The Live Mana Worldwide Foundation is passionate about elevating other’s passion, purpose and mission. We have a global vision to (re)build communities around the world by providing food, clothing, fellowship, education, trainings and strategic partnerships to launch others into their God given purpose.

Our Multimedia Broadcast Network’s purpose is to elevate and distribute the Voices for the Voiceless all around the world through streaming TV, Podcast, Radio, Social Media and Blog networks. Each broadcast is aimed to help free people from their own personal hell by putting a spotlight on the dark shadow world, in order to teach others how to break free from the bondage of addiction, sexual identity issues, poverty, mental illness, disease and limiting beliefs.


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Gratitude:UnFiltered “Spirit Lead Us”

Gratitude:UnFiltered featuring Rachel D. Fox

Rachel Fox has been empowering businesses and enabling individuals to achieve their dreams for over a decade. Her unparalleled expertise in technology and corporate strategy has made her a trusted partner to institutions that value her ability to dramatically improve their bottom line, while at the same time clarifying the organization’s objectives to achieve maximum potential. She is a firm believer that nothing is impossible, and is blessed with the opportunity to live out that belief with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and organizations of all shapes and sizes on a daily basis. Additionally, she has spent the last ten years addressing audiences both small and large with her own unique message of empowerment and overcoming life’s (seemingly) daunting obstacles.