December 7th, 2022

Episode 21 “SEX” by Joshua T Berglan

Following Jesus is the key to unlocking the Kingdom of Heaven and a lot more but not what most think either.

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Sex is not a big deal, or is it?

The Bible has a lot to say about sex and sexuality, which has been used to hurt people, cause confusion, drive some to suicide, others to be exiled from homes, some to live in shame, or even worse in the shadows.

Is the Bible wrong in what it says about sex?

What is sinning against your own body really mean?

What are visions that cause one to sin against their own body?

Could it be that the Bible is outdated or has it proven its point?

On Joshua T Berglan “sex”, the former chemsex addict gives his unique perspective on this issue while diving into what the Bible and Philosophers have to say about this very complex issue.

While the broadcast has some graphic content, it is appropriate for anyone who is sexually active or looking to be.


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