Gary M. Safady joins Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’ to discuss responsible development that will set a new standard for green building and that will be on full display with the Bulgari Resort Los Angeles.

This eco-friendly sanctuary in Los Angeles, located in the majestic Santa Monica Mountains will feature a 58-room resort and eight homes that will be nestled amongst 33 acres of a stunning hillside park, natural wildlife and remarkable views with a community dog park.

Other examples of how this resort will prove to be responsible and a sustainable development…….

Nearly ¾ of the site is open space
Net Zero Greenhouse Gases (GHG)
Increased safety measures and fire safety infrastructure
Community project
Significant job creation
Modest 58 rooms and eight homes
Equal opportunity employer
Wildlife and Habitat Stewardship
Uncompromising contemporary design
Project Labor Agreement – Union Friendly
LEED Gold Certified

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Mr. Safady founded the national real estate firm O&S Holdings, LLC 25 years ago and successfully developed projects (mixed-use, hospitality, etc.) of over 5 million square feet throughout the United States. He has been recognized by national real estate journals and many as an expert in private-public partnerships and creative developments. Since selling his real estate portfolio, he has focused on luxury eco-friendly resorts and is currently developing an eco-friendly Bulgari Resort and Estates in Los Angeles. The Bulgari Resort is a luxury branded hotel and residence development, the first of its kind in the market. An avid traveler, Mr. Safady is also expanding internationally with several luxury eco-friendly resorts planned in the near future.

Mr. Safady is the founder of Safady Entertainment, which produced faith-based Machine Gun Preacher starring Gerard Butler. In addition, he is a partner and served on the Board of Directors for Virgin Produced, a company of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. Under Virgin’s umbrella, over 12 movies, several TV shows, and live music festivals were accomplished. Mr. Safady, of Lebanese origins, is currently developing a 1970’s true story based on the book Cobra 405 that tells the story of British SAS agents who heisted the Bank of the Middle East in Beirut, Lebanon. Mr. Safady’s passion for entertainment did not stop there; in 2007, he created Monaco Pictures, a luxury movie theatre experience that sold in 2014 to Cinemark.

Over the past several years, he has become an active investor in the sustainable technology sector and digital currencies. His investments include a Direct Carbon Fuel Cell technology, a start-up, a sustainable fertilizer company derived from ocean water, sustainable forestry products, and Axitan, which uses microalgae and produces edible vaccines and peptides for the animal health industry. Mr. Safady holds a B.A. in Business Finance from Loyola Marymount University. He is also a member of the Producers Guild of America, a frequent guest speaker on creative sustainability measures at universities and conferences worldwide, and a frequent speaker at International Shopping Center Conventions.

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Gary M. Safady 0:01
What’s up ladies and gentlemen, my name is Joshua and I’m the world’s Mayor, thank you so much for being here. We’re broadcasting on the live on the network, you can find our apps on your phone, tablet computer, or Smart TV like Apple, Roku, Amazon Fire, you can find the live mana network there. And of course all hot cat works. So grateful to have you today we have one of the I’m, this is a little hard for me. Like typically when I get an interview, there’s one thing that’s so obvious to focus on. But our guest today is been involved in, has done and is doing all things that I am just really, really geeked out and excited about. And it’s just super interesting. I’m gonna give you a little bit of background, so you kind of know what’s going on. I’m not really big on reading bios. But when you hear this bio, and I’m not going to read it word for word, yours some of this it’s going to be I think it’s pretty impressive. And it’s inspire you. But yeah, so check this out. I’ll be right. Pull up the screen here. All right, Gary Sophie, body and that’s that right, I just clarification. But today, mentally, I’m a little bit all over the place. But Mr. Svaty is the founder and then of the national real estate firm. Oh, and S holdings LLC came five years ago. And he’s successfully developed products, mixed use hospitality projects, over 5 million square feet, the United States, 5 million square feet. That is amazing. So he sold his real estate port port, his real estate portfolio, you can tell I’m a little excited because I’m stunned right now. But now he’s doing something that really cool. Now, of course, a lot of you have heard, you’ve heard the news about water restrictions in LA and you hear about some celebrities taking advantage of just the over the water. And you hear about a conservationist and people that are really sim about our natural resources. And one of the most remarkable things about living in Los Angeles is the hills. I mean, I always joke why I love living there so much, or why I loved living there is because it was a reminder of Heaven and Hell every day. And that’s a whole other story too. But one of the things that are so ingrained when you get there, especially if you’re going to LA with the dream dreams and visions of doing something amazing. Being a star, being a famous producer, whatever it may be, there’s so many opportunities in LA, but everyone looks up because the house is in the hills. And if you’ve ever been to a house in the hills, it’s got the most impeccable view you can ever imagine. It’s just gorgeous. But it’s also amazing to look up at it. Now with La going through so many changes more high rises into on Sunset Boulevard, changing people’s views. There’s a lot of craziness happening in Los Angeles. But one of the things that in very serious because there’s all this

Gary M. Safady 3:04
stuff about, again, celebrities and the rich, but just abusing resources and take taking advantage while I’m a celebrity so I can do whatever I want. It’s it’s just never been done before. But Gary is now building luxury eco friendly resorts. Now, of course, the demographic they speak to we have a wide variety of people that watch here. But one of the first questions is what do we need another resort for the rich. But here’s the fact that I know, and I’m going to get into questions, I’m going to have him tell everything that’s going everything about this development and what he plans on doing, you know, across the country around the world with eco friendly resorts. Here’s why this matters. Because we the rich and famous and we do for the most part, a lot of people do what say they have a lot of influence. That’s why they get to endorse products like black coffee, they get to endorse jewelry, they endorse, they endorse everything, and they get paid a lot of money to do so because they have influence. So whatever you say about the rich, the fast fact is they do set trends. And and people follow what they do. And so to have a real estate to accomplish, that could do anything in the world could have probably retired 50 times over as his real estate business. Now he’s building these eco friendly resorts and when you hear about him, it’s now one of the things that reasons he’s here is because for some reason, I would add resistance from somebody in Los Angeles, because you can’t even wipe your butt there without permission or without paying a tax for it. So there’s something there’s getting some kind of resistance, and he’s here to talk about that and here to talk about these resorts. The why this matters to you all and why you want to be a part of this is because I believe this tip that he has and again it’s a luxury resort But believe what he is doing is something that’s duplicatable, that can actually go down to people that are not considered rich that are not considered, you know, they can’t afford luxury apartments or homes or even resorts. So I believe that this is going to set a trend and something that can be duplicated all over the world. And it needs to be done. Because the fact is this, say what you want to say about global warming, so on, but I will say this, we have abused the resources. We’ve abused, we have water, we have droughts, everywhere, we have plastic pollution, there’s so many things that we are doing to abuse this beautiful mother nature that we have this this planet that God has created. It we’re resources, and, you know, it’s got to stop. And I believe this project is something that is going to inspire change. And that’s why you want this on top of that. He’s also a movie producer. And he’s produced one of my favorite movies of all time about a gentleman, the Machine Gun Preacher. That was so inspiring to me when I first started down this path. So grateful to have you here, and we will be right back after this. Bout to explode. Let me now get low All right, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the one and only I don’t think that there’s another one especially that does what this guy does. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr. Gary Safadi. Oh, good. How are you? I’m good. I said your last name. Right? Please tell.

Gary M. Safady 7:02
I’m trying to be french. I’ve been watching French movies on Netflix. So you know, I’m trying to develop a French accent or something. Well, I’m so grateful that you’re here. And I’m really interested in hearing this project from you and why this matters so much. First things first, sir, can you tell us what you’re grateful for today and why?

Gary M. Safady 7:26
I mean, every day I wake up, I’m super grateful. Just I have an amazing family. Great kids. You know, and especially from where I started in life to where I am today. Basically from nothing. I’m extremely grateful for that.

Gary M. Safady 7:45
One, when you say start from nothing like where did you grow up?

Gary M. Safady 7:49
I grew up in Stockton, California. And you know, I went to school at Loyola Marymount University, and, you know, worked my way through school. I started off actually, you know, people say you did what, but I wasn’t a laborers union. I build I during my college days, I obviously I had to make money to go to school. I get up at four or five in the morning go to Wilshire and Normandy in downtown LA when I was going to school at Loyola Marymount University, and I joined the laborers trade union, local 802. And I say this because it’s pretty tongue in cheek. So I was I was getting up, I was working and for I worked on a project and Wilshire in Normandy, and I also did a hotel project in Manhattan Beach, at the Radisson Hotel Plaza. And fast forward to where we’re at today, on the project that I’m building when I went to sign a project labor agreement. The head of the building trades is a gentleman by the name of Ron Miller. He and I worked on the same job as back in, you know, in the 80s. When I worked as a laborer, and I kind of joke with him, I said, Hey, I used to carry your tool bag and clean up after you guys. So and then there was another the head of policy for the, for the painters union, he and I worked at the same job at the Radisson Hotel. So it’s really, you know, super grateful. And I these guys have been tremendous support in, you know, pushing our project forward, and being partners with me from the standpoint of building this together, when I started off carrying their tools, you know, and that’s really the start of my career. So I had to work my way through college, to get to, obviously to where I’m at, but it was, it wasn’t always easy because I 93 Or so I got married and I had no money and I live with my grandmother for the first three years of our marriage. And when I started to make some money instead of buying a house we’re out When our first child, I ended up buying a small piece of land to do a commercial building. And that’s really what kick started everything and so that, you know, five, to 10 Yeah, so and just grew from there, I just every project got bigger. And, you know, it was great, right?

Gary M. Safady 10:21
That is, that’s so inspiring. Because I, I mean, like, for what I would, you know, my dreams of producing, you know, mega films and having a media organization like we have now. And like, all of these goals and dreams and visions that I have of what it is that I want to do and get to do and I and believe that I was created to do that journey. terrifying because there’s no safety net, and then you’re betting on yourself, like, every month, it seems like I’m re re upping and re betting on myself, because that’s the only way to really make it happen. So hearing you say that is inspiring to me, because, I mean, you should I think we all should bet on ourselves. This if we’re doing

Gary M. Safady 11:09
close to do 100% I mean, all my life, I had to bet on myself, you know, and I’ve never I can never really ever recall taking a salary from once i Once started, you know, so i eat What i killed and so I really had to I 100% I say this often too, I’d bet on myself all day long. So I have compassion for others. And when you say that same you bet on yourself to get where you’re at today. I use the same philosophy and everything I do and I also know my roots and where I came from and and so I’m always very appreciative and grateful for that.

Gary M. Safady 11:49
I so I want to ask you about transition to this amazing project. Don’t up work. This is the best picture this is pulled. I gonna switch screens Forgive me I’m so sorry. How’d I do that? My name is not wanting to agree with me write something here. I’ll pull it up in a second. Dad gummit my That’s embarrassing. Dad gummit Okay, now here we go. Now I can do it. My goodness. Okay. So sorry about that. So, this is what motivated you to start something like this that is I mean, US is doing anything like this, like why are you creating the sustainable resorts and this these eco friendly resorts? Why the vision for this all over the country all over the world? Why? What motivated you to do this?

Gary M. Safady 12:57
So I would say, you know, let’s back up when I had when I started ons holdings, my cousin and I, we built mostly commercial centers, etc. We were in the midst of our final project. And it was about a 2 million square foot mixed use Town Center. And I was I lost my passion for it. And I really lost the vision of of what I was doing. And subsequently that was the last project that I did. That was in 2008. We completed it very successful in Northern Alabama. And I had, I was going through divorce in early oh eight and I bought this piece of land in Beverly Hills from a guy named Kirk Kerkorian, who was a well known figure. And not only only MGM Studios, but a businessman, etc. And I bought it because I just couldn’t believe the size of the land. And it was an amazing piece of property when you step foot, but I didn’t know what I was going to do with it. And it wasn’t until you know 12 through 14 I sold all my commercial stuff shopping malls we got we just found it basically. That was the last project of ons holdings. So in 2016 I had this vision and when I bought the property when anybody would ever come to the property, they said, Oh my God, I don’t feel like I’m in LA. And you should do a resort here. This is like a retreat. I’m literally just in awe like I live two minutes from here and I didn’t know this existed. So you know, the I started to get the bug again and the passion and the vision to like see something from start to finish. And I had a vision to do really just a one of a kind, eco friendly type Luxury Resort and I went out to a hotel group to see if they’d be interested. And they’re like, I want it. Then this hotel heard I was doing it, they wanted, everybody seemed to gravitate towards this, and towards the site plan and what we created. So I was I knew I was onto something. But you know, at the end of the day, I, it’s hard for me to do anything unless I really have my hearts into it and passion first. And I really had I really, I got that back, which I lost in the latter part of my career doing commercial. And I just feel this is the Santa Monica Mountains. And when you come to LA, a lot of people don’t really, truly experience them, they may go heights on one knee, and another but living within the canyon. And having that which I have been so grateful, and so blessed to be doing over the last 1012 years living there that I wanted to also share the same experience and do something that really honors the Santa Monica Mountains and what la living is all about the whole indoor outdoor living, but then take it a step further. And really build responsibly and build from an from an ego standpoint, LEED Gold certified, you know, Net Zero, greenhouse gases. So this is probably one of the most modeled projects that’s happening in LA from the standpoint of this size to have all these sustainability features, etc. And the main thing is respecting the environment. So it was extremely important to to have the land fit the buildings in the buildings fit the land versus the land fit the buildings, I don’t want flat pads, my, the uniqueness of the site is the hills and everything else. So we wanted to preserve as much of the natural topography and make the buildings fit within that. And then once you park on site for the hotel, it’s all walking paths or electric carts to get to your room. And then everything is terraced above the other. So everything has a beautiful sunset view green roofs that looks over and just privacy and seclusion in what’s gonna be one of the most bespoke projects really happening in the US.

Gary M. Safady 17:30
And then of course, once you show that this works, because one of the coolest things about it is all of the jobs that are going to be created with this project also, but then you have a duplicatable model correct once you show that this works.

Gary M. Safady 17:44
Yeah, correct. So you know, from from latest building technologies, to really you know, mastering and showing that, hey, if we can do this here in LA, we can do it anywhere. And so, you know, my passion really is doing high end luxury resorts and associated homes within that all luxury branded, so to go out and you know, the other sites that I’m eyeing right now in South America and Central America and the Caribbean and in in in Europe as well Western Europe, that I want to bring this model to there. And plus, you know, I’ve been blessed last October, we announced the Bulgari resort. Bolgheri is our our partner in this the hotel operator, and they’re a fantastic company, their luxury company first, and not a hotel company. So it’s it was key to have a distinct brand. Plus they have a connection with Hollywood dating back 100 years of all the jewelry and you know, outfitting the Oscars etc. So, you know, and their commitment to the environment is on par with with our vision as well.

Gary M. Safady 18:59
That is that’s really, really cool. I especially like with South America, I mean, hearing the other countries that you want to go on and go in and picturing that. It’s, it’s awesome. But I got a question. And and there’s just as you know, there’s a lot of people right now that are struggling and you know, COVID and all that crap that’s gone on the last few years, and it’s just been a nightmare. The economy’s is stranger than I think it’s ever been, at least in my lifetime at 43 years. And not that I’m an expert on that. But it’s I mean, things feel very different right now. And there’s a lot of issues that are sticking out to people that they feel like they need to care about and so on. Why should the general public that doesn’t have the money to be able to stay at a hotel like this? Can you tell them why they should care and why they should support this petition? That that you’re that you’ve started to be able to? I don’t even understand what the pushback is. Because I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to do this. But that said, you obviously are needing signatures for this petition. So why should the general public care about something like this, when they may never be able to afford to go to it?

Gary M. Safady 20:14
Yeah, I know, I think when you, when you when you build anything today, if I was building the fountain of youth or a mailbox here, I would have the same opposition. And look at, look at the rhetoric that we face, and it’s all with respect to the environment, that will be demonstrative to the environment, all those things I could potentially do if I was just building another housing, track, per code, etc. But we really are taking it a next next notch above, a next step ahead, and being progressive and being responsible development. And I think that is one thing. Another thing is, there hasn’t been a lot of good news out of Los Angeles, you hear about the crime and everything else. And and, you know, I’m very humbled that I was able to land which is a significant boost to the image of Los Angeles is bouldery. But at the same token is, you know, I was flattered when I spoke to the head of the labor unions, and they’re like, you’re an inspiration, you started where all these workers started. And you can also show like, hard work, and you could, we could also someone else can be in that same position. You know, and I think the, the misnomer is, is this is extremely difficult, you know, it’s a very, I’ve been doing this for six years, getting this process through, and we refined it, we have great teams from all around the world working on this architecturally, environmentally, etc, to make sure that we do something extremely responsible. And it is a bespoke project, that can really, really boost the image of LA, and make it a environmentally friendly project. Because just because you’re developing something, there’s something will be built there. And if you look around, and you go up the streets, you know, behind know, the projects, you’ll see massive retaining walls on the top of the ridge line, flat pads 1000s of trucks of dirt being exported out of the site, that’s not happening here. We’re doing a fraction of any of that that’s what’s happening. We’re really such a it’s a positive experience, you know, and so that’s kind of, you know, my thought process on this and, you know, I know where my roots are, I know where I come from. And so I’m, I’m just grateful to be in this position, to hopefully inspire others that anything is possible.

Gary M. Safady 22:52
Well, it’s, it’s inspiring to me. And I, the way you answered that question makes you even more inspiring, because it’s like, the most thoughtful, loving way that you could answer a question like that, because I know that that is being thrown at you, whether behind your back or to your face, like why should we give, you know, because that’s how people are cynical. And a lot of people never believe that they would be able to achieve something like that, to have a home and a place like that, or even stay a weekend at a hotel like that, or any luxury hotel for that matter. So I love the way that you answered that. And because, look, I mean, it’s motivating to me, I would, you know, want to do that and also support that and the other part about it is what you’re doing, the way that you’re going about building this property is something that could carry over to lower you know, people with with less money with the low with from, you know, lower price housing, you know, for the middle class, or even the it’s all duplicatable, because the things that the resources that you’re using are, whether it’s sustainable, they’re sustainable, at least, from what I understand about it. And I love it. I think it’s amazing. So why the petition, like why do you need the signatures? Why are why are people lining up to support this?

Gary M. Safady 24:12
No, we have a tremendous amount of support. And especially once you understand, you know, what we’re doing, and how responsible the team is really on this, you know, projects just don’t get built by, you know, having one or two people are the proponent. You know, the city likes to see additional support that you have, and we have we have good support. A very strong base and more and more of it’s growing day by day because, you know, when you really look at the components of our project and what we’re doing, and you look at what others are doing and what we could be doing by code. It’s really a a an enlightening process. As anyone that, you know, we want to gain support, because we feel that more people that support this can also help foster change going forward on different type of building methods to construct much more, I would say, environmentally friendly. So it’s helped. It’s, it’s, it’s fantastic when you have that support, you know, all my all my life, the most important thing to me was when people believe in me, and to execute, it’s almost more gratifying than any, you know, anything else in there. And so when these people that take a tour, and they’re like, Oh, my God, I was told it was something totally different. This is amazing. This is great. This is be great for the city of LA, and is starting to catch on like wildfire. And really build on that that narrative, which is really the the facts of the project are a positive attribute to the neighborhood, to the environment to the city of LA, across the board.

Gary M. Safady 26:08
Well, this is the I’m gonna show you the petition here, I finally have my screen working for me on And I’m in by the time you’re watching this, this will be in the media kit everyone to you can go to live And this petition will be here of course, you can also look up support responsible development built green, again on The this is it, it gives you all the information you need. It doesn’t cost anything to be able to sign this petition. And, look, it’s it’s awesome. Because this is a trend setting thing. I believe I believe that someone’s got to be the one to do it first. And then everybody else follows when they see how incredible it is. And why wouldn’t we want to take care of it. I mean, you’re right what you say about LA, I haven’t I still read the LA newspapers, I still home to me, I would do anything to go back. Like, I ended up in Minnesota where it’s freakin winter already. Anyway, um, I like it’s, it’s so inspiring. But everything I read that’s coming out of LA is like, God bless. It’s so negative. Like this, to me is a reason. It’s like The Great Gatsby doing something, you know, it’s like a, it’s like a Gatsby hotel, but eco friendly. And, and that’s that inspires people causes people to dream. Not I’m not saying it’s equivalent to the moon landing. But in a way, it’s kind of like that, because someone’s gonna do it first. And then once someone’s done it, they break the six minute mile, those kinds of things, then everybody else wants to do the same thing. And why wouldn’t you want to take care of this amazing planet we live in? And especially places like, I mean, say what you want to say about LA people, but that GM, and I love LA people. And I love that state. I love that city. And this would be amazing. For everyone involved, I think,

Gary M. Safady 27:59
yeah, no, I appreciate that. I agree. And, you know, when you start the development, you start from a clean piece of paper, and you start to build and you start to move buildings and all that. And so I’m very proud of what we created there. And super proud of the fact that you know, we’re not putting perimeter fencing all the way around. So this way, the wildlife can still roam free throughout the property. All these little things mean so much, we’re doing a small community dog park, up near the front entry. So there’s a lot of dog walkers there. And now they can have a place to gather and go there. So it’s a sense of community that, that we’re building there. But also, it’s really something that is going to be an unmatched experience in LA.

Gary M. Safady 28:49
Yeah, I do, you will be able to see the the link to not just the petition that you can sign but also to the property to read more in, like in specific detail about what they’re doing. But is freakin awesome. And, you know, I mean, like, I just I’m rooting for you. 100% Do you have anything else that you want to say about the property because then I want to talk to you about something else real quick to

Gary M. Safady 29:18
look at it. It’s been an incredible experience. And I’m grateful for for my whole team that’s working on this, and also those at the city that have been sticking by us and really, you know, wanting to see this happen that, you know, nothing happens by one person. And so I’m blessed to be surrounded by much smarter people than I am. And you know, it’s just I hope to see all of you at the project and of course you Joshua and be my guest and love to have you up there and experience which will be an unmatched experience, you know, and so

Gary M. Safady 29:56
they all work for you for free. If you helped me move you His? Well, actually speaking of that, I want to ask you, so the movie industry, movie business has changed. The world of entertainment, it’s changed. Everything is kind of merging together. Social media, media, you know, whether it’s a TV show or a live stream or a movie, it seems like everything’s blending in. And it’s it’s everything’s on demand. Everyone has access to it. And there’s a crap ton of content. So and everyone’s putting it out, because there’s a demand for it. So the art of moviemaking has changed dramatically. Correct?

Gary M. Safady 30:35
Yeah, I mean, it’s really has from the first movie that I made Machine Gun Preacher to where we’re at today, the industry, you know, 180 degree change there?

Gary M. Safady 30:46
Is it is it insane for somebody to try to go on about themselves, like, even if they have no real experience, like I, how I fell into producing, it was just dumb luck, like I was just happened to be at the right place at the right time. And I was able to raise some money, and then got producing credits, like I literally fell into it on accident. Know how I went into LA with a skincare line, and walked out, acting and doing all kinds of stuff that I never intended to do. But is it insane for somebody that like we, I created a movie called the devil inside of me, it’s my testimony. It’s my, it’s my story, my wife and I made it. And we, we wrote the book hit bestseller. And then we made a concept film with B roll. And the idea behind it was we would make this B roll film to pitch to try to get a bigger film made. Is that a crazy strategy? Or is there a better strategy to get a very real authentic, faith based but uncensored an uncensored faith based film? In your opinion, because you made a faith based film? Is it better to try to go out it alone? Or is there a better way? Now?

Gary M. Safady 32:00
I mean, I think there’s actually more opportunities than make film because as you said, there’s everybody wants content. And you know, and I think in some respects, some of the larger format movies have, which was with stars has somewhat suffered compared to the traditional filmmaking days when they weren’t just pumping out film. But I think the opportunities and I respect what you just said, because you just, I didn’t know anything about the movie business when I got into it. And the story was pitched to me about these children in Africa. And I’ve always had a fascination with it. And I did a, I had a, an office in Liberia, in Monrovia, Liberia. So my passion was I had a deep passion and respect for the people of Africa, and especially the children. Knowing that I obviously I have three kids. It just moved me to make that movie. And when I heard the pitch, I was like, Oh, my God, this movie has to be made and, and just by the grace of God, then all of a sudden, you know, we have Gerard Butler starring in it and, and Michelle Monaghan and Michael Shannon, directed by Mark Vorster. These are massive names for you know, this is my first movie, so Well, I was just blessed, you know, and what can I say, and to have them as still today, being in my life and being close friends, it’s a testament to really the experience that I went through going there. But, you know, it’s it’s many opportunities today. And, you know, I try to support others with that same vision of NYU graduate and film school that I just completely believe in. And I try to make introductions and help them where I can. And hopefully, I want to make a you know, we’re trying to make another movie together one of his movies that he did, but it just, I, I invest more in people than I do than anything else. And I have to like the person, and I have to believe in it. And they have to have that same passion for what they do. So sure.

Gary M. Safady 34:06
That’s, that is. That’s awesome. I’m glad to share that. Well. This is my last question. What is the most challenging moment in your life, like the moment that you’re like, holy, like, I’m done, this is it? Or it was just a horrific thing that actually ended up turning out to be the greatest blessing of your life. Do you have a moment like that?

Gary M. Safady 34:32
You know, every day is I mean, you every time I wake up, it’s a blessing and almost a curse because there’s, you know, I have so much that I have going on and different businesses, different industries, and I always said this is no matter how great my day is, they’re always something that just hits me and brings me back to him. You know, being humble again, and my grandmother always says, Honey, no one likes a big shot. Don’t talk about it, your friends don’t want to hear it and your enemies don’t care. So always remain humble. And I’ve always, I’ve always taken that the note and I was blessed when when I was living with my grandmother, and my parents to my parents, you know, they’re awesome. They never had a lot of money. But I always say their wealth was in their family, because they raised and gave us such an amazing childhood. From the standpoint of a nucleus, breakfast, lunch and dinner together. You know, faith, my grandfather was a priest from Lebanon. And so it was a always a very tight knit family culture in our family. So to have one moment that I can pinpoint, I really can’t say, I got out of my real estate, and I could have continued doing more and more back then, but I’ve just lost my passion for it. And it took a project like this, to get me back into it, to get my juices flowing, and to really want to make a difference, because you can make it if you execute it rightly, if you execute correctly, you can have a magnanimous development, not just from a financial standpoint, because, believe me, this is way bigger risk than I ever taken before. But from a from an environmental and just a rewarding legacy asset. And that’s really making a difference in life. And hopefully, others will, will equally agree and be inspired as well.

Gary M. Safady 36:33
Legacy is my favorite trigger word that people use, I mean, good, good trigger word. Because it’s what it’s all about, like, I, when I turned my life around six years ago, like I was dead set on changing my legacy, from wasting opportunities to make the most out of it. And I but I love that word, because I think it’s essential, especially, especially if we want to break cycles, you know, like, there’s cycles and families that go on, like, I had to break my, the cycle that my own family, because legacy meant something to me, and it still means something to me now. And what I’m trying to build is, is to leave a legacy for my children, that they can do what they can be a part of it through one or not, but I’m trying to leave something behind that they can step into that, that they would love. And, and at the same time want to leave a legacy of, it’s never too late to turn your life around, you know, it’s never too late to make it like you just don’t give up. Sometimes it’s maddening because it becomes an obsession of mine, because I am so focused on that goal, I forget about the other things that matter to me, but I’m learning. So anyway,

Gary M. Safady 37:52
barons, you know, it’s all about perseverance, you know, and having that no matter how hard you get hit, you know, it’s no matter how hard you get hit as long as you get back up, you know. And so it’s very important. And I tried to instill that in my children and blessed with just three, amazing, much well, what’s much more educated children, and now they all speak four or five languages so and have their masters, super proud of them. And hopefully, they’ll look back and say, hey, yeah, my dad did it. Right. So

Gary M. Safady 38:22
yeah, that’s what I want to do. Like he messed up at first, but then

Gary M. Safady 38:27
you’re on track.

Gary M. Safady 38:29
Well, thank you. This has been a real treat for me, and super inspiring, very encouraging. And, you know, I just, I thank you, I can’t thank you enough, I’m going to make sure in the media kit that we have a place that people can go to sign up and sign this petition. But we’ll be praying for you and praying for this project. Because I really do believe it’s bigger than just making the luxury eco friendly, eco friendly resorts. I believe it’s bigger than that, because of who it will inspire, and who will look at you as a role model to go. If he did it, I can do it, too. And that’s freaking awesome to me. So thank you so much for your time today.

Gary M. Safady 39:09
Thank you. And I appreciate, you know, all your kind words as well. Yes, sir. Talk to you soon. Thanks. Bye, bye.

Gary M. Safady 39:16
Thank you. Man, that was cool. Well, thank you guys so much for being here. I really, really enjoyed that. He’s very inspiring and appreciate the wisdom to so God bless you. Thank you for being here. And we’ll see you soon. Thanks.