On this broadcast, we take a dive into civil commitment programs around the country with the support of an article by Barbara Koeppel, an investigative reporter based in Washington, D.C., who writes about socioeconomic, political, labor, foreign policy, criminal justice, and military issues.

Over the last year we have had the opportunity to interview several different people who are locked away in “shadow prisons” and each and everyone of their stories have highlighted the injustices that are happening in hospitals like MSOP and Coalinga and in this broadcast, we present unbiased facts that were uncovered because of Barbara’s work.

Read Barbara’s article Sex Crimes and Criminal Justice here

There is much more to this story and our goal is to find the truth.

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Joshua T Berglan 0:00
Hey, what’s up everybody, my name is Joshua and the world’s mayor, we are on the live mana network right now. And I just want to say thank you so much for being here. This is going to be a little bit different style of broadcast, because I’m actually going to read from something but it’s only necessary that I read. So I’m sticking to facts, I’m not going to read the whole thing. But what this broadcast is going to be about is the it’s about these shadow prisons, these these hospitals that are locking people up with civil commitments. And while I don’t have all the legal terminology down, Pat, it seems like that this is a path that I’m supposed to go down. And the reason why is because I’ve had the opportunity to meet a really special human being named Tom. And I won’t say his last name right now, because I don’t know if he wants me too. But I’ve gotten to know him. And Tom was wrongly convicted of raping a minor. And the specifics, the specifics on his case, are soon going to all be released. And I’m really, really excited for that, because this man deserves to have his name cleared. But third time, we’ve met a lot of other people that are locked up in shadow prison. Some of them are in MSOP, which is in Minnesota, there’s two, I believe two, and now Coalinga in California. Of course, we hear from families all over the country, about their kids being locked up. And in hearing about some of the horrors and just awful things that are happening there. Now, it’s really, really hard to know what the truth is. And with some of the people that we’ve been blessed to interview, we’ve learned that well, you know, there’s some truth there and not a lot to put down a lot of it. But I believe that we are getting closer to finding out what the truth is, because we’re meeting other people who have been in the fight. Now, I had the opportunity to interview probably one of the more famous people that are locked up in one of the shuttle prisons in Kalinga, and James heidrich. And I’ve gotten to meet a lot of people that are connected to James. I’ve met some very nice people, and I’ve met some people that I have questions about. I’ve also my wife, and I’ve had the opportunity to speak with James’s family. And if you guys are watching, God bless you. And really, honestly, God bless everyone that’s locked up in these prisons, and God bless the families of the people that love them, whether they are guilty or not, God bless them. Last night, I was supposed to attend a meeting for MSOP, and which isn’t, again in Minnesota, but I ended up getting to talk to Tom, who was wrongly convicted. And I’ve heard his story I’ve I’ve been face to face with him one multiple times now. And I’ve gotten to know him quite well. I’ve also gotten to see a lot of the damage that was done to him. I’ve learned a lot about who he was before he got locked up. And in I’ve gotten to know who he is today. And I believe he is an innocent man. But he is gave us a very, very interesting look at what’s happening in these prisons, especially are these hospitals, that some color shadow prisons, being because the public doesn’t know much about them. And for whatever reason, for even all the deaths that are happening behind bars. And I think in Kalinga, I mean, just the numbers are really, really high. And I had the opportunity to get some clarity on why these deaths are happening. Now, with some of the people that have been on my broadcast, they’ve made it sound like, you know, the guards and the staff are actually the ones that are killing these people. But really, most of it is people are aging out and there’s very poor health care. But one of the biggest issues that seems to be going on is the psychological warfare. And it’s really, really easy for people to look at prisoners and say, well, they deserve what they get. I can understand why people think that. However, have you ever been falsely accused of something? Well, we live in we have a justice system in America, that there’s a lot of innocent people behind bars. Maybe they are centers and maybe they aren’t good people but there’s a lot of people that are behind bars and locked in shadow prisons that didn’t do what they are accused of. And the torture, the psychological warfare and by the way, punching someone in the face

Joshua T Berglan 5:00
It sucks, yes, or it sucks to be punched in the face. It sucks to be physically abused. But psychological warfare, to me is probably more damaging. Words have a lot of power. But some of the stories that I’ve heard that are going on and heard it from somebody that, you know, as coming from it from a different place, again, he was innocent, he wasn’t one of them, he has nothing to lose at this point, because he served his time and he got out, even though he was wrongly accused. So, I’m going to read an article because I’ve like, I’ve been able to meet some really, really amazing people on this journey in the shadow world, if you will. And one of them, her name is Barbara. And she wrote an article with the Washington, Washington spectator. Capelle is her last name Barbara Capelle, that I’m gonna read. And I don’t want to make a practice of reading too much. Because it can get boring. However, the content of this is, it’s pretty powerful. It’s very informative. And it’s also very factual. And because of that, because she researched it like, like a true investigative reporter for over a year. And this article is what is our findings. And there’s one other one too, we won’t read that. But we’ll include it in the media kit that you’ll find on live mana.org. Before I get into that, before, I want to play our opening video, but I want to say this. We, my wife, and I, Jessica, we were a nonprofit media organization, and our network is, you know, also a nonprofit. And we do all this work, because that’s what we’re called to do. And we are viewer listener supported, and your donations, help us keep going. We don’t really hit people up much for that. But that’s it is necessary. These donations are necessary for us to continue to do this work. And we would be grateful if you sowed into us and partnered with us. And look, we have a lots of ways that we can serve and help to I mean, there’s on our website, live mana.org. Not only can you see where to donate, but you can see our free trainings and the work that we do there. And the work that we do is for anyone who’s willing to do the work, like we’ll help you, we’re not going to do the work for you. But we do have the tools, the assets and things like that to be able to help you and in a big way. And one of the ways that we like to help people is to elevate the voiceless. And then the men, the men, and I’m sure actually I don’t even know if there is there was women in some of these hospitals. I don’t know why didn’t think they were I just don’t hear about their cases. I hear about the men, but they are voiceless. And there’s some really awful things that are happening there. And something’s got to be done about it. But the worst thing is, again, it’s really, really easy to go well, they’re prisoners, they’re criminals. Okay, well, the ones that are innocent aren’t the ones that have served their time don’t belong in the shadow prisons. Because they’ve served their time in when you hear how they got really locked up. That part’s the most frightening. And what’s even more frightening is that what you’re about to hear can happen to anybody, anybody, whether you’re a criminal or not, and that is what’s terrifying. But what’s even more disgusting about this is that the whole reason why these prisons operate to begin with, is because they are cash cows. And the evidence, of course, will all be presented.

Joshua T Berglan 8:56
Something’s got to be done about this. Like, right now. I don’t have that kind of power. I’m not in the government to make these changes. But I mean, it’s amazing to me that we have violent criminals. And look, rape is no joke. I’m not. It’s violent. I’m not saying that. And this sex offenders, yes, need to be punished. But we have violent, violent criminals that have been left at a prison and they are roaming the streets in major cities. Now I have my theory as to why that is, but we won’t go into that. But I want to stick to the facts. And if you’ve ever wanted to know about what happens in shadow prisons and hear it from an on, what’s the word I’m looking for there? She went into it to find truth. She doesn’t have an agenda. She’s not trying to support sex offenders. She’s not trying to, you know, justify anyone’s crime. She’s just looking for the truth and when you hear what she wrote, you may care to If that’s our hope we want to draw attention to this because what’s happening isn’t right. Taxpayers are being defrauded. And there’s just a lot of bad stuff going on and we want to get to the bottom of it. I don’t know all the facts. We’re we’re working on it. But I did feel that it was necessary that I do this broadcast because we’ve learned a lot more since we’ve interviewed James and Daniel and Daniel and Daniel’s mom and Daniel again and Tom and then the more people we talked to we learn a little bit more so that said, we’ll be right back after this he he loves you ha

Joshua T Berglan 11:43
ha Hey welcome back everyone, it is dawned on me, I was watching the words that were popping up on the video that my amazing wife made. We’re leaving the 99 for the one. And when we started our foundation, right after, I mean literally, like, days after George Floyd was murdered i, we wanted to be a voice for the voiceless. But we also wanted to elevate the voiceless and, and other voices for the voiceless. I can’t think of a better example of leaving the 99 for the one than covering this topic. It’s not a popular topic. It’s not even easy to have some of these conversations with the guys that we’ve talked to that are locked up behind this bar, the these these shadow prisons, these hospitals. And I’m not saying that to like, go Pat us on the back, it just kind of dawned on me like, this is what we’re doing. I mean, for truly staying true. To our to our mission, I just when I was envisioning the mission, I didn’t see this. I’m not justifying, I will never justify anyone hurting anyone. I don’t care what it is, whether it’s verbal, physical, sexual, which is, I guess it could be verbal or sexual. But at the same time, I believe everyone has a right to be heard. And even the people that I kind of believe are guilty that we’ve talked to don’t necessarily believe that they belong in these prisons. But the other thing too, that I hope over time we’re able to do because I think James hydric is going to come back on I hope just spoke to him on the phone again. And you know, his case is wild, to say the least. But let’s just say that James is guilty because he’s done plenty of bad like it has been that he admits to and other things he hasn’t but let’s just say he is really guilty of what he was said he did I still believe that God can heal him and and and I, but even even if God doesn’t heal him, and he doesn’t choose to accept Jesus, and he doesn’t choose to go down that path. To me, it’s pretty interesting to learn how he became what he is, whatever he is. And I actually had a phone conversation with his brother, and got to hear a lot that I didn’t know. And I gotta tell you, whatever you want to say about James what I see is a hurt little boy that had every ounce of innocence removed from him at a very early age. I know what that’s like. And I didn’t do anything like James, it was what James is accused of. And but I, but I was a monster, and still healing and recovering. It’s a lot of work. And it’s not easy. But I believe that God can heal anyone, and everyone that’s willing to let God heal them. And then do the work that it takes to get there. So I don’t know where this is all going to lead. But I do know that for whatever reason, God has placed these stories in my life, and maybe it’s part of my own healing journey. Maybe it’s coming face to face with people that hurt me. I don’t know what God’s gonna do. I don’t, if I’m able to lead people to the Lord through this, then hallelujah.

Joshua T Berglan 16:53
I don’t know what God’s going to do. But I feel like this is what I’m supposed to be doing. And one of the things because there’s a lot of stories to tell, and there’s a lot of testimonies to help share. And there’s a lot of things that God puts on my heart to talk about that are different than this. But there’s people suffering that shouldn’t be suffering right now. Like God is not welcome in those in the hospital. So I want to help God, in whatever capacity I’m able to tear down those walls. So the Holy Spirit can do his thing. Because I know this. All the evil that we can do in our lives, all the bad that we’ve done, and all the problems that we’ve caused, Well, God gives us an equal opportunity to do that much good. To do the opposite of the evil to do great, in fact, even do better. Because as far down as we can go, it’s even higher, we can go up. That’s what I believe. That’s what I’ve seen in my own life. And I believe it for them to I’ve had other you know, I’ve had friends that are, you know, I’ve interviewed that their father was a child molester, that gave their life to the Lord. God healed them. And they live their lives as godly men like it can happen. And so Jesus didn’t shun the prostitute. He didn’t shun the leper, and he didn’t shun the demon possessed man he delivered him is what he did. So who am I to reject? Who are we to reject any of God’s children? Whether they’re evil or not, doesn’t mean we need to have them in our lives. You know, we have to use discernment there. But God can heal them too. And that’s what I want to see happen. And I also want to fight against every injustice that I see. And this is an injustice what’s happening so on to Barbara’s article, took a long time to get there apologize. So this was written last year. It says responding to several highly publicized sex crimes and public fears. Legislators across the country have adopted statutes that allow the continued imprisonment of sex offenders after they have completed their sentences. Veteran investigative reporter Barbara Capelle, has spent the last 12 months reporting on this third rail of the criminal justice system. These are our findings. So I’m just gonna I’m not gonna read all of it, because it’s a long article, but I’m going to just read to give you some context, since the 1990s 20 states and the District of Columbia which was where she is have pass laws that direct the attorney general in these jurisdictions to appoint professionals to evaluate whether sex offenders who have served their time have mental abnormality or illness that would make them likely to reoffend. If this if the decision is yes, the men are re incarcerated, not for past crimes, but for ones they might get commit in prison like facilities with barbed wire cells, like jail cells, guards, and watchtowers, while institutionalized, they received therapy that theoretically will help them control their sexual impulses. Now, stop there. This is my commentary, not what’s in the article. I’ve heard about these therapies. And these programs, James alluded to it. And that is where a lot of the psychological warfare and trauma in happens. And it’s ugly, and I’m hoping that she gets into this. So the practice is known as civil commitment. The crimes that inspired this legislation, were indeed brutal in Washington State Earl Shriner. And by the way, if there’s children listening, please stop.

Joshua T Berglan 21:20
Because this could be triggering for some people. Earl Shriner, who was imprisoned for sex offenses against children, completed his sentence and later raped and mutilated a young boy. The state then passed the county’s the country’s first civil commitment law in 1990. Similarly, in New Jersey, Jessie can’t pronounce his last name, who was in prison for assaulting two young girls was released in later raped and murdered a seven year old girl, Megan Conca. In 1996, the New Jersey New Jersey passed its own law, as did others around the same time. These laws sparked legal battles 1997, the US Supreme Court it’s Kansas first Hendricks ruled that sex offenders who complete their prison terms can be locked away again. No new crime, no trial, no set time limits. Is this double jeopardy? The court said no. I wonder if this is Kansas versus James Hendricks. If that’s the guy we’re talking about. Supporters of the process argue it protects the public. Critics, however, such as Dr. Richard WallArt, a psychologist in Simon Fraser University in British Columbia disagree, he says the facts simply don’t support it. I’ve never seen data that show 20 states with civil commitment laws have lower rates of sex offenses or re offenses than the 30 states that don’t. Dr. Fred Berlin psychologist who runs a sex offender outpatient program at Johns Hopkins Hospital says they’re really a ruse to not put the men back in society. The sex offenses range from the obscene phone calls lewd behavior in public and sex with underage partners, all the way up to rape and murder organizations and professionals familiar with the abuses of Silvo commitment, or its harshest critics, the American Psychiatric Association, who by the way, I’m not exactly a fan of because if you get into the history of psychiatry, there’s all kinds of evil. But here’s what they said they told their members to vigorously oppose it. Two judges from Minnesota and Missouri found the laws punitive and unconstitutional. tappa Strickler, a clinical psychologist who worked at the civil commitment facility and Leonard Kansas calls it an abomination. But the practice persist at huge cost to individuals and taxpayers. wait to hear the money. And I don’t know if I’m allowed to share the PowerPoint presentation I have. I’m going to ask permission before I do that one. Because technically it would be stealing because I don’t know if I’m supposed to have it, but I have it. But the numbers are insane. Kansas Judge Frank Yeoman Jr. Describes civil commitment as a life sentence. Only in the rarest of instances does anyone once committed ever achieve release except upon his demise? So as I was talking about all the deaths, as Tom told us last night, look, it’s lack of proper health care in people aging out people dying. Now has there been murders? Yeah, James hydro said he actually just on the phone said he murdered somebody had to self defense is what he said. Seeing another guy stabbed 15 times. So murders are happening. But most most of it is aging out but At some of these people can’t even walk, and yet they’re still locked in these facilities not getting proper care. That is cruel and inhumane in my opinion. Okay, data shows judge human human yeomen, which is why e o ma n is correct. In Minnesota. Of the 720 men committed over the last 24 years 62 died in custody, and only one was fully released. This doesn’t sound like a rehabilitation program to me, in Kansas, 263 men detained after completing their sentences. So these are men that served their sentence where the later rounded up. They weren’t doing anything, they were innocent. Like, I’ve heard this multiple times, through multiple different channels from different people. Now, this roundup that happened when these laws enacted, they literally go, okay, who’s the sex vendor, and they went and rounded them all up.

Joshua T Berglan 26:05
Some of these men had done nothing wrong at all, in years, eight years, some of them are old, old, old, like they weren’t doing anything. got put in these prisons. So in Kansas of 263 men detained after completing their sentences, 36 died, and only three were released in Jersey 755 are locked up, get the eight died. And 235 were discharged. What’s happening in New Jersey, that’s not happening. Other places interesting of the 58, who died, one had a brain tumor that herniated and left him blind, still, staff at the truth special treatment center, or the special treatment unit at the facility in New Jersey, decided he was too dangerous to be let go. A blind guy with a brain tumor was too dangerous to let go. Okay. Ultimately, he was sent to hospice in New Jersey is not unique. And all the states many men who are so old and disabled, and that they’re in wheelchairs, and can’t even feed or dress themselves are still locked up. So some of you are probably saying, Well, you can’t like put them in a nursing home because or why would you put them in a in a different facility or send them home to like, house arrest or something like that? And you’re like, well, it costs a lot, taxpayers a lot of money. Wait until you find out how much money you’re actually paying versus what they would pay if they were put in a normal, appropriate facility. It’s staggering. And keep in mind, I worked in healthcare for 18 years, like I know how this insurance game works. I like I’ve seen the fraud from the doctors. I’ve seen fraud from the hospitals. I’ve seen fraud from the insurance companies. And I’ve also seen fraud from the patients, everyone’s gaming themselves. But this system is really screwed up. Catch 22 The Supreme Court stated that the men who are civilly committed can be released when they prove that they’re cured. Yet most of these prisoners, they call them residents or patients. They can’t prove it. Why not? Because the inmates are trapped by a series of catch 20 twos and this is what Tom explained last night where the psychological warfare comes in. First, no objective criteria exists to determine if the men even have mental abnormally. It’s totally subjective, says Donald Anderson, a lawyer who represents inmates in the Lorand facility. After one of his clients 10 birch died 13 years in prison for indecent liberties with a minor. The Kansas prisoner Review Board approved his release, but the court ordered him to be held in civil commitment. And he’s been there for 17 years. When the Progress Review Board met this past February, it refused to move him further along in the program. So let’s get this straight here. He was in prison for 13 years. So I whether you can say he just served his time or not. I don’t know. But that’s what they they they really you know, he was out. So the board approved his release, saying that he was safe now he did his time. But the court changed things. Wait till you hear how much money is involved. Second, when the courts review cases, state witnesses twist logic to ensure that the men stay put stamp witness would lie in one hearing For example, Dr. Austin, not even going to try to say his last name, a past Leonard director and current supervising psychologist and I will link this article in the media kit on our website. What was it when he was committed? We didn’t measure it. How do you know if it hasn’t changed if you didn’t measure it? According to Anderson didn’t answer I again, I can’t pronounce his name. A third snag is the mindset of mental health professionals who make their careers in psychiatric detention facilities. Big money. For example, Jeffrey No. Weiqi, Chief of mental health services for the Sex Offender Treatment Program at the Central New York Psychiatric Center stated in a deposition for the US District Court in 2014, and I quote, All offenders are by their deviant sexual nature and predatory and manipulative

Joshua T Berglan 31:03
Well, I mean, I know people that wouldn’t be considered an offender to be deviant and sexual nature predatory and manipulative. You ever hung out with a narcissist? You ever been married to one? I mean, just like they’re manipulative. This is this is like really weird gray area for like, this is strange. But look, sex offenders abusers, narcissist. Yeah, I mean, there’s some problems there. There is and they do manipulate. According to the lawyers, mental health workers and inmates I interviewed in nine states, no week, his attitude is typical. Strickler who was at large for three years before she quit said this sellers told the staff, no one will ever be released. In fact, we learned last night when MSOP was originally threatened. In this case, I’m gonna let Tom tell the story because he tells it perfectly. And when he says he can back it up. Oh, he can back it up. Because the timeline is right on point the letter he wrote to the governor about this one case, like he’s been trying to save lives, and whole, but what they that they were going to shut down this hospital. But then the powers that be and again, I keep we’re not to the money part yet. But when you learn about the money involved, you can 100% see why people want these prisons open. According to lawyers, mental health workers and inmates. I’ve already read that sorry. How do the career staff in these facilities ensure that no one leaves, they design multi level treatment programs and require the inmates to complete them if they don’t, there’s no exit. However, in 2017, Judge human started stated that the laws don’t require a man to finish the programs or even participate to be considered for release, he wrote, just because he has not met certain procedural steps, I see no reason he should not be allowed an opportunity to put his evidence before the court. That’s the other thing that I want to emphasize here. These people that are going to the prisons, they’re not getting in front of the judges. They’re going there to disappear. That’s why they’re referred to as Shadow prisons, because people don’t

Unknown Speaker 33:27
know they’re not getting the normal rights.

Joshua T Berglan 33:31
And then when they hate for their life, they just sound like crazy offense. For all y’all listening, Amina. But when you talk on the phone, and you’re pleading your case, you’re doing it out of desperation. And when you speak out of desperation when you sound crazy. I know. I mean, not where you’re at. But I mean, I can understand that. When no one believes you. And you’re telling the truth, and but everything around you telling you that you’re a liar. Yeah. You’re crazy. You’re you know what? Like, it’s an awful feeling. I can’t imagine what it is like for the further when inmates do participate and reach the top level, Anderson says that the staff members, staff members, monitoring the progress routinely dropped them back to a lower level for violating a rule. And that rule could be you farted, seriously, like they could they could punish you for that. It’s something it’s like, it could be anything ridiculous. They just they I made up the 14th thing. I mean, of course it could be true. But I’m just using the ludicrous example of how they re punish people and drop you down a level. It’s an endless game. Chutes and Ladders is the way Barbara explained it on the phone when we spoke. Actually, before I’m reading her article, I was actually going to read the stuff from the meeting. And then I talked to Barbara and I’m like, I gotta read this because she’s knows this as well as anybody. Anderson calls the violations that keep them in locked up ridiculous. For an example a staff member at large got a glass perfume bottle in birchas cell. The only glass allowed is the window and a video with some brief nudity, Burch and bought the video from another inmate for whom the staff had approved it. But they said birch, who reached level five the highest here should have known better and dropped him back to level four. Frustrated, he stopped attending meetings, which is another offense and was then knocked down to level to carry Apple Quist lards assistant director told the district court of wider county Kansas, forgive me for pronouncing that wrong. If you don’t do the program, you won’t get out. Apple Quest was approached actually given phone calls, and he did not return or respond to any of them. inmates in Virginia maybe will respond to me Apple quest I’ll talk to you. You can come on the show if you want. inmates in Virginia, North Dakota, Minnesota and New Jersey tell stories about similarly irrational rules for example, and the abital facility in New Jersey inmates watching television must immediately change the channel if a child appears on the screen if they don’t, it’s written up as an incident. They claim that by watching children on TV, we made them our victims. I didn’t agree with this. So I got five extra years. But eventually I said I did victimize them. So they couldn’t use this as an excuse to add on more years. Wow. That David Martin not his real name. He had he’s been detained at Avenal for 17 years after completing his prison sentence. Martin, like all but two of the 20 men I interviewed feared reprisals from the staff and asked for an anatomy why boy have the vocabulary of a drunk toddler. In Kansas, another large inmate John Blake, not his real name, told me he got his cell phone from his wife got a cell phone from his wife, who made their granddaughters name the password. On learning this, the staff said Blake had focused on an underage child are you for the same reason they confiscated his wall calendars, on which he circled the dates of his children’s and grandchildren’s birthdays. Also, they insisted a bulletin he brought from church was child pornography. Since I had a drawing of kids. Blake at this time had reached the program’s reintegration phase, where he lived in a less secure building on the prison grounds from which the men go to jobs and town. But because of the incidents, he was hauled back to the Lord maximum security facility. Oh my god. That

Joshua T Berglan 38:09
it’s just it’s like there’s so much here inmates who ask questions even through Freedom of Information request get few answers. Charles garena was in New York prison 13 years for molesting an underage girl in 1984. And recommitted for contacting an old girlfriend on Facebook and watching pornography on a cell phone. Committed to Marcy four years ago, he filed a FOIA request to learn how many men died there, and the number of new inmates and cheer each year. The OMH replied, the agency doesn’t track that information. While someone is drained also as to how many men had been released since Marcy opened, all inmates replied, We do not have the legal authority to order releases. Technically, this is true, because only the courts can release somebody, but OMH recommends who should stay or leave. Anderson says even when judges decide some men can be moved to the phase called Transitional Living. They’re often returned to facilities often always for technical reasons, not new sex offenses. I know this isn’t quote, I know a civilly committed man from Nebraska, who has who was back with his family, he drove 50 miles to a concert. And since his parole officer only allowed 50 mile trips, he was brought back to prison and then civilly committed he’s been there for 20 years.

Joshua T Berglan 39:41
Not surprisingly, the men are very angry. And the psychologist Tabitha Strickler says they should be no kidding. Yet Apple Quist also told the why and DOE Dade County Court that anger was another reason why birch wouldn’t be released. There’s so much here. I mean, I, I can keep going. And it’s just going to be more reading and more stuff that’s just like, but I’m going to link to articles that Barbara has written, that are really, really powerful. And gosh, I wonder if I can find the money project really quick. I want to find the money. If I can find the money. I want you guys to hear these numbers. Actually, no, wait, it’s in my email. I’m going to read from the I’m going to pull up the press release or the the fact here and this is about MSOP.

Unknown Speaker 40:39
Would you go Tom? Where’s your email? I pulled this up. This last few years Minnesota, taxpayers have spent over $1.6 billion for treatment pro rata holds those who have committed sex crimes in depth after completing their prison sentences. This is a manipulation of civil law to hold people for what they might do the claim, as they were saying, stand trial but to mentally ill to be released. And this indefinite detention after prison is treatment, not punishment. Yet this treatment is a horror stories. Tories have been 94 people dead in 16, fully released all of them out after a 2015 lawsuit that Britain ruled the facility on call constitutional. Okay. This is what Tom was talking about last night. Because this story how it connects to Tom is wild. But I have the letter he wrote to the government Senate today. I don’t know if I can. I’ll let I’m gonna ask permission if I can put it on mute. I don’t know. Why can’t. He was telling us last night about how the the judge ruled this. Somebody’s unconstitutional so they’re gonna shut it down. So long story short, there’s a very, very famous case about one of these prisoners getting up. But when he met with the problem, where he was told and just like me if I forget that he said I need more treatment because prisoner was telling them he needed more treatment. I wasn’t ready to get out yet. So I said we offer relief. Why need more treatment? Well, you go to more treatment, you’re never gonna get out. This is what they told me goes well. Okay. I guess I’m ready to be releasing. Exactly. Words. But long story short, the dude got out. And he raped at knifepoint and killed her mutilated computer, and everything else.

Unknown Speaker 43:00
So why did this guy get out of prison? Is he saying are you saying he’s not ready to get out? They’re closing the program down? Well, you’re talking about money right? So let me finish.

Unknown Speaker 43:21
So the 2015 rule, facility unconstitutional administer. Shall prisons are the worst in the country, with highest per capita commitments, the most cost in the bottom and end of releases. Yet these scandals, facilities don’t make anyone safer. 30 states have no such program. I’ve seen a greater reduction in sexual violence overstates these programs, wherever the shadow prisons only address sexual violence from a tiny fraction of the already tiny fraction of people already convicted of a crime. The vast majority of the actual violence and 93% is done by people without prior convictions. At most, and SOP, reduces sexual violence in Minnesota by point 00035 for 1 million a year spent $420 per detainee per day to being ineffective. massive investment promotes the misleading monster narrative that stopped us from understanding what it takes to reduce sexual violence is a problem. It’s a spiritual problem. Like no medication, really gonna solve this. It’s a spiritual problem. I know it’s awkward time to say that Jesus, Jesus, Jesus is the only thing I know the real reason. Because the medication we take doesn’t exactly heal us. It may create others, and listen to the commercial. Oh, my God, oh, this medication that’s gonna help you live longer because of the side effects, because you just told me that. But now my magnets are gonna fall off, my eyes are gonna go black, and my head’s gonna pull off. And then I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die of sweating. Combustion. We just said I’m gonna live on the spirit problem, which is we’ve got your call me with whatever you want. But I’m telling you, I had nothing to do with myself. And the only thing that got me was Jesus. Because Jesus is no medication he’ll be making me worse. And he was not helping people made it they made them shut up. Make them talk. We made them not. Jesus talked about the history of Hijri. You understand you have more to talk about. So 100 grand a year. This is an this is so key. One program. Don’t hurt detainee per day. I don’t know what the math is. That’s pretty expensive. That’s like over suck at math really badly. I would suggest it’s close to what 3004 29 That’s good. But it’s really quick. So don’t make me feel like you’re a complete moron. 429 times 30. Oh, I’m sorry. That would be 13,000 to $1,700. a month. Wow. That’s a lot of light. Okay, in addition to being an effective, this massive investment promoting the Mr. Monster narrative that stops us from understanding what it takes to reduce violence, nor has Minnesota more punishment and criminal justice protections since 1980s. And especially since 2005. So it has created strong constitutional ways to punish making constitutionally dubious shall present treatment, unnecessary and absurd. Average senator, sex crimes have double intensively lengthy and sometimes a lifetime service or standard, both. Since 2005. A license is now possible for single hideous next time. Those who are truly an immediate danger to self and others can be placed in the Security Hospital but greater rights to be assessed and released than in the federal prisons. We already have needed security apparatus in place. We need a stronger investment in getting violence supporting survivors and ensuring accountability and breaking the cycle. Every year. government, the government legislative state, federal courts have tried to fit this panel that has no sort of shadow prisons, but I’ve gotten no way. So we are getting taken together to make a new vision for change. Thank you for being part of this. And that is the end of MSOP coalition

Unknown Speaker 48:48
and SOP coalition. And that is I think you know, that was a meeting that I was gonna be partying last night with a quick education for Tom and I have to present notation here. We scan through it really quick. It doesn’t find last year to which such data is available. So there’s no new data available. More than 61,000 Minnesota residents were sexually assaulted. Some victims suffered multiple assaults. That’s where total of 77,000 sexual assault. I got to think that it’s way higher now. In a single year. That’s 1.2% of Minnesota, wanting 28 Girls, one in 50 women 180 Men, all between the ages of 30 to 45. Eight knowing an estimated cost and 15 I don’t know what this is what 1500 Represent. I probably should have had that central bias levels are higher in Minnesota for low income, people of color and LGBT people. Poor times have recently homeless times this by four if recently, the homeless are unable to access food. I mean, we hear about when we were out the dump town and we were feeding the homeless you hear about the sexual violence happens four times greater LGBTQ than heterosexual nitrate. There’s two times higher for American Indian or multiracial ninth graders, two times higher, with free or reduced lunch. So by not taking care of people, by people not having their basic needs by people not feeling safe, but people not feeling protected. become at risk of sexual violence. Wow. Okay, somebody’s trying to I don’t know, but okay, so reporting violence and legal consequences. For 2013 and 2019 70% of sexual assaults were not reported to police. So that’s the same percentage of people that are keeping a secret group that’s suffering in silence. And that’s not going to do anything. 83% of reports do not need to test 92% of reports do not need to incarceration. For everyone on sexual assault, 2.5 people will go to prison. Interesting argument to make. Because, you know, there’s the injustice of the shadow prisons and what’s happening yet. These numbers are pretty staggering to me, because it seems like not enough. People are locked up. People are more likely to be incarcerated for sexual assault, as non sexual assault is 2.5 3.3% Even though sexual assaults are reported half as often and lead to 2.5 times less row rest. The points in part two, the limits of Ricardo approach, if this isn’t getting survivors what they need? Well, maybe the argument that’s being made here is that we’re spending all this money to legally lock people up and not give them their basic care. And this money could be going towards advocacy, support supporting victims, because victims sometimes I don’t know if this is one of the question I have here, but victims, sometimes they become the perpetrator. That’s me, you gotta think about this. People that rate, typically at the rate of people that abuse, abuse. It’s kind of I mean, so we’re not helping people here, like you think and I’m going to do a whole speech about broken home, signal, whole speech about all that stuff. But the fact is, we’re not really, really caring for people. We’re especially not caring for our youth. And we’re not caring for the victims, and we’re not creating a safe place for victims to come and be willing to speak out. And that’s a problem. I don’t want to spend too much time on this. I just want to go over some of the stuff I see. Every year tax payers in Minnesota, make a $100 million investment gentleman’s prison, prison for people convicted. And by the way, these prisons are being built out and expanded. Like they’re getting bigger, so they have bigger plans for it.

Unknown Speaker 53:47
So who’s in Minnesota shut out of prisons. According to the Department of Human Services set for 10 people help and definitely an MSRP as of 2022, who knows some of these people are watching 62%, Greater Minnesota, average age 52 years old, one out of 10 people were actually five years older so that a seven out of the nine fit. People committed 72% are white, interesting. Black people, two times over. Pretty representative. I don’t know what that means. Native LGBTQ for up to five times over presented over two dozen trans women are also this male only facility that doesn’t seem safe, safe either. In the weeks or days, once time is over, you are said to be calculated and found to be mentally ill and sexually dangerous under civil, not criminal law where You have not committed a crime, people’s sane enough to go to prison or said, We insist. You have less rights than in quick. Court hearsay is legal. It’s not beyond a reasonable doubt, etc. It’s far easier to get them to get out by different criteria. The detainees are confined and definitely for what they might do, despite the crime or the Minority Report, indefinite detention is considered to be but not punishment Cheeseman. Anyway, there’s so much this, it’s all disgusting. It’s not, it’s not right. And so

Joshua T Berglan 55:49
again, I don’t want to just sit here and read the whole time, which it basically did try to give some commentary. But we’re going to take a deep dive and dive into this. And the main reason why is because other than the fact that this is unconstitutional, not that this government follows the Constitution. But there’s also innocent people that are locked up. Yeah, there’s people that were convicted of a crime serve their time, and then thrown back in, which also isn’t right. And then there’s people that belong there. The fact is, there’s inconsistencies but there’s a lot of money being made a lot of money being made in these facilities, for the people that own them, and operate them. And you got to, you got to wonder that you got to wonder why. And so I want to know that truth, and we’re gonna dig into it. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your support. And, you know, I, you know, what, I, we are a ministry, and we didn’t really, you know, read from the Bible, or do anything like that today. But, you know, I believe part of being a ministry is, is serving the last, and the broken, and showing them love. And we want truth, and I’m not trying to glorify or, you know, excuse what anyone’s done, because the guilty should be punished, but a lot of them have already been punished and serve their time. So we want truth, we want the right thing to be done. And I don’t really even know what that is. But I do know that there’s a lot of wrong happening. And a lot of people are getting rich off of it. And then a right, especially when there’s a violent criminals that are being released, and going out and doing more crime you can do, I mean, these criminals can come into your home with guns and rape your your loved ones. And you really don’t have recourse, like, you shoot them, guess what’s going to happen, like some of these laws are getting way out of whack. Anyway, I don’t want to misspeak, because I was going off with something there. But I just Heavenly Father, I you’ve led us down this path for a reason. And I don’t know exactly what it is, except maybe to find truth and to if there’s the free innocent lives and to expose evil than that, so be it. But Lord, I pray that if anyone that in the prisons or the family members are listening to this, I just want you to know that I’m like, touch their heart, like, touch, touch them with your healing power, Lord. It can be done, you can heal anyone, you can heal anything, and you are God of justice, you are the God of making things right. And for you know, the true true evil that’s behind bars, and that deserves to be there, then you give them justice, to give them the punishment that they that they need. But Lord let justice be had to. And for people that have served their time and have been done wrong. Let’s give them a retrieval. Give them new life, give them an opportunity and give them an opportunity to share the truth. I also believe, Lord, that the people that did that were inappropriate with kids and raped and hurt other people. I believe that you can forgive them too. And you can use their testimony to touch others and made you mind you maybe their testimony doesn’t reach the masses. Maybe it’s not the easiest testimony to listen to. But there is a certain demographic in this world that their testimony is meant for. And you are the God of redemption. And you are the God of healing. And the only way to really heal us with truth. So bring truth. Bring your truth and let’s bring a light to the shadow prisons in the shadow worlds. In let your healing begin. I love you Lord. And please Lord, touch the family members of the victims of the the innocent but also the mean the victims of the guilty. Touch them, heal them and give them an opportunity make use of their pain, give their purpose, give their pain, purpose and give it the opportunity to elevate others Listen to help others heal. We love you Lord, I surrendered this broadcast to you. In Jesus name. Amen. Thank you for watching. Have a wonderful

Unknown Speaker 1:00:09
day. Amazing Grace. How sweet the sound that saved me. I was lost and found Was blind but I see I was lost I was blind boy