On this #SheStrong by She Marketplace, Vera Wang and guest Co-host Joshua T Berglan interview Model, Singer, Actress, Author, and Inventor of the #LashAppandCurl by Eye AM Conchita, Conchita Leeflang! Born in Paramaribo, Suriname, Leeflang is the daughter of Frank Leeflang [nl], who was also the Minister of Internal affairs and Justice, and the temporary Prime Minister to Suriname.[2] Leeflang moved to Brussels, Belgium at a very young age, where Mr. Leeflang was the Ambassador. Leeflang is multilingual, speaking English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Surinamese, and Italian. She has been a singer, model, and stage actress for many years until she moved to Los Angeles on a modeling contract where she decided to pursue Television and Film. Conchita Leeflang has won Numerous awards for her outstanding body of work as a singer-songwriter. Leeflang has been professionally trained in drama and comedy by her acting coach Aaron Speiser. Some of her acting credits are Super Spy, Sliders, Baywatch, The X Show, The call of a Siren, The Women of the Tropics, and De Vrouw van Jerry (Dutch). Leeflang has been a recording artist for many years in Europe, where two of her albums went gold, and two went Platinum. She was also involved in many different projects: a duo with Plastic Bertrand, Black Kiss The Bang Gang, and many more. She has appeared in many TV programs, like MTV, Zapper ne pas Jouer, Jacque Martin, top of the pops In 2004, the documentary The Youngest Guns featured her song "This is My Life". Conchita joined the cast of Nederlandse Hollywood Vrouwen as one of the four women in their second season in 8 episodes, after doing an appearance in season one which aired on net5. The remaining cast consists of Inge, Yolanda Foster and Myrthe Mylius. Leeflang is the mother of one child: a girl named London Victoria. With the inspiration of her daughter came a clothing line in which Conchita is the CEO of Baby London Victoria. In 2014 Conchita Leeflang became an Author of the published book. "Travel the world with London Victoria." In which she explores different countries in the eye of her daughter. This children's book is based on partially real life, and some of the characters are fictional. Recently, Conchita joined the United States group of inventors after she put a patent on a new device that can apply lashes faster. Conchita is the owner and CEO of Con-Lee Lashes International. Learn more about her exciting new products at She Market Place