Live Mana Worldwide Foundation’s New Media and Broadcasting Training July 2022

In this training, we cover the topics below and more.


1. How to create a podcast, blog, and/or streaming TV broadcast.

2. Video, audio, and print distribution

3. Websites

4. Monetization

5. Digital Art

6. Booking guest

7. Book publishing

8. Audio, and video enhancement tools

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Be blessed!

Joshua T Berglan & Jessica Linn


Presentation Slides 


Live Mana Worldwide Foundation’s New Media and Broadcasting Training July 2022 by Joshua T Berglan




Joshua T Berglan 0:16
Not let’s see I can now. All right.

jessica linn 0:20
Ah, here we are.

Joshua T Berglan 0:21
Hi, my love. You’re alive.

Jessica linn 0:24
I am I’m alive. I got all my tumors. Taken out my midsection there’s six total. One of the biggest was supposed to be like 7.5 CCS and one up being like 11.5 CCS by the time they took it out. They found a polyp, but it’s non cancerous. So that’s good.

Joshua T Berglan 0:51
Now I need to edit this out of the training. Hey, what’s up everybody, thank you so much for being here. I today is going to be a lot of fun. And so grateful that you guys are here today, we are going to do our best to stay on point. So this doesn’t take any longer than it needs to have, I guess a pop my collar back here. And this jacket will be coming off eventually because I’m sweating already. Anyway, so thankful that you’re here, this is going to be a great opportunity for you guys to network and, you know, get to know each other, there’s going to be people from all over the world that watch one thing I want to do really quick before we really kind of get started, you will have an opportunity to come on, is that the right one? Yeah, you can scan that. So that link right there, you’ll be able to join, we’re going to do q&a, you can also put your questions inside of this chat box, wherever you’re watching from and, you know, strap in it, this is going to be a lot of information, you might want to have a notepad also at the end, you’ll be able to send us an email course you can probably see your email, let me move this real quick for you. Know, where’s the overlay? Oh, I know where it’s at. It’s on this thing right here. Okay, our email addresses are at the bottom here. So you’ll be able to email us we’re gonna send, we’ll send you this PowerPoint inside this PowerPoint, there will be links that are embedded websites and other things. Listen, if I gave you this, now you could take it and you would get a lot of stuff that’s you wouldn’t know the context of it, it would get very confusing. So I sincerely ask that you wait until the end before you take the PowerPoint and run it because it won’t make sense otherwise. So but inside this, you will also see there’s other pieces of training embedded inside these slides. Because some of this stuff I don’t want to waste your time with because our don’t waste not wasted, because it’s valuable information. But honestly, some of you would get lost. And I want to cover the whole presentation before you guys go off into the other trainees that trainings that are within this one,

jessica linn 3:13
right. And we can always if you get to that point, and you want to go further, we can always help assist you with that. That’s what we do.

Joshua T Berglan 3:23
Very cool. Oh, by the way, if you don’t know, this is my amazing wife, Jessica Linn. And we’re, we’re a team and every aspect of life. And one thing that you will I want to say before we start and I may you may hear me repeat this is that everything I’m about to teach, you can do alone, you can do by yourself. And in other words, you if you’re by yourself, and you’re like I don’t have a team, and I’m not able to do this, and I’m not able to do that. Oh, there’s already somebody wanting to join. It’s too early for q&a. Anyway, hold on just a second. Um, although I’m very excited, somebody who’s already trying to join, you will be able to do every bit of this yourself, and how is that possible? Because I’ve done it. And I’ve been doing it until I got married. And now I have a helper, thank God, this goes a lot easier when you have a teammate. This goes a lot easier when you have a team that said, if you’re one of those people that don’t have a team yet there will be opportunities to join a team at the end of this also. So should we get started? Yeah. Who is this? We have somebody that’s here. Should we? Yes. Oh, they left. All right. So let’s get this started. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to read this really quick. It was in a devotional that I sold this morning and it just stuck out to me. Because ultimately, there are two things the lady at the gas station that always has a bad attitude that breaks my heart. I know I know. I know. She broke my heart before this even started this Morning. It because she hates what she does

Jessica linn 5:02
well, because she’s, it’s hard right world is the hard place I

Joshua T Berglan 5:07
understand the world’s a hard place for everybody. So that’s what inspired this because in my devotional, this verse just leaped off the page. And here’s what it says. Love means living the way God commanded us to live. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is live a life of love. I want to ask you one question. If you hate what you do every single day, are you living a life of love? Because living a life of love is not just loving other people, and showing people love and respect. It’s also doing what you love. It’s also treating yourself as if you love yourself. And there’s no greater way to do anything like that. Ah, Louis, good to see you. Oh, wow. Hey, dee, dee Leon, good to see you. Thank you for being here. But doing what you love, like treating yourself, the food, the drink, what we watch what we listen to all those things are loving acts towards yourself. But you are doing an injustice to yourself and to your Creator, above all, because God is everywhere. But you’re doing an injustice to your Creator, and the purpose that you were created for if you go to work every single day, and you hate what you do. So part of God’s commandments is doing something that you love.

jessica linn 6:31
Well, in the world wasn’t really set up, our society wasn’t set up to have a succeed in a godly way. It was really more of a trap, I feel. So we’re kind of here to set everybody free, like cage full of butterflies. To go

Joshua T Berglan 6:50
page full of butterflies indeed. All right, slide number two. By the way, I did my first PowerPoint presentation. So if any of it’s a little goofy, and it’s like, well, that looks like a third grader did it? It’s because this 43 year old just did his first PowerPoint. So it may not be perfect. So

jessica linn 7:06
that the background looks really pretty because she did it.

Joshua T Berglan 7:11
Alright, I’m going to answer a few questions that I made up that I have assuming that some of you may have, we’re going to answer a few questions before we start, and then we’re gonna get into it. And then it’s gonna go quickly. Who is the live mana worldwide Foundation? And what is what do we do? What is our Why would you like to answer from your perspective?

Jessica linn 7:29
Well, we I mean, we set all the butterflies free, and we help the ones with the Broken Wings, we pick them up, and we nurture them, and show them the way and until they can be set free on their own too. So we don’t want to, we’re not here to capture anybody to like, get clients for life to do all the things that the typical businesses do these days. It’s not a coaching thing. It’s not a gimmicky thing. It’s really just to make this world a better place by giving the tools that people need to to change the world.

Joshua T Berglan 8:09
Yeah, we are a nonprofit media organization, a full service media organization, and multimedia broadcast network. So that means our content is on like Google News, for instance, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, we don’t really broadcast on social media, but there are some censorship reasons why. But it also kind of goes against our philosophy. We want to teach you to listen, we’re not trying to get you to join any groups. Like she said, we didn’t, we don’t even capture your data, like we are here to serve and serve only. And and here’s the other thing, too. It’d be one thing if I spent $500,000, taking courses and all that, then I probably would have a lot more pressure to want to charge for a course and give the information that we’re about to give you. But the fact is that I learned through serving, I learned when I my process started when I was homeless, and I and I and I wanted to find a way because for me it was either kill myself or find a way. And I was out of all options. I have a rap sheet like you wouldn’t believe. So I would probably have a hard time getting a job as a Walmart greeter, especially with some of my some of my violent history. But that said, the reason why this matters to us the reason why we want to give you what we know, is because one we were blessed to be able to learn in creative ways. But I also know that not everybody has $25,000 or more to go out and pay to learn everything we’re about to teach you. And if you don’t if you question the value of what I’m about to teach you, I don’t know what to tell you except for the fact that just last night alone, I saw two giant conferences, where they’re selling that starting at $500 apiece. To sit in a room and have experts talk at you for hours, to give you basically the information I’m going to give you for free. And I’m not going to try to upsell you or anything else, right?

jessica linn 10:10
And can I just say that we, as a nonprofit, we, we don’t just do we do it for free for you guys, but we work off sponsorships, and we’re basically viewer supported. So if you feel sad by us feel free to donate or reach up, see how we can partner and sponsor together? Because ultimately, our main focus is the gifts from God. And those are bigger than the financial ones.

Joshua T Berglan 10:45
Yeah, we really do enjoy serving. Okay. Why does the lip on a worldwide phone? How do we define new media and broadcasting well broadcasting for us, but there’s so many different ways to do it, you can broadcast from a phone broadcast from you know, an OTT network like Apple TV, Roku, you can broadcast on social media, you could broadcast on online radio, you could broadcast on radio, there’s just so many places to do it. So it’s it’s it’s broadcasting has changed. From just sitting behind a mat and a mic in a studio somewhere, it’s totally different. There’s opportunities available across the board. And you can do it for free, you can do it with a little bit of money, or you can do it with a lot. And the other thing new media for us is covering all the bases. The one thing that I was blessed to learn when I was in college, I thought you know, I got to be a backup dancer and a master or masterpiece son, his video little Romeo get to be a backup dancer. So I got to meet Master P. Well, I learned a lot from Master P when I was in college, I was trying to smoke pot with him. But the truth is, he gave me business advice instead. And that was own everything, on your messaging on your content. If you’re promoting a t shirt, you’re promoting a skincare line, you’re promoting a coffee on it. So we’re going to teach you all that stuff too. New media is everything new meter media is you being the media, you are the media individually. This is the rise of independent media that’s coming. So why learn new media and broadcasting? Well, one, it’s necessary. The not the the world that we are heading into. And I’m not going to go the conspiracy route with this. But we are heading into the fourth industrial revolution, the technology advances alone smart cities with 5g, the capabilities of 5g, what we are going to be able to do with our I mean just I mean, my gosh, it’s mind blowing. So it’s not like I can give you some scare tactics as to why you want to learn media. But really, it’s practical. It’s about providing yourself and creating endless, endless revenue opportunities. In other words, your intellectual property can become monetizable. And then there’s multiple ways to monetize that. That’s what new media does. And there’s no that people like to tell you that there’s an expensive entry point, there is not because you can start with a step of faith, like being here is a step in faith. The next step from here is a step in faith. It’s a step in faith to to do any of this and you literally can start for free and you don’t even need a team. And that’s what we’re going to get into. But this is free for a lot of people because there’s a lot of people that live in different countries will be watching this that don’t have the kind of money to pay an expert to teach them how to work one on one to coach them. There’s so media we want to make it available for everyone the meat of the art you know wouldn’t compromise on values because they wanted the part they wouldn’t spread their legs to get the lead role. They wouldn’t wouldn’t compromise their their their body because they didn’t believe it. And that was forced on them. So they there’s a lot of people you may have been fired, passed away or just have records like mine that they can’t get a decent payment. The only option they have is all in on them. Well if you don’t have the vehicle to take you there going all in on yourself gets really good. That makes it all possible. It all possible.

jessica linn 14:28
Man Can I just say also everything you said 100,000,000% But even people who is the business market right now is not going so well.

Joshua T Berglan 14:42
Real Estate we’re gonna get into that. Yeah,

Jessica linn 14:45
like normal, normal businesses that you you love what you do, but the caching you can jump on in and take control.

Joshua T Berglan 14:55
There’s actually a slide for that.

Jessica linn 15:00
had the media

Joshua T Berglan 15:01
is shifting from the few elite authorities to power in the hands. Everybody that is Michael camera likes you more than me. Sorry. Rotate the camera. No, it’s coming back. Okay. Oh, you know your camera my I think the camps flirting with you. Anyway creepy these days, there’s an opportunity for all of you right now, the future is just like the internet, like when they said the internet is if you won’t be able to have a business without it. And then people mocked him and didn’t believe that was true. Well now we’re going on to into 5g. So that internet thing kind of worked pretty well 2g, 3g, 4g 5g, and then six g which is like a whole other conversation. But it stuck around with did not. Now going into the news, everything that 5g and AI and automation is going to allow, like the internet is necessary for your business. Now, media is going to be necessary for not just your business, but your freedom. And I’m not gonna go into social credit scoring and all that stuff right now. But I’m telling you, with more and more jobs being taken away, you are going to have to diversify your talent. And there’s nothing else in the world that can do that for you better than media. And media gives you multiple options because the days of relying on one job to get you through is not going to that reality is going away fast. Some of the fact is that reality Reality is already hit for some of you some of you have lived in that reality for a long time because you live in a third world country. This is the great equalizer and the sooner you start this we started preaching this two years ago, but I’m telling you, the sooner you start learning now, the easier this is going to be and the faster it’s going to click but I’m telling you it is necessary to know okay, what’s this next one? Okay, who will this training benefit? Well, believe it or not media people because media people know one side of media, they don’t really know all of the connecting pieces, because they they stay in their lane because even the media industry, if you work in it, they teach you to stay in your lane and you do your one thing. They don’t want you to see it through the lens the very top it’s like looking at Disney down and Disney is looking down at ABC. What else does ESPN they own but remember, they a few companies own everything. This is changing. So attorneys, doctors, teachers, this is ideal for teachers 100% artists of any kind if you’re a painter sculptor, doing what she does a digital artist, actors producers, preachers, speakers, authors prisoners yep, I mean prisoners we actually worked with new prisoners now. Addicts ex convicts like me, abuse victims, the youth the mentally unique because I don’t believe in saying you’re mentally ill those wanting to elevate their mission find their voice even their identity I use my talk show to help me heal from di D it in I’ve learned my identity through it all. It’s been amazing. create endless new possibilities and revenue streams, freedom to create and most importantly the ability to use existing intellectual property. That means your life experience your your dad beat your mom then beat you, your mom cheated on your dad with your brother. Like those things that are so weird and crazy that like, oh my gosh, what am I going to do with this? This is so embarrassing or you are an addict or you are an abuser? You’re an ex con like we were just talking about. And you have this rap sheet so no one’s gonna hire you. Well guess what? Those stories the things that you learned while you’re in prison to survive has value to someone how you recovered and how you healed from being abused? Has it matters to someone. Basically, what this is, is taking your testimony and monetizing it. It gets in your testimony is ever evolving. Your testimony of it your testimony of life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be of how you found Jesus, but your testimony of how you even made it this far. Like that becomes monetizable for you.

Jessica linn 19:52
I think that we were exiting that era that salesy Yeah, I think that we we’ve all had enough of those random inboxes, where you could just tell they just want to sell you stuff. Nobody wants to be sold. People want to connect. So by exposing who you are as a person, you’re going to then develop your tribe, your network, and then you guys are gonna build each other up. Yeah, that way.

Joshua T Berglan 20:20
Absolutely. Anything else? That was good. All right. All right, the fun stuff. Let’s do this. Let me see. There’s any questions. I’ll do my best. Hello. Glad to be here. So glad to see you guys. I love enthusiasm. Thank you guys all for being here. Some names I can’t see for some reason. But that’s okay. All right. Oh, okay, I do need to say the some of what we teach will overlap, which is by design, you will beat you will hear some of the same things I speak of multiple times, because they connect to various other parts of what we’re teaching with new media. Everything is meant to be interconnected. I’m not going to read everything word for word, because I’ll start stuttering. But essentially, everything is like this, this ecosystem, it’s a self contained ecosystem of support. Where it’s, I mean, the more people you have involved in it, the bigger the web gets, the more the bigger of interconnectivity you get. I mean, I hate to use this analogy, but it’s like a hive mind. But without the evil, weird stuff attached to it. If you watch Stranger Things, I don’t eat that much. It’s right, you don’t pay attention. Anyway, it’s an ecosystem of support. So sometimes, like say you have a book, your book can actually will complement your podcast or your TV show, The book can complement a product that you have, I mean, everything again, you’re going to see how it all interconnects with, even with the technologies, we talked about how you can multipurpose content, you can use it for different platforms, you can use a Believe it or not, you can use a piece of audio to turn that into a blog or a written blog. There’s so many fun things that you can do with all this. But the one thing that I think is important, I want to tell you the story. I’m gonna pull this out real quick. I want to tell you the story. So how this all came about was I had the opportunity. I’m not saying this to brag, but I’m actually going to teach you guys what I did to be able to do this. It’s actually towards the end. But I’m going to surprise you with some potential opportunities for you guys that you probably never thought that you would be able to do. And I’m going to show you how easy it is for you to do. And there are no commitments to anything like you can take all of this information and run you can go create a course with it. I don’t care. You can you can steal it. This is our intellectual property. We’re giving it to you. And that’s how this is. But I was I had the opportunity to be Brian Urlacher as body double. He was a football player for the Chicago Bears. He was a big man that had a bald head and played linebacker Hall of Famer, amazing guy before I grew my hair, and so I got to do the Superbowl commercial. That was two years ago. And it was the one that had all of the NFL football players in it. And I mean, there was hundreds of famous NFL players, it was one of the most amazing mind blowing experiences of my life. That said, I got to be the body devil, and which was really fun. Anyway, but um, when I was out at craft services, where the food when they give you the food for all the actors and everybody that’s involved on set, I was looking around, and obviously the craft services truck that was here, but giant truck giant truck driving that truck, like just surrounding everywhere we were at. And every one of those trucks was a different business. And I started putting it two and two together. It’s like wait a second, every one of these trucks is here to support this one commercial thing about hairdressers carpenters, cleanup, crew craft services, you have wardrobe people I mean, that’s just a few jobs. That’s just a few then you have all the different camera people you have the production people you have. It’s endless. So all of these people are here to support one commercial. So I asked myself, what happens, like this commercial is the center of the universe. So the question was, what happens if we see ourselves as this commercial, the center of the universe, and we our intellectual property, our knowledge, our talent, our skill, our gift is getting to support all of these different businesses. Does that connect for you?

So if I’m the center of the universe, and I can support and offer value to all of these different industries, all of a sudden I have how many different revenue streams that sustained itself sustained. And all you’re doing is elevating yourself above where everyone else is fighting to climb the ladder to get to the top to get the promotion, screw that noise, just go directly to the top, and then look down and figure out a way from that place of all that’s available every possible opportunity, then you start to go, Well, I can help that person, I can serve him this way I can help that way, I can help that way. And it becomes endless. And then the more people you help, actually, it ends up helping you. And this is not a pyramid scheme. Unless if you call serving your fellow man, a pyramid scheme. I call it being obedient to what God called us to do.

Jessica linn 25:57
Well, the pyramid scheme is really so that the people at the top not sure why not the only wealthy people in this situation? Yeah.

Joshua T Berglan 26:08
No, actually, we flipped the pyramid upside down. Now that I think about it. Yeah, yeah. Because here’s the thing, I want to make this clear, I am not the the best at everything I’m about to teach you. I’m not an expert in each and every tiny one of those things. But I know what to do to know how to hire the people. In other words, I taught myself coding and I taught myself everything I’m teaching you, I taught myself,

Jessica linn 26:36
I taught myself on my stuff, too. So what

Joshua T Berglan 26:40
what you can do it and the thing is, some of you are already going to be experts in some of this. So you’re going to be able to take your great ideas and make what I teach you even better. I don’t want to be the the flat out expert and all of these things. Because frankly, I don’t have the patience for it. I’d rather teach you, I’d rather equip you to want you into your dreams, because that’s what makes me happy. That’s what makes me happy. That’s what makes my wife happy. And hence why. I don’t know how in the world. I got my wife to agree to this. But thank God she did that we were gonna serve full time. You can just trust God. Seems like a great idea. All right. Let’s go to the next slide. Oh, right. Which one is this? Oh, here we go. Okay, this is where you want to grab pens. Or you can screenshot whatever you want to do. I don’t care. It’s up to you. But this is this is where we’re going to have some fun now. And again, Oh, one other thing I want to say since there’s more people here now. After this training, and you do the training that’s hidden within this training, when you get that if you want to go more detailed and more specific, you will have an opportunity to set up an appointment with us and we will all work with you. I’ll help you fine tune that goes for the book stuff we’re going to talk about that goes to the monetization stuff we’re going to talk about that goes for all of it. Like I will work with you one on one to teach you to go more like a deeper dive into every one of these anatomy will also be no charge. This is how we serve. Okay. What’s your topic? That’s okay. And that’s simple. And I the way I like to word this is what could you talk about? If you were just I mean ameliorated, hammered. I’m not encouraging alcoholism, if you had the stomach flu, if you were getting beat up, and you were forced to talk about something, what would you talk about? And that answer is going to be different for every one of you. What is what hurts your heart to the point that you want to get up and fight? And you want to go make a difference? What is that thing? What brings you joy? What are the lessons that you’ve learned in life? What is the hardship you faced? What is the talent that you have? What you’re literally going to do is you’re going to take pick three to five core topics.

Jessica linn 29:22
So what would my topics be? It would be teaching, it would be

Joshua T Berglan 29:27
parenting is too broad teaching what? That’s a good question. teaching young

Jessica linn 29:31
children. Okay.

Joshua T Berglan 29:32
Well, teaching young children with behavioral problems, because that’s why you married me. What? A child with behavioral problems.

Jessica linn 29:42
I mean, it’s helpful stuff.

Joshua T Berglan 29:44
It’s definitely helped. But that would

Jessica linn 29:47
that would be one of my expertise. So it would be a topic children with with emotional struggles, I would say and then what Name inspires you that that set topic? No,

Joshua T Berglan 30:03
you okay? You’re gonna take the three to, okay, three to five? Do you need to go on the other side of the internet and be taught honey?

Jessica linn 30:10
Well, I’m trying to give a good example about a very competitive about things. As you can see this is for your entertainment as your education.

Joshua T Berglan 30:28
This is not professional hunting. So you want three to four, three to five core subjects that you’re going to cover. What did they say that

Jessica linn 30:40
was a very good example is a good De Leon. Maria, thank you.

Joshua T Berglan 30:50
That’s a good example. But you need three to five core topics. And the reason why is because that is going to help people discover you. Because the other part is, after you have those three to five core topics, which we’ll get to that in step three. But you’re going to want to have that. And the reason why and this could change for you. And that’s okay, too. But to start, you want at least three to five core topics to talk about, that’s going to help you pick your categories. It’s going to help you write your your bio for your show, it’s going to help you write the description so people will understand what the heck it is they’re watching, or why they should watch all that’s there. It helps with search engine optimism or optimism. Optimism, I can’t talk to

Jessica linn 31:42
right word, optimization.

Joshua T Berglan 31:46
Yes, search engine optimization. SEO thinks I’m gonna stop using big words. So the idea is to have a very specific topic. Yes, some people call it a niche. And that’s the beauty. This is what the internet has done. And I’m glad this is a that is a great, great statement. The internet has made it possible for niches to make you a living. It’s made, it’s made that possible, because odds are you’re not the only person on the planet that’s going to be interested in it, even though you’re still in the minority, because it’s a global marketplace. And all of a sudden that niche becomes, hey, I could buy dinner for my family tonight. I mean, that’s really what it does. Now, but if I’m selling door to door, I have a storefront and I’m selling niche items. I better hope it’s one of a kind items. I mean, if you don’t if you do Sue, I’m saying so

Jessica linn 32:45
not Tupperware I’ve never bought the Tupperware.

Joshua T Berglan 32:51
We’re different, I’m not going to

Jessica linn 32:56
be more distracting than awful.

Joshua T Berglan 32:58
There probably is. Okay, so now the bio, you take the three of five core subjects, and you write a sentence or so explaining why you’re recovering these topics. This is going to help you write the show bio. And then of course, it’s really good to have your own bio attached to it because Well Who the heck are you? And why am I listening to your show? I mean, it’s good to have this and the other reason too, it’s like I we interview a lot of people on our programs that don’t have bios, they never thought that

by the way, okay, I think we’re back for a second. What was I saying?

Jessica linn 33:47
The bio Oh are gonna be shows you should have a bio.

Joshua T Berglan 33:51
If you’re ever going to get asked to speak on stage, they’re going to ask for a bio. If you’re going to start acting or doing voiceover work or trying to do commercials you’re going to need a bio. So this is a good thing for you to have. Anyway, your bio you can write it however you want. You can just do your highlights of why you’re such a rockstar or you can say what your mission is it’s up to you it’s a personal preference and honestly, I’m I’m one of those people that says if everyone else is doing it this way, do it that way. I don’t like doing things the way other people did and do and if I did what other people wanted me to do guess what we wouldn’t be doing this right now. We wouldn’t be doing it like know what is going on? Oh no, the devil is trying to mess with my internet connection. On I’m gonna fix that. Am I still here?

Jessica linn 34:50
Can you guys see me this? Type in the comment section? If

Joshua T Berglan 34:53
you can hear us? Yeah, will you please do that? That’d be great. I lost my presentation.

Jessica linn 34:57
I mean, you must know how important this is for us to share.

Joshua T Berglan 35:03
Okay, you’re gonna, well, you can’t mess with me. I’m telling you. Okay,

Jessica linn 35:07
well, you center yourself to while you’re at this. Yeah. Good.

Joshua T Berglan 35:15
Okay, people can still hear us. It’s good. So anyway, this bio is, okay, thank you guys very, very much. All right? I can’t send her because this thing wants you to steal. This bio is going to be very, very useful for you. So it’s important to have I lost what I was going to say. Okay, thank you guys. That’s, I should have known the devil is going to try to do this. All right, graph. So this part is important too. After you come up with a name for your podcast, or your TV show your OTT is I don’t care if you use the platform or not. If you’re on like, I don’t know anyone that uses Tumblr anymore, except for me. Seriously, I’ll post stuff. It Pinterest, I love Pinterest. I don’t have a huge audience on Pinterest. But I love putting content there because guess what people are viewing our content there. And it’s, again, it’s not an exorbitant amount of of people. But we post up there, we were getting like 16 1700 views a month, which is not a lot. But that’s who’s engaging with our content. That’s one other place. So what I’m getting at is this, Facebook, go grab the page, Instagram, go grab the page of your show with that show name if possible, or some variation of it. The consistency is key. Like if you can get the same username for every platform that benefit you, in a huge way. But you want to grab the digital real estate. So think of it like the Land Run in Oklahoma. Boy, I just dated myself and the 1900. Do they even talk about the land run anywhere but Oklahoma? Anyway, the point is, like you want to go out and stake your digital real estate, because it’s free. So you want to do it. But the most important domains that you can buy, like in other words, www dot your So Joshua t Jessica If you’re the show name, we have our names. We have our foundation name, we have our network name, we have our show names, we bought the domain, you want to have that, again, whether you use it or not. You will eventually and you don’t want anyone else taking it. Because if they take it, then they can make you look like a complete doofus. I mean, they could do it anyway. But if they own your domain, gotta grab it before they get it. You want to grab it before you get it plus, okay, I have to talk about social credit scoring a little bit, just a little bit when we go to social credit scoring, because that’s going to come it’s it’s just part of 30 in China, right? Yeah, it’s in Russia too. It’s, it’s very real. I mean, that’s what these digital IDs and digital passes. That’s what all this is going to be the new internet. With social media and really the internet as a whole, you will have to use an ID to log in the day that you have to use an ID to log into the internet, the internet has changed forever. So social media will not be what you want it is today, within the next year. Media is a box it’s a trap. You are a user of social media like a drug user. Use social media like not well, how do I phrase it? Use it for your purposes, not for others.

Jessica linn 39:20
Use it. Don’t be used by it.

Joshua T Berglan 39:23
Thank you. You said that way better than I did because I was totally messing that up. Thank you, honey, you are wordsmith. But this is important. Because this is if you are betting your livelihood and your business, on Facebook, and Twitter, and any other social media platform and you’ve got all your investment there. You’re doing it wrong. Use some of that money to shape your business into a media first organization. I’ll spend more time on this later on But the most important domain of all, if you don’t have any other money, by your name, by your name, it’s it by your full name if you have to, but by your name, it’s important, important important, especially if you’re gonna go on this journey too. Okay? All right. If there’s any questions, please just say him, ask him, and we’ll answer him. Oh, love. So, this is the most fun part for me, actually. And we take it a step further, we customize every, like every piece of like every show we do. It’s a new piece of art. It’s, it’s something that we’re passionate about. It’s fun. I love playing with different themes. But the very first thing that you get to do is a logo. And by the way, I’m going to go into digital art more so later, I use Canva. It’s just simple for me, it integrates with so many of the things that I do. But is a great place. To do that.

Jessica linn 41:02
They you can do it for free through Canva. Or you can upgrade. And so it has for either or whatever budget you have. But the upgrade is amazing. And I’m going to tell you the secret for the you get the upgraded version, you can delete the background of your logo, it takes it to a whole nother level, because then when you see it up in the corner of the screen, it’s not some square box with your logo in it. It’s just your logo, and it looks way more professional, super sharp than so yeah.

Joshua T Berglan 41:35
And so you get to have fun with that we can if you need help with Canva that’s something that we can help you with to not a problem. We can even help you, with your logo, give you some ideas and things like that. Okay. Yeah, yeah, there you go. You’re Yeah, you’re fantastic. So equipment must needs. So this is one of those things inside, you can see where it says link down there. And number three, that link has links. So it’s, it’s where if you’re going to spend, if you’re willing to spend some money on getting all the equipment, that link is for you, I listen, you can. You don’t have to spend money, you don’t have to spend any money. That’s the truth to get started. You don’t have to spend a dime, but you can spend some money. And obviously that helps. When we first started. All I could use was my regular webcam camera, and it sucked. And I didn’t have a mic and it was awful. But you know what, I’m so grateful. I did those broadcasts, because those broadcasts taught me and prepare me for the next level and the next level and the next way level. I mean, I swear to you, when we first when I first started doing my talk show, I went from starting work to the actually it was started with just doing Facebook Lives. But then I learned through I learned how to redistribute it and repurpose it. And then I started turning those into podcast. But it went from that to having our own network and three years, actually less than that. It’s bad. It’s happened fast.

Jessica linn 43:11
I mean, we started I got all of our green screens at thrift stores and I was finding different props for that could I mean everything’s doable on whatever budget.

Joshua T Berglan 43:22
Yeah, you don’t need to buy anything new if you actually I want to show you something. Probably showing you a little bit of behind the curtain too much but whatever. Hold on. Give me your camera. Okay, that’s my face. So those are those are road construction lights. Yeah, I

Jessica linn 43:42
found them at the thrift store.

Joshua T Berglan 43:45
So what I’m saying is camera, come here. He’s here. The camera really loves my wife here like a

Jessica linn 43:54
male camera. Okay.

Joshua T Berglan 43:58
Now it’s stained still, please. Okay. So what I’m saying is this. Yeah, lighting makes a huge difference and lighting. I’m not an expert in lighting. There are plenty of lighting experts out there. But when there’s a will there’s a way you just try things you you mix up the studio, you can go look at the last three years of my shows. Every time it’s something different and something because you can only we believe in being good stewards of of what you have. So it’s one thing to go well, you know, I don’t have any money so I don’t I can’t hire a producer and I don’t have the I don’t have the money to get that camera. So I’m gonna wait till I get the money. Waiting till you get the money is like saying God, I don’t believe in your greatness. God, I don’t believe that you’re my provider. Yeah, you put this dream and desire in my heart but I don’t have the money to pursue it. I’m going to tell you right Now that is the biggest honkin crap bull lie, whatever. It’s, it’s a lie from the devil. It’s a lie.

Jessica linn 45:08
God will provide when you are ready.

Joshua T Berglan 45:11
And all you have to do to show that you’re ready is take a step in faith. And a lot of you have done that by being here. And I when I started zero money, zero, just got done being homeless. Zero money started. Because it was the desire of my heart. And I believed and I trusted that what God was showing me was real. And believe it or not, this entire process, we’ve done it with little or no money. So it can be done insane. You don’t have money is a bull crap excuse. This goes for everyone that wants to write their book. Because what we’re going to teach you with that doesn’t cost money either. So all this can be done with no money. So basically, you at least need a phone that has a camera can connect, connect to Wi Fi, and has a speaker and I’m assuming there’s some type of speaker on it if it’s a phone, because if it didn’t have a speaker, I’m not sure you can talk it.

Jessica linn 46:14
And we do our foundation does oftentimes give away equipment. We work with sponsorships to fund different nonprofit ministries, with the things they need. So that’s something to keep in mind too. If you really, really, really need help, definitely reach out about that.

Joshua T Berglan 46:35
Yeah, absolutely. Okay. So then the moderate, you can get a webcam. I mean, they started Biden for 20 bucks, you can get an HD webcam, you can get a mic mic, start a snowball bike, you can find them use for $30, you can find them new for $60 you can get while you can buy. I mean, I only use a $300 bike, I love this, but I say only $300. Because there’s mics that are five grand, you can get nuts, but you don’t have to. You don’t have to get nuts. A ring light poles or lights from a construction site

Jessica linn 47:15
or window light

Joshua T Berglan 47:15
is actually window light works, I think. Yeah, that’s absolutely Oh, and then a green fabric. Now here’s the thing, not every recording software that you can use, which we’re about to get into, will allow for green screens, but a green screen, you can do some really fun stuff with because we for our book promotion photos, we did them ourselves, we did them with this crazy webcam that follows us around. And we just had our green screen and we set up a set based around the green screen and took our own photos,

Jessica linn 47:50
still shots from the video, no money,

Joshua T Berglan 47:53
no money, like so you can do it. You don’t need a professional photographer, mind you, hey, those are great to have. It’s really great. And if you know a photographer, maybe you can trade something with them. But you don’t need them to be able to do this. But

Jessica linn 48:10
can I also say if you don’t have the equipment to use the green screen, all you need is a nice clean setup behind you bald with maybe a photo and then maybe a couple of props, simple, clean, and you’re good to go.

Joshua T Berglan 48:25
And here’s the other thing too. We have so much content now. If you screw up and are not perfect, or your green screen may have a little wrinkle in it or something. No one’s gonna remember anyway. They’re gonna remember how you made them feel. But I don’t know if you guys have noticed or not. But we’re kind of walking around a bunch of zombies lately. Who don’t know what’s going on. So what I’m saying is, don’t get so caught up in I mean, you want to do things in excellence. You want to have the heart and the desire to do it and excellent. But if it’s not perfect, no one’s gonna remember. No one’s gonna remember. They will remember how you made them feel. So don’t get that part twisted. Don’t get hung up on that part. You’re gonna mess up and it’s perfectly okay. I promise. All right. Any questions Facebook

Jessica linn 49:23
user, will you say who you are just so I know who’s talking to us? Well,

Joshua T Berglan 49:30
I know I really appreciate it. I wish I knew who they were. Oh, Lights Camera Action. So you’ve got your equipment. Now it’s time to record or go live. How frequently Okay, these are the other things that you need to decide. I should have seen. This is one of those PowerPoints I should have done differently. Sorry. I’m learning how often do you want to broadcast? Now listen, I, I used to be like at this time, this time, every time I’m there’s no budging and it drove her nuts, drove her nuts. And then so now I do six simulated live that it gives me more flexibility. However, when I scheduled the broadcast to go live, well, that’s the same time. It helps you build an audience. It also helps you with your marketing, when you are consistently letting your content, distribute or play at the same times. Now with having a network, we operate, we have a live schedule, we have our video on demand, we have a 24 hour 24 hour 24/7 channel that just plays nonstop best of content. I mean, you can do it however you want. But again, there’s there’s levels to all of it. But the other thing that you want to decide, I’m not married to this rule. But I’ve noticed that other people do better when you go, I’m doing a 30 minute broadcast, I’m doing 15 minutes, I’m doing an hour, I’m doing two hours, and then deciding the frequency of time, two days a week, three days a week, five days a week, seven days a week is awfully ambitious. Four times a month, whatever it may be, figure that part out, that’s going to help you stay disciplined, it’s going to hold you accountable. But also and most importantly, give your audience something to look forward to. So I do like i i should do take my own advice on that. But sometimes I feel like doing a three hour show sometimes an hour and a half. I when I feel led to stop is typically when I stopped but again, I don’t really operate the way other people do. I just know that people do operate better on schedules for the most part. If you’re playing Okay, let’s see, once you made that decision, you’re ready to take action. If you’re planning on starting with audio only the process is very simple. You can go to your studio quiet space get your recorder can be a phone microphone, or the video recording software, which we’re going to get into that too. And you start recording I one of the ways that we recorded our book. And I’ve done I’ve done voiceover work with this I’ve done Believe it or not the best thing I’ve ever used better than even my mic and using Audacity software, which I’m gonna go into that in just a bit. But my phone has an HD recorder that I can change the frequency of. And it’s just HD recorder, it’s an app, it’s an app on your phone that’s free. And you can change the audio settings. And you can make it sound like you are in a studio. But you need quiet around you that’s free, you can record just audio from your phone, and then upload it into one of the the hosting providers that you choose. Again, and there’s free options for that. So that that’s what I’m saying where it’s easier, you can go into restream, like I’m doing, you can do audio only versions, I like to do video, audio and transcript which we’re gonna get into in a bit. So that’s that, that’s that video. Again, before you do your video, it’s good to have a space that you feel comfortable with. When I started, I didn’t have my own studio, I didn’t have that stuff, but little by little was able to put it together. And even if it’s just the the adore backdrop, it’s a cool looking door, whatever. But that’s all you got, then use it. Like the one thing that you don’t want to look like is everybody else. And everybody else looks like everybody else right now, if you’ve noticed, all the content that you see floating around on social media looks exactly the same as everyone else’s. It’s just a bunch of talking heads and nothing else going on. So I want to encourage you to take creative risks. Because there are no rules in this in this. There’s no rules, you get to make the rules. That’s the other part of this that is so much fun, is that you can do whatever your heart feels like. Now, if you talk about some of the subjects that we talked about, you may need a platform that’s censorship free, because that’s a problem too, for some people, but there are free options even with that. We’ll get into that in a second. Anything to add? No, that’s

Jessica linn 54:30

Joshua T Berglan 54:32
Slide 15 We have 15 more slides to go halfway. Okay, so recording these are some options. Phone which I just went over zoom everybody I think for this part no zoom. I’m not a fan of zoom. I’m not a fan of zoom. Yes, you can use it for free. Why are you not a fan? Because I don’t like the fact that I don’t have the production side that like the back right can do video or smoke in the background or do think fun overlays. Now if you do some, you can do some post production stuff with like, VT, which we’ll get into in a second. But I personally just like restream and Maestro is my favorite that are

Jessica linn 55:17
meant for broadcast. Yeah, not just meant, yeah,

Joshua T Berglan 55:19
not right. Right. Right, that and you know, why other reasons, I don’t want to support them. So I’ll just keep on YouTube. You know, everyone knows YouTube, that is a great place to start. And I’m not a YouTube expert, clearly, because I just, we just got our channel, and 1000 videos removed. But that’s okay. If you want to be a master at YouTube, like, that’s where you decide that you want to do, you want to not go off on the solo route, you just want to go, Okay, I’m gonna put my, my content on YouTube. And you want a referral for that I know, to the two of the best people on the planet, one is more, more expensive. The other one is not, but I can give those referrals. I will not say it publicly. But they are really, really great people, both of them actually ones, a husband and wife duo, who I love. And if you want to master YouTube, they’re the best, but they’re also expensive. And then there’s another guy know who’s also great. And he can help you and he’s less expensive. Okay, Facebook Live, that is how I started. Like, I started doing Facebook Live, I started treating my Facebook lives as if they were a TV show. And then I learned Oh, I can multi purpose this content. But that’s all free.

Jessica linn 56:47
But the cool thing about Facebook Live is from I used to do it as well, because I researched it and because Facebook wants you to use the Facebook live feature. When you use it, they show you to more people than if you just uploaded a video and used a different platform to do so. So it’s a it’s a good way to generate an instant audience. It’s a good marketing tool.

Joshua T Berglan 57:14
But I want to say this too. If you’re choosing between where you want to do this, do you too. And here’s why. Because people on YouTube aren’t scrolling, like they do on Facebook, they just happen to stop when you’re live for a few seconds and then passed on. So you don’t really have a true understanding of who actually is being supportive. Because like we’re on Facebook right now, in every single one of you know that you’re a bunch of courtesy liking courtesy comedy, social media, scoundrels. Not not okay, maybe not all, but I think the majority here know, you’re a little guilty of giving someone a courtesy like just because they’re your buddy. You know, like, I’ll just love that you have no idea what it said. Or then they write out this really long novel. And then you go Amen to that. And then you didn’t even read, it doesn’t make sense. And like they’re talking about their dog dying, and you’re praising God and like, wait a second, that didn’t work. So that’s the problem with Facebook is you’re getting courtesy likes and comments, but you’re not really gauging what you’re doing. But you can use the platform, you can get a bunch of use and touch of you’re in trouble like I am, but it doesn’t matter. You that is an option for you. It’s just not your best option. Okay, stream has a free date, 14 day free trial. It’s great. I that’s what I started with was stream yard. You don’t have all of the upgrades, but they have an amazing green screen feature. And I mean, it starts at $19 pretty cheap restream restream, which is what I’m using now. I like restream. And here’s the reason why one you’ve upgraded features, but to the link that you can share with your guest. Actually, you can make it set up where it’ll go live on their pages to there’s video backgrounds, but you can operate it by yourself and that’s a bit the same with be live. Now a new one that just came out is V LIVE. Vt is an amazing platform. If you want to compress video, which I’ll explain that in a little bit, edit video merge videos together, it’s a great tool, you can get the free version, or you can get the $8 a month version, the $8 a month version is totally worth it. And then maestro, which is my personal favorite platform. It doesn’t have everything that I want for my regular broadcasts before events there or if you are truly wanting to monetize and take product placement where if you’ve created your own products, you have a bunch of sponsors things like That Maestro is fantastic. I love it. But there’s more and more platforms coming out every day. And all I can tell you is pay attention to that, because they’re telling you, this is the future, the future is, we’re all going to be independent media organizations. And frankly, we’re all going to have some form of our own Broadcasting Network, having a network is not going to mean what it probably means for some people. Now, it’s changing. In fact, a lot of the OTT networks which have you know, that push you will get you on the streaming networks like Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire. A lot of them are shifting away from selling channels, or like Shell selling shows. And now what they’re doing is basically selling the whole channel, or selling it in a package way where, you know, they’re basically pushing you to being your own media company. So what we’re teaching our own broadcasting network. So what we’re teaching really is to give you the tools to go off on your own, and do whatever you want. I mean, whether you I mean, it doesn’t matter to us, we just want to help. But this is what you’re basically learning right now are those pieces. Okay? Number ah, this is my favorite part. Okay. This is why you’re gonna want to email us for the slides because of these are not clickable. But this video I was just talking about that Claudio, Claudio is another great service that you can add, you want to add, you want to customize the video, you want to make the video bigger or smaller, you want to add borders around it, you want to add frames, you want to add emojis or cartoons. Claudio is great for that.

Online audio converter, so this is going to be important. Remember this one for the book, when we start talking about the book stuff. Online audio is amazing. If you’re recording from like a mic to your computer, or you want to enhance audio, from a podcast, say maybe the audio quality wasn’t great. You can put the mp3 mp4 a file into the online online audio converter. And you can do endless amounts of things with the audio to enhance it and make it better. It’s good, great tool at pod scribe, pub This was the original transcription service I’ve used. So the reason why transcribing is so important. And you’ll see this with our website, live, or I’m sorry, live or living on a is we put together the video portion, the transcript and the the audio and we package that together along with the descriptions and everything else. But we do that for several reasons. Because we’re gonna when we get into monetization, that will make more sense. But the transcript what that does is it gives you will the words that Google likes. So as much as people want video and audio, the facts are Google and the other search engines want words, it’s like they eat the words, it’s like give me more words.

Jessica linn 1:03:32
I mean, it’s what people find you. Right?

Joshua T Berglan 1:03:35
It is Oh, and this is in this is gonna make sense in just a second. So otter is something that other people use for transcriptions, I just switched to it. And here’s why I like otter, it’s not as clean and in the training video that’s embedded in like a couple of the other slides. I talked about this, and I show you what otter looks like. But otter will actually pull out the keywords for you and you and you can use those keywords. When you’re putting in the keywords for your SEO for like whether it’s YouTube, or rumble or Odyssey or even the network quick. We have SEO built into our network. So we use those keywords. So that that will automatically pull out otter is like I think 15 bucks a month I think or 19. I could be off a couple dollars. Pod Scribe is $29. And you have to look at both of them to decide what’s best for you. I would say that the pod Scribe is a little bit cleaner when you embed it, but otters really i That’s the one I’m using and I’m happier with it. The other thing that you will find useful with this and a lot of people some people use this some people don’t. But YouTube to mp4 converters. Now you want this to Will if you want if you’re going to maybe customize if you’re going to play someone’s intro video, so you have a guest on your show, or, and you’ve found a cool video of them and you want to take like a minute of it, or 30 seconds of it. Or if you want to like pirate to music, not really pirate, like 30 seconds of music unless if you buy music permissions with ASCAP, I didn’t put ASCAP down. But if you do want to play like real music, it’s actually it’s 400 bucks. And it’s kind of worth getting the license to be honest with you. But I love playing the music.

Jessica linn 1:05:36
This is really cool too, because you just showed it to me not that long ago, and I make intro videos for people. So when I do an intro video for their show, if they have a video already of them speaking on stage or, or doing something, I can take a clip of their video and put it in their intro video to make it extra personalized, which is just it really amped up the volume on it. And I wonder if I can

Joshua T Berglan 1:06:03
show you this. So this is one of the things that I did hold on. Well, I’m going to show you this video really quick. I made this because I’m on people’s autonomous now. So I have a show called spoken word. And when I got the vision for the show, all I could hear was one mic in my head over and over and over again. But it wasn’t Knauss voice it was like God’s voice, say one mic and then all I got the vision for it. And so I decided that I was gonna go jack. So I went to YouTube, and I use the online converter. To steal the NAS video. I didn’t steal I borrowed a NAS I’m using it for good reason NAS and I just use 30 seconds of his video as part of my intro video. That’s what you can do with YouTube converter. I mean, there’s endless things that you can do if you want to do a presentation about plastic pollution and the ocean and the dangers of it. You find a cool video from YouTube. Well, that’s one way to do it. It’s easy. Um, DiMeo I’d love them. Yeah, I got kicked off Vimeo. So Oh, well. Anyway, um, I got kicked off email. But she uses Vimeo to make a lot to make videos like customized video shows,

Jessica linn 1:07:36
Intro exit videos, biotech videos, you can anything you need.

Joshua T Berglan 1:07:42
It’s it’s so easy to do. It’s gotten so much easier to do it. It just takes patience. And I’m not now obviously, if there’s one thing doing it. And then there’s another thing doing it well. So

Jessica linn 1:07:56
play one of the commercial ones, like next one. Yep, play that. So they can

Joshua T Berglan 1:08:29
so that’s, that’s an example like that you she did that on Vimeo. And so And there’s other software out there to be able to do that. But it’s, it’s it just takes practice. And like I said before, you’re some of you may already be an expert in one of those things. So maybe you can network and you can collaborate where you can use your expertise in one area and the other person’s in that area. And then you make a good team. Like Jessica it for me is beyond my wife. She’s actually my partner and everything. We started off as friends and partners and then well fell in love because who can never mind. Anyway, sorry, not 14 with my wife in front of you people. Actually I just did here. Okay, but so what’s great and it’s in all this stuff if I can learn I’m I can be dumber than a box of Cheerios. But if I can teach myself this stuff, you can too I’m serious it and believe me, this is the fast way like this took me years to learn what I’m teaching you today, you’re learning today. I didn’t know these things. I had to like stub my toe embarrass myself publicly. Make an idiot out of myself still make an idiot out of myself. Yeah, but I’m willing to try. I’m willing to fail to be perfect at what I’m doing. And I may never reach perfection, but dad going I’m gonna try And so the only way I know to become perfect is to fail. Yep. So Oh, and then audacity Again, the slides will be given to anyone at the end who wants them, you can email us and we’ll send it to audacity team is a great recording software for your for your audio needs. Okay. Oh, so this is the training that I was telling you about. So now that you’ve recorded now what this is probably, I mean, well, this is important, because I just recorded my screen. I did a broadcast yesterday. And I figured out how to record my screen because I’ve never actually tried doing that before, which is actually really a neat trick. Why I just learned how to do it, I have no idea. I guess I didn’t need to record my screen for anything. Anyway, this that embed right there is my video screen of me going from the finished product of I just finished my broadcast, I’ve downloaded the audio file, I’ve downloaded the video file, it shows the uploading and to the transcript process, uploading a TV network, uploading into rumble and Odyssey shows from that to the website, build out where I’m placing it my website where I’m using keywords and links and embedding it all that is in this video. And that video is an hour and 10 minutes long. I tried to make it shorter, but it was just an hour.

Jessica linn 1:11:37
That’s a great hands on people can go at their own pace, and learn as they go.

Joshua T Berglan 1:11:44
All of this is meant for you to go at the pace that you’re comfortable with. I’m not telling you to quit your job and then start this company tomorrow. I’m not doing that. I want you to take the first step, because the first step is the most important one. Okay, what is this on? I don’t know what that what is what on I can’t wish I could see that was I know, okay. So that at the end, you send us or you get the email addresses below, you can see your email, you can email and then we’ll send it but I would prefer that you stay for the rest of it because the fun stuff hasn’t even happened yet. Ah, here we go podcast distribution. So there’s a lot of different places that you can distribute. And this is where multimedia comes into play. Multimedia means we use multiple branches of media to put our content up. Now there’s free ones like anchor anchor is an app on your phone, you can record directly into it. It’s free. You have to listen to commercials I’m not they say that you own your content on that platform. But I’m not really sure. They can also distribute for you. I was on Anchor when I first started, but I just didn’t like it. SoundCloud is a platform that people can use. And yes, you’re limited. If you use the free version, YouTube’s free, YouTube, you can put podcast there, you can obviously do video there to Facebook, same way they actually have a podcast, if you have pages, Facebook pages, and you create a Facebook page for your podcast, you have an opportunity to join their little Podcast Network. I didn’t join it by the way. Buzzsprout is another one. And here’s something else. There’s hundreds of these now. And you can just Google best podcast hosting services. And most of them come with a free trial. That way you can see oh, ah, the commercial you made what site was

Jessica linn 1:13:48
I made it through Vimeo? Yeah, that’s where I’ve made all the videos that I mean, I made a couple on Canva which works fine. It just doesn’t have some of the extra fun features that I like Vimeo

Joshua T Berglan 1:14:01
Yeah, and Vimeo is another place actually, you can put a podcast um, but you can google best podcast services or distribution services. And most of them come with a 10 day trial 14 day trial. You can test it to see how you’re gonna like it. And then of course, I mixed cloud. I found mixed cloud i a month and a half two months ago and I love it. I actually broadcast live there. It’s a lot of DJs but I’ve found that the DJ community actually listens to podcasts too. So we stream there. When we do our simulated lives. We stream there and then we also we have our just regular podcast there. But it’s fantastic.

Jessica linn 1:14:48
You get a lot of use there Right? Yeah.

Joshua T Berglan 1:14:50
Well, well video Yeah, before I get kicked off who’s gonna Yeah, Vimeo is a great place to put video because you’re competing with less people. And again, if you’re not creating crazy content like we create sometimes, if it’s not risque, it’s not risky or gonna make the government mad. Vimeo is a great place. Like if you want to mind your P’s and Q’s. Vimeo, to me is actually better than YouTube. That’s my opinion. And I’m not even really mad that they kicked me off because I completely understand why they’re a private company, they get to do what they want. But Vimeo is great. In my eyes, it’s better than YouTube. Mixcloud is great for a lot of reasons. It’s like social media with live DJing. But you can also post your podcasts there. You can put it there. It’s inexpensive. There’s a free version. It’s wonderful. And then there’s our network. Our network, you can find our network, it’s on your phone’s App Store, whatever phone you have. We’re on the App Store’s there, whether it’s Google Play or Apple. But we’re also on your smart TVs like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire all the podcast networks, you can find the live monitor network there, we have our own app. And then you know, we show up, we are very big. And you’ll hear me say this a few times. We only promote though publicly what we own. We promote our website, we own that we promote our network, we own that. I don’t promote Apple TV. I don’t promote roku. I don’t promote YouTube, why would you why they don’t need your free advertising. That’s how stupid this game is.

Jessica linn 1:16:29
I think it used we use to a long time ago because we felt like it made us look more professional. I’m guessing, but it doesn’t. It doesn’t make you look more professional. It’s just you doing extra to benefit someone else.

Joshua T Berglan 1:16:47
Yeah, and you are. So they talk about you know, when I think it’s when network marketers do this when they’re trying to sell you to get you to join their network marketing program. And I’m not knocking network marketing. It’s not for me, but I’m not knocking it. I mean, I could say stuff, but I’m not anyway. But when they like, why would you want to build someone else’s dream, you’re working for the man, you’re only helping them. You know chasing that paycheck that doing that nine to five work or that overtime for free, and they don’t

Jessica linn 1:17:23
care about you.

Joshua T Berglan 1:17:26
Okay, they may care about you. But here’s the thing, they don’t care about you as much as you should care about yourself, and your own dreams and your own vision, your dreams and visions. That’s God’s showing you why you’re here. That’s God’s showing you what’s possible for your life. And I’m pretty sure God doesn’t want you building someone else’s dream. Well, at least in this capacity, someone that’s already there, when you have the capabilities of doing this yourself, build your own boat, build your own boat for so we’re very big on promoting what we own. And I learned that when I was talking about Master P that that was part of the business lesson I got from him when I was in college. And mind you, I’m not a business guy I want to serve, I just get to do it with media and broadcasting, which is the coolest thing ever. Because I mean, who gets to do that? I don’t know anybody. But this is my dream. So I get to do that. And media has made that possible. So anyway, you will have an opportunity. If you go through the training, you do the work. I mean, we’re gonna have slots on our network for you all. I mean, we this is not this. And that’s not an upsell, either. We’re not We’re not selling that either. We shouldn’t be everyone thinks we’re crazy. We’re not selling it. But this is, I mean, what God put on our hearts to do. So like Okay, God, this sounds nuts, but we’ll do what you ask us to do. And so here we are. That’s why we’re this part of why we’re doing this. So if you do the training and you learn, you’ll have an opportunity to join our network. And there’s no like I said, no hidden agenda there. Okay, next step. video distribution, and there’s a lot here. Rumble. And Rumble is great because for the most part, you can I mean, if you like to create French content, and here when I say French, here’s the thing. You know, we are very fortunate to get to work with you know, old traffic you and I old truck. Some are some are new, some are currently being trafficked, some are recovering from being trafficked. We work with some very interesting demographics of people. All and people that have been through some very interesting things in life. So to talk about it, or for them to be able to share their story, we can’t do that on YouTube, we can’t do it on Vimeo. And sometimes we can’t even do you. I’m Facebook page now to but you’re, again, you’re just building their dream they’re losing, Facebook is losing so many people that they have no choice but to try to bribe people to come back

Jessica linn 1:20:28
on, I think that their goal is to get everyone into the matter. So for them to be paying people and to be doing things to reward you for using their services. I mean, it’s more of it, in my opinion, I see it as a trap. To trap you there, you put all your energy, your your, all your stuff into their stuff. And then when they when they want to, like cut the cord, they can cut the cord,

Joshua T Berglan 1:20:58
Yeah, cuz you’re still working for them. I mean, and they’re not paying you very much either. So it’s like you’re gonna get to a million people watching, well, then you can make some money. But it takes a while. It takes a while. I personally would rather bet on myself. That’s what we did. I had plenty of lifelines, to go join other networks to do other things, we butter on what we were. But I also refuse to compromise my integrity, I refuse to compromise my values, compromise, I refuse to compromise our mission. And I also refuse to be silenced. And because of the people that we work with, we want to be not just a voice for the voiceless, we want to elevate other voices for the voiceless. The only way we’re turning this I don’t even know what the call what’s happening, this craziness that’s happening in the world, this hatred, this disgust that we have for each other, there’s not knowing who to trust, this not knowing who’s being honest, what information we’re hearing is real. The only way we’re going to shift the power is if we take it. And the only way that you’re shifting the power and taking the power is if you know the very thing that they’re using that took the power to begin with that put out all the lies to begin with, you got to

Jessica linn 1:22:23
stop feeding their power, stop using them.

Joshua T Berglan 1:22:28
But you, you can do what they are doing. media controls the narrative. So when you know media, you get to start controlling the narrative to we want to teach you this. So we can shift the narrative away from BS and start talking about the truth. We can talk about organ harvesting. And mind you that’s a bad subject to talk about labor trafficking. There’s blood diamonds, which is you know, people are like, Oh, it’s a movie, you know, it’s a thing. But there’s also blood batteries. Like there’s real slavery that’s happening in this world right now. There’s little boys and girls being trafficked all over the world. But if you say that on certain platforms, or you talk about it, or you bring people on, that can show you the evidence of the horror that is happening to the world. Vimeo, and YouTube, and Facebook will kill your account. Hence, why we’re here right now. So this is more important than I can even I even have the vocabulary for and even if you’re not going to talk about those issues. You sure as heaven want? Well not sure is having that doesn’t make sense. Anyway, you want more you want people to be able to share the truth. Because without it, we have no chance of healing this world, we have no chance of coming together. And I don’t know about you. But I want to be able to go to Russia and the Ukraine and China and Japan and Afghanistan, and Iran, and Mexico and Puerto Rico and everywhere else in the world, and not have to worry about a bombing, or someone being murdered in the streets or seeing a drug deal gone bad. Or seeing little kids being trafficked, so that he can provide for the mom and dad. Like I’m fully aware of kids having to sell their bodies to provide for the parents and other parts of the world. And we’re aware of this. So why we are passionate about freedom and speech. I mean, there’s a lot of reasons but that’s one

Jessica linn 1:24:52
but even if you’re you’re not going to be talking about these things, like Josh was said if you’re are using these platforms that are prohibiting the discussion of these horrible, horrible topics. You’re contributing to silencing people. Yeah. So to to stop the silencing of all this evil we really need to break away from the evil. Yeah,

Joshua T Berglan 1:25:19
she Nailed it. Nailed it. Okay,

Jessica linn 1:25:21
I will be right back. Alright.

Joshua T Berglan 1:25:25
So YouTube’s free and paid, we already went to twitch, you know, it’s typically a gamer, but there are podcasts there. Twitter. Twitter is my favorite of all the social media platforms. Twitter is by far my favorite. I just I like it. I don’t, it’s I don’t know how to explain it. But we also will put our content there. But it’s great. The live feature is great. Love it now the OTT networks. Okay, this one’s tricky for me to talk about. But we are an OTT network, which means over the top to Apple, TV, Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, your smart TVs, all that

I want to I want to say, I want to be very careful how I answered or I say this because I don’t want to be disrespectful. But right now, the OTT business is the Wild West, there is no rules, there is none. Now some of them are bringing down rules, because we got kicked off of two networks for talking about human trafficking, and labor trafficking, and debt bondage, that stuff Yeah, got kicked off a network for talking about that. But these networks, most of them are paid for play. In other words, you have to pay to be on their platform. You know, you may get offered a TV show where they’re willing to pay you. And that’s awesome. But just straight up, you know, all these people talking about their TV shows that you see on social media. I probably would say I’m guessing don’t quote me on this, but 90% of them are paying to be on TV. That was a weird wake up call when I first learned when I got offered my first TV show, kind of like, oh my god, I made it. I made. I was just homeless a month ago. And now I’m getting my own TV show. Wow. Yeah, but you’re gonna pay this much money a month, and you got to pay for the production team and blah, blah, blah, am I Oh, wow. Okay, so just know that you got to pay for most of most of them. I mean, like, I’m gonna say one. And I’m gonna say I don’t like talking. No, I can’t, I don’t want to do that. I do not want to talk bad about people’s business, I will refrain from saying their name. I’ve been on multiple streaming networks. But I’ve been on multiple, I’ve been paid to be on one. And then I’ve had to pay to be on. And then I’ve worked for another. A lot of the promises that they make you when they show you they’ll send you a PowerPoint presentation. And it talks about millions of views. There’s 150 million people that are going to see your show. No, it’s not true. Don’t let that be the reason why you pay $500 a month, $1,000 a month, $200 a month or whatever it is to join a network. 150 million people are not going to see your show 150 million people did maybe watch the Superbowl. Maybe. Put, I mean, there’s not even a million people that watch the news. Like I mean, like one of the programs. So that is a skewed misleading thing. It’s misleading. So the reason why we you’re gonna see why we package everything together, the way we do this will make more sense. But people that are just relying on their being on Apple TV, or Roku or Amazon Fire. Those people just thinking that people are going to start watching because they’re there. I got news for you. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, being on Apple TV and Roku and all that is only it really just sounds good. It’s not really great. Unless if you know how to use it in a way that will benefit you. And that’s what they don’t tell you. They tell you they’re going to help with marketing. Well, what good is marketing on their social media profile if they don’t get any likes or views? And there’s a lot of a lot of these streaming TV networks want you to pay all this money to join them. And they’re like, Yeah, we’re gonna promote you on social media. Well, if no one’s commenting or liking or even like engaging with your stuff, is that really doing me any good? No. And you’re not getting 150 million people watching at least not right away. Or ever. I mean, you’d be more you would be as famous as pick your president. I’m not going down that road, either. Anyway. So don’t get caught up in the hype of oh, I’m on TV and think it means anything, it doesn’t really mean that much it doesn’t.

It, the one thing that it means for some is that you have a higher potential of being a sensor, sensor, ship free platform, it makes sense for us for how we’re using our network, like to be able to gift to our students, the people that we serve through our nonprofit organization, to live mana worldwide foundation, it makes sense for us to have it so we can use it as a service. But I want to make this clear. I don’t want you to stay around. You know why. Because everything you learn and everything that you’re taught, and if you need to stay on our network for a couple of years until you learn everything, Hey, God bless you. But I want to kick your butt out the door. So you can go do what you’re called to do. I want to teach you so that you can go out and hire your own team, and bring your own people. So you can help build other legacies legacy for yourself, your own family. So you can maybe create your own ecosystem where you can support and teach your kids we’re teaching our kids the business. They want to learn they want to learn that’s the thing. And with media, there’s really no reason not to learn it because it’s an everything. If you want you need media, if you’re going to be an artist, and you want to sell your painting, you need media, getting media, if you’re an attorney, you need meat. If you’re a lawyer, you need media period. And it’s there’s something for everyone in media because of all of the different jobs and industries that support so you might as well be the one. That’s the media company. And what we’re piecing together here is everything you need to be a media organization, or at least a new media organization. So the same thing I said with the podcast part. If you need a network, and you want to start a TV show, a podcast, a ministry, an online teaching online cooking online, book reading, I know somebody that does really well just reading a book,

Jessica linn 1:32:43
I was thinking about doing that kids books when I was reading to the girls, how cool would that be? Man,

Joshua T Berglan 1:32:48
I want my I was Yeah, like that would be an amazing thing. It just, I mean, even if you like put a costume on and read whatever. Like we love creating content with people, so we can help with this too. But do the training, we’ll work with you one on one to help fine tune all this stuff. But there will be an opportunity for you to join the network. And again, it’s not an upsell. Okay. This one is my favorite. I think I think this is my favorite part. And here’s why. Because the print side of this is what helps you escape social media. The print part of this is what allows the rest of the world to find you outside of the borders of Facebook, of Twitter. So on this, if you ever get your Facebook shut down your Twitter, shut down your YouTube shut down your whatever any of the others shut down. This is outside of those walls. It’s really interesting how getting kicked off of YouTube and Facebook and all these other stuff with some of our content yet we’re still sitting in Google News. I don’t know how but we are like and getting on Google there’s a super easy. That’s a whole other thing. But that is that that takes you out of the box and it makes you discoverable for the rest of the world. That’s when you’re playing with SEO and other things. So medium is free. Medium is great. I’m just gonna go over these. Again. You can go look at these yourself and give you the slides to LinkedIn is not just posting on LinkedIn but they have an article where you can create the articles and like a newsletter. You can do that on medium and LinkedIn both get pa comm which is really It’s an SEO friendly hosting site. You can have all the articles and then the training video I told you about a few slides before, it shows how to do all that. It’s when I was talking about the packaging together, what happens after the broadcast? That’s that. Actually can I do kind of show my show this real quick, show you what Google News looks like. That’s not the right one. That was Google, this. So this is Google News. It’s not like all of our content is there. I mean, even the stuff that they got kicked, I mean, that kicked off, it’s still all. And that is a you talking about an SEO boost that has driven more truck traffic to our website, than probably any other platform. And anyone can be on Google News. But you have to package your content, the way that we package it, if you want your TV show, and podcast there. That’s why we’re teaching you all this stuff. But it’s very important. Digg is a great platform, another SEO friendly platform. And it’s really easy to get your content discovered there, I’ve only been there, you’ll see this in the training video, I’ve only been there for like a month, and it has paid off dividends for us to be there. Reddit, also very SEO friendly. It’s awesome. I also go over that Apple news, easy to get on. But there’s more in the search that you can do. This is not in the slide. You can put you could find search websites, like Digg websites like pocket websites, like medium. And you’ll just find more. And if you like the site, and you want to go post there, it’s a great place to drive eyeballs to your content. And it doesn’t cost you any money. It doesn’t cost you a thing. But this is not even the whole part of it. Because when you get it, you talk about the monetization, you talk about affiliate relationships, all this other stuff that we’re getting ready to go into.

You’re gonna see why you want to post on these sites like this, because it’s drawing more eyes to your completed press kit, your media kit, as I like to call them. And again, you can use any name you choose to, I call the media kits, but those media kits have money inside each one of them. If you’re a ministry and you want people to donate to you, well, those links every one you share, that’s more people seeing where they can donate, or more people with for your course more people for your whatever it is. That’s why you package this together is for this and there’s hundreds of them. I didn’t list all of them. Hundreds of Okay. Wow. 10 more slides left, this is going faster than I thought. Okay, digital art. Again, I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this one. There’s a bunch and most of them are free. Most of them give you templates. Visit me is great. Obvious Oh is great. But Canva is what I use, but that that slide. There’s millions of them. You look at millions, hundreds I don’t know, booking guest This one’s fun for me, too. So I don’t want to insult anybody here. I don’t I really don’t want to be insulting. But the mistake that I see a lot of podcast hosts make or even livestream host is that the only interview people from the social media platform they hang out on. Now that may help you within that social media platform. But it’s not going to really help you outside of it very much. So these books, these guest booking sites are awesome. It’s like a dating website, but for guest that analogy is okay. Right? Absolutely. So pod Booker podcast, Booker’s, it’s an actual agency. Some people have the money to hire that podcast guest That’s my personal favorite. That’s what I use. I’ve met some of the most interesting people. It’s kind of like, the reason I say it’s like a dating website too is because I think this analogy will be okay. For like whatever you’re into, there’s a category for word meaning whatever your podcast is about whatever the category is, there’s guests for you. Or if you’re looking to be a guest on other people’s shows, it’s a great way to find appropriate shows for you to make an appearance on.

Jessica linn 1:40:14
You have a question from my favorite viewer?

Joshua T Berglan 1:40:17
Ah ha, okay. So all this will go with?

Jessica linn 1:40:22
How do they work

Joshua T Berglan 1:40:23 So the way that this works. So what you do is, so I don’t know, I keep while I’m getting nervous, because I’m literally comparing it to a dating profile. Because that’s literally what it’s like setting up your Facebook profile or anything else. You upload a photo, you put the name of your podcast, the description, what it’s about what kind of guests, you’re looking for the categories you’re in, you add all that stuff in, and then the algorithms start matching you and we’ll start bringing people like viewers to look at your podcast to decide whether or not they want you on their show, or if they want to be a guest on yours, and allows you to filter it out. In other words, you don’t like you don’t want to have somebody that wants to talk about elephant wrestling when you’re a ministry. Like, hey, you know, that maybe not mix course, we probably would we probably would actually really interest. Yeah, I would interview somebody that was an elephant wrestler. Yeah, I won’t do that. Anyway, so it’s literally like setting up a profile on social media. But the feel of it is very much a dating website. So you’re wanting to what do you do when you want to date? Well, what do you do when you want to be a guest on a show? Or when you want guest? Say what you’re about, like, you know,

Jessica linn 1:41:53
Don’t fake it,

Joshua T Berglan 1:41:54
Don’t fake it,

Jessica linn 1:41:55
you’ll end up on the show.

Joshua T Berglan 1:41:57
Oh, that’s the other thing. With this. You get to be you. You don’t have to conform to anyone or anything. You don’t have to do what mommy and daddy want you to do. You don’t have to do what your preacher tells you, or what your boss tells you. I mean, I guess it depends on what your job is. But I mean, this what this is for you is freedom, freedom to create freedom to take risk, freedom to try new things. That’s what this gives you. How many of you have taken an idea or a vision you got to your boss, only for your boss to go, that’ll never work? And just dismiss you or you know, not right now we’re focused on something else? How many of you? How many of them? How many times is that happened to you? How many times have you taken your idea to a superior and that superior dismissed you, but then took your idea and took credit for it? How many of you have ever been fired from a job because you presented an idea to them? They didn’t like it. Then after they fired you they took your idea and used it anyway in one went on to make a lot of money. If you’ve been there I have a lot. And it sucks. It sucks. It’s the worst feeling. It’s the worst feeling that people steal from you. It’s the worst feeling to have people not take you serious it all of that I don’t this is this is freedom. It’s freedom. So these guests list all that radio guest list. There’s a pain, there’s a paid version. It’s actually really interesting. That site it’s worth checking out but you have to pay to you pay to really use it use it, but it’s pretty cool. I like it. Okay, next one. There’s there’s a bunch of these by the way. Okay, book publishing. I’m excited to talk about this one. Okay, I think I answered that question. So all these websites I’m not going to go over each one show you all the websites all that we publish our books so I want to show you our book real quick. I keep hitting the wrong thing. Chrome tab I want to do Amazon the bottom there this okay. So this is our book, The devil inside me and I’m gonna tell you we were very blessed to hit bestseller. This is my author page. So we So the reason why you see to devil besides me is actually a very interesting story. And we’ll, we’ll go into that. But so we hit best seller. And I, one of the things that I struggled with my goal my entire life was to write a book. And I don’t have the attention span, to write a book at all, I don’t have an attention span now to write a book. And we still wrote a book. We wrote a book, and we made a movie, and we made a movie too. So the video software that we were talking about before. So these websites and again, you get the slide these websites will be available for you. I guess I would say, we started with Ingram Spark, and Ingram Spark, which is option number five. It’s, I don’t recommend them. Now, they, it’s it like literally, you need $200 to get your book published through them. And that and that tuner dollars, let you get your own ISBN number and everything, but they will distribute it to Barnes and Noble Amazon. Yeah, I mean, like multiple distribution outlets, the same with Lulu. You can even now you can use Barnes and Noble, like you can publish through Barnes and Noble now, like you have these options. KDP, Amazon Mindstorm media all these are great. This is not the strategy at all. Yeah, use Lulu. Yeah. And Lulu is great. Like we are distributed over there, too. So we broke, we had we would we started our book, we published it ourselves. And it was like it was just doing great. I mean, it was just doing what it was doing. And then we had a publisher come up to us, and offer to publish our book for us. And

well, I don’t want to because I don’t want to talk bad about not talking smack. But maybe not the best choice. It wasn’t the best choice. In fact, I liked the way that we self published better. And so we got our distribution back or publishing back. So now our foundation is actually the publisher. Which makes the most sense. However, that’s why you see two books, because there’s actually two different versions of it because of what we did with publishing. But both versions are there, people buy both versions. And so we it is what

Jessica linn 1:47:34
it is, even when you mess up, it still works. So

Joshua T Berglan 1:47:37
we hit best seller in four countries. And this is exactly how we did it. And this is the secret sauce. Well, there’s a few secrets in the sauce.

Jessica linn 1:47:47
A lot of ingredients.

Joshua T Berglan 1:47:49
So for us, we split off because neither one of us have very strong attention spans. So for me, I did tune I tried two different ways. And you can do the same. Remember the voice, the audio book that I told you about the audio, the way you can record your voice? Well, the start with the recording that we’ll start with this one first. And we’ll switch to the actual technique that we use, even though this will kind of overlap and interlab. You can record yourself talking in the book, the chapter you can start. And you can talk. That same audio can then be sent to what I showed you with otter the transcription service. It’ll transcribe your audio when you have to do some editing and remove your arms and Yaz and fix Intuos. And you know all that, yes, you will. But if you struggle with sitting down and typing out stuff where you have bad hands or something like that, or you don’t have hands because there are people that don’t have hands. The audio book and recording audio wise will serve two purposes. One, an audio book and two, you can transcribe now, I want to say this because I was mentioning the arms and ahhs and Yaz and things like that where you don’t want that in your audiobook. So what we did was this, I we broke our book down into episodic acts, because we wanted each chapter to kind of stand on its own and be its own story while it was interweaving with all the other stories. So when we figured out our chapters first, what were the chapter titles? So for us, we did 1010 chapters are 10 episodic acts. So the very first one, and we wrote them all down, we had them on a whiteboard. So I didn’t have to I didn’t force myself to have have to stay chapter one step Chapter Two, seven, chapter three, to stay in that, that flow. Because, to be honest, what we wrote about which was my testimony that the book, The devil inside me, was a very uncensored version of my testimony, which was the actual truth part of my testimony. I didn’t have the stomach, or the headspace some days to write the, that that particular chapter, so it would go to something else. So we did it one at a time. So what I did is I would write the chapter one chapter. And I would just write it until I couldn’t write anymore.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:44
Right by recording? Well, no, this

Joshua T Berglan 1:50:47
is actually now the recording part where I was talking about serves two purposes. That is, it is it’s an easy way to do it. But it requires like, you know, second, like to go back and edit and things like that. If you want to be able to create the the book part, the audio book, and even like what we did with the video, this is the formula you follow. One chapter wrote it out, there was no pressure to finish chapter 234-567-8910. None of those, there was no pressure, just focused on one, after I finished one, then I would go back to my phone. And there’s two ways to go about this. One, you can read what you wrote. In other words, what you just wrote for that first chapter, you can record yourself talking. And if you ever wonder, like, what happens if I get tired or out of breath, or I mess up in these phone apps, you can pause, you can rewind, because you can see the scale of your voice. And when you stopped where you stammered all that you can rewind, and start recording from the beginning. That’s what we did, to create the audiobook. So and then, so then I have I just took care of chapter one, the book part, then the audio book part has been finished. And then if you want to do video, is what you’re doing is like creating like a short film, for each episodic or each chapter. If you have the desire to turn your book into a movie, I recommend following the strategy. So then what I would do after the audio portion, I’ve done the long audio portion and it’s set got that done. Now you have audiobook, you have book, the video side. So then she went on Vimeo and with B roll B roll that you can find by searching different scenes inside of you. We took like she wrote she made she made that episodic with video, just beautiful.

Jessica linn 1:53:10
So can I just really quick, so he would do the chapter, I would listen and I would do bullet points about what was going on in that chapter. And then I would go into Vimeo and there’s keywords. So you would type in let’s say for keyword is he’s driving across country. So driving across country, it will have scenes from areas from in the car from next to the car, and then you you just pick what scene matches. And you can do you can cut one thing to be three seconds long. And then you could change the view and do that scene for the next five seconds. And you it’s all right there for you.

Joshua T Berglan 1:53:55
And what I would do from there is then get my phone recorder back. And as I’m watching the scenes, I mean, you could write yourself out a little script if you want it or you could just act it as you’re seeing it. And I tried a few different methods with this. Because I have no formal training. Everything has been self taught every acting job I’ve ever done. Every commercial, every voiceover all of it is happened because I just tried not because I have training. So I had we had to figure this out ourselves. We didn’t know that it would work. But I would just act over it. So then we got one episodic done. And that one episodic we did, we turned it into what I teach you in the video from before. When I like what you do after you’re done broadcasting. That same video that you watch will teach you how we made our book in movie in audio book two. When I was telling you that things interconnect and you can use some things for other things. This is what I’m talking about. up, because once it starts to click in one area, you start to see Wait a second, if I can do that with this, then I could do that, and that and that and that nothing’s wasted, nothing’s wasted. This is the best part in repurposing, recreating efficiency, multiple forms of content off of one piece of content. It’s amazing. So we did that each time. And then after it was all over, so we had the independent episodic acts that we distributed independently, all on those same news sites that I showed you before all of those same video sites as I did before, and also our network. That’s content that’s put out and we gave it away for free, by the way. So then, after all, 10 were done. Then we packaged it all together. Turn it into a book, turn it into an audio book, turn it into a movie, and we’ve won a lot. I’m not gonna say the number. Yeah, it’s a lot. We’ve won a lot of film festivals. By the grace of God, you know, the trophy? Um, we did it with no money. I mean, like, I’m not really

Jessica linn 1:56:25
only about one trophy, because why wouldn’t you want one thing to be like? How cool was this little momentum?

Joshua T Berglan 1:56:34
Yeah, so this one is for best voiceover. And we have I took down, we had all the film festival stuff, we had opportunity to get a trophy. And it’s like, you know, it’d be fun to have a trophy. And I had one since I was in elementary school. And now I don’t really care. But anyway, the point is this, we didn’t know what we were doing. We follow the vision, trusted that that vision came from God. And we’ve seen, we’ve seen the benefits and the blessing and the fruit from it. So what I’m saying is, you don’t need money to do any of this. Obviously, money will help you, you know, fuel everything, but it’s not a requirement. If you’re a knucklehead like me, like you can do voiceover work and acting like it’s all available. It’s all available for you. It, I just can’t emphasize it enough. What’s the name of your movie? It’s called the devil inside me. And it’s disturbing. But it’s, it’s a true story. It’s my it’s my story of how I found Jesus. And, but it’s very, very ugly. So just prepping you. It’s on our website, which is live or live motto It’s there to devil inside me. Yeah. Thank you. It’s on our website. Yeah, she’s awesome. Okay. So enough of that. So that’s all that gave you that strategy. Oh, and one other thing, too, I want to say everything we’re talking about today, again, I know I’ve said it several times in the training, but people leave people come back, that kind of thing. We will work with you and like, specifically help you teach you do this. I’m not going to do the work for you. She’s not going to do the work for you. But we’re going to teach you why. Because I want you to take what you learn and pay it forward. When I didn’t have options, I didn’t have money. I had lost everything. The only hope I had came from an opportunity I was given. I had a chance to say no to that opportunity. I’d be dead. If I said no to that opportunity. I know I’d be dead. But that opportunity just that I was given. I didn’t know what it would turn into. But that opportunity got me into the Emmys. And I fell into producing like getting to produce events and produce film and produce other things. Because of that opportunity that I took to volunteer volunteering, opened my eyes to a lot of what was possible and it happened little by little by little. It was producing an event that got me on set the very first time when I was on set I was just there to bring the energy just the energy. But when I showed up on set, they go wait a second. You can play this part. Can you do this? Yeah, I can do this. I watch professional wrestling I can do that. Got the part and got invited back for another part. Ended up in a movie The It’s with the Sundance Film Festival. My first speaking part got to do my first acting and producing like, I wasn’t planning on that. But I just showed up. And, and I had a heart to serve. And because of that, because of that day of deciding that I was gonna quit feeling sorry for myself, I’m just gonna go volunteer. That day of volunteering not only save me from killing myself, and that’s the part of the story I didn’t tell you. Because that’s what I was planning on doing that night, because I’d already lost everything. I only had a few bucks in my pocket. I was going to use it to get math and injected in trying to go out like a rock star because I hated my life that much. But I decided to go and that day changed my life forever. So

think this is more personal for me probably than I’ve even let on. But when I’m telling you that I know what this can do. I know because I’ve lived it and I’m living it today. And, and this can seriously change the game for you guys. Okay, sorry, dun dun being unemotional. Okay, so we went over this a little bit. But again, if you want assistance with publishing your book, whether it’s audio, or the video side, or even, even the writing side, I’m not again, I’m not going to write for well, maybe I could write for you depends on the situation. I don’t mind ghostwriting. But if you do need help, and you want more specific instruction, I will teach you, it’s so easy to do. Because once I teach you one time, you will be able to go teach others and to because it’s that easy. I have to run but thank you so much for the live event. Hey, you’ve been a real blessing. Thank you for being here. De Leon. Really, really appreciate it. Okay, 25, five more slides left, and you guys are done. Websites. Again, I’m not going to go into all of this right now. But these are inexpensive, cheap and easy ways to build website, I will help you that some of these sites you can build for free.

Jessica linn 2:02:15
GoDaddy is very easy.

Joshua T Berglan 2:02:18
It’s it’s plug and play. And if you watch the training, on what I do after broadcast, if you watch that training, that’s there, then and again, you can just email us and we’ll send you the slides so you can get that link. But if you watch that, it’ll also show you how you can build a website, it because it’ll it’ll feed into every one of these sites that are here, right now, each one of these is there. Because it all works virtually the exact same way. So what I show in that other video will teach you how to build websites. But it’s inexpensive, if not free. Okay, monetization, this is a part that is important. I’m going to try not to spend a ton of time going over over these. But I want to say this before everything else. There’s a reason why it’s first when I was teaching myself how to do that, but to build websites to your coding to do affiliates to start affiliate programs, to learn about sponsorships to learn about product placement. I did it through wealthy I do not I am not active there. And I haven’t been in years. But it taught me the fundamentals. If you don’t want to do a plug and play website, and you want to learn about embedding and how to properly code. This is like an at your own pace. Free or not? Well, there’s a free version, but there’s a paid version, I recommend the paid version. Again, I’m not a part of this program anymore. But I do recommend it. I’ve never seen anything better than this. To teach people at their own pace. There’s no pressure, there’s community. It works like Facebook, but it’s teaching you coding. It’s in content marketing and things like that. It’s a deeper dive into it. You can take it as far as you want. There’s hundreds and 1000s of lessons It is awesome and I think it’s like nine bucks a month if you want to do it. I would not know half the stuff I know without with with with if it wasn’t for wealthy affiliate. So okay, sponsorships number two. Sponsorships can work a lot of different ways. I’ve the most effective way I’ve seen it is not reaching out to people through email or reaching out to Ford Motor Company or whoever. It’s literally going to someplace in your neighborhood and saying, Hey, I’ve got this show. All right. This is what I’m doing. I would love you know to promote your eyes on my show. And this is how I do it. And why the video, audio and transcript come into play and why it’s important. I go over it in the other training video more specifically, but it allows you multiple ways to promote and add value for someone else’s brand. Therefore, you’ve created multiple ways to promote them through multiple distribution points. So they’re getting a lot of value. So going to someone local, that you can see them that you can have a relationship with them or someone that you already know. Like, Hey, I’d love to promote you on our show or, or you can sell guest appearances you can sell, you know, Hey, you want to do a product spotlight, well pay me X amount of money, like those things are all available. Again, I believe we believe in creating your own merchandise. And, and selling what you own sell things that have your branding on it. The reason why you want to come up with the logo, the like is because a cool logo. When I think of a logo, I think of what do I want to see on hats. What I want to see on T shirts, on coffee mugs, on a microphone, laptop bag, a bag, a travel bag. When you think of your logo, think of what you want to see on merchandise. Now merchandise, this is the best time ever to start doing this. You can white label products, the problem with white labeling products, and that’s basically going to a manufacturer and saying, hey, I want to buy 1000 of these, and I’m gonna put my logo on it. You can do a skincare, you can do it with cosmetics, you can do it with cologne, you can do it with cups, you can do it with a network, you can do it with a lot of thick white labeling is available. There’s custom formulating, custom formulate custom making. Well, that requires well, some money to do to do. But the good news is now there are options available where you do not have to pay for any of that. And I’m going to show you one of them right now.

Chrome, which one says spring I can’t see up here we go. I just found this website and make sure it’s showing. Okay, this website is called Teespring. And we’re gonna go I don’t know which one it was, oh, here we go. So, I mean, there’s all kinds of products here that you get your own website and web store. You can do do digital downloads this website, you can create your own don’t shop, you can put it on link tree, custom created branded products, you can apply for that. This site allows you to do so much of your own products, merchandise, but there’s other sites like it, if you want to do it with coffee mugs, you want to do it with journals, or it doesn’t matter. But that way you’re selling your own stuff, you can buy it for giveaways to help promote that, you know, back in the radio day when radio talk radio was a bigger thing than it is now. Because now everyone has podcast, you know, people would create bumper stickers. My favorite bumper sticker, there’s the one that said wow on it, because I met with them out Wednesday. I was a shock jock fan anyway. Um, but I mean, there was always these clever bumper stickers that would happen, or that people would create, and that those bumper stickers, you know that it was promoting, whatever. So I mean, that kind of stuff is inexpensive. But the cool things like about like, spring tea, for instance, is that you don’t have to pay money out of pocket. It’s like you’re going in with a partner, gone, I Hey, man, I need you to front me like 8000 T shirts. Well, you don’t need I don’t need 100,000 T shirts, we just print on demand. So you’re going to buy directly from the store. So I’m going to print on demand. And then your

Jessica linn 2:09:19
your your fans are gonna get your shirts and you don’t have to distribute.

Joshua T Berglan 2:09:23
That’s right. You don’t have to deal with the packaging the distribution, you get your own site, which by the way, you can create banner ads for which I go I go over that in the other training video about the where you can place these monetization opportunities for yourself and your content. Okay, bonfire is another one bonfire, we that’s who we used in the past. There’s other ones that we’ve used. bonfire, they’re pretty easy to work with. I will tell you that their margins are not great. But if you’re looking to just, you know, start out to test the waters and see how it does for you, bonfire can be a very, very great resource. Okay? I’m gonna be careful how I talk about this one, because I don’t want to promote the wrong thing. But there’s a lot of live streaming apps out there that you can make money on. But I will tell you this. And the reason I didn’t list any of them, is it’s navigating troubled waters. In other words, you’re gonna see things you may not wish you seen. There’s and there are global live streaming apps. I’m going to say one, I don’t want to do that, because I can I get sued for that,

jessica linn 2:10:41
I would just say, to look at the site carefully to make sure that their values align with your own,

Joshua T Berglan 2:10:50
that’s a better way to put it. So in your app store, like looking up live streaming apps, there is a lot of them. And there’s like more every day, I think you probably see him even on Facebook ads, they are a hub for human trafficking, there is no doubt, you will see some things you’re going that child should not be dancing. And even though they have their clothes on this doesn’t feel right, you will see some of that. But I also want to say that there’s people that are on those apps that are doing some good. So but that is a way that you can monetize content. It’s a way and so if I didn’t tell you that, well, this wouldn’t be complete. I don’t think rockfon rockfon is a great, and it’s like Odyssey, but you have to apply to get a channel there. Yes, you have to pay for it. And but you can earn revenue on your content, you can make it where people have to pay to watch your content. So all that’s there Odysseys the same way. And they’re pretty cool, pretty cool. I have streaming apps that are twice,

Jessica linn 2:12:03
well paid, and then streaming. Non paid.

Joshua T Berglan 2:12:08
Yeah, it’s basically the same thing. But there’s a bunch of them out there like that. There’s other ways, you know, product placement, doing live reads, things like that, if somebody gives you a script. That’s a way but this is all collectively, everything that we’re showing is is theirs, everything is meant to be combined. So the next slide, we’re on 2627. Now few more ago, you can screenshot this. Actually, I recommend how do I move my big head up here? No, I don’t want to do that. That’s my big head here. Um so these websites IMDB. IMDB is the Internet Movie Database. Why would you put your content there? Other than that, other than the fact that it’s very SEO friendly? Well, now, I was doing this before, before you are allowed to because the way I looked at it was that well, if I’m on Apple TV, that means we’re doing TV. So I’m gonna put our content there. And we have IMDB. I’ll show you what it looks like. Let me share this. Sure screen. IMDB. Okay, so I’m hearing from I don’t know. Okay. So this is I’m sure it’s showing you guys on this end. Okay. So this is I am B, I am DD. What it is and why it’s great is not only does it store all of your content, I need to go to this page. But it’s important if you’re going to create a multimedia broadcast or podcast or anything like that. You want to add it you put your movie here. This is the movie, the first movie I did. That went to another movie, the romance story. And so this is this is like your entertainment resume. And this matters. If you’re gonna do a podcast, this matters because now you are no different than a radio host. You are no different than a TV host. Because what you’re doing is the same thing. You’re providing entertainment for people. So being on a site like this is important. You can put your images media stuff there. There can be you know, the this is a camera or One of the movies? No, that’s the one my interviews from the old show, okay, we create a lot of different shows, you can put your skills here, it’s a resume, where people can find you what companies you work with char star meters is how famous you are, I went up 250,000 slots as my app, it changes like you do. And people can contact you here. You can follow, you can add to this right here, you can track these people. But this is a network also. And the reason why that is important, I’m gonna go here. The reason this is important is now that you are a media person, creating content officially, not just doing Facebook Lives, but now you’re on a network. You’re professional, you’re a professional, so act like you think, oh. So, but this is, let me I want to make this abundantly clear. Those people that you see on the internet, Movie Database, and casting websites are no different than you and me. You belong there every bit as much as they do if you’re qualified to be there. And if you create a podcast, or a live stream, or OTT show or whatever, you belong there, you belong there. And you’re about to find out the other reason why it’s very valuable to be there. So I mentioned Wealthy Affiliate already, we talked about that.

Daily Motion. Where’s all casting? Oh, I want to show you all casting, oh, backstage casting frontier, Craigslist, I’m going to show you all casting really quick. And I’m going to help make this make more sense, I hope of why you want to do all of this stuff. Okay. Make sure I have the right screen up you’re seeing this is one of the casting websites that allows individuals to show up to all is inexpensive to use. And anybody from all walks of life can use this website, and they can get jobs from it. No experience necessary. That’s pretty cool. So casting calls, show you an example. So you want to do dove seeking commercial, if you’re a woman I can’t apply for this is not a woman that will go to McDonald’s and just show show you this. Every bit of you, every one of you can qualify for these jobs. You do not need to be an expert. $1,500 a project acting um, you get selected tick tock experience to go so this is a tick tock commercial, basically not a McDonald’s commercial. People with tick tock posting experience for me Donald’s anyway, maybe it’s a it’s a, this is a cobranding spot. So they’re working together here. But you can find this there on this website, dub, Toyota plus size models. For those of you that said, I’m too fat to be an actor or to be in a commercial there can casting Fat people not do for people, I weighed 300 pounds. So I understand. Like, I’m still a big boy, I’m 250 pounds now. So plus size, if you’re non binary or whatever, I don’t even know what all that stuff is. Anyway, I want you to go down that road. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you’re if you have tattoos on your face. If you have no tattoos if you have a mohawk. If you have face piercings if you’re only have one eye and you’re a cyclops Guess what? There’s a casting director looking for

Jessica linn 2:19:09
you. What about pink hair?

Joshua T Berglan 2:19:11
Pink hair? Oh, no, they’re probably is actually a cast you don’t hear right now. Blake Shelton. These are not gimmicks. Am I still featured on here? I was featured on here. Ah, oh, well. Am I on there? No. No, there I am. Because I’ve been able to get a bunch of clubs from this champion commercial. So you can change the view. And then some of them you can easily apply. So it’s just simply it’s this and you put in the filters, keywords. The job that you’re looking for voiceover anyone to this video game voice servers is in high demand, dancing singing band gigs theater reality TV. If Kim Kardashian can be famous, don’t you think you can too, just saying modeling, modeling is not seven feet tall and rail thin cocaine skinny, it’s not that anymore. Modeling is different. They like big people like me. Just saying every nationality, every nationality, all of this is available for you. And every one of you can make money off this, every one of you. So that is something. Okay, what else? Oh, all right. So again, this is slide. One of the things that you can see with our apps, this is you’ll be able to get the slide to be able to see our app, our app is actually, I don’t know if you’d be able to see it. From there. Well, I mean, it just you can scroll up.

Jessica linn 2:21:13
Over show shows,

Joshua T Berglan 2:21:14
like all of our different broadcast, every different show, every different channel, all that stuff is you just went to your service. And, and it’s great, because, again, this is what we own. And that of course, that’s what we want to promote. Let me show see what else is here. What does it what does it say? Oh, once you’ve completed this training, you qualify for a one on one training to take a deeper dive into your needs goals and more specifics into the How to dues, you can schedule with us. Basically go to our website at live Mana Contact us, which is one of the menu items. And you can schedule an appointment for a warm one. And you can also email us and you can get the full training. Which, you know, you want the PowerPoint if you want to take this a step further, because it shows you all the inside stuff that’s there. Um, I want to say, what else do I want to say? What do you want to

Jessica linn 2:22:23
know what’s gonna throw in there, the pitch deck, when you are searching for sponsorships, that helps there’s a you can create a pitch deck on Canva. Super easy, just giving what you do some examples, and then the statistics things that would benefit them to be a sponsorship of your show or an affiliate.

Joshua T Berglan 2:22:54
And then another thing that you can do to that is actually very effective, is if you really like a brand. And this is the best way I should go back to the affiliate slide, I want to tell you this on the affiliate side. Make a list of like 10 to 15 products that you love. It could be holiday coffee or be Rockstar Rockstar. You can go to their websites. And typically at the very, very bottom, you’ll see things as affiliate, believe it or not, like if you like tide laundry soap, you’re going to they have an affiliate program. They have private jet affiliate programs, where you can promote private jets, and make a commission off of everything that’s sold from your affiliate. And again, I go deeper into this in the other training. But pretty much everything that you love is available as an affiliate program, especially if you have a website. And there’s a lot of reasons why you want to have an affiliate program. But that’s a two hour lecture.

Jessica linn 2:24:05
But what I feel is very important. And what we are trying to get is to set you guys up to be at your own empire with your own affiliates so that you’re not just on Instagram or Facebook with affiliates. And then that gets taken away. And now your affiliates. You’re on a show you’re out a platform, you’re all the things so eliminate all that. Get your own thing, get your own affiliates, get your own sponsorships, and then nothing can stop.

Joshua T Berglan 2:24:37
But you have to start somewhere. And sometimes joining someone else’s affiliate program is what will teach you how to do things like a voiceover, a library, product placement. I mean you a lot you can use other people’s stuff to learn to master it then go off on your own. So as I said before, or you can do every bit of this by yourself. I was doing it up until I got to meet Jessica. And then we became a team. And that, and because of that, everything got better. But you can do it alone. It’s best when you have a team. So either you can put feelers out, you can, you know, hire people, you can ask people to volunteer, or, you know, I mean, whatever you need to do, or you can just do it alone until your your your tribe comes to you. There’s a lot of different ways. But you see, thank you for Joshua, sharing. Ah, thank you very much for that. Thank you for watching. I’m glad that you found it interesting. But you know, one of the things too, like, if you want, you don’t have a team, and but you’re also scared to kind of go off on your own. If you want to join a team, Mike, you can join us. And we will teach you everything that we know, we will train you, we will teach you you will, you know, get the perks of you’ll get our perks, basically. And we’re not in a position to pay people we serve full time. We don’t I mean, we’re not even that great asking for donations, but we do appreciate them. But, you know, if you need a spotter, you need to be kind of in an incubator incubator for a while you’re ready, you’re you wanted to be a part of another ecosystem, because you’re not ready. Like we welcome that to, like we will work with you will teach you we don’t have an agenda, except to help. Hey, man, all right, this is the last thing. Oh, if you find value, and what we’ve done, there’s multiple ways that you could sew into us, you’re going to live or live mono, either one, or you can scan a barcode. If you found value in what we’re doing, we’d be grateful for you sewing into us. So that concludes this training. If there’s any questions, I’ll stay here for a little bit. I really do. Want us to say why it’s okay. Well, Nydia, thank you for that. Thank you for being here. Thank you. And I will answer any questions you have. Or feel free again, to just email us, which is on this slide, you can see it. Right, Jessica? At live Mana And it did that again. It’s user error, I guarantee you. Yeah. And then my email.

Jessica linn 2:27:56
Joshua, Mana

Joshua T Berglan 2:28:01
That one, Joshua, mana will work. And that’s it. So if there’s no questions, we will end I do believe that we covered the overview.

Jessica linn 2:28:15
Yes, the general get started all the links. That in itself should keep y’all busy for a minute

Joshua T Berglan 2:28:24
and email us if you want the slide deck that has all those links. No, again, there’s no questions asked, we’re not going to like try to, you know, rob you for giving the slide deck and you are welcome to share the slide deck with other people. So we thank you, we appreciate you. Really I to be honest with you, I thought one person would be here and we had more than that. So that was pretty cool. I want to give a special thank you to virtual Latinos, in my other virtual Latinos was here today, some of the representatives thank you guys. And thank you, we had another group of VAs that were here too. So thank you guys, thank you for watching. I hope you found value in this. And again, if you want to take a deeper dive, just reach out to us and I do hope you found value. I do know this. I’ll be shocked if you didn’t find value. Because this stuff has been the very thing that has allowed me to go from zero to nothing but hope. And I want the same for every one of you genuinely. So. You know, okay, God bless you guys go virtual Latino’s. That’s right. God bless all of you. Appreciate your being here, and we will see you similar time thanks.

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