Live Mana Worldwide Foundation “Elevating Passion, Purpose & Mission”
Our Philosophy and What We Offer 

The Live Mana Worldwide Foundation & and our Multimedia Broadcast Network, Live Mana is driven to elevate the passion, purpose, and mission of those they serve while providing customized media consulting, multiplying our client’s intellectual property, and their reach, while creating for them new revenue streams.


Our philosophy is Media First.  


We operate from the philosophy that we all MUST be media-first organizations ahead of the changes coming with the 4th Industrial Revolution.  


More importantly, our business itself must become secondary to our individual business endeavors or brand. 


This is more practical than it sounds, however, if we treat ourselves at the media organization, and our businesses as extensions off of us, we will easily create multiple new revenue streams, while also creating more connectivity points that tie back to ourselves as individuals, while flexing the muscle of a media organization. 


Imagine yourself as powerful as a Disney, yes you as the individual, not your business. 


When you see your own life through the lens of a media organization, all of your intellectual property is monetizable, possibly even different companies, but they all tie back to you, empowering you as an individual brand. 


Why does this matter? 


Social Credit Scoring. 


While this has been used in China for years, countries all over the world have been preparing to launch this, including the United States, while the world is distracted by what’s on television. 


In the 4th Industrial Revolution, being an independent media organization is the key to staying ahead of AI, Robots, and the complete abolition of common jobs.  


Robots work faster, cheaper, and with fewer errors than humans, and as technology advances, fewer humans will be needed. 


Per Noah, from the World Economic Forum, a large percentage of the world’s citizens will be deemed useless, and only those who decide to merge with technology or are contributing to society will survive. 


Media is the most powerful medium in the world however the power will be distributed more as the rise of independent media agencies rises.  


The proof of this is the ratings for cable news.  


Media is a necessity for survival because the more authority you have in the world, the higher your social credit scores will be. 


Rich and poor alike will be ushered into this new system, whether they like it or not.  


The only chance of freedom will come from those with the power, authority, and social scores to have earned it.  


Media provides this power and the addition of multiple new revenue streams!  


Your business can have all the success in the world but if your individual brand is not as strong, you will not prosper.  


The 4th Industrial Revolution is coming faster than people think and while this may sound scary to some, it is actually a time to rejoice because if someone knows the media, they can quite literally do anything they want, regardless of race, religion, prison record, sexuality, income level or education. 


You do not need millions of dollars to operate as a media company, in fact, you can do it for very little, if not no money.  


We started out with no budget and while production value was not everything we wanted it to be, and we did not have our own network yet, we were able to take actionable steps that granted me the opportunity to get my own network in 2 years, and I did not spend a dime.  


Our personal expertise comes from what we learned serving and helping the best of the best in media, entertainment, film, podcasting, and contract manufacturing. 


When Joshua was in college, he got to learn from Master P and later Nipsey Hustle about the proper approach to media.  


What was that? 


Own everything.  


Do not promote what you do not own or at the very least, have a piece of the action.  


This includes the content that is created and the products that are promoted.  


You as an individual get to be the media, and all of the companies you own or are involved with, will benefit from you being the bright shiny star you were created to be. 


You are the media and media must come first before all of your other businesses.  


The quickest pivot you can make to transform your business into a media-first organization is through multimedia broadcasting…  


Video, Audio, the Written Word.  


That’s it.  


These 3 things are the core of media however the fun comes when you see how this allows you to create more revenue streams, broader distribution, more exposure, new opportunities and my favorite part, a duplicatable, scalable process that allows you to build your organization while building others. 


Think of Disney again.  Now see ABC…. then ESPN, and so on..  This can be done just as easily with individuals and all of their businesses.  


This is what our team teaches, preaches, and is passionate about and we walk you through the entire process, working alongside you to help ensure your success. 


Media makes dreams come true and affords people to live the life their heart has always desired. 




  1. $500 an hour 
  2. 1-month package, “on-call” consulting $7,500 
  3. 3 Month Package  “on call” consulting $15,000
  4. 1-year package “on call” consulting $50,000 – this comes with your own channel on our network, which we will teach you to monetize immediately. 


“On-call” means simply, that my team and I are available by text, phone, email, or zoom call.  Text and email will always get a much quicker response, however, if a phone call or zoom call is needed, a meeting will be scheduled asap, most of the time the same day.  


If we need to meet in person, the fee remains the same however travel expenses will be paid for and arranged by the client. 


3 Month packages are not fully refundable.  If after one month the client decides to end the relationship, 1 month ($5000) will be refunded.  


1-year packages can be paid in 3 payments, $20,000 1st payment, $ 20,000-second payment at the 4-month mark, and the final 4 months at $10,000.  There is no refund given if the contract is terminated within the first 4 months, however, the balance can be voided.  If terminated during the second set of 4 months, a prorated refund will be given if payment has been made on the second installment.  The same goes for the final month.  


We are passionate about teaching the future of media and assisting in future-proofing your business and it is our desire to exceed your expectations in all areas in that we work together.  


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Joshua at or book with us here


Thank you and be blessed!


Joshua T Berglan