Have you ever been let down by the lack of justice in the world?

What injustice has been done to you?

What injustices do you happening around you?

What is the right thing to do when we see injustice?

Are we to take justice into our own hands?

What does God say about injustice?

Let’s discuss on Spoken Word by Joshua T Berglan “Injustice“, on the Live Mana Network.

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Joshua T Berglan


Joshua T Berglan, aka The World’s Mayor, is a voice for the voiceless and is driven to elevate the passion, purpose, and mission of those he serves. Joshua is the Chairman of the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation & Live Mana Network, Shock-Jock Evangelist, International #1 Best Selling Author for the Book “The Devil Inside Me” a Producer, and Filmmaker. Joshua is an expert in the future of media and loves supporting others in helping make their dreams come true.



Joshua T Berglan
Injustice, Justice…….. what is justice? I don’t know about you. But I’ve been waiting on justice for a long time. Ever since i very i heard about the Q movement. I anticipated and expected and got excited for justice. Like many of you, of course, some people dismiss Q from the very beginning. In my case, I actually believed because as a man of faith, I have hope. I have hope that all the wrongs of this world will will be made, right. I’m grateful as of March of 2020, that I discovered that putting my hope in Cue was putting my hope and false light, something false. And, frankly, whether it’s false light, and you can correlate that with the Antichrist, or you can correlate it with really anything you want. But my belief, and everything that I’ve seen is that that is a waste of putting hope. We have a judicial judicial judicial system. That’s supposed to put away bad guys.

In case after case, the bad guys get off. And of course, for people that watch the news, and where they get their information, they believe well, they were innocent. But those of us that actually look into things and do research, we know that well, evils winning, or at least that’s what it appears to be.

Our government

is supposed to look after us, but they’re not our teachers. Our firemen, our police are supposed to look after us. After all, that’s what people pay taxes for right.

I’m frustrated.

The last time I did spoken word. I spoke out about witchcraft and shared where I where I stood with that. And but at the very beginning of that broadcast, it said it was angry.

Because I am angry. Not it, people are evil.

And I’m looking all around me wondering where where’s justice? Because all I see

is injustice.

There’s so many things that I want to point out, I know that there’s injustice in the world, because there’s people right now that are wrongly convicted of crimes they didn’t commit. There’s people that have been wrongly accused of being a sex offender or being a molester that are innocent.

There’s people that are framed.

And I’m I know of two cases, specifically, but one that’s really close to home to somebody that I know. I’ve gotten to know really, really well. He’s been a guest on one of my shows, but the more I’ve seen his case and the evidence, the man was trying to do the right thing. And in doing the right thing. He was exposing something very dark and twisted, and sinister and a cash cow for a lot of people so he got framed. I witnessed injustice a few days ago at the police station of all things

and it was

obvious that it was racism. And I don’t listen. I want to make this clear. I don’t just throw around racism for fun Because I want to make this clear, I will never apologize for being white. I’ll never apologize for being a man. Even as flawed as I’ve been. And as flawed as I am. I won’t apologize for how God created me. And you shouldn’t either. But racism exist.

But the sad thing is

the only racism I’ve ever seen has come from our leaders. You know, the people that we elect into office, whether it’s the chief of police, or the president, or Congress, people or whoever. That’s where I’ve seen the racism inflicted on its citizens. I know for a fact that I’ve gotten away with a lot of crime because of being white. Because I didn’t look like a criminal. I didn’t act like a criminal. And I’m not suggesting for the record that people that are a different color and are not white look and act like criminals. I’m not saying that, but there are certain luxuries to be in white. But again, I’m not going to apologize. Because why would we ever apologize for how God created us? Why would we ever I mean, how how we are created and how we are made is a big part in, in what our purpose is. And White has nothing to do with my purpose. But you know what, as a white guy, I get to speak out against injustice.

I all around me, I see. Evil, winning, or at least the appearance of winning. And while I’ve, for a while I’ve dealt with attacks for the very first time in my life, and that people make accusations at me, especially here recently that are so far from true, it’s almost hilarious, but it’s in like, that doesn’t bother me so much. Because I knew it was coming like I made myself a target. I chose

this path.

So I knew eventually that there was going to be backlash for it. And I’m okay with that. I mean, it’s weird getting a first I’ll admit, I had to learn some new coping skills and learn to go oh, wait a second, that’s not true. Why am I letting this affect me? And the truth is, and there was a couple of things that stood out to me the criticisms that I had. And like, you know what that makes sense. And I applied it. And like one of them being lashing out at Christians, because I’ve been very mad at Christians, because it’s been Christians that have attacked me. And said, I was a false prophet and everything else. And while you know, slandering and making up lies feels like an injustice. It’s nothing. Like somebody being falsely accused, or someone getting away with something they have no business getting through. But because they have the money, they have the influence. Maybe they’re in the pockets of certain people that make decisions about certain things. Is that why I don’t know. The My name is Joshua T. Berglan. And this is spoken word. We’re on the live mana network. And thank you for being here. I have really struggled with getting the energy to do this broadcast. Because I don’t know how to speak about injustice without being angry. Because when I get the mental picture of innocent lives being ruined, and again, I just two weeks ago, no Gosh, not even two weeks ago, a week ago, I got to hear and see the evidence of somebody that lost 10 years of their life for trying to do the right thing. We have African Americans and other minorities that are in federal prison for having a small amount of cannabis and yet cannabis is legalized pretty much everywhere.

We have people that were wrongly convicted

for rate for murder for all kinds of things. And yet, they sit in a jail cell or a prison cell With maybe no hope at all, or no chance of ever getting out, what do you do when everything around you feels corrupt? When this life that we get to live a life that we get to live with purpose and in one that we, you know, you hear motivational speakers and you hear people like me all the time talking about God has a unique purpose for you an extraordinary purpose that was made just for you. And while some people believe it and are pursuing it, I would probably suggest that the majority aren’t. And we have so many people that are truly what would be considered the meek of this world, because whether they’re stuck in generational generational poverty, they’re stuck in, you know, generational sins, generational curses, and they don’t see a way out. And people talk to them about purpose and, and they’re like, Well, how in the world, where is God, when all of this injustice is going around, you expect me to believe that God has a purpose for my life, with all this going on. And some people look at injustice as well. It is their purpose to go after it.

To be a voice for the injustice,

or to the people that have been held back suppressed, had been silenced. The purpose is to elevate those voices. We’ve had on this program, multiple human trafficking victims, some made it up, some are real. Some are human trafficking victims, that still remain evil. In other words, they went from being a trafficking victim to then being a trafficker. That

happens, and we’ve had them on this show.

We have organizations that front for doing good work that are not.

It’s just, if it just feels

like everywhere you look, someone’s getting screwed over. And there’s some injustice happening. In every time I think about what can I do to make a difference? How can I stop this? How can I fight against this? My heart gets heavy. I get heavy, my spirit gets heavy. What do I do? Well, let’s find out what the Bible says to do. Because I’m going to be honest with you.

I don’t know what to

do. Because as a believer or somebody that loves the Lord, the somebody that’s supposed to be the hands and feet of Jesus and in the words that come out of my mouth are supposed to sound and feel like Jesus said them. Because what comes out of your mouth is a reflection of your heart and of Jesus is in my heart. How can I be so mad and angry at injustice? And the people doing it? How do I keep from waking up? That beast

that loves to fight that loves to get revenge?

How do I lovingly defeat the enemy?

How do I

show love to my enemies that are hurting me or hurting people? I know how am I supposed to love them and pray for them. So let’s find out what God says. Heavenly Father, thank you for the opportunity to broadcast. Thank you for this opportunity to use me as a vessel and I pray Holy Spirit that your words flow through me. I am not qualified to deliver this message. Half of the verses we’re going to go over I’ve never even heard before. But I just ask that you use me for your will and your for your purposes. And I pray that the words that I speak are the words you want me to and that you give me the words to speak right to the heart of the enemy.

Friend foe

all the above. Just give me the right words to say I love you and Jesus name

I’ve said this many times before I’m not a preacher

but I love Have the Lord. And yeah,

you know, joke around about being a shock jock evangelist. And that’s one of the titles I have, because somebody gave it to me. And it was fitting because I grew up listening to shock jock radio.

But just as I’m unqualified, you may be too. But that doesn’t mean that God can’t and won’t use you, because He will. And I want to get this out of the way before I start, but God does have a unique purpose for you. God does have a really an extraordinary reason why you’re here. And it may be a behind the scenes role. It’s could be a supportive role, or volunteering role, whatever. But it doesn’t mean for one second that your purpose isn’t unique. I’m grateful that God position my wife and I that we get to serve full time doesn’t mean that we’re just swimming in money or anything like that. But the calling on our life has to serve. And we’re blessed to get to do so. But part of serving to me is sharing my testimony, and it’s to share what God has done for me.

And I’m not perfect.

I mean, literally, I just recently been convicted, because I felt like I’ve been raging unbelievers. Because I am mad at believers. I am mad at believers, I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed to not be welcome in the church. And, and at least most of them, or at least when we try to volunteer or serve or help, it’s just like we’re just pushed aside. Nevermind not sure getting to share my testimony. But like, I have a check in my spirit about lashing out like I want to be part of the solution, not the problem. And how can I do that? If I’m so angry over injustice. So why we’re doing this is because I believe that I’m not the only one that’s frustrated and angry at all of the injustice in the world. Even though God said we were going to come into these times where

the lawless winds

like evil is going to appear to be winning

It’s sickening. And like I hear all the time, how can God let this happen? And I don’t know the answer. Except for the fact that this is the devil’s domain. You know, I know that you know all the things that the devil meant to try to hurt us and destroy us that we get to use as revenge on the enemy. Meaning that we get to use the things that were supposed to hurt us and kill us. We get to use it for good. How can you use it for good if you’re pissed off? So maybe God has an answer for it. Let’s get into this. This is the kind of fast day I’m after. To break the chains of injustice. Get rid of exploitation in the workplace, free the oppressed, canceled debts what I’m interested in seeing you do is sharing your food with the hungry, inviting the homeless poor into your homes, putting clothes on the Shivering ill clad being available to your own families. There’s a lot to unpack there alone. This is the kind of fast day I’m after to break the chains of injustice. So we’re seeing all of these this injustice going on and it does feel like chains. I mean the way that it’s weighing me down the way it’s weighing my wife down the way I see it Wayne other people down

feels like chains.

Get rid of exploitation in the workplace. Free the oppressed, canceled debts. What I’m interested in seeing you do is sharing your food with the hungry inviting the homeless poor into your homes, putting clothes on the shivering, Ill clad being available to your own families. Do this and the lights will turn on and your lives will turn around at once. Your righteousness will pave the way the God of glory will secure your passage. Then you pray. God will answer you’ll call out for help at all. I’ll say, here I am. If you get rid of unfair practices and quit blaming victims quit gossiping about other people’s sins. If you were generous with the hungry and start giving yourselves to the down and out, your lives will begin to glow and the darkness. Your shattered lives will be bathed in sunlight. I will always show you where to go. I’ll give you a full life and the emptiness of places for muscles strong bones. You’ll be like a well watered garden gurgling spring that never runs dry. You’ll use the old rubble of your past lives to build a new rebuild the foundations from out of your past, you’ll be known as those who can fix anything, restore old ruins, rebuild and renovate and make the community livable. Again. Isaiah 58, six through nine. So Message translation. I know some of you, King James Nazis out there probably look at the Message version as a is blasphemy. Well, there’s a lot of people that don’t understand the King James Version. And I’m not going to go into that fight right now. Because that’s going to it’s probably gonna make me say something

I’m gonna regret anyway. But

this, when I read this, I chose this one first. There’s, there’s a few that I’m going to read today. I chose this one first, because they hit me right in the heart, everything about it. Like everything, not just the cancelling of the desk, but like the called feed the homeless to feed the poor, putting clothes on people that don’t have it, just and then also the other thing too, that was so huge being available to your families. This is something that I neglected my entire life. Like every relationship I was in, but even growing up, like I didn’t want to be around my family. I avoided it in mind you a lot of it was shame. And, you know, I was scared of judgment. And I knew I was doing the wrong thing. But I and that’s why I didn’t want to be away from him. But I never prioritize family married. The first three times I was married, the first two were involved children. I was a deadbeat. Not just a deadbeat father, but a deadbeat husband, and a cheater. And a narcissist and abuser

was the worst.

And I think about what God has done in my life. And that’s why I think the being available to your family sticks out so much to me, because now there’s nothing more important in the world. Because you know, what, if I think about all my other relationships, and the man I was, which was basically devoid of any relationship with God, other than showing up to church to eat the doughnuts, and make my mom happy. But now, when I look around me, yeah, sure, I have friends. And my family is everything to me. And making time and being with my wife and my kids. And then you know, I mean, even though I live in a different state than my parents, like I like to at least call and you know, talk every day, like those kinds of things are almost every day those are so important. But that’s one small part. But like, nothing in that verse talks about your nine to five. It really talks about being the love of Jesus, taking care of your family, feeding the poor people that sharing with a hungry These are huge, and then righteousness, which is obedience, which is doing the right thing. And we all know what the right thing is, regardless of what your relationship with God is. I’m pretty sure we all know right and wrong. Though you’re doing these things, and you cry out for help God’s going to answer kind of reminiscent about being on accessing the kingdom of heaven. I’ll give you a full life and the emptiness of places for muscles, strong bones. And the emptiness of places your lives will begin to glow in the darkness. Your shadow lives. We bathed the sunlight when I read that verse, And then I think about the criticism for interviewing and talking to witches and people have other dilute belief systems and flat earth and all the other stuff. And the criticism from that. Mike, what do you dispose to take your light and shine it In the church, to me an injustice is keeping your light to yourself, or just taking your light to be around other light. What are you trying to? Like? Is it a glow stick party? Like what if that were to be a light in the dark?

But what do you do?

When your light is getting gold?

Wait a second. And it’s thought of something.

What’s more dangerous? Taking your light to the dark, or letting your light sit around false light. What’s more dangerous? I don’t have an answer for that. Just thinking about it. Because I’m thinking about some of the injustice is that I’ve seen it it’s happening from people that talk about being in light, and Christians and everything else feels like an injustice. It’s not really the injustice that we’re gonna be talking about today. But it is something let me see here. Romans 914. Is that grounds for complaining that God is unfair? Not so fast, please. God told Moses, I’m in charge of mercy. I’m in charge of compassion. Compassion doesn’t originate in our bleeding hearts or moral sweat. But in God’s mercy. The same point was made when God said to Pharaoh, I picked you as a bit player in this drama of my salvation, power. We’re all saying wait. All we are saying is that God has the first word initiating the action in which we play our part for better or worse. Proof Sometimes I wish I was a biblical scholar because there’s a lot there. Compassion doesn’t originate in our bleeding hearts or moral sweat but in God’s mercy

so the way I understand this versus that is it saying a god has its its him that’s allowing the evil to take place?

Like the roll?

Is that what that saying? That is an answer my question.

Who? I mean, it does confirm that we all have a purpose in this world. Jeremiah 2213. Doomed him who builds palaces but bullies people who makes a fine house but destroys lives, who cheats his workers and won’t pay them for their work? Who says, uh, build me an elaborate mansion with spacious rooms and fancy windows all bring in rare and expensive woods and the latest and interior decor. So that makes you a king, living in a fancy palace. Your father got along just fine, didn’t he? He did what was right and treated people fairly. And things went well with him. He stuck up for the down and out and things went well for Judah. Isn’t this what it means to know me? God’s decree, but you’re blind and brainless. All you think about as yourself taking advantage of the weak bulldoze in your way, bullying victims, when I read that that’s what I feel is going on in the world. That’s what I feel. You look at our Congress and our senators, and even our president. And you see what’s happening? How is it that on a government salary, all of these people are worth hundreds of millions of dollars? How, how?

This is a prime example. During the walk downs. The richer the rich got more rich.

And the poor got more poor and the middle class evaporated and became poor. People don’t think that’s by design. You know, do you understand what the great reset is? Do you understand what agenda 2030 is and these are not conspiracy? These are are things that the WF WEF World Economic Forum, and the United Nations want? This is what they’re trying to push in place. This is not conspiracy.

This is the same thing.

Nancy Pelosi, his husband gets arrested, by the way, was arrested and got caught with child porn. I don’t know exactly what the date was on that one. But I mean, it was in the paper today, talking about it. These people are getting richer and richer and richer, and they’re getting away with murder. Have you paid attention to Joe Biden’s past? These are this is the leader of the free world. And I know some of you still say Trump is still the president in whatever but I won’t go into my speech about him yet.

But it appears on the surface that evil is winning. And is it an amazing and the Old Testament? Jeremiah’s Old Testament? Sorry. Doesn’t matter if it’s old or new, it doesn’t matter. Fact is the Bible is written a long time ago. And and it’s like this was written today. The last in the last two weeks alone, every single morning as I’m listening to the Bible, I’m hearing something I’m like, I swear to you that could have that should have actually been in the newspaper today. Not the not the propaganda. This should have been there. Because this is saying exactly what’s happening. Leviticus 1915 Don’t pervert justice. Don’t show favoritism to either the poor or the great judge on the basis of what is right. People are getting put into high profile positions based off of who they want to have sex with, or the color of their skin. Nothing else.

We’re celebrating everything but

the very core of what God wants for us, which was going back to the original verse, I read talking about family. We’re celebrating every individual thing. Oh, I have 95 sexualities, oh, in the paper today, I’m in love with an airplane and I want to marry an airplane. Mind you, it wasn’t a real airplane. It was a model airplane, I almost water. That was I was going to use my water bottles and examples an airplane. And the the lid was off.


are making up words for things of, of trying to. It’s strange. Like, we’re making up words and things for people to have an identity. And but that identity is all of everything. But what God says you are. The identity that we’re seeking, and that we’re celebrating has really nothing to do with the original design of why you were created in the first place. That is an injustice. It’s an it’s a self inflicted injustice. And whoever came up with this plan of how we’re going to confuse the crap at everybody, and maybe it’s the transhumanist agenda. I don’t know exactly where it started. But who is identifying as a freaking butterfly. Butterflies are awesome. I love butterflies. If I saw a butterfly out my window, you would catch me going wow. Because sometimes squirrels run around and we get birds and I mean, I see all kinds of stuff out the window when I’m broadcasting. But I don’t identify as that. Why would you want to identify with anything other than what your creator says?

judged on the basis of what is right, Proverbs 22 Eight. Whoever says sin reaps weeds and bullying anger sputters into nothing. So this is for me. I mean, it may be for you too. But back to my anger I mean, I don’t know at which point blean comes into play because you know, you can fart now and somebody will call you a narcissist. Like well I don’t know how that makes me a narcissist. But I mean look, and I was a narcissist. And sometimes I let my tendency slip out and and those of you that have attacked me on YouTube and Twitter and other things for that, yeah, I pretty honest about my I sin, like so you’re gonna say whatever you want about me. Yeah, I was a really bad narcissist and recovering from that takes a while. And I’m doing pretty good. But I’m not perfect. But this is why I’m honest about my flaws. Because I don’t ever want to be looked at Not that anyone would look at me as perfect. I don’t even I don’t even want people to hold me up on a pedestal or anything. Like just because I have a microphone in front of me. I know, it gives me some authority. But understand this, if you’re seeing me because I have, we have a network. We have a foundation, we get to do cool things. And I have a microphone in front of me. And we are broadcast all over the world on multiple different platforms. Yeah, I understand that I’m looked at as an authority, but you have to know this, that your Lord God, your Creator is the only authority that really matters, the Holy Spirit, God’s Spirit, that is an authority that you should pay attention to. In Mind you I love ever all the support. I love all of it, trust me. The God is the ultimate authority. He is the one to listen to. Anything that I say and you’re like, Wow, that sounds like truth me. I’m gonna take it.

Check your spirit.

If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. I’ll admit it.

But I don’t want to be

not mean, listen, I know who I am, and God’s highs. But the only one worth following is Jesus. Heck, even if you’re a Muslim, I’d say it to you.

Buddhist Hindoo, I’d still tell you

that Jesus is the only one worth following. Whether you want to accept Him as savior or not. The fact is that Jesus is the only one that lived a perfect life. What Jesus teaches and what I say teaches because I believe Jesus is alive.


the spirits definitely alive. And I and I and what he teaches, leads to life that leads to freedom. There’s no other teachings I know that truly lead to that. There’s no one ever the claim to be perfect. So he’s worth following, regardless of what your beliefs are. Anyway, whoever, so sin reaps weeds. So but if you’re sowing goodness, what are you going to? What are you going to do? And here’s something else. What I’ve experienced and the reason why I went back to this is because it reminds me you can take your light, the love of Jesus that lights out of you. Not everybody is going to like it. Not everybody is going to want to see it. To some people, it’s going to make a mad we deal with it. My wife and I deal with this all the time. You don’t know that at the

gym. The gym.

It’s an issue. And and it’s gonna make people mad. But here’s the thing. You have to know this. God doesn’t bless lies. So people are slandering you. Insane mean are awful evil made up things about you, or the things are true about your past, but they’re still trying to remind you of your past with what they’re saying.

And then I’ve heard people say, Well, you remind them of your future. All that does is cause an argument meaning, well, you’re not what God you’re not what God says I am. So Screw you. Like that doesn’t really work very well.

But people will attack

you for your light, especially if you’re you’re telling that you people that you love Jesus, they’ll mock you get mocked every day. And it’s okay. You know, the only I think the only thing that makes it okay, is that Jesus said it was going to happen and accounted as joy because it means you’re doing something right. In fact, if you’re a believer and you’re not having people come out yet, I would suggest that maybe you’re not playing full out. Because you should be getting criticism and I’m not saying I’m getting criticism to brag I’m not because frankly, I’m just now adjusting to it. Because I’ve I’ve done almost 500 broadcasts and you know Like every once in a while, get something but nothing major. And then the last two weeks, it’s like, every day I open up my email, I see something new. And it’s from believers. And it’s just and it hurts. And it sucks. And what do you do?

You just continue to reflect Jesus. Why?

Cuz if you don’t, if it doesn’t bother you, if you don’t let them see that it’s hurting you and bothering you, and you still show up and smile, and you still are nice and kind to the very people that are slandering you What do you think it does, too. But if you were to attack them, call them bad names, tell mama joke about their mama. It’s not gonna go like it, all you’re gonna do is escalate the matter. It is a no win situation, to fight back with words. It will not serve you even your fist, because they want you to punch them in the face. I mean, they may not like it after they have their nose broken, and they’re bleeding all over the place. And they need cosmetic surgery, they’re probably not going to like that part very much. But they want you to react negatively. Because then they get to be right. But if you’re showing up with a smile, and you’re showing up and you’re showing the love of Jesus, it burns them like the it’s like pouring water on the witch or whatever happened. And what was that movie? Wizard of the oz what’s sort of The Wizard of Oz and this holds true for people that are also self professed Christians it does the same thing. The see this whole thing, the quarrels with other believers, that is nothing on the injustice side of things. When you have racism and you have homophobia, yeah, I’m going to say homophobia. In as much as I believe that we if we’re going to have Gay Pride Month and LGBT month and Black History Month and everything else, we need to have a family month that celebrates the family unit. Why not? If we’re gonna have a holiday for everything else, we have a National Donut Day, but we don’t have a family day. That I know of. I mean, I don’t see corporate America getting behind it. I don’t see people changing the colors of their logos

for families ever, ever.

But it’ll change it for LGBT. And I listen, I am part of that community. I mean, I’m not part of the agenda. But I’m not gonna sit even though I don’t act on things. Like I used to. I’m not prepared to go on perfect restraint.

I’m not gonna say it. I’m not gonna say it ever. I don’t think I don’t even know if I care.

And yeah, I know what the Bible says about it. But that’s not the point. Because there’s other people that love the Lord with all their heart and have same sex attraction. And whatever your beliefs are about, it doesn’t mean that people don’t love the Lord that are gay. Because some of the best Christians I know are gay. Oh, I know what the Bible says clearly. But do you think lashing out at them? Or Or saying bad things about them is going to help anything? No.

And, you know,

frankly, we should all celebrate life and who we are. We should celebrate our identity for what it is. But our identity really has nothing to do with what we are pretending it does.

But he’s already made it plain how to live, what to do what God is looking for in men and women. It’s quite simple. Do what is fair and just to your neighbor, be compassionate, and loyal and your love. And don’t take yourself too seriously. take God seriously. That’s Micah six, eight. Here we go. So again, this is about injustice. And what does God say about it? Because I clearly don’t know how because the only the way I know of, you know, dealing with injustice is like Charles Bronson, or someone broke the movie. Deathwish Gosh, it’s old. It’s an old reference. I don’t even know why I use that because I’m Um, you know, not like I saw Death Wish anytime soon, anyway. But I mean, I, the way I know to do just injustice is to fight with weapons with words.

God saying it’s wrong very

wrong to go along with injustice proverbs 2423, Ezekiel nine, nine, he said, the guilt of Israel and Judah is enormous. The land is swollen with murder. The city is bloated with injustice. They all say God has forsaken the country. He doesn’t see anything we do. Well, I do see he says, and I’m not feeling sorry for any of them. They’re going to pay for what they have done. There’s times that I believe that America is Israel. I think I really do. And I have no evidence to prove this. But man, it seems like to me that the United States is really the old world. And like, it’s like the map has all been flipped around. And I know it sounds crazy. But there’s times that I’m like, Okay, we’re Babylon, or Israel. Like, I mean, some of this stuff just really rings for this as the United States. But the fact is, God says they are going to pay for what they’ve done.

And part of our faith, I believe,

is that even in the face of injustice, we’re gonna have faith in God to fight the battle for us. Because when we try to fight the battle, it gets messy. When we were at the police station, it was it yesterday.

It was yesterday I think.

I hope she really does come on our show to tell her story. But we watched racism happen in front of our face, I got pictures of and I was worried because you know, being a gel six times I get friends that are cops but being in the police station to get a gun permit. Like that was one thing. That was a little nerve racking. But um, you know, getting the permit to buy a gun in Minnesota. But I’m watching this woman in this in the chief of police go at it because she was a victim of a crime, accusing a white woman. And the police officer did not take a statement from the victim but took a statement from the perpetrator first and after speaking to the perpetrator

did not talk to the victim.

And boy, does she have evidence I mean, this has been going on for almost a year. I watched what went down and I watched this woman she had a shirt on said faith over fear. You Some of you have seen those shirts and bumper stickers and memes and everything else.

Faith over fear. And all she wanted to do

was tell the truth and she was trying to tell the truth and no one had listened to her. No one had helped her. The chief bore off I believe my officer I believe my officer blindly not looking into evidence not an Oh, when you hear about the body cam footage stuff. Oh man that I hope I really do hope she comes on the show because she is truly a victim of racism. And now she’s trying to go against police officers and you know that brotherhood brotherhood sisterhood. And I listen, I have a lot of friends that are cops. I’m not bashing all cops, but there are corrupt like there’s corrupt preachers, there’s corrupt dentists, there’s corrupt surgeons. There’s corrupt everything in every field so but I’ve watched her break down and cry because she wasn’t being heard. Know, I’ve watched her break in front of me because no one was listening to her. And all she was trying to do is tell the truth. And she was a victim of a crime

she was a victim of assault in she

didn’t even get to give a statement. But the cop said she made a statement and anyway without going to all the details because I’m gonna let her share that story if she comes on but the fact is that

I watched it. And this is a believer

and she’s been fighting this fight. She said she goes I you know she’s talked about having to deal with stuff with the police. But this is an educated woman choosing An attorney. And she was like, I’ve been dealing with this my whole life. In this case, this one was obviously at home because she was a victim. And there’s people all over the world that are crying out, I was molested, I was raped. And people aren’t blowing him off to Shaun Watson. And who signed the biggest contract ever with the Cleveland Browns guaranteed? Has 24 cases as of today against him? Could they be fake?

Maybe? Maybe,

maybe he is innocent, I don’t know. But I would think if I’m all these women, I’m going up against this guy that just signed a $240 million contract or whatever it was. And if I was the victim, and this guy, this person, you know, here’s a perpetrator. And I’m not being heard how many women out there have just given up and I know men get abused too. I was one I know. But let’s talk about women for a second. The cow many women are just like, it’s not worth saying anything. So then they get a LIATE live with the shame of being molested or abused. And I don’t say a word.

I’ve had women that I was with.

They were dating want to say anything, that I was abusive with them. They wanted to protect me. protecting me was the problem. Because like I kept getting like, ever like, Oh, I’ll never do it again.

Never did it again.

How many victims How many of you out there have been victims? And you’ve just you’re silenced? Because you’re afraid? Or you’re afraid that the injustice will be done all over again on you. By not hearing you. I interviewing all of the different people that have had a specially oh my gosh, what was their name? Rachel? Rachel, like, Yeah, I think it was Rachel. And because Jessica did the interview with me, but talking about with CPS to her kids. And if you go back and you listen to that interview, and you hear what her attorney told her, basically, you’re Sol, and if you don’t know what Sol means. It just means you’re out of luck. She fought

anyway, and she won.

Justice. And the sad thing is really justice still isn’t completely served. Even though she won and she got a settlement. When you hear the whole case, she didn’t really get justice. There’s injustice everywhere because there’s people in leadership positions. politicians, judges, border agents, attorneys that are getting paid off. First Corinthians six seven, these court cases are a black eye on the community. Wouldn’t it be better to just to just take it to let yourselves be wronged and forget it. All you’re doing is providing fuel for more wrong more injustice bringing more hurt to the people of your own spiritual family. Let me read that one more time. These court cases are a black eye on your community. Wouldn’t it be far better to just take it to let yourselves be wronged and forget it all you’re doing is providing fuel for more wrong more injustice bringing more hurt to the people of your own spiritual family? Well that’s not very comforting. Or or is this precisely why Jesus says when someone gives you a right cross and hit you to give them the other cheek do let them hit you too. Is that why

because you’re right what is fighting back really do it just makes you look like an ass even if you’re on the right even if you’re in the right

because the wicked the wicked sinful nature of people are going to look at their sometimes you’re gonna side with evil and they’re gonna look look how angry he is. Oh, look at him. He’s so angry and he’s projecting anger on me and he’s saying all these

does it do you any good

my mom used to say all the time when I’m picking on my brother and I used to pick on my brother so bad. My brother used to chase eat or not it took once Twice he did this. But I know there was other times too, that he chased me with other things. But I know for a fact that he chased me around the house with a big freakin knife a couple times, because I made him crazy. Just picked on him picked on him because I loved his reaction.

Picked, picked

to tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet. And it’s just like, I want to see people get riled up. I want to stir the pot a little bit. Brother chased him around the house with a knife picked on him. My mom used to say, just ignore him, they’ll go away. In fact, too, be my parents couldn’t punish me. I mean, sure, my dad, you know, choke me and spank me and beat me with a belt and a board and all that stuff. But I, you know, I just I think about, like, that didn’t really really help much. But I remember just wanting to reaction like the beatings and the choking and all that stuff. It sucked and it hurt. And it caused me to shut down and sure that contributed to some of my rage and violent tendencies. Yeah, absolutely. But do you know what really hurts me? I’m 43 years old, in what really hurts me is when my mom and my wife ignore me. Can’t stand it drives me crazy. It hurts my feelings. It shuts me down. It makes me sad. it depresses me. It does all those things. I don’t like being ignored. I get to work on that. But I sure as heck don’t like it. And but there’s one thing I will say about it. There is nothing in the world that will make me know that I’m being a jackass. Then when my wife ignores me,


I would rather her yell at me, I’d rather punch me in the face, I’d rather kick me in the nuts than ignore me. So there’s something to it. Especially with dealing with evil, because I was evil. I didn’t mean to make my point that way. But that’s how it came out. Ah, Isaiah 3012. Therefore the holy of Israel says this, because you scorn this message, preferring to live by injustice and shape your lives on lies. This perverse way of life will be like a towering, badly built wall that slowly slowly Tilton shifts. And then one day without warning collapses, smashed to bits, like a piece of pottery, smash, beyond recognition or repair unless a pile of debris to be swept up and thrown into the trash. This is what the lack of obedience does. So it works both ways. It’s not just when we are okay. So when we are obedient, we’re not. We’re not rewarded. Like we don’t get the fruits of the Spirit. We don’t get to live in our gifting. We don’t get to live in our God given purpose when we’re not obedient. I mean, sure you I’m sure you have access to your spiritual gifts, but they’re not like your spiritual gifts. When you are operating in the spirit. They’re not. And when you’re obedient, they’re not your fruit, way more fresh when you’re obedient. But when we’re disobedient, what happens?

Things go wrong.

There’s consequences.

It is know for a fact

that there are consequences for you giving up on the promises of God. Because what’s the difference between you and them? If you’re not obedient, they’re not obedient, but you’re seeing them get away with murder, sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively. But they’re getting away with some stuff, voter fraud, and don’t act like it just started with Donald Trump. It’s been going on for years. There was probably voter fraud when Trump got elected. Maybe it was a military officer operation, I don’t know. But voter fraud has been going on for a long time. It’s not like Dominion just was created last week or in 2020 It’s been around. There’s injustice is all over the place. And I know they’re getting away with it right now. Or at least they’re getting away with it. What’s coming out of your screen. But their time is coming. That the lesson here is for you to not let outside circumstances affect what’s in your heart. I know, easier said than done. I easier said than done because sometimes it is tough. It is tough. You got to remain faithful. You got to remain in faith that God is the God of justice, and God is going to take care of this. The assessment trial. I’m not even a Trump fan. I’m not a Trump fan. But when Sussman got off yesterday, I’m like, Oh, my gosh. And mind you if you knew who the jury was, and the attorneys and the judge, and you saw those connections, like of course he got off? Of course he did.

It’s the ultimate justice.

God is going to have the final say, Psalms 82 to enough, you’ve corrupted justice long enough. You’ve let the wicked get away with murder, you’re here to defend the defenseless. To make sure that underdogs get a fair break, your job is to stand up for the powerless, and prosecute all of those who exploit them.

That’s you.

That’s me. That’s my wife. It’s our foundation. It’s what we do with this network. Why? Why we’ve decided just to serve and only serve and to rely on God to provide, which is really probably the way it was supposed to be to begin with. But nonetheless, this is what we’re doing. We are completely reliant on God to bless us either for him to prompt you to bless us, for God to be like whatever like that. That’s how we live. We live completely free from a job. We serve full time we use our media organization and our network to serve. And there’s other ways it’s that doesn’t mean that you need to go create a media company and a network. That’s not That’s not what that could be for you. It could be anything else.

It could be

just speaking out, it could be protesting, it could be marching, I’m not telling burn down buildings. But protest is a good thing. Can be going to volunteer in your community. Actually, that’s really the best place to volunteer as a community. Because how can you take care of the world? If you can’t take care of your backyard? I learned that from a maniac. But he’s a brilliant maniac. And Tony, if you’re watching i love you, man. It’s crazy. But that point was solid. All these people talk about changing the world but what’s going on in their own community? How are you going to stop human trafficking in Asia? When you’re in Minnesota, when human trafficking is a massive issue here? Massive issue here.

You find the community

you serve in your community you take care of your community you take care of your family you take care of this first. Then you go change the world

corrupted justice long enough you let the wicked get away with murder. You’re here to defend the defenseless to make sure the underdogs get a fair break your job is to stand up for the powerless and prosecute all those who exploit them

on the world’s Mayor

oh no if I have any like you know prosecuting abilities yet we’ll work on that. But right now what we can do is when the truth you can to see why your testimony is powerful. You Your Your testimony is standing up for people that have been victimized because there’s people like you and you sharing that.


go good people can’t stand the sight of deliberate evil. The wicked can’t stand the sight of well chosen goodness. Proverbs 2927. Good people can’t stand the sight of deliberate evil the wicked can’t stand the sight of well chosen goodness. You know what would be well chosen goodness. Respond mean to attacks and injustice with love. As hard as that may be

I took another good look at what’s going on the very place of judgment corrupt, the place of righteousness corrupt. I said to myself, God will judge the righteous and wicked. There’s a right time for everything, every deed, and there’s no getting around it. I said to myself regarding the human race, God’s testing the lot of us, showing us up as nothing but animals. ecclesiastics 316. ecclesiastic is a very confusing book of the Bible, because it basically, well, those of you that know it, know what I mean, and I don’t want to turn people off to it because it’s a powerful book. Don’t run roughshod over the concerns of your brothers and sisters. Their concerns are God’s concerns, and he will take care of them. We’ve warned you about this before. God hasn’t invited us to into this orderly, grungy life, but into something holy and beautiful. As beautiful on the inside as the outside. First, that’s the lotion. First, that’s lunians for six. This is a last one. And this is what I started with. This is the kind of fast day I’m after. To break the chains of injustice. Get rid of exploitation in the workplace, free the oppressed, canceled debts. That’s what I’m interested in seeing you do is sharing your food with the hungry, inviting the homeless poor into your homes, putting clothes on the shivering, Ill clad, being available to your own families, do this and the lights will turn on and your lives will turn around at once. Your righteousness will pave your way. The God of glory will secure your passage. Then when you pray, God will answer. You’ll call out for help. And I’ll say, here I am.

So while this verse

And the reason I’m ending here is because what I want you to focus on, and maybe I’m wrong. I don’t think I am here. All of you who have dealt with injustice and whether it’s racism, again, bigotry, homophobia, you’ve been falsely accused falsely imprisoned, no matter what it is that’s wrong and you know what’s wrong? And you know, it’s an injustice

it sucks. And it’s okay to

be upset about it. You have every right to be upset about it seeing that woman in the in the police station, lose her mind. She did not. She was not exercising into the fruits of the Spirit whatsoever. She lost it, she lost her cool. And she was rightfully upset. And my gosh, I think about everything I’ve been through I promise you was nothing compared to what that woman has been through nothing. Nothing

but as my wife, like went over and like I’m you know, I was afraid to i She asked me if she because we need to pray for her. I’m like, You’re right. But I’m, I’m not touching her. Because I don’t know. Like the last thing I want to be as accused of assault. Or, you know, is it appropriate to go lay your hands on a woman without asking? My wife jumped up, put her hands on her and start praying. I’m convinced the only reason why that woman didn’t get thrown in jail is because my wife stepped up and prayed for and it was amazing to see that woman was broken I’m so proud of Jessica too. Because the way that she stood up and she did the right thing. It not everybody has the courage to do that. Especially cuz I mean really, honestly, Jessica could have got arrested. That was a bad situation.

But I’m grateful that she did it so

while you’re waiting on God to give you justice news, the final words, I think because you know every time I tried to do that, it’s like a Minnesota goodbye, trying to say goodbye 15 times and still there. If you don’t know what Minnesota goodbyes are, Google it. It’s kind of fun. But while you’re waiting on justice to be served. What you can do is get busy living, like really, you can get busy. You can break the chains of injustice, get rid of exploitation in the workplace free the oppressed, canceled debts. That is what he’s interested in seeing us to sharing the food with the hungry, let me back that up i This is the kind of fast day I’m after to break the chains of injustice, to get rid of exploitation in the workplace free the oppressed, and canceled debts. What I’m interested in seeing you do is this. So while we’re busy waiting on God,

to to break,

the injustice is in this world to get revenge on the enemy to shut the enemy down to make the all that’s been wrong, right. This is what we’re to do. This is the marching orders from God. And I beg you today, to ask for the courage to do this. Because I believe this, these words are like good trigger words, and will help us stay focused on the mission at hand, what we’re called to do, this is an example of being the hands and feet of Jesus.

This is it.

Sharing your food with the hungry, inviting the homeless, poor into your homes, putting clothes on the shivering, Ill cloud being available to your own families, this is what He wants us to do. That’s it. Show be the hands and feet of Jesus show love. Be there for your family, take care of your family, keep your family loved up, fill up the love bank, the love tank, fill them up your wife, your kids, your spouse, whatever could be a dude, I mean, I’m talking about my wife, and your case, it could be your man, whatever.

Take care of this first serve.

Use your gifts to be a blessing other people volunteer, go to a homeless shelter, feed whatever it may be, but take care of the meek. Because regardless of what your situation is, there’s a situation that’s worse. Regardless of what injustice is happening to you, as much as this may hurt, to hear, or maybe even make you angry, someone’s got it worse than you. The woman I saw at the police station. I know for a fact people have it worse than she does. And what she’s gone through sucks. It’s awful. And if you get to hear the story, you’re gonna realize how bad it is. But you know what? I bet she wouldn’t trade places with Rachel, in a million years, Rachael being the one that had CPS take her kids, that should be their button court

we get to take care of the very things that God’s called us to and guess what, when we do that, he’s going to keep the lights on for us. He’s going to keep the lights on for us. The light could be physical light, could be your light. Because I promise you when you’re in gratitude, and you’re serving and you’re, you’re doing things for your neighbor, or people that you know that are poor and downtrodden when you’re doing that you don’t have time to think about yourself. You don’t have time to think about how much your life sucks when you’re serving. You don’t my god it was I was gonna the day I was gonna kill myself are trying to kill myself and go out like a rock star with drugs and all that stuff I met had the whole plan

was miserable.

Someone gave me an opportunity to volunteer. Go into volunteer there open for my whole life to open up. I always forgot which award show it was it was the ESPYs volunteering there getting that opportunity is the very thing that like it shifted things for me. It changed everything and because I went and served and served with a good attitude opened up more doors for me

pack the point. I was in a

bad mood today at the gym because of what’s happened at the gym. Not a really like upset and a dude came up to me that was struggling


started asking me questions and I wasn’t in the mood to talk or be nice or any of that stuff. But I was reminded that it’s not about me. As bad as I felt like I was being attacked and all this stuff and, and being slandered and having lies made up, and blue boo, boo hoo,

all that stuff.

I was reminded it wasn’t about me when I heard, I’m going to talk. And it changed, really probably changed my whole day. And even though I’m not like, super happy one, you know, go do pom pom practice or anything. I just, it did change my day

I’ve done enough. I’m I don’t have all the answers. But I will tell you that

God Sure does.

And I hope that the verses that were read today, were not only reminders that God knew that injustices would happen. But also God will have a response, but God also has instructions for how he wants us to be. So we get to be that because ultimately if the only person that we bring joy to is the Lord, or winning.

But the truth is that

you’re going to bring more joy, your like your joy, your love, you know, and may not always be welcomed in some places. It may not even be your loving response to someone may turn them into Freddy Krueger for a moment. But you planted the loveseat they’re going to remember how you responded. And I want to use this as an example. And I’m not perfect, because I probably will get mocked for saying this. But you can go see it. When I had flat Earth Dave on my other show, man, that flat earth gets people fired up. Um, but you know, like, I remember first starting to watch videos of it before I had him on just to kind of understand it. Because I never understood Flat Earth I’m more excited about Hollow Earth. And

he I

really was convinced by just watching a couple of videos, the earth is flat, but I couldn’t explain it to you. And you can mock me for this all you want. I don’t really care. But something in my spirit because I was being and you can read the comments on YouTube on the live mana worldwide foundation YouTube page. See the comments like similar mean and and you’re an idiot and blah, blah, and just lashing out lashing out at Dave. And I just started inviting people like hey, like, you’re welcome to come on my show and, and share your side of it. Because I want to know, I want His truth. I mean, that’s all I really want. So I’m going to talk to anybody and everybody to get it. My faith is challenged. So what. But so far, nothing has rattled my faith, wallet, learning that there’s a lot of truths that have been hidden from us. But I tried to exercise this with social media people that attack just to be nice. See what happens. And to try not to attack back even though it was accused of attacking back and I really was just being cute, not really attacking because my version of attacking is going after all the things that are very, very sensitive. And when I do attack people in my past I’m trying to give you PTSD doesn’t sound very Christian mirror loving or Jesus loving a man. It’s not. It’s not. But I used to fight very, very dirty.

I was good at it. not proud of it.

But I tried something I’ve been trying something and exercising it because I realized that as if I’m going to keep getting all of these hateful emails, and I’m going to keep getting all of these nasty comments, people questioning my faith and all that stuff. I better get used to You either ignoring it or responding with love.

What’s going to happen?

So instead of attacking back, I mean mind you, some people still decided to mock me. But I decided to try to have conversations and give other people have the opportunity to speak and plead their case. And somehow, some way it diffused most of the anger and hostility actually had some civilized conversations. So I know that responding with love works, it’s not always easy, but it works. And mind you, internet trolls and haters is a lot different than experiencing racism, bigotry, homophobia, or an injustice where you’re wrongly accused or whatever, it’s a completely different, it’s a complete I know it’s different.

But it’s also the same. Because

countering hate with more hate is going to fuel more hate.

And while a loving response may anger, the angry they’re gonna run out of steam pretty quickly. And for those of you that are dealing with injustices on a criminal side of things, or you know that the law has screwed you over, please cling to God’s promises. Your day to get justice will come. And I hope by this broadcast, it’s obvious that Jesus that God knew you were going to go through all of this. And he has the answer for you. Heavenly Father, thank You for this broadcast. Thank you for the people watching and listening.

I don’t, I don’t have all the answers for them. But it’s clear that you do. So everyone watching Lord, I pray that you this message gave them courage to cling to you, and your promises and your truth, not my words, your truth. And I just pray as I always seem to pray on these broadcasts, Lord, that anybody that is just hanging on to anger, and resentment and rage and confusion and judgment and injustice and everything else, Lord, then they’re hanging on to and it’s just like, oh, I can’t let it go. It’s like they’re just addicted. It’s almost like it’s the blinky but bad, they just can’t let it go. Rem remind them that everything that they surrender to You, Lord, you will use

for the good

of those have surrendered. And you will put something better in its place. To father give people the courage to surrender it or themselves to you. There is no life worth living.

When you’re not involved, but obey life.

Life is so worth living with you because you give meaning to everything

you make the weak, strong, the helpless. Become hope to hopeless full of hope.

And you give the helpless all the help they need. Thank you, Lord. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hi guys, thank you for watching, and I hope this made sense

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