Welcome to the Society of Kingdom Minds broadcast on the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation’s Multimedia Broadcast Network! On this broadcast, we cover…

1. Each of us has a life-purpose-mission and a Kingdom mandate to mentor others. · Do you know your life-purpose or feel trapped at a ceiling in your pursuit?

2. Our mission requires Teamwork in Relationship. · Would you like to be an even more effective “Team-Leader” moving forward?

3. As we serve with a leadership innovation, we look to the future needs of others · Is your passion to help, serve, and to be altruistic while there is compassion to leave something impactful to the next generation?

4. We have been given the gift of Culture-Creation – Did you know that you can create your desired culture? Culture is everywhere. We can build a Kingdom culture … non-judgmental lifestyle Thank you for being here and God bless you all