don’t take care of her, then the earthquakes, or the volcanoes come and destroy the city, you know, folklore like that, like so I had in my head, and I was like, I wonder if I should do anything. And that I just did, because I didn’t feel like being an antagonist or even looking looking for misters for trouble. Or then I didn’t even know how I would actually react if somebody was negative to me, like, Hey, I’m not homeless. Like who needs to say that? So then I started self reflecting and going what’s wrong with me? Like, why would I even have this conversation, feel the need to do it? Or even have this thought? And so what’s the point of me saying all that there is none. That’s if there is a point. There is no point except for the fact that I’m telling you a story about what went through my head when I was sitting there on the steps, just like homeless people normally do. People walking by and I’m smiling at people not even remembering what I look like. And then when I became cognitive of it, I started telling myself stories. Maybe it’s to say we gotta be careful we feed our mind with especially if it’s lies. Things that are not true. tell ourselves stories. Pretty scary place to be. I didn’t do a great job. Oh, I’ll tie this into purpose really quick. All the horror stories, life is too short not to go for it. People thinking they have all this time before God returns before the Lord returns. I don’t believe there’s a lot of time. And besides that, why would anyone live their life waiting on Jesus to return? Why not just live your life? And when Jesus returns like, yeah, oh, sweet. Good to see Jesus. Been waiting to meet you. Like that you can enjoy life now, regardless of what’s going on. But you can do that. Living in purpose. That is why it’s so important. And is it worth it? It’s worth it because I think God’s promises are better than the promises does world. God’s promises actually come true. And I believe God when he what he says about our purpose, and why we’re special and unique. I mean, if we’re going to be made in His image, I would think that he’s got some pretty special plan for us. Maybe it’s not being God. But you know, I don’t know if any of us could really handle being God even though we act like we are sometimes. But I want what God has for me. And I promise you that God’s gonna have something special for you. You just got to let him take your life basically dying to self

Joshua T Berglan 1:07:02
we can do anything to support you. Feel free to reach out anytime. Where’s that thing? Here we go. Feel free to reach out to us on our website live mana dot word again, we have two websites. But this one’s just as easy to go to. And they all are connected and linked together. Live mana.org and but do check it out. It’s a brand new website. You can also scan that barcode we are a viewer and listener supported network. And of course we’re a 501 C three nonprofit media organization if we can ever be of service to you. Please reach out anytime. Thank you so much for watching. God bless you have an amazing day. I’m going to shower now and just realized that my hair is no longer gray see