“Triggers & Trauma” Jessica & God

“Triggers & Trauma” Jessica & God



Triggers & Trauma 


“The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. 

The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, 

and even for evermore. -Psalm 121:7-8 KJV


We are in a battle for our souls, Now More Than Ever.

God has protected our souls

But in nearly the same breath…

The enemy is constantly poking holes.

These holes result in the splitting off of our souls,

And are known as Soul Fragments,

Or Pieces of us.

These new parts of us are actually Separate Entities 

who are ruled and controlled

by the very same evil things that broke them.

My husband was diagnosed with Multiple Personalities

because of the severity of his childhood trauma.

Triggering events, words, sounds, people and memories

 will cause Joshua to react from a place of pain, hurt, anger and fear…

Joshua’s soul fragments will react for him,

To protect him from pain,

Because that is why they came to be.

His fragmented parts believe that it’s their job to act accordingly in familiar situations,

based on the emotions and memories that each fragment endured, 

in order to protect his main soul.

I get to love Joshua differently than I love others,

because I understand him differently.

When I can see that his broken parts are reacting,

I know not to react.

I get to love him through his triggered responses 

So that his pieces can feel the love needed to heal the things that they’ve endured.

One day Joshua will be whole again.

One day he will return to God’s original design.

Joshua has been broken, 

but so am I,

and so are you.

The enemy is using us against each other in a cycle of traumas and triggers.


What if we could see what a mess we actually are?

What if everyone else could see that they are broken too?

It would be hard to stay mad at each other

if we could see our truth.

If we could see 

that our souls don’t want to hurt each other.


With love,

Jessica Linn