On “Signs & Wonders” with Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’ we discuss….

You can’t keep a good man down.
What will happen if we lose our network?
Even if we lose everything, we’re going to continue to serve.
“If I didn’t have Jesus in my life, there’s no way I’d have peace.”
It’s like the town square.
The more I pursued the Bible the more I got closer to Jesus.
What’s the difference between deliverance and deliverance?
When you have this stuff that is like on its own, it’s amazing.
What if one of the people that’s putting their hands on you has a demon of theirs?
I want what’s real. I want a very authentic relationship with God.

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Joshua T Berglan 0:01
You know, they say you can’t keep a good man down? Well, I don’t know how good of a man I am yet. But nonetheless. So what’s up everybody? My name is Joshua, I’m the world’s mayor. And this is a different look. And I got so frustrated. Actually, let me back up, I should back up because I’m gonna timestamp this, this broadcast also, it’s 11. For 2022. I did a broadcast yesterday. And I said, good for great. And so and that’s what the episodes called, I recommend you checking it out. But I said that it could be my last broadcast, because I don’t really know what’s going to happen. Definitely could be the last on this network. And, and then I forgot that I have an interview today. That it’s the one of the very reasons why we want to have a network to begin with, why we’re led and called to have a network and why this matters so much to us. And it’s because we’re going to interview somebody that is locked away in a shadow prison, and has been there for I think, 3040 years, and has not been charged of a crime. I could be wrong on the amount of time. I mean, even if it’s 10 years, the fact that he hasn’t been charged. And now he’s in he’s in, he’s locked in the shadow prison. And MSOP in Minnesota. And yesterday, I mean, find different pull it up here. There’s one thing so broadcasting like this, the other thing is, I got so freakin tired of the lighting never been what I need it to be to make the green screen work the way I want it to work, because I want a certain look for the my broadcast. And, you know, I, I, we haven’t had the money to buy the perfect equipment and buy the, you know, all the stuff that I want to do from production. Because when we’ve been able to produce with other people’s money and what we get to create, it’s so much fun. And when you get to see how it’s done correctly, you want to do it correctly. This is not how I want to broadcast I didn’t want to broadcast the other way that I’ll show you the whole. How do I flip the camera like this way? It doesn’t matter. You think I could do that? Oh, well, this is the first time I’ve actually broadcast from a phone and so long, but I don’t. I forgot how to do it. But anyway, my mic and camera get this fancy AI camera that follows me around. But the truth is, I never got the work the way I needed it to I could never get my mic the way I wanted it. Because I wanted to stand up and broadcast. And because I I mean, in my brain. I’m doing this and I show every broadcast, I mean my version of it. But this is, you know, this is my goal is to have a traveling, my own version of this tonight show that travels all over the world serves in the communities that it travels, that’s what we would do in the work that we do with our foundation. And, and then of course get to do my show and get to you know, I mean, I’m not going to tell you what I want to do in the show. But the people that we want to celebrate the people, we want to elevate the stories that we want to tell to music we want to play the event that it will be that’s what I want to do. I don’t I mean, the way to listen, I actually Wow, this is interesting that this okay, maybe this is a God thing that this is happening right now. This is how I started broadcasting it started on a phone and I’m back on a phone. Because then when I started and envisioning this is this is kind of wild. Envision envisioning that I was when I was doing the Facebook Live, I was envisioning and I talked about this yesterday, envisioning that I was doing a TV show because my dream was to be like I wanted to be like an Oprah Howard Stern and Opie and Anthony. A for a Forbes Riley pitching products on HSN and QVC. I wanted it That’s what I wanted to do. That’s what I want to do.

I also want to, you know, show people a way out of hell. And there’s only one way to do that that I know of. And that’s the love of Jesus. I, I genuinely don’t. I said yesterday, like I was complaining about the equipment that Mike could get, right the Wi Fi, the now that the technology is actually the technology I’m using now, what I was using on my computer, like for some reason, it was causing my computer to work at Mass capacity. Because our Macbook broke, didn’t have the money to replace it got me, I was so blessed to get this computer that I’m pointing at right now. And without this computer would not be able to do 90% of what we do. Well, like now that this is not functioning, so I can’t broadcast off that anymore. And it sucks, because I was just like, literally just fighting here. And I didn’t know I was gonna broadcast today. Like I was just gonna go okay, God, I’m I just gonna surrender. And I’m gonna wait and see what you want to do. I’m gonna see if you’re going to keep the network alive and keep it going for or what are you going to do? And so I just I literally, I, I was not going to broadcast again. And then I remembered that I had a broadcast scheduled today. And I don’t know how long it will be on the network. Because again, like today’s literally our day to pay for campaign, then we lose all of our content. But then I realized, and I was kind of bummed about that. But then I realized I, I have the content all backed up. I mean, some of it, we would lose. But I have all the content backed up on another platform, that I don’t think anyone even knows that our content is there. But it’s still sitting there, all of it. Because it’s synced up with my YouTube accounts, and the YouTube account that got taken down. Well, all that content was sitting there. So what will happen if we lose our network, and I have a message today, I promise. But what will happen today is if we if we end up losing our network is all of our content. Because we don’t focus on social media. We distributed to like news sites and you know, because of for SEO, and we want to, you know, drive traffic to our website. So the app will go away. So all the content will go there are apps like Roku, Roku and Amazon Fire Apple TV, all that will go away. And then podcast stuff. Yeah, yikes. I don’t know what will happen with the pockets. I think I would just have to get a tat get the news speed to find a new hosting provider. Or I lose it, I could lose that. That’s okay. It’s not that big of a deal. I lose the content on the website. Or at least the video players and the audio players. So what we would have to do is go in if we wanted to, and swap out the video players on every one of those shows, or let it go. I don’t know. Like, I have no idea what God would want me to do with that. I mean, the internet’s forever. But what do you do with over 500 episodes that you’ve done that other people have come on your broadcast and I don’t necessarily broadcast for I mean look, I love to do it and you know the engagement and getting to talk to people and get into i mean i i honestly missed that about Facebook live to be on Facebook Live was a blast when I first started and how I even started broadcasting treating this like a TV show because of what my end goal was. So it’s kind of funny. That here it is, I may lose I worked up I’ve said so many times that like started and started broadcasting from a phone and graduated a podcast and you know streaming TV and then getting to be vice president of a network and then getting to run a network and and to lose a network maybe. And then could be back to a phone because now I mean it was a big deal to me to go from a phone to a my own mic.

Separate camera and a laptop. It was a big deal to me. But because it made it a little bit more real of what the bigger dream was? Well, wouldn’t it be funny to go all the way back to the very, very beginning? And you know what? I’m okay with that. I’m okay with it. I don’t necessarily want the labor of trying to save all of my content. But I love a new challenge. I love a new challenge. And and I don’t I don’t I don’t mind. I keep thinking about this, like, I mean, literally, like, it’s not just losing our network, we could lose our house, too. And yet have this piece just knowing that God’s going to take care of everything. And I thought about, you know, like, not broadcasting again. And then so today. I remember that I had the broadcast with a wild story. And then last night on the news, I saw this article, pull this up, this is crazy. So, you know, we’ve started talking about civil commitment on our broadcast and find this, it’s not paving the way Oh, that’s what I want to talk about today. So I’m going to read this for the I’m going to do a separate broadcast. With the guy in prison today. So you’ll see two different you’ll see me twice today. But this an article is on the news, came out last night, talking about this 48 hour law, talking about civil commitment, talking about mental health, talking about the treatment of these prisoners, like it’s coming out. And I’m excited about this. The Scott County get judge is calling out the Minnesota Department of Human Services for wrongful incarceration of a mentally ill man who was previously ordered to get treatment in a state hospital. This is this is solid news. This is an act of God, I believe that this is happening and getting attention. So we’re going to talk about this later today. And, you know, now Now I remember why I wish that I could broadcast from a computer because now I can’t share the tap.

Unknown Speaker 12:32
How can I do this?

Joshua T Berglan 12:35
Can I is to be amazing? Vocal video, I would have to download it to make this work on my phone. You know, I could have tried to figure this out before we brought you on today. Well, I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do. And this is, gosh, this is so funny. Because now because I have the phone like this, and I didn’t um, didn’t do my normal show stuff, and intro and all of that. I wanted to talk about something that really lit me up today.

Unknown Speaker 13:23

Joshua T Berglan 13:27
paving the way with signs and wonders. I’m going to share this video here. I wonder if you can hear this. No, you won’t be able to because of headphones in the modern prosthetic movement, paving the way for Mystery Babylon. I want to talk about this. It’s magical mystery church is is whose YouTube that says I’m going to I’m going to share this video. And in what I’m going to talk about because I or I’m sorry, on the website, because I don’t know I’m not going to promote the app anymore. But live mana.org like our work, even if we lose everything we’re going to continue to serve. It’s because this is what we want to do. I we can lose everything. And Jessica and I are going to serve. We’re going to do the work God’s called us to do and I don’t care about the network. I mean, there’s other ways around it. I wanted to use it to help people and even with the media organization, I wanted to help people. And the truth is I didn’t help myself first. Didn’t help my family first, because I just wanted to help other people. And my wife did too. And we’ve done that and I will tell you that My faith in the Lord has not changed whatsoever. Because I’ve heard million times over, you got to build your own boat before you can build other people’s. And I, you know, was trying to do that and help at the same time. And, you know, it didn’t work out, or at least the timing of what we’re trying to tell people like maybe they just don’t have the ears to hear. I don’t know, I don’t know why, maybe because the only people that know to care are the people with money. Maybe that’s why, and the people that don’t have the money. That care, because I know they’re there, because they have seen them do the work. I mean, we’ve got new blogs and new people coming on, we’ve got a new blog writer and a new. I mean, it was supposed to be a new podcast, but we’ll find a way to work around that. Because even if we lose it, I’m still going to help people. Like I said, I don’t need all the fancy apps and bells and whistles and all that stuff to do what God’s called me to do. And I’m okay with not having all the fancy stuff, even though it is really fun to use really good production equipment. And to when you’re when your brain knows how to create something in a certain way, but you don’t have the money to do it the exact way. And so you piece things together. I should I need to speak like I and first stores and whatever it takes. And anybody money, any bit of money that we make we put back into our mission. And maybe, you know, maybe that the timing of all this was too early or whatever, but it doesn’t matter doesn’t stop anything. God gave us a vision, we’re pursuing it. And so it doesn’t have to look exactly the way that I believed it was gonna look. So not stopping. And, but I also want to be, you know, honest, what’s going on brick and sucks. My pride hurts a little bit. I don’t like to lose. I definitely don’t want to fail trusting God. Because that’s what this would be. But I also don’t look at it as like real failure. Because I’m not stopping it would be failure if I quit. I don’t know. Like, I have lost so much because of the choices I made. I hurt so many people the book The devil inside me that Jessica and I wrote and even the movie that we made the concept movie. We we’ve we’ve we’ve, we’ve we believe in what we’re doing.

And all these faith, these things that we’ve done in faith and you know, the writing the book making the movie, and because of the vision that God gave us and to not see what we saw in the vision happening yet. It sucks.

Unknown Speaker 18:39
It sucks.

Joshua T Berglan 18:42
And I have that voice in my head that says I fail and again for hearing say he deserves this

I know it’s not true. I got to be honest with you. I can’t say that I could have this attitude and have this peace. I mean, I’m bummed Yeah. But I have peace. If I didn’t have Jesus in my life there’s no way there’s no way. There’s no way to do without Jesus

you know, if I’m being honest, I don’t necessarily want a lot of responsibility, but I’ll take it on, if that’s what I’m called to do. But the way that we do broadcast, it’s like every broadcast is a three to four hour process. At least. I mean, I personally would rather be using some of that time to do more projects or create more content. So we’ve tried to manage everything by ourselves. We don’t have a team with our foundation.

Unknown Speaker 20:12

Joshua T Berglan 20:15
we had time to serve and to create our own projects that we’re led to. But there’s more to this the way it should operate. I wouldn’t have the people in place. And I’ll be honest, I don’t really care to be a boss. I’m a creator. And I want to serve. And I want to help people. And I don’t necessarily want to, like tell people what to do, and give orders. I’ll do it if I need to. But like, I believe in leading, I mean, me personally, I believe I’m called to lead a different way. I want to travel and sir. So having a bunch of extra equipment is not something that’s necessarily need. So if I’m led to broadcast knowing just, I guess, do what I’ve just did today. Meaning mean, doesn’t have to be fancy, right? I mean, and I gotta be honest, I feel more real. Like this. And I think maybe because it reminds me of Facebook Live where you’re just hanging out and talking. Not so worried about everything being perfect. Kind of Miss Facebook, even though I know it’s toxic. I miss my friends on Facebook, even if they weren’t real friends. Funny how that works. This is probably why so many people are gonna like get sucked into metaverse. I don’t believe this everyone hating on Metaverse right now, I don’t really believe this is that’s gonna last very long. I think people are going to be all for that world soon. Just what I believe. Okay, so I want to talk I totally lost, sorry, paving the way. This is what I want to talk about. I’ve battled with every type of what do you even say? Like? I got the very Son New Age even a cold stuff before I found the Lord. Did the universal God thing tried Buddhism? tried all the religions. But it was Jesus to change my life and then start reading the Bible and getting closer to Jesus. Are they you know, have I been reading the Bible getting closer to Jesus after I gave my life to the Lord? And was God really committed to reading the Bible? And man I had I had some issues with certain things that in things I didn’t understand. And years later, I still don’t understand. And I search for answers and you know, searching for answers can be really really dangerous because the source that you get the answers from, especially if you’d like the answer and sometimes it’s hard to discern between your spirit lighting up as in give me more of this. And it just being something your ego wants and I don’t believe the Bible is the literal word of God. And I can’t believe that because and I can’t Unbeliev it because

I know that words had been changed, and books have been taken out. So and yet at the same time, it’s such a mind bleep

Unknown Speaker 24:27

Joshua T Berglan 24:33
I love the Bible. There’s nothing that lights me up more than reading it. But yet, I’ve got back on Twitter under the live mana account and the last three days it’s the same horse S that is always there. Yeah, it’s also so entertaining. It’s like it really is the town square. And even though algorithms are what they are, you can still find any information on any opinion that you want in any piece of information that you want it right. It’s the same way another censoring speech a little bit, but so it, it’s pretty amazing. It’s also just poison, gosh, dang it. And then and I watching Christians fight on Twitter over over their opinion over. I mean, my God, it gets confusing because there’s just so many levels of what people understand and what they have learned. And it’s just a bunch of people talking a different language and as someone that loves Jesus, I’m looking at all this going.

Unknown Speaker 26:04
Well, this would be confusing.

Joshua T Berglan 26:06
It is it’s confusing enough with every denomination of the Bible there. It’s confusing. I just learned about a new one today, the NSA FBI. I’ve never read that before. It’s totally different than the passion translation. And then the what is it the word. And then there’s one that reads like a movie script that I just found. That’s awesome. But anyway, there’s all these versions. People will fight over which one you should read. People will fight the King James is the literal word of God and I Mikey, but it’s been changed.

Unknown Speaker 26:48
And everybody knows it, and try to pretend that it hasn’t been as like as a lie from the devil.

Joshua T Berglan 26:56
It just doesn’t make sense to me. You know, broadcasting from a phone wouldn’t be so bad on the software, is if you could take those corners. I can block it and maybe do a fisheye or something. Anyway. Not so terrible. To be honest, it’s a little bit more enjoyable than I mean, if I’m can’t be standing up and moving around, walking around like I like to do, then I’d rather do this, because I can still wiggle. And then I don’t have to be a talking head when everyone’s looking like this. And that’s the same square in your face. And it’s just talking heads. Man, I’m looking old today. COVID kind of kicked my butt a little bit. Okay, modern prosthetic mills that I bought. I get sidetracked quick. So I don’t want to talk. Okay. So I was saying that I we’ve been around this and the joys of dyslexia and i Some people enjoy it. Right? That’s this. I don’t always because then I forget what I’m talking about. And then I look over here and I’m like, oh, yeah, that’s what I was talking about, Mr. Babylon. So, listen, I had a supernatural experience when I gave my life toward supernatural, one of the most so stinking supernatural. And if I didn’t experience it, my faith would not be what it is. And that doesn’t mean that I don’t question that blank out of the bleep out of everything. I mean, I I question everything. And you know what? I should?

Unknown Speaker 29:05
You should

Joshua T Berglan 29:09
and that, some one of the most basic questions you can ask yourself who’s teaching who? Okay, who’s teaching you? All right, who taught them? The university just say who gave them the curriculum? Who created the textbooks? That provided the research that gave the knowledge follow me. So it’s not simple. You can’t believe I mean, I learned from working in the skincare world. So I have such pretty skin. I’ve been in a while. And I did a lot of cocaine and so I did not have good skin when I was in skincare ironically. Although that was really good skincare, because it did hide the hurt really well anyway

Unknown Speaker 30:14
lost my train of thought

Joshua T Berglan 30:17
it’s talking about supernatural experience dad gummit I love just talking and telling stories. It’s so much fun. I just I need to be roped in this is why I need a team because my I would probably be way more charming with editing probably be a lot more way more entertaining, way more entertaining. I missed it. I actually miss doing live broadcast to you, the live audience. So this is why do I need a team because I can wiggle around. And then I have someone go, hey, hey, get back to what you were saying. Dummy. Wrap it up. Reel it in. circle back. Boy. I don’t like that one. Okay. So I had a supernatural experience. And it radically transformed my life. So the more I pursued the Bible, more I got closer to Jesus more I got to know myself. The stronger my faith got, the more willing to take chances and take bigger risks and bigger leaps of faith. My God worked on my faith. So as my faith grew a questions got bigger. Things didn’t make sense to me things I know things were I may have naturally questioned everything anyway. But even things that didn’t feel right on my spirit. And

Unknown Speaker 31:57

Joshua T Berglan 32:00
because I had a supernatural experience because I was possessed because I understand demonic the people who might have in my past could explain I understand that life so supernatural I believe in I believe when God says that we’re going to do even greater works than he I believe it but I gotta be honest with you about something I’m having a really hard time believing and tongues at least the way that it’s being taught this my legs growing thing

Unknown Speaker 32:58

Joshua T Berglan 33:01
don’t I don’t know. I mean, I’ve seen the videos but I’ve seen magic tricks to see that I’m watching this video of freakin I don’t know if you can

Unknown Speaker 33:22
signs and wonders it’s full of miracles and supernatural occurrences what he’s going to say so we’re Yep.

Unknown Speaker 33:36
Video I gotta figure this out on someone helped me out here. Okay.

Joshua T Berglan 33:45
So what motivated me to do this video because, you know, I didn’t know it was gonna break. I really love broadcasting love this. It’s just not how I want to do it. But I love broadcasting. So I’m going to keep doing it. That’s I need to wrap that part up too in the in the story. And I’m not going to stop pursuing what is on my heart to do, even though all the ways that I normally do it are taken away. I’m gonna get the technology. I’m gonna figure it out. I trust God’s plan. It’s better than mine. Okay. So these healings, talking in tongues. Now I do I have to say that when I was doing the Saturday night service at Word of God Church. I mean, I saw a lot of people fall out. I have made people fall out and then I’ve also had times that it didn’t and that’s embarrassing by The way and when I did lay my hand on them I swear to you and the times that people fell out, I felt the energy shoot them by hand can’t explain it person fell out. I’ve never fallen out, never experienced what people talk about with being drunk on the Holy Ghost

what I see in video looks demonic. What I’ve seen in person freaks me out. But you know, I’ve always wanted to believe I’ve always wanted to believe that it was somehow real and it was magical. But I gotta be honest, I’ve never in all of my supernatural experiences I’ve never experienced that. I’ve never

Unknown Speaker 36:23
I’ve felt

Joshua T Berglan 36:25
the presence of the Holy Spirit I have been consumed and transformed by the Holy Spirit. I’ve felt the Holy Spirit work through me in ways that blow my mind

but some of this stuff looks just evil to me and demonic and I don’t understand it and having been away and out of it and away from that kind of church for a while. Like it makes me wonder if the one walking around and like I’ll just give me an example. Out of both data Canada was a sought out about that get out of the Botox era get it out of Ottawa that Anna buco Shira BOTH Ah Cara Lovato and like, I don’t know what I just said. I was moving my tongue, right. And there’s prayer meetings, a lot of these churches go on and you just have a group of people and you’re just like walking in circles and you’re sitting and you’re and you’re speaking out loud and praying in tongues and it’s just a it’s mindless Babble Babble, is what it sounds like. I never felt different doing it. Even in faith in believing it. And I have tried to like my brain has tried to process it and say, Well, maybe it’s like a vibrational energy thing. Like, you know, like chanting a little vibration and vibrating my tongue. You know, maybe it’s a meditative thing. Like, what is it? Really? I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 38:15
And I don’t even know

Joshua T Berglan 38:18
where the line is between this is freaking true. And it’s not

Unknown Speaker 38:27
I mean, just looking at this video don’t there’s someone Oh, I can’t even watch that crap. And this is a Bethel Church.

Joshua T Berglan 38:53
Like, I’m not dissing i i really don’t want to ever get in like knock people Speights I mean, I think I’ve kind of bashed more of my own face than I do. anyone else’s. Yeah, I do. Yeah, I definitely do that. And it’s just because it feels Hippocratic hypocritical, and none of it feels like love to me, arguing over Bible verses and, and yet at the same time, we’re wasting all this energy fighting and arguing. Because it says in the Bible, you know that it’s infallible word of God. But man put that there. Like, I didn’t write it. Like you’re inspired by the Holy Spirit. But there’s messages that are inspired, inspired by the Holy Spirit all the time. Like, why would God just stop giving messages? The Word of God is downloads like we all get the word of God, do we not? I don’t I’m not I’m not an expert. Don’t come to me for geology advice because I don’t know. I don’t have a freaking clue. But I’m really questioning it. And I because it and like looking at it. And I know how the camera can deceive. I mean, people can make themselves look skinny people make themselves look fat people can do camera angles, do some really wild things. But I’m looking at this, and that kind of freaks me out a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 40:42
Just it.

Joshua T Berglan 40:45
And I’m wondering if this land hands on people. Okay, I know what I need to do here to give a little bit of context. So deliverance, I, it’s hard for me not to believe in deliverance, because I feel like the six or seven that I’ve done had an impact on me. One was negative impact, because I’m pretty confident that that possessed me even more. But but it is pretty amazing. When you have this stuff that is like on its own. I mean, again, someone’s praying over you, and you’re praying. And this stuff is like what it could feel it coming out of you. That’s pretty remarkable. So I believe in that. I believe in it. But I also believe that you better know who is doing the deliverance on you. It gives them the same way that you can they people believe that you can lay your hands on the heel and maybe so.

Unknown Speaker 42:13
But what if

Joshua T Berglan 42:15
there’s something evil attached to that? I believe in soul ties, I believe you can transfer spirits to people. And with intention. I mean, I don’t know like there’s i I hate this. I hate that this is what Christianity has come to for me. I mean, my faith is my faith. It is not changing my experience with Jesus. My experiences with the Lord, the Holy Spirit. Like my relationships with that. I love the Bible. Something a right, though. Something’s wrong. Too much fighting within the faith. It almost seems like it’s intentional. Like by design. Someone’s not right. I don’t know what it is. And that sucks. Because like it would be so much easier to go. Like, yeah, I do I recommend the Bible is it is a there’s no greater book. But I think like with anything else, you have to use discernment. And I believe a relationship with the Lord brings that. And I believe that’s why you need the Holy Spirit to read the Bible. So anyway, I don’t even know what the point of this broadcast was. But this is like I just wanted to broadcast and I end to bring up this conversation about signs and wonders, because I don’t know enough about the Bible to say, you know, like, Hey, we should be expecting signs and mourners. That’s the sign of a believer they’re doing signs and wonders and this video seems to be saying, you know that the people talking about signs and wonders the way that they are, you know, is that’s a sign of the the Antichrist essentially. And that these churches are doing the devil’s bidding. So I’m going to share the video and I’d love your comments on it. I don’t know I just did a 45 minute break. okay to talk about that video. I wanted to play it and talk about it. And then I realized I was on my phone. And I don’t know how to do that yet, but I’m gonna figure that out

Unknown Speaker 45:14
all right. So here’s the deal

Joshua T Berglan 45:20
don’t know if the live mana network will be here by the end of today. I don’t know how many of our broadcast will have here. Or, I mean I don’t Yeah, I don’t know if we’ll keep going after the next one that we’re about to do like I don’t know what will be there. But we will be somewhere and we are on live mana.org And, you know, even though we don’t have an app, if we do lose our network, all you have to do is download the homepage icon on your phone. And there we are. Alright, thank you for watching. And I feel like I’ve just leaving this hanging I feel like I should wrap it up with something I really wanted to play the video because that was the whole point I mean, that’s kind of for first of all

Unknown Speaker 46:36
if we’ve healing power

Joshua T Berglan 46:41
you know something? I got a question how safe have it have a practice is it

you know the songs spirit break. Spirit break out you say it enough times like Candyman Candyman Candyman could have a problem, right? Because what spirit are you actually calling on? Which one because it didn’t say in the song, or at least in the hook as the hook right I don’t know. I’m starting to think that some of these things that I was doing in church was making things worse, not better. I mean, I did like a seance burning my bills. Putting my bills in a trashcan setting it on fire, or no putting bills on a trashcan praying over it. Everyone prayed over everyone’s hands in the middle. This is like no different than abracadabra, whoo, enhance, how is this different? How is it different?

Unknown Speaker 48:24
Healing protection.

Joshua T Berglan 48:28
But what if one of the people that’s putting their hands on you has a demon of them. And they’re transferring that demon to you? Something something’s not right about this. But I’m not telling you to take my listen. It’s not advice other than to say maybe ask about it. Use more discernment

I mean, I’ve sat there in in prayer meetings and Bible studies and people are praying on IN TONGUES whoa on their phone on Instagram. Hardy There we go. They’re born. Born born out abakada You can’t walk up or legs on a desk but I feel more comfortable in my nose and I should be like, what is that doing? Man I just want Like, I my heart for God is that I want to do what pleases Him. So if pleasing God is I’m bouncing around on the floor like a fish like I’m having an epileptic seizure because I’m so drunk with the Holy Spirit if that’s what he wants, then I think make the Holy Spirit made me drunk and epileptic ish. I mean, no, not No, no, no, like, no not that I mean like, like if that is done something that furthers the kingdom if that does something that builds faith that that does something that makes me more holy than God made me squirm around like a fish with the Holy Spirit.

Unknown Speaker 51:01
It scares me It scares me.

Unknown Speaker 51:09
It’s easy to say you don’t understand it, but I’ve seen it with my eyes and I was part of a ministry I did the service on Saturday nights that did it. The people did it. And I don’t understand it. Because I never experienced it.

Unknown Speaker 51:26
But I’m also willing to throw myself in front of a bullet for God it’s not a lack of faith I’ve done the dumbest on on paper the dumbest things imaginable

Unknown Speaker 51:44
to please God. So I’m willing to flop around with a fish

Joshua T Berglan 51:54
that lightning shoot out of my butt or my eyeballs or my fans or my fingers or whatever, like I’m all for any of it. I want what’s real I want a very authentic and real relationship with God, so that I know that the things that I’m doing are authentically for him.

Unknown Speaker 52:23
That’s why I have questions

Joshua T Berglan 52:29
because if God really wanted me to march outside of the abortion clinics and tell women that they’re dirty whores and should have kept their legs together they should have sewn up her vagina with 10 pound fish wire if that’s what I’m supposed to do to please God then I’ll do it I just don’t believe that that’s what God wants me to do. Boy you know when the days of editing of course I don’t know how many people actually give a crap what I have to say I don’t know enough people actually watch to want to edit that little clip and make it sound like I’m saying something I didn’t say doesn’t matter like I understand this the concept of withholding and sacrifice and things like that also understand suppressing something that feels real and there’s a weird balance between the two and I do feel like there’s a difference personal pleasure or satisfaction feeling lost excessive use or you know I’m I can see how those things are definitely wrong. But some of the things that we persecute people for especially fellow believers are matter of opinion. And really ego and some type of supremacy or the holier than thou pneus

don’t know what’s real about what we were told is real. Like, I know when I believe you know, it’s true. I know, I know what I believe the truth is. But the bigger the biggest truth that I know is that I don’t really know all that much. And I’m pretty smart and educated on a lot of different subjects. And especially with truths. And I have a deep seated need to know the truth, for reasons that I won’t even go into right now. Like it is a it’s like hardwired into my DNA. Which is ironic because I was such a freakin liar. I mean, it’s irony, but I honestly I think that maybe we’re all born to desire truth. And while I believe that

Unknown Speaker 56:01

Joshua T Berglan 56:04
is my Lord and Savior, and he is and there is only one God and, and, and my belief in the Holy Spirit, like I believe that those are, that is everything. But all the steps and the procedures and the rules and the laws and everything else in between. I don’t know how much of that is true, and how much of it isn’t. I don’t know how much of what we’ve been, had been told since the beginning. Is has been truthful. It’s hard to know, especially when what we already know, is that we’ve been lied to about a lot. So like, why would they stop at the Bible? Why would they stop about at our religions and faiths and our origin stories and everything else? I don’t know. But I do know that beating people up over what they believe

Unknown Speaker 57:16
isn’t right.

Joshua T Berglan 57:22
Because who knows what you believe? Who knows if what you believe is actually right. You really don’t know. None of us do. I don’t even know if I’m right. About what I know. I’m right about and I really know how right I am. But do I really know. I don’t know. And that’s why it’s called Lebanon Bay. But I don’t think that weaponizing our faith makes our faith any stronger. People just take care

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