Jessica and God “Love Your Neighbor”

Jessica and God “Love Your Neighbor”



Love Your Neighbor


“Jesus tells the parable of the lost sheep to show that the Kingdom of God is accessible to all, even those who were sinners or strayed from God’s path.

He uses the example of a shepherd (God) who has 100 sheep and one goes missing.

The shepherd leaves the 99 others and searches high and low for the lost sheep.

Jesus stresses that when the shepherd finds the lost sheep he rejoices over it more than the 99 who did not go astray.

This is how God will rejoice when a sinner returns to Him.”

(Matthew 18: 10–14)

Everyone’s journey with the Lord is different….


It is not our job to judge our brothers and sisters.


It is our job to love them just like our Father God loves us…

Because the only way

to lead His

Lost children

back to Him…

Is to let His unconditional love shine through us.

None of us are perfect.

We’ve all made

(and will continue to make mistakes).

We cannot know what we don’t know…

And we cannot learn new things if we only surround ourselves with the things that we already know.

God loves us even in our darkest times…

Even when it feels like no one else does…

And even when we don’t love ourselves.

We need to do a better job at loving people like He has always loved us…

We need to learn to love our brothers and sisters whether we agree

or disagree with where they’re at….

We may even learn a few things about ourselves…

from the people, we’d never expect to learn from.

This doesn’t mean joining others in their sins…


It also doesn’t include throwing scripture at them.

We need to stop using the Bible as a weapon,

And we need to start using it as a situational guide.

Jesus was the ultimate teacher…

He wasn’t scared of people’s sins…

Instead, he loved them

Regardless of what they didn’t know.

God is bigger than a book written by man.

Yes, it was inspired by God,

But it was ultimately written by man…

And Men are flawed

By many things….

Such as

Life experiences



The lack of wisdom

in any situation that they have not lived through themselves.

But, there’s no need to worry because of the beautiful fact…

That God is inside of us.


if we listen to Him

He will serve us

as a far better guide

than any man-written book could ever do.


If you are proud of your ability to

Obey a man on a stage…


Flaunting your ability to memorize and quote Bible scripture…

If you believe that this is how Jesus would lead people…

Then you have either forgotten,

Or have yet to learn

how to love people exactly where they’re at…

Then you’ve missed the point…


You are just as lost as those brothers and sisters that you are judging.

We are responsible for

Partnering with God

to develop a faith

that is unshakable.

We are responsible for learning through our experiences with Him.

We are responsible for strengthening our own discernment…

If we trust that God

Keep his promises to guide and protect us…

Then we can also love each other fearlessly…

Just like Jesus would love us.