Jessica and God “Stay Lit”

Jessica and God “Stay Lit”



Stay Lit


I’ve been hanging on to some anger and hurt for the past few days.

I allowed the enemy to get his foot in the door of my heart.

The Bible tells us to go directly to our brother or sister when we have a problem,

but many of us do not do this….


When did we become so scared of talking to each other…

Being wrongly accused is not an easy weight to bare,


it hurts like heck

when you know your heart does not resemble the way that it’s being depicted.

It’s even more difficult when you live a life of honesty and intentionality.

Joshua and I do everything we can to reflect the light of Jesus, wherever we go.

For example, 

when we go to the gym

We make it a point to say hello to EVERYONE we cross paths with.

We also strike up conversations with anyone that we feel led to…


How can we help each other if we don’t talk to each other?

God will use everything if we let him,

but if we don’t give Him the opportunity to move…

Then how can He?

We never want to be the people who stand next to someone and say nothing…


the people who look the other way to avoid eye contact…

What is the point of being around people

if you’re not going to engage in life alongside


with them?

We’ve been put here

to show love

to one another

above all else….


asking us to do anything less than that

is the equivalent of asking us

to ignore the way that God wants us to live.


when we got a call from the corporate office of lifetime fitness…

we did not expect it to be in regards to our behavior at the gym.

Or that a group of women had complained that Joshua was staring at them,

making them feel uncomfortable….


that is the opposite of how we ever intend

to make anyone feel.

Joshua was not asked for his side of the story….


He was labeled as the one who had wronged the accuser.

I could share…

the fact that this class takes up the entire center of the weight lifting machine area…

Or the fact that most of these women are old enough to be his great-aunts…

Or that I have found myself staring simply because they’re directly in front of me and their conversations are difficult to ignore…


Even the fact that Joshua would be much more likely to make an inappropriate joke than he would be too creepily stare at anyone.


what’s really upsetting is that the personal trainer

running this class

swears and curses God’s name while gossiping with the class…daily….

And it’s accepted,

Regardless of who it offends.

The reality that we are currently living in is backwards.

How did we get this way?

We live in a world where people can falsely accused…

slander each other…

While being allowed to carry no responsibility


accountability for their actions.

Leaders have

stopped leading…

Allowing for the enemy to use people’s brokenness against each other.

The way this

world is running

Is not of God.

I tried to hold my

head high

while I prayed about how to handle the situation…

But the injustice got to me.

I found the manager

And just cried.

This man is a fellow believer as well as a leader,

But he failed us as a brother.

He told me

That I was not allowed to apologize



that what they believed

To be true was not our intent…

His response was to keep our heads down….

And just not look at anyone.

He said

That this happens frequently with women…



This is just something we have to deal with…

Accusations are not something that we should be taking lightly…

Yet this world seems to be doing it more frequently than ever…

And it’s been normalized….

Now no one questions the accuser….

Because they know if they do

Their reputation will most likely be slandered as well.

But God.

Will use this.


The truth

does not mind being questioned…


it will always surface.

So, after spending quite a bit of time with God…


letting the intensity of my emotions dissipate…

It’s very clear now

That our lights

Are making the dark very angry…

If you are living your life

like Christ intends for you to live it…

Be prepared.

The enemy will attack

Without notice… regardless of your location…

And through even the least expected people….


It is our job to stay lit.