Stories of Hope Worldwide w/ Richy Fogarty

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The Worldwide MMA/boxing trainer bringing HOPE

In this episode we will hear the life story of world-renowned MMA and Boxing Champion trainer Richard Fogarty whose mantra is 'JUST BE REAL'.

Everyone has a story and the man behind ‘the face of a trainer’ has had a lot of demons to overcome from his days of trauma as a result of childhood abuse. But he shares openly in this episode to bring hope to others.

These days he brings encouragement to everyone he meets and is living proof that ‘your past doesn’t have to define your future’.

Richy, the trainer behind Boxing’s ‘Super Fight’ coming up in Sydney Australia in December 2020 is just your all-around average Aussie guy with a big heart and a desire to make a huge difference in this world by mentoring this next generation along with people of all ages and showing them the importance of finding a healthy outlet for shame, anger and trauma whilst turning their life around in the process.