What does it mean to live by Faith?

What is Faith?

Why is it easier to put faith in man than it is in our Creator?

Is Faith something that can grow?

What does having Faith mean to you?

What does the Bible say about Faith?

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Joshua T Berglan, aka The World’s Mayor, is a voice for the voiceless and is driven to elevate the passion, purpose, and mission of those he serves. Joshua is the Chairman of the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation & Live Mana Network, Shock-Jock Evangelist, International #1 Best Selling Author for the Book “The Devil Inside Me” a Producer, and Filmmaker. Joshua is an expert in the future of media and loves supporting others in helping make their dreams come true.


Joshua T Berglan
What’s up everybody? My name is Joshua and welcome to spoken word. Thank you for being there. Today’s spoken word is, I was a little shocked this morning when I woke up and I could hear the words of the song in my head. But just the hook. I’m not going to want to run you off already. There’s gonna be plenty of things. I’m sure that would scare you off. My Singing is not what I want to be the thing that makes you run away. I’m going to share your truth. Anyway, thank you for being here. But as I heard the words going on and repeat, repeat, repeat is sort of my quiet time is sort of seeing the word pop up. Okay, God is the word. Today this word was spoken word is Every word I’ve gotten so far. It’s been separated by a week or so. And they were very close.

When all of a sudden when I asked for confirmation, I started to see the journey.

Hmm, anyone on a faith journey knows how much faith it takes. I almost get offended when I think of faith of a mustard seed. Because God seems so much bigger than that. Like it’s like, I know that the seed grows. But it almost seems like it minimizes the amount of faith that it takes to pursue the very things that God has set out before you have the things the desires of your heart once your heart changes, and your heart goes from broken, angry and sad. And by the way, these tears are not sadness. It’s just it’s it’s not easy. It’s not easy to live by faith. But yet, by doing it, you get to see miracles from God every single day. And while I’m not perfect, and I never will be I don’t think unless if you know, I mean, I guess after I die and maybe perfect. I don’t know, I don’t really know how that works, even though I strive for perfection, and I strive to do things in excellence. Oh, the one thing that I do know is living by faith. And and so I want to talk to you about that. I want to talk to you about what the Bible says about it. I want to share my own personal experiences of what it’s like. To live by faith and to truly live by faith only. Because I do feel that my wife and I actually almost wish she was here for this. I’m have to interview her. I want her to talk about the Sabbath, the faith of what you know, just because it does take faith and want to practice Sabbath or two is a practice Sabbath. Just to to honor the Sabbath, it takes it takes faith. But that seems so minor now because it’s such a gift and such a blessing. But so is living by faith. I hear all the time people talk about those moments where they can’t find God can’t hear God can’t feel God. And while I understand what that’s like to I do believe that because we’ve made the choice to just live off of faith and to serve full time. And it’s such a weird thing to think about, like we serve full time, but we get to do it in a way that it well we get to work in our gifting. And we get to use you know our intellectual property and the things that we know and we get to use that to help other people while we serve and we get to do it in a way that’s pleasing to God I believe and but we also get to do it in a way that makes our dreams come true. And it’s one thing I think to pursue. Yeah, it takes faith to start a business takes faith to go to college and get a degree it takes I mean, art, no, it takes discipline and a lot of other things, too, that I wouldn’t understand for the record because I partied in college. Um, but it takes faith. You know, when you do anything bold like that you It takes faith when you decide that you’re going to go against everything the world says to do, and pursue what’s in your heart. I shared during the broadcast yesterday. Oh, my gosh, I just forgot the name of it. Not purpose. Oh, my gosh, it does doesn’t matter. Oh, judgment.

I shared yesterday. And boy, I had a couple of brain fart yesterday, it made me appreciate the fact that it really does have this amazing thing of humbling me when I Brainfart in the middle of speaking from the heart, because it reminds me of just how imperfect that I am. And how I don’t have all the pieces that are normally required to do the very thing that it’s in my heart to do. But as I shared yesterday, I prayed, I think it was probably, you know, later, maybe 2324, maybe a little bit earlier. But I remember like starting to really pray about this even before I had a relationship with the Lord that I wanted to make enough money. So that all I had to do was serve. Because I didn’t every business class I took every business course I took and the best one I’ve ever been a part of for the record is Anton jay, master your G Spot course. And it’s not what you think it is. It’s business G spot. And it’s the most powerful course I’ve ever taken. But the truth is that I had zero interest in any of it. And yeah, we run a media organization. And we run a broadcasting network, which you can find right there on that barcode. You can find information on nonprofit, all that stuff. But you got to understand that we don’t really care about business. I mean, there’s all of these brilliant salespeople, these masters of sales and, and nukes, great business minds and all and I have so much respect for all of them. But none of it has ever interested me my dad was a businessman and entrepreneur. And thank God he was because I got my start in getting to learn what it was like to serve there working with complex disabilities. But anytime anyone ever asked me what I wanted to do with my life, I would tell them, I mean, this is from an early age on because it started my dream started as a child, that I wanted to be a talk show host. i The people that I love watching as a youth and even into my adult ages, dawn I miss Oprah, Larry King got to me when I got to meet Larry King, it was just the most mind blowing experience of my life. And you know, I just I that’s what I wanted to do. I was loved infomercials, I was a fan of Forbes Riley before I knew who Forbes was. And, you know, like I was drawn to that. That’s what I wanted to do. You could ask me I mean, I remember being on the golf course, talking to sales reps, and they’d be like, What do you want to do? Like, what would you really want to do? And I loved what I did. Anyone asked whenever talk show, wanted to travel the world and serve and have a talk show. But then I would follow it up with a but I’m not going to broadcasting school, I’ve no desire to do that. There’s not enough money in it. I said all those things. But yet my heart’s desire was to do this. When I chose to serve the Lord full time, or when I chose to surrender my life to the Lord, after giving my heart to Jesus, my sixth time in jail, I didn’t know I got arrested right after getting a job. After losing my business, making some bad business decisions, where I end up losing everything, I got this job and then of course, it didn’t pay enough to help me not get homeless, but nonetheless, even after going to jail, they decided to keep me employed. And I’m so grateful for that because I got to, you know, after coming out of jail, and we got to navigate homelessness a little bit easier than most people especially because I you know, after being in a very sleeping in a very nice car. I also had, you know, hotel points. I was able to stay in a hotel for a few days. So it wasn’t your typical homeless experience. It just I didn’t have a home and didn’t know where I was going. And it was a little freaky, but I had this job But I knew in doing this job that it was not going to pay the bills it wasn’t going to provide, it wasn’t going to lead me anywhere that I wanted to go. And my heart was screaming for me to do something else. But I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know how to do it. My heart was screaming that when now you’re going to start a talk show. But I don’t know how I don’t have an agent. I don’t have a manager. I don’t have any money. How in the world? Am I going to start a talk show? How am I going to ever pursue these things? I can feel you pulling me Lord, I feel you Lord pulling me. Have you ever had that experience? Where you’re feeling your heart being pulled in one direction?

But you keep saying yeah, but I got to pay the bills. Yeah, but I want to keep my spouse happy. Yeah, but the kids. Yeah. But the church. Yeah. But my parents live next door. Yeah. But well, my parents always told me that. What about school? What about college, what, and you just start arguing with what your heart is telling you to do. I mean, it’s bad enough, I think when we argue with that, that feeling in our stomach that feels like, don’t do that. Walk away, don’t engage. Don’t snort that don’t drink that. Don’t smoke that don’t shoot that that feeling. And you ignore that. Man, every time I’ve ignored that, that’s led to some very awful consequences. Of course, now I know that that’s the Holy Spirit. So I pay more attention than I used to, not to say that I don’t try to ignore it sometimes. But the same way with, with with, you know, our heart and our hearts leading us to take the step of faith. To do something that makes no sense to do something, you know, that is going to set you up for failure, ridicule, and mocking. When all the experts are saying, This is how you do things, but yet you go, I’m gonna go that way.

It takes faith,

to listen, and to go against everything that the world is telling you you should do. It takes faith to talk about Jesus, and all that you do. Even when you’re being told that, well, if you quit talking about Jesus so much, if you quit talking about your sex addiction, your Chem sex addiction, your drug addiction, and all the times you’re in jail, if you stop talking about it, you’ll be more popular. You’ll have more success, if you just stop talking about Jesus.

But that’s what I’m called to do. That’s what my heart has said to do. That’s what feels right. To do. Not feels right. And you know, that warmth, that feeling you get when you bite into a donut after craving on for a long time, not the feeling after when you want to throw up. But of course, that’s after eating 12 of them. That’s a whole other thing. I should have failed to put the donut down and just have one or not eat one at all anyway. But do you know what I’m talking about that feeling of? Yeah, I know, everyone’s doing this. But I feel like I’m supposed to do that. When I first learned it, because I didn’t know how to broadcast. And thank God for Facebook Live. It’s so ironic that I, you know, started to generate this, this following and getting all these views on Facebook and, and like it was all great. And then I started getting censored and kicked off. And now it’s like the loneliest place on earth for me. And then of course Twitter, which I had no traction on now all of a sudden people watch on Twitter. So thank you, Twitter audience appreciate you appreciate your support to do the same with Facebook for the people that are still here. I’m also grateful for all the people that come to our network because ultimately, that’s what we own. And that’s what we are using for other people for ourselves. But it’s meant for other people, other truth speakers, other people that want to share their heart for God. For people that we serve in our foundation, that’s what it’s there for nothing else. We’re not selling slots. We’re not doing any of that. That takes faith by the way. Because running a network is not cheap. It’s not cheap. It’s so and when you don’t have a job because God wants me to serve full time, or wants you to serve full time, it gets a little crazy sometimes, especially when you’re doing things and going, Okay, I’m baying for this, but I’m gonna give it away. That takes faith. But you see, I wouldn’t be able to do that. We wouldn’t my wife and I would not be able to do that. If we hadn’t exercised our faith muscle, and started very simply taking the first step. First step is the hardest one I heard Pastor Craig Groeschel. From Life Church out of Oklahoma City, of course, they have campuses, all over the country. I really believe with all my heart, he is a true amazing man of God, one of the best teachers I’ve ever heard. Different. I mean, he’s for the masses, really, if you ask me, but at the same time, I do believe what he’s teaching is true. But you guys can fight about that. That’s not I don’t care. But he said, something I remember sitting in service when I was I think it was just visiting Oklahoma with my parents. And he said, do something every day, to stretch your faith. Take one step at a time. Even if you can go like this much more. And he didn’t say this part, I don’t believe. But like, you know how you people talk about taking two steps forward, and then one step back, or three steps back. If you can make sure that you’re on the positive side of your steps forward and faith each day, you will see God work miracles on your life. Obviously, I took some I didn’t, that wasn’t the exact quote. But that’s what I took out of it. And that’s what has stuck in my brain to make it a point each day to do something that stepping into faith, but also stretching my faith. And something that aligns with what God created me to do take one of those steps, not just any old step and stepping into faith of like, how would you go step in a snake pit today. The only way stepping in a snake pit would serve my purpose is if I had I worked with snakes. Think of any other reason why I would want to step on a snake bit. So the steps need to be intentional. Anyway, but Facebook live because of Facebook Live. I learned how to broadcast. Because I treated I started my original show morning gratitude on my phone, but I treated it like it was a TV show. And I did it. And then I learned about distribution because I didn’t want to be stuck inside Facebook. So I learned about all the different possibilities of distribution. Obviously they’re streaming TV, podcast, online, radio, radio, regular TV, news sites.

You know, Google News, medium, LinkedIn has an area that you can publish, dig Digg, I mean, there’s so many different sites out there. So I learned distribution. I learned putting pieces of content, I taught myself how to code. I taught myself literally everything that I needed to learn for free to start my own media organization. And to broadcast it now three, four years. Third was four years. No, two years, two years. Now we’ve two years at the foundation at three years. Three years from starting during Facebook Live today having our own network. But we didn’t get our own network overnight. In fact, even getting on a network to broadcast took some steps and faith and took some failure and stuff like that. And the reason why faith is such a muscle you have to exercise is that if it’s not exercised when you fail on that first step or your first try at something you fail, if your faith in what if the faith you have in what you’re doing is not strong enough to quit. And I believe now and I don’t know if I knew this at the time. But the reason why our faith gets to be challenged and should be challenged and you should be willing to let your faith be challenged is simply because it shows God that you are serious and you are committed to see your the faith that you have to pursue your purpose. is one thing, because in some way you get to see the, the fruit of your boldness of your steps and faith, you can see it when you’re pursuing a career you’re pursuing, you know running a business or going after your dreams. But what about faith in something you can’t see? Because you see, I can’t even recognize any of that other stuff being possible. Without my blind faith initially was blind faith in the Lord. faith in the Lord and His promises faith in the Lord. And His purpose for why He created me faith to know that those dreams and visions I were getting were God showing me what is possible, not to mock me not to tease me, but to show me this is the life I have for you, Joshua, has done the same for you. Have you ever had those downloads, dreams and your sleep daydreams or visions come to you and showing you a life that makes you all excited inside, excited inside? Have you experienced that? To me, that is the Lord going, this is what I have for you. This is yours. This is the life that I created you for, you get to do all the things that you’ve dreamed of. And I’m gonna use you in a big powerful way. Just trust me, just have faith. And that’s not easy to do. Something sometimes I wonder if the church makes it more difficult for us to have faith, because what’s around it is a lot of judgment, a lot of rules, a lot of hypocrisy, and this is the world to. But I think the church has gone to the ways of this world a little bit. not knocking it at all. But I think with all my heart, I believe this and I believe that church churches like to me church is like getting to go to the football game. To where you get to rally around with people that are fans of your team, which would be team Jesus in this case. And you go and you have a celebration, you learn more from the message

that ultimately, it’s like going to a sporting event, but the real work. The real faith building exercises happen when you’re alone with God. Some people go to a closet, some people go sit under a tree, some people sweat, do it in a sweat box, or a sweat lodge. Some people do in their chair and their bed, anywhere but the faith building, I believe happens when you’re alone with God. So we’re gonna get into what the Bible says about faith. And boy, I wish I had George Michaels faith going on except the lyrics are not exactly cohesive with this may be a different kind of ministry. I’m stretching it with the Naas intro video, one, Mike. But I like what it says with faith I like I don’t know if I can even justify this one. But we’re gonna get into what the Bible says about it. And, and I can tell you that, like I said, on all the other episodes, I’m not a biblical scholar, I literally pull the word, what does the Bible say about that word? And then I talk about the context of the whole verse is not going to be included in this. Maybe it should be. But this is how I’m led to do this. And it may not align with everybody. That’s okay. There’s a million other things that you could watch. But the people I’m talking to, I mean, I know some biblical scholars watching, thank you. I love it when I am corrected, lovingly, corrected lovingly. But this really is for people that don’t believe or are new to the faith, or on a faith journey themselves. And they’re just trying to figure it all out. They’re like, they’re like me, and they have more questions than answers. And I think if anyone’s being honest and integrity, no matter how long you’ve walked with the Lord, I think it’s safe to say that we should all have more questions and answers. Because after all, if we had all the answers, how much faith would we need? But the bigger our faith coincides with, well, how big is your God. And I can tell you from my own personal experience, that my god has some big freakin muscles. And, and he’s a he’s a big God. Because if you can take my life, a life of the life I lived of evil, of destruction of anger, of rage of addiction, of brokenness, and give me a family and give me the opportunity to pursue my dreams, I promise you, he will do the same for you if you let him. But you got to get out of the way, and let God be God for you. And then you just get to actually walk it out. You get to walk out your faith. And I’m not I’m listening, you’re not climbing Mount Everest day one. Doesn’t work that way. You don’t want it to work that way. What happens to every single lotto winner, I promise I don’t play the lottery. But if I ever someone goes, here’s a lottery ticket and it won. I would give away 95% of it. Because I know what coming into money like that, that I didn’t earn, as like in mind you I’d be a better steward of it now. Then I then then when I did with him when I was younger, but even so I would give it away. All right, let’s get into this heavenly Father. Thank you so much for the word faith today. I love this message I love I love it. Because I know that in faith and walking in faith is where I get to feel your most. And it’s never lonely, when you’re around. It’s never lonely when you’re present. When I can feel you, and when you’re nudging me one way or the other, even when you’re correcting me in my wrong. I know it’s from love. And I know it’s for my Betterment to make me better. So, Lord, I pray that you use me today, to inspire others to have a bold faith in you, and the purpose that you created them for. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. And Jesus name. All right.

Matthew 2122. And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

You know, this is a verse I think that gets misused a lot. But yet at the same time, it’s also so simple. It gets complex. Yet and still pretty simple. The way I understand this don’t even want to get into manifesting. You know, when I, the thing is, is that when I went out, back before Jesus, and I had faith that I was going to score drugs, I had faith that I was going to, you know, stir up some kind of crazy sexual debauchery. I was able to create it because that was my heart’s desire. Of course, all of it lead to pain and suffering. And it makes me think of the faith that we put in I mean, I’m putting my faith in people I don’t know to score drugs, or even if I knew the drug dealer, I’m putting my faith in this drug dealer to make sure that I’m not getting something that’s going to kill me but it’s going to let me be euphoric and high and act like a maniac and and then I’m putting my faith in all the people that I’m having sex with that they’re not going to give me even more disease and, or even before I knew that I had HIV that you know, I’m putting my faith in man. Where does that lead? That is an extreme example. But all the time we put our faith in man’s creation. put our faith in technology and technology is awesome. You know what? It’s dangerous to wait dangerous. We put our faith in the flag, whatever flag, we have an audience from all over the world, but we’ve all been indoctrinated. We’ve all been in doctrine, to propaganda. From school on, grade school on, we salute flags, as if it’s the model of perfection. And our loyalty is to the flag. We put our faith in our healthcare workers, our doctors and our medicine and our Big Pharma. We put our faith in them, while also simultaneously ignoring all the reasons why we shouldn’t. Man is corruptible. This is not new. Man has a price for the most part. But what about the person? The pay the ultimate price for all of us? The perfect one. Why is it so hard? To put our our faith in someone perfect. But it’s easy to put our faith in man, is it because we can see. But if we can see them, we should be able to see the rest of the reasons why we shouldn’t trust them. So are we really seen?

And I know that there’s a lot of people that don’t believe that Jesus ever existed. Well, it’s factual that he did. It’s factual that this man Jesus performed miracles. It’s factual that this man claimed to be savior, no one else did that. Well, David Koresh, probably no other god or deity ever claim that to my knowledge. Again, you know, knowledge is what is knowledge now, I’d rather have wisdom. Because my God, or knowledge comes from man and well, man can have an agenda. Rockefeller Foundation, prime example. Have fun reading that. But it’s documented that Jesus walked the earth performed miracles, died on a cross. And there’s witness accounts to His resurrection. But let’s just say that the resurrection part wasn’t real. Because no one else really on earth has ever claimed to be perfect to my knowledge, and that actually mean it. I would rather put my faith and follow even if it was fictional. I would rather put my faith in a fictional character that was perfect that his teachings brought life and love and His teachings brought deliverance and his teachings. I’ve already said freedom, but I want to emphasize freedom, not rules. But freedom. I would really put my faith in that. Even if it’s a fictional character, we pretend to be superheroes as kids. Some adults still do. Also. We pretend to be like them. But isn’t the ultimate superhero. A man that taught us to love to taught us to perform miracles that taught us to do works even greater than he. I really put my faith in that. Hebrews 1116 And without faith, it is impossible to please Him. For whoever would draw near to God. And start over and without faith it is impossible to please Him. For whoever would draw near to God must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him. I dare you to try it. I dare I triple dog dare. I double dog Triple Dog quadruple dog dare you to try putting your faith and go pick a weekend I choose this weekend. It’s like, you know what? I’ve not really put my faith in anything but man, Dr. Fauci, the CDC, the who the government, the military, Q anon. General Flynn, Donald Trump. I put my faith in them. But so far, I’m still waiting. I’ve gotten a plethora of popcorn that hasn’t been eaten, because there’s no reason to eat it yet. There’s no reason eat the popcorn. Hold the line. So how about this? While you’re waiting to eat your popcorn, why don’t you try for one day to say, Okay, God, I surrender this day to you. You leave me you guide me, I will do what you show me to do. And by the way, if God shows you or tells you or prompts you, and you don’t really know it’s God, ask, God will always confirm it’ll happen through someone else. It could happen through a song, you’ll feel it in your spirit, you’ll know you’ll hear it, you will know God will confirm he will not leave you hanging. And if he’s got something for you to do, he’s going to tell you, and He will confirm. And if he didn’t confirm right away, well, guess what, they don’t do that yet until it confirms. Because sometimes you get a word, and you’re meant to wait. Sometimes you get a vision doesn’t mean you do it right, then I married somebody I didn’t know doing that. That’s a crazy story. Online. Um,

you mean, you got to wait for confirmation, and I’ve learned the hard way on that. But he won’t confirm it. But just one day, try it. Let God show you who God is. A double dog dare. I love this one. Romans 1017. So faith comes from hearing and hearing through the word of Christ. Lots of different versions of this verse. But I love this one. Hearing you can hear in your spirit, you can hear through someone else you can hear through his word. I love to listen to the Word of God before I actually read it because it wakes up my brain.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for the convictions of things not seen Hebrews 11 One of faith is the assurance of things hoped for. The convictions of things not seen. Do you know? My very first vision. But there’s two really close together because I saw the Terminator. And I got a vision that and then I got a vision also, of me serving like in this village setting. I mean serving. And then could see the flashes of speaking on a stage and I can picture to the stage like in detail of what it looks like. It’s one of those old theaters that has the side, the side panels that people watch. It’s like the viewing box, I think for the rich people. And then you have the multiple floors. And you’re that audience. It’s like one of those old school theater is like where you perform ballet or I guess a recital of some sort. But I’m speaking from that the government has old timey microphones I could see it clear as day suit, I’m wearing the audience. So I’ve seen that since I was seven. Traveling the world serving, serving and villages, teaching I remember teaching. As I got older, the visions became more detailed, more specific, but it didn’t make sense. Like I’m not doing anything that deserves to talk about. But I wanted it. Then started envisioning talk shows and media and all that other stuff. I’d like it but I don’t know how to do any of this. How am I going to do? How am I going to learn? I’m not going to broadcasting school. So how in the world is it going to happen? I don’t know anything about lighting. I don’t know anything about production. I don’t know anything about anything. I’m self taught. But along with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and just trusting him to lead me there. My Way, and let me tell you something. When you do take this act the step of faith and you trust the Holy Spirit to lead you. You’re gonna do some crazy, crazy things crazy. Like, it won’t even make sense. You’re gonna go Yeah, but I’m unqualified, I don’t have the knowledge for this. I don’t know how, again to set up lighting. I mean, why do you think I’ve had so many problems with my green screens. And if you’ve watched if you go watch the original gratitude, unfiltered, so the morning gratitudes and all that stuff. It’s very just like, I’m doing my best. Doing best with what I had. I didn’t have the money to buy fancy cameras still don’t. I don’t have the money for fancy microphones. Still don’t. But it did it anyway. I remember just to be able to get my laptop like with get the camera because originally, you know, most of the I think you guys will remember this. Most of the Facebook lives were like people looking down at you. Or people looking up. Like everything was way off. And I I mean, I had to have my laptop. But I didn’t have a stand. I didn’t have anything. And I was taking milk crates. And ever, like, actually, it’s kind of funny. So Oh, my camera’s not following me anymore. Okay. So right now my microphone is standing on top of this. And to sit here, it stated that, but I mean, like I’ve used everything possible, we built the studio. Because obviously we want to make it look different. We want it to be visually appealing. But like we didn’t have the money for giant screens. So we went or even going to buy green screen fabric fabric at Walmart could be expensive. So we’re hitting up thrift stores, and everything else under the sun just to piece things together to try to create the best production possible. If you know how many times I’ve just I remember my very first episodes like I can’t wait to have a studio. I can’t wait we’re going to have it’s going to have all the things going to do it. It’s going to be TV quality, it’s going to be professional, it’s going to be all the things. And you know what, I’m still not where I want to be. But dad gummit when I think back at what God has done over the last few years

he has reminded me and it’s time and you know this if you are on the path to your purpose, you know how and you’re doing the faith walk and you’re taking bold leaps of faith and you’re like, Okay, God, it’s just me and you, because everyone else thinks I’m nuts. So I’m just gonna do what you told me to do. And it’s hard not to say screw everybody else. It’s hard. Can you relate? Can you relate? To know what to do? Go into doing your thing and doing what God’s telling you to do? And then all around you, you feel it? You see it? People think you’re crazy. People think you’re nuts. What are you doing? This is how you’re supposed to do it. But you feel that you’re supposed to do it a different way, even though it makes zero sense. Yeah, I’ve walked at the been doing it for the last few years. And let me tell you, it’s scary. It’s crazy. But you know what, God always remind you that you’re on the right path. Because one, you see it with your fruit. You see it with the people that come into your life. You see it in your own confidence, your own identity and knowing who you are. Because I’ll tell you one thing. Without this faith journey, I would never know my identity ever. I don’t think it’s possible that I would ever have healed as much as I have from disassociative Identity Disorder, di D multiple personality. I’m not saying the other word. I already said disorders. I guess I can say it. I’ve healed so much from it. I’ve healed so much from it. That when I have switched I’ve done broadcast. Most people didn’t notice people used to notice all the time when I switch because it was obvious that it wasn’t me talking. But God always reminded me I would not have healed this much without faith. The faith to say, You know what, okay, I’m addicted to relationships and sex and drugs. So relationships are triggering my desire for well that sex is not fun enough. So now I’m gonna go cheat on you with and do drugs and have sex with all these other people to try to make up for the fact that I don’t want to be in this relationship. But the only reason I chose to be in this relationship is because I was lonely. And I was insecure. And I felt that I needed somebody else. Can you relate? Have you ever just chosen a relationship? Just because you were lonely? But they’ll do? She’ll do. She’s only checked off three of my 10 boxes. But you know what the sex is great. Crazy people sex is like a drug in itself. Because you know, crazy people get crazy. And when you’re looking for crazy. But I’ll tell you one thing. Knowing what I know now, I think God, every day that I decided to take a year off of dating of everything, basically stay in isolation for a year. So I can learn to be alone and learn to trust myself. Did I slip? Yeah, I slipped once. Absolutely. And that year, I did. But because of God’s grace, God’s forgiveness was able to work on that. And because I took that year off that act of faith that I want to trust God, and not my own desires and urges. Now I have the woman of my dreams at the family of my dreams. Because the thing is, is even when I was a junkie, even though I when I was just trying to have sex with everybody else, even though when I was cheating on wives and girlfriends and all that other stuff. I really wanted to family none of my exes would ever believe that. Even when I told them I don’t think they believed it because my action said otherwise. But in my heart that was covered up with a lot of black crap. I wanted to family and God because of my step and faith rewarded me with that. Hebrews what’s enough? Well, I’m gonna Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for the conviction of things not saying

can’t see it here. But I think your dreams and visions I don’t think it’s talking about in your dreams and visions. But I could sure as heck see my dreams and visions, can see all the things that I wanted. But I had to become who God created me to be. Forget it. And how I became the man that God created me to be I mean, almost, I’m not all the way there. But how I got there was obedience, part of obedience, taking steps in faith and trusting God, and stepping into the blind, stepping into the void. Being willing to be isolated, being willing to be alone, being willing to go against the grain. I’m gonna be honest with you. So before I give my life to the Lord, I wanted to join the Illuminati. I wanted to be a Mason, I wanted to do all the things why because I was lonely, and I needed to be around other people. And also, I had no problem doing evil. I had no problem doing any of that stuff. But I wanted a Brotherhood to do it with. Even when I was a junkie, I want people to be a junkie with

absolutely don’t want to be alone. But because of Jesus, because of my relationship with God, being alone is much, much easier. And, frankly, I get to choose who’s in my life now. And that’s a lot better, because I can choose quality people. And I can create boundaries to keep other people out. It’s all faith. Mark 1122 to 24. And Jesus answered them, Have faith in God. Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, be taken up and thrown into the sea. It does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass it will be done for them. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours. So there is a sentence or two taken out of this verse. Or the verses to continue in. It’s supposed to say you got like your heart, your heart, your heart, your mind. Your energy, like it’s all got to be in sequence of you believe it, you’re passionate about it. It’s a strong desire of your heart. It moves you emotionally but you believe it without fail

and to act as If you’ve already received it, to walk it out, like you’ve already seen it, I wear a suit with my other broadcast. Because my dream is to host the Oscars. I don’t even really watch movies. But I want to host the Oscars really bad. Because it’s the toughest room in all rooms. And as an emcee, that’s the room. You win that crowd over, you’ve done something. And that’s a personal goal. I’ll still talk about Jesus. Don’t worry, I promise you that. But the other thing I want to do, it’s been a dream of mine print since I first started was to have a traveling Tonight Show, have my own version of The Tonight Show, and travel the world doing it. That is a lifelong passion of mine, lifelong dream. The conversation with Joshua Tree Bergland. You know, I mean, we changed the name, I don’t even care. None of that the name doesn’t even matter. I’ve changed names of shows so much, and started new things. Because what the heck I get to, why not? I’m a creator, get to do whatever I want to do. And we have the outlet to do it on. Praise God for that. Pray, thank God for you. Because your support allows us to do that allows us to give our network to other people. Thank you for that. But I can’t. I’m not famous, I’m not popular. In fact, if anything, I’m way less popular now than I was when I first started when I was the mumbling bumbling mess, and struggling and falling apart and relapsing and doing all crap, I was way more popular in my brokenness than I ended my confidence. I flex a little bit about what Jesus has done for me and why what and I didn’t do it. I’m flexing for Jesus. Why? Why would I not? I’m not boasting, he did it. He’s done it all for me.

And but because of that, and sensors and other things, you know, I’m less popular now. But you know what? The people that are here, the people that have hung on the new people that have come in and started supporting the show across all the platforms, I mean, out even outside of our network. Thank you. I’m not trying to be poor, I knew the message that I had wasn’t popular. I knew the devil inside me, the movie that Jessica and I made the book that we wrote, I didn’t expect it to be popular right away. But I do believe that God’s still going to use our book and God so we’re gonna, we’re gonna get to make our movie. Like a real movie. I believe that’s going to happen. It’s been over a year since we wrote the book. Yeah, hit bestseller in four countries. But I mean, you know, I don’t really mean much. That wasn’t my goal. My goal was to travel and give my testimony to people that would relate to it. I don’t expect people to the masses to relate to my story. Don’t. But you know what? I know a lot of people that are suffering in silence. And I know how miserable that is. And I don’t want that. But see, I wouldn’t even have that opportunity. If I wasn’t, if I didn’t trust God. When he came to me after my meth relapse and said, you don’t get the luxury of keeping secrets, you’re going to share everything. You’re going to quit doing morning gratitude, you’re going to do gratitude, unfiltered, and you’re going to put a spotlight on your shadow world, you’re going to tell all of your sin could never have written the devil inside me. The way it was written. If it wasn’t for God, keeping his word. I mean, he told me what to do. I didn’t want to do it. But I did it. And because I did it. He’s blessed us immensely. And I don’t fear consequences. I don’t fear backlash. I don’t fear people hating me. You can call me an abuser. Because I was You can call me a cheater because I was. You can call me aids dick. Pardon the term but I’ve been called that a few times. And guess what? That’s okay. Because I have HIV and whatever. You can call me a junkie. That’s okay because I will As you can’t call me anything that’s gonna hurt me.


Because most of it was true. It’s just not now. And all people do is remind me of my paths when they say those things, but you got to understand. I know what my fruit is. And just because I don’t have everything I’ve ever wanted, yet, doesn’t mean I’m not living my best life. And I’m not saying that to be cocky. I’m just saying it because it’s true. But that’s all God. That’s all walking in faith. And God has the same thing for you. I’m not saying this, because it’s about me. I’m saying this to encourage you to quit hanging on to the things of this world. And just trust God, I cancelled the I had to cancel a guest yesterday. I didn’t have to. I didn’t have to. But I had to you know why? Because I as much as I’m fascinated about skyscrapers and all that other stuff. Talking about a wealth formula and a success plan. Right now, to me seems disingenuous. When I know that the thing to do right now is to be all in on God and His plan for our lives. And it ain’t about skyscrapers, because we’re not supposed to be in cities right now. The cities are gonna get destroyed. And without going down a conspiracy wormhole. How do you think they’re going to bring in the fourth industrial revolution? What do you think the great reset is? To bring in to develop smart cities, they’ve got to do remove everything and everyone in downtown basically, they’ve got to destroy it to rebuild. Look up smart cities. This is not conspiracy. This is actually happening in real time. It all connects 5g Smart Cities agenda 22 the fourth industrial revolution, the great reset COVID All of it, all of it connects. Anyway, so now the point is, well, everyone is putting their faith in NF T’s. God in Bitcoin, and all that other stuff. Oh my gosh. You might as well give me all your money. It’s a better investment. Because I’m telling you, if you’re putting your savings in Bitcoin, you’re gonna regret it. And I know it rebounded a little bit but I’m telling you, it’s gonna crash all of it. There’s gonna be a one world currency and guess what, Bitcoin ain’t it? Anyway, it takes faith to defy what the world is doing. They’re putting their money in Ponzi schemes right now. It’s not real. The US economy is not real. The stock market is not real. None of it story up all the treasures you want on Earth. You’re not keeping it in, it’s not going with you. And by the way, the crash is coming sooner than you think. I’m not trying to scare you. I’m just telling you the dadgum truth. Don’t believe me? It’s in the Bible. But you don’t even let’s just say you don’t read the Bible. Guess what? The evidence is all around you. The evidence is everywhere. This is happening. So you’re gonna put your faith in what man created or do you want to put faith in the creator of everything, the one that created you for a purpose. The one that wants you to serve Him and His people, the one that wants you to use your gifts to bless others

for by grace, you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing. It is a gift from God a gift of God. Not a result of works, so that you may boast I didn’t even save me. A personal development book didn’t save me Let me tell you something, I’ve coded the extraordinary mind to me, other than the Bible is the greatest book ever written. Love code of the extraordinary mind, even though it mocks religion, of course, I mock religion to. I don’t think he’s visions of big Jesus guy. But nonetheless, to me, it’s the best book ever written besides the Bible. The full Bible, by the way, the one that includes one Enoch, and probably some of the other ones. But I didn’t save me. I didn’t save myself. And, but all I had to do, I mean, again, when I was in jail, I thought I was going to be there for five years. This is not why I gave my life to the Lord, by the way. But the chain of events that happened, I just so happened to be in jail. When I find that when I woke up, and I could, I knew there was no running this time. And the wait, because I knew every other time I was in jail, I was getting out. I knew that I could do what was necessary to write the course. Right? Of course, it never really lasted that long. But in my mind, that’s what I was telling myself. But when I did get my life to the Lord, it was simply I’m done running. Obviously, you’ve got me now where I’m not escaping this. You got me now where I’m not running away. I can’t go anywhere. So gosh, okay, God. Why won’t you fix me? Why would you change me like you change everybody else? So annoying. When you hear you sitting in church, you’re like, I was just radically delivered from my sin. I was radically changed overnight. Every time I tried to change and happen, why don’t you fix me? I opened the door for God to communicate in a way that not only was I not running, I had nothing to do but listen. And he wrecked me. The faith to surrender. Couldn’t see God. A boy. When I surrendered, take my life. My life was no longer my own. I felt them. I felt him so much. There was no there was no return for me. So even behind bars, Lord, I’ll serve you, I’ll serve you. I had no idea he was like me out five days later. Which by the way, that was a lot scarier than serving God behind bars. I had to go to LA there the real world. It was faith, faith to open the Bible and read it and go talk to the Holy Spirit. Talk to me, God show me. Show me what this means Apply. Apply this to me. Like how can I use this? How what can I learn from this? Either schizophrenic or I’m tripping acid or Well, the Holy Spirit is definitely real. And he’s definitely guiding me and definitely teaching me how to be who I was created to be. I know it’s the latter, because I haven’t done acid in a long time. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. And all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. You know, this is going to go against a lot of people’s beliefs, but God will use anybody who chooses including a drag queen. God will use believers no matter where they’re at. If they’re willing. God will use you in a bar and I’m not encouraging you to go out and get wasted. God will use you in the cannabis store the tobacco store, the grocery store, gymnastics the gym, God will use you.

God will use others to teach you to challenge you.

Our own understanding is basically the things that we’ve been taught and told that are to be true but the trust the spirit and inside you need to be obedient to that spirit and to be obedient to the call. And to be obedient to the Word of God that you read. It takes faith, especially in a world where having faith is not really the coolest, most chic thing to do. Just look at the world. Because you know what? Most of the world is living in fear. But I don’t believe that you can have faith and fear. They don’t exist in the same breath. They don’t exist in the same space. If you want to get on a vibrational level, fear is basically the butthole of all emotions. Faith is its glory. It’s righteous, it’s amazing. I just said the butthole of emotions

myself, okay, for nothing is impossible with God, Luke 137. Looking for a good one to end for by grace, you have been saved through faith and it is not by your own doing. It’s a gift from God, it really is a gift. And in the paradox of life, this is one of the most amazing things to me, life is such a paradox like to live you have to die, right? But aren’t the toughest gifts to receive. Like, it’s tough for some people to receive gifts. Like they have no problem giving, but to receive. It can be tough. Like how many of you struggle getting a compliment, compliments free. Or when someone gives you a gift or they just like they slip you some money because what if for whatever reason they felt led to and it makes you uncomfortable. someone buys you a gift. Oh, you don’t have to do that makes you uncomfortable. And as much as we are more blessed to give than receive. We have to learn how to receive too. And it’s really hard to wrap your head around the fact that salvation freedom life love, joy, purpose, Destiny, faith. It’s all free.

And here’s the other thing too, is when we are operating in that faith and that boldness and that obedience, and we’re walking that line. Yeah, sure, there’s gonna be moments where we feel like we lost is an ego death for me, every time I go look going from I used to have 100 300,000 views on some of my broadcast 1000s on my regular page. And now it’s like 50 like the buy in, I’ve gotta be honest with you, like I have to keep checking my ego about this. And it makes me questioning my faith. Sometimes it makes me doubt that I’m doing what I’m supposed to do sometimes. And then I want to quit sometimes. Because what am I doing this for? If I’m back if I’m going backwards? And I’m really not because the truth is our numbers are great on our network. But I mean, everywhere else because of censorship and everything else has been falling off. And I also know that other people have made very uncomfortable with what I’ve said about the jab. What I’ve said about boosters, and a lot of the comments I make make people uncomfortable. So I mean, I know that that’s part of it, too. But I have to talk to God all the time about this going. Am I doing what you’ve asked me to do? I mean, yeah, it’s like, yeah, I see the fruit. I see these blessings that are coming out of nowhere and wow. But I keep attaching my brain to what earthly success looks like. And I know some people have issue with TD Jakes. I don’t really know anything negative about him except that I have heard rumors but I will say this. God uses everybody because even if he is what people say he is the fact is this without TD Jakes I would not be doing what I’m doing right now. Because if I didn’t hear the words, the blessing is in the breaking I probably would have quit. If I didn’t hear. To focus on the things I do have not what I don’t I probably would have never done a talk show because I didn’t have all the things that I thought that I needed to do it. God uses the unqualified remember, I’m not qualified, I’m self taught, I’m piecing things together, I don’t have a team, my wife or my honey. You’re the best teammate ever. To do what we’re supposed to do, we need a much bigger team. But that hasn’t stopped God from working and doing it anyway. That doesn’t stop our fruit from getting bigger and more bountiful and be more beautiful and more fresh and more, right. So when I pay attention to that, I’m like, oh, okay, God, nyarko I am doing what I was created to do. But when I start to look over here, and I see what the world is doing. And I see these con artists being super successful, and getting, you know, having followers and teams and traveling the world and doing all the things that I want to do. And I know that my heart is in it more than nerves. And I’m not saying this about everybody for the record. But there’s some I do know, I know some people that are claiming Jesus, that are doing tours all over the country, making millions of dollars, and they are part of the deception. And I know for a fact, it makes me sick. It makes me angry sometimes. And then I want to go why? Why God, why then why not me? I’m ready for it all I’m ready to see everything I’ve dreamed of come. Right now. I’m ready now. geocacher this, God has brought me along slowly, to develop me to make me stronger to to to heal areas of my life that I didn’t even know needed to be healed because you know, something. I realized, after interviewing different people, and I’ve gotten a lot of hate for it, I have some thickening of my skin to do because I had a hard time receiving a lot of criticism at one time for my choices. I wasn’t ready for all that.

I wasn’t, I am now but I wasn’t. I think about the times when I was brokering oil deals and gas deals. And I was like had this deal that was going to pay so much money like millions a week. Right, their Finish Line fell apart, raising millions for a movie, not getting paid for it. And I keep thinking all the time. If I would have been given that money at that time in my life, I’d be dead because it wasn’t ready. So what I’ve learned is it also takes faith, to wait to be patient, to trust God. Our self

I can do all things. I could do all things through Him who strengthens me. That’s the truth. Philippians 413. Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for the convictions of things not seen for it. For by it the people of old received the condemnation. By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible. By faith. Abel offered God a more acceptable sacrifice than Cain, through which he was commended as righteous God commending him by accepting his gifts. And through his faith, though he died he still speaks By faith Enoch was taken up so that he should not see death. And he was not found because God had taken him. Now before he was taken, he was commended. Is having pleased God. I mean, I always think about that sacrifice. was a no I may be getting a remote. No Are Moses I forget now willing to sacrifice his son because God told him to such a scary extreme example.

But it’s also about right. Because sometimes the sacrifice that God wants you to make out of as an act of obedience feels like death. But really, it’s just bringing your life. Every sacrifice I’ve made, has done nothing but give me life. And there’s a million verses on this. And I could go on and on and on. And I and I don’t want to do that I want to, I want to be respectful of time, and I appreciate you being here and listening. I care about the subject. Because I know in every fiber of my being that without faith, in the willingness to exercise the faith, and to put my faith in Him each and every day, to handle every problem, every worry. And here’s the thing, it gets addicted to go. Okay, God, I’m not equipped for this, I surrendered to I don’t know how I how I’m supposed to handle this. I surrender this to you. When I fight with my wife. We don’t fight a lot. But when we fight, it feels like death to both of us. I think she would tell you that too. It takes faith to surrender that relationship every time. But it’s now become a habit. You will get to a place like I’m going to

Yeah, this is how I’m going to end. You’re going to get to a place where you start your journey. And it’s not always right away. As you’re walking down your path to do and you’re cruising along. And you know, it’s not right away that you go do to go giant crap. It’s usually right when you feel like you’re about to take off like Superman and take off that the big giant goes, oh, shoot, where’d you come from? Oh, man. And at first, when I pumped up against that giant just like hit it and I just kept hitting it. Crap. It took me a couple times to realize this is something in my life that I need to face. This is my Goliath when I finally got it through my thick head that I can go around. But when I get back around, I’m facing the giant again. I’m going to keep seeing this giant no matter if I run backwards. If I run sideways, even if I try to jump over it. It’s just gonna go back. It’s there. So I gotta face it. How do I face it? God I surrendered this giant to you. I am not equipped to take this on show me what to do teach me guide me show me what I’m supposed to learn from this. How am I to conquer this and this could be addiction. It could be lust, it could be anything. But through God and His power. Whatever it is, he then equips us in that moment to go see a giant that giant is dead. You are bigger than that giant Gillo further down the journey. New Giant my case was I mean, I had to go through the process Chem sex addiction, loss just sex in general line. But then, you know heal those areas of my life. New Giant, you know what that was relationships. Because it’s one thing to do the work on yourself where you can function and you can live in this little bubble. And you can protect yourself and like, well, I don’t want to deal with that person. So I’m not gonna go I’m gonna go over here now. But when you’re married, you’re in a relationship. there’s children involved. I mean, you can run but that’s not going to be real good for your relationship. Good relationship insecurities like I had because I never been a good boyfriend never been a good husband. Never have been good at anything when it came to other people. Selfish, narcissistic jerk or male, all the things cared more about my own desires. So I got the face to face a new giant, learning how to be a good boyfriend, learning how to be a good husband, learning how to be a good father. When there’s other giants, then there’s giants that come to challenge your relationship to join, but it’s always there, but here’s what I’m getting at. In Christ, you are victorious. It may not happen the first time, you may have to go do a train session, you know, you may have to add a left hook or something. Because my left hand okay, a left hook, left up, cut right off, cut whatever drop kick, DDT, you know, Sumo slash, whatever your move is, you may have to learn it, you may have to get some extra things in your tool bag. You know, the elbow drop off the top rope doesn’t work all the time people get up from it, Giants get up from it. You may have to learn some new tricks come back and face that giant but in Christ, the outcome is guaranteed and that is victory. All the evils of the world. It’s just part of the show. I mean, it’s evil. But it’s part of the show. Because remember, you’re acting in faith, you know, while all this is going on force jabs, force boosters, you know, social credit scoring, all that stuff. He can’t work unless you do this. Can’t go to the football game unless it takes faith to

know Yeah, I’m not gonna get caught up and all that I’m just going to serve God. I’m just going to do what God tells me to do. And you know, what? If I can’t get a job well, God wants me to serve him anyway. I have natural immunity because that is how perfect my god is that he’s going to let my body heal itself. I’m not doing that if I get cut off from the world supply. Is it really that bad? Is it really that bad that all these food food manufacturing plants are burning? Think about it. Have you seen what’s in the food? What if it actually turned out to be a blessing? Because we were forced to grow our own food? What if that was the case? The outcome is guaranteed in Christ. And that is a victory I don’t believe for a second you can do it without him. How long did I oh my gosh an hour 20 minutes. Okay, I should stop now. I think you get the point. But faith is something I love talking about because it’s the most rewarding, most special gift once you know it and you can exercise it and it becomes addicting just to go okay, I’m jumping no parachute. God mean you. You get there. It’s scary at first, but you get there. You get to get to this place where every challenge is a blessing because you’re getting to learn from it. God’s teaching you something perceived problems are actually blessings.

Anyway, thank you for watching. God bless you. And listen, if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. I know a uses that message. But I don’t believe that AAA is bringing you to Jesus. And I’m telling you the life that you were created to live is so much better than anything you’ve ever dreamed up because even the things that you dream of are God showing you what’s possible. But But, but what he asked for you is even better than that. And it’s amazing. God bless you. Work out your faith. It’s worth it.

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