What would you do if you were locked away in a “prison” with no chance of getting out for a crime you were never convicted of?

What would you do if it was for over 40 years?

Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’ welcomes Mr. Daniel Larsen LIVE from Moose Lake’s very own shadow prison, MSOP to discuss his living nightmare and what he wants to the world to know about Civil Commitment.

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Joshua T Berglan

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Broadcast Outline



Introducing Daniel Larson.
Is it possible that it is my destiny to live free for the rest of my life?
Are the people in wheelchairs slumped over? Are they seated correctly?
What makes you not put a bullet in your head?
My mom had a good heart, she was a single mom.
Daniel Wilson is languishing in jail.
Dealing with one version of the same thing.
Why he doesn’t want to broadcast like this.
Daniel’s voice needs to be amplified in the world.
You may hate where you’re at, you may hate your circumstances, but you have the actual power to let go of those things.



Joshua T Berglan 0:00
Well, Lord willing, let’s make sure Lord willing that this works and doesn’t freeze up because it’s been freezing up. Tried to do this on the phone, but nonetheless, I’m Joshua, the world’s mayor, welcome. We have an amazing gentleman, Daniel Larsen calling. Hello from

Daniel Larsen 0:29
monitoring and maybe recorded your calls will now be connected. Thank you for using GTL. So hey, Daniel,

Joshua T Berglan 0:37
how are you, man?

Daniel Larsen 0:39
All right. Hey, do you prefer Joshua Joshua?

Joshua T Berglan 0:43
Thank you for asking. I prefer Joshua.

Daniel Larsen 0:50
Me, I really don’t care how

Joshua T Berglan 0:54
it’s pronounced Daniel. Right.

Daniel Larsen 0:56
Yeah, anything but calling the laser.

Joshua T Berglan 1:04
Daniel, tell everybody who you are, where you’re at? And what’s going on, please.

Daniel Larsen 1:11
All right. My name is Mr. Daniel Larson. I’m at the Minnesota Sex Offender Program in mostly I have prepared a right riding on this. Since my short term memory does seem to be on time. If everybody’s okay with it right now.

Joshua T Berglan 1:46
Yeah, go for it, man. And thank you for being

Daniel Larsen 1:50
Thank you. I have a clean record. So why have I been incarcerated for 45 plus years? My name of course. When I was 15 years old authorities, state of Minnesota lock me up in a maximum security facility. I have been I have been here now. for over 45 years. I have never been charged or convicted of a crime. I am confined because stage has made a prediction that I might commit a crime. Unless something changes I expect to die here. When I was 10 years old, on July 28 of 1971 I wouldn’t just my mother being murdered. The man who shot her point blank. I then testified in court. I was with my grandparents. I was angry. Sad. Lonely. I did not know how to pass the murder of my mother. I needed help. But had no one night of the murder. I was at the old downtown courthouse being questioned by a police detective who was asking me what kind of a handgun was used to murder. My mother and her girlfriend. I did not know when hands on from another boy. So instead of checking with ballistics, or asking me if I would look at a book with photos. Check it pulls out his revolver, almost shoving it in my face.

And it looked like that. In 1976, I was evaluated at the Security Hospital in St. Peter, Minnesota. I was 15 years old. On September 27. Judge James Knutson ordered that I committed indefinitely. I was never allowed to go to court to defend myself. I was committed as the vulnerable age of 16. I was sent to a maximum security facility with adult

Joshua T Berglan 4:39
oh my god I now

Daniel Larsen 4:40
have I know. I now have been here for over four years. There’s no end in sight. Is it possible that it is my destiny to live

free for the first 15 years of my life

only two of a compliance to a maximum security I have never been found guilty of a crime you were to take the same test that I took 15 years old will you pass or could the state of Minnesota in the state of Minnesota to make you also have archery children when they pass them. These are important issues that Minnesota and US citizens should consider when they consider whether they should support the MSOP. For self and others who have been active since childhood, we have missed out on life itself because of being accused of something, or for something that someone had done as a child, because they did not have the mental maturity of an adult to deal with some tragedy that happened in their life as an adult. One of the things sad to see elderly attendees who can barely get around who are denied proper medical attention, even on less than such attention, and medication. They’re also electric chairs. Even those who have only one leg, there is only one person in the entire entire facility that actually has an electric chair, that he paid for all of his own pocket. But yet he also only substandard medical MSOP. And the young people who have a whole lot is even worse. What children when civilly committed, working a job, getting their driver’s license, joining the military, buying a home falling in love and having a family. Plus, civil commitment isn’t so most people do you really want your family members in places like my sincerest hope is that the politicians would come down and learn what it means to be human.

Instead of victimizing children and others until the state of Minnesota and its officials get done. I also wish that our lone wolves would come to see for himself so that I might so that I could share my ideas to the solution warehouse program that costs taxpayers too much money with no positive results, if he were willing to take time and hear me out before making the decision. After all, it never hurt anyone to just listen. Thank you for listening to more of my story. If you have any questions or would like talk with a voicemail from the facility by calling 218251 1900 extension one 194 If you would like to learn more about this very important issue go to the voices of ocean. If you would like to connect with others who support this cause go to And MSOP Facebook page The other question I would have for the public why is it a shot and killed my mother three years still gets off scot free. And I spent all these years locked up that

happens to some woman by the name of Mrs. Pillsbury flower supply either my mother’s killer or is trying to cash reclaim but it wasn’t about. So, you know, what else to do? Anybody got any questions? Feel free to ask,

Joshua T Berglan 11:00
Hey, I have something in it’s kind of It may sound unorthodox, but there’s a reason I’m asking the people that are in wheelchairs there. This this is gonna sound like a strange question. But are they slumped over in the wheelchairs? Are they are they do they look like they’re seated in it correctly?

Daniel Larsen 11:26
Well, that’s pretty much electricity posted me. But you know, some have like, the neck area, a little bit of sadness.

Joshua T Berglan 11:37
Okay, there’s I don’t know if you have a pin, but I want you to write down a couple things. Because I know you guys are allowed to do some research. And, you know, kind of look into things that are related to your case. Well, two things. One last night on the news, they were talking about civil commitment, because there’s a situation, it’s a different type of civil commitment. It’s the other civil commitment, not the one that you are dealing with. But it’s the other version of it. But it still ties and MSOP. So this was on the news yesterday, and an article and they’re talking about how these prisons are not safe, they’re not giving proper health care, they’re not proper conditions that came out, it’s on the news. I’m linking it to this conversation also, by the way, but what you what one thing that you may have on your side, is the way that people with disabilities are treated there. There are laws about like, for instance, whether it’s even proper, daily living activity equipment, so if somebody is not seated in the wheelchair correctly, if somebody has, is getting a sore from their wheelchair, and it’s not being properly taken care of, these are major, major issues that very well could be overlooked by everyone, because it’s, you know, not everyone knows the rights. I worked in healthcare for 18 years. And the one thing that I ran up against a lot and had to fight a lot, were these laws. And and you can these laws are there for a reason. And it’s to protect the people with disabilities. So, with the mental health side of things, you guys have a strong argument, in my opinion, but you may have an argument that is hiding in plain sight, with the way that people are being treated, that are disabled. So I would look into disability laws. And and especially regarding equipment, proper medical equipment, that stuff that may be a glaring, gaping hole that may help you all. That’s not obvious, because I know that you guys have there’s a lot of different arguments, and there’s a lot of different reasons to fight. And obviously the most obvious things that we hear every time we talk to you guys, but the there’s never anything new. And I can tell you right now the way that people with quote unquote disabilities are treated. There’s a lot of laws that are set up to protect them. And there’s a lot of special interest groups with a lot of money that are also that would jump over something like this if indeed they are in violation there. So it’s something it’s worth checking out.

Daniel Larsen 14:28
Yeah, because you can call back if you want yeah,

Joshua T Berglan 14:34
man do it.

Daniel Larsen 14:38
Call back. My friend, pay for his own electric chair. Well, he has disabilities and he in stores and things like that. But he’s also angry at the way he was treated here. Now that’s why sometimes he really lashes out All right now just sure is on the fritz, you need people to help, you know, I’ve known for a long time. And it’s just appalling how dragged off to lockup with no clothes on from time to time. You can only put him in one of those hospitals, or whatever it is. This is history, he’s reached out for help several times. Thank you for using GTL.

Joshua T Berglan 15:40
Well, so I don’t know how well and how loud he is coming through, and he’s going to call back. But they can’t do that. Either. This article, I’m gonna link this article, I don’t want to read it. But this is really good news in the world of civil commitment. Like for people that are, I’ve had enough for people that have been a victim of this. And I know it’s really odd to put sex offenders and victim in the same breath, as far as saying that they are the victim. Because a lot of these, these men and women aren’t guilty. Some have never been charged with an actual crime. Others serve their time, what they did was not even that sex offenses this blank term. And unfortunately, slapping somebody on the butt that you know, could be a sexual offense that you’re friends with. Could be a sex offense. is calling back here we go.

Daniel Larsen 16:53
Hello. Calls are central to monitoring and maybe recorded your calls will now be connected. Thank you for using GTL Hello,

Joshua T Berglan 17:03
hello. Welcome back.

Daniel Larsen 17:05
Yeah. Can I take a real quick second? I gotta grab a mouse.

Joshua T Berglan 17:11
Yeah, of course. Um, but what’s happening? Is it right? He’s never been charged. But there’s other stories like this. And but what he’s talking about with the people with like one legs. To give you an idea of the Cubitus ulcer requires a $300,000 Flap surgery. So that that wound that opens up $300,000 That’s what it was the last time I worked in healthcare. So it’s probably more expensive. That it’s a problematic very expensive thing. So if it’s not properly treated, not only are they putting their life in danger, but they’re causing them way other issues too. All right. Sorry, Daniel. Go ahead, man.

Daniel Larsen 18:01
Yeah. Now I am also elderly, I’m 61. I was born March 8 of 61. I have arthritis in my left. I recently took an ultrasound for my left shoulder, bicep very and things like that. And they never let me know what the results of that ultrasound was. I have started after I cut my second shot for the COVID out of all three shots. They tell me what it’s not that they won’t tell me what it is. So I’m personally if there’s any your listeners have a questions that they might want to ask.

Joshua T Berglan 19:04
Well, not to give you too much of a peek behind the curtain, but we’re not live. We’re recording. We’re not live. I’m sorry. No, no, no, no, it’s okay. It’s okay. I actually did a broadcast earlier and I was talking about how I miss broadcasting live. I missed the interaction. But anyway, no, we there are no questions from them. But I have a question for you. All right. The I can’t imagine. I know what it’s like to be falsely accused of something. And then and like and have my life kind of Detering on the edge. But that suffering lasted a matter of hours. How in the world Like every day 40 some 41 years You said you’ve been locked in there and whatnot plus 45 plus and you like how what makes you not put a bullet in your head

Daniel Larsen 20:21
well I’ve ever been suicidal first and foremost I have time

got himself to take me on

Unknown Speaker 20:51

Daniel Larsen 21:00
I don’t know if my class action is gonna get me or anybody else

I think one of the ways is trying to always treat others with the utmost kindness courtesy decency and respect you don’t always get the same in return that goes to the hospital for adults which is actually illegal because I was never certified as an adult I was physically strong fast kid you would lie lacked experience sometimes somebody would try to take advantage of me or I would just put Welcome back to the cellblock and things like that they had a lot of power when I was a kid probably too much from what I used to help staff a lot at hospital

let’s talk to residents who are wanting to get I got to choose all kinds of charging the system is really messed up royalty nobody wants to listen to

my professional opinion because of my initial 16 years at the Security Hospital well you have people who have been trained in have worked for the Department of Corrections totally completely different than Department of Human Services and a lot of them get stuck in that mindset to where they believe that everybody is locked up because the bad guy or girl whichever the case may be so we get treated badly to help that we need you know myself I like I said I’m just an accusation I’ve never been charged or if you want to use a legal term in either way I wish I wish more people from the public get involved in you know because this can happen to anybody anybody even somebody who’s official Hey guys, I gotta go with Michael’s

Joshua T Berglan 24:22
likable human

Daniel Larsen 24:32
but anyway like I said it could have been anybody I’ve even seen as at the Security Hospital where staff themselves have been arrested by the police and taken off to such like that because of the case that I know. They want to Because whether they were guilty or not idle but we’ve also had staff there who had problems with drugs and alcohol, things like that. So I mean, your staff are not immune from this.

Joshua T Berglan 25:20
Know, because we’re humans.

Daniel Larsen 25:24
I mean, administrative staff, you know, in clinical, they think they are they they have a voice in my opinion, you have a cop complex. They do. Some Latos law, not all but a lot of them. You know, they’re pretty decent, but every so often you’ll get one that will go into a complex that’s really hard on people.

Joshua T Berglan 26:01
Because you’re being treated less as

Daniel Larsen 26:04
Exactly. I’ve been told no, all my life, to normal things I should have had, you know, no matter what it was. But I persevered through all this. My mom, she had a good heart, so delighted to help out everybody.

Joshua T Berglan 26:33
My mom to

Daniel Larsen 26:36
find this memory of my mom. I’ll see if she was killed on the evening of July 28, of 71. But on the Fourth of July, she put the best backyard barbecue, dinner for the entire family ever done. Even better than my grandfather, which is her dad, that’s hard to beat. My grandfather, he was a full giant why people put down my mother and stuff, trying to claim as he or she was on. She denied me medical attention, all that other stuff. I say that’s not true, because I’m proud of her. Because she was a single mom, like a lot of moms on our planet. do with what she could afford. When she could afford medical attention for me, just like that, and my sister. And she ended up getting us a two story house with basement. A several car garage on with the exception of the one because as normal into our backyard, she read it out to rest. She went to high school to try to improve herself so she can get a good job. If I had to name one fault, and my mother’s had bad taste, but nobody’s perfect.

Joshua T Berglan 28:23
You brought up you mentioned God and other than Daniel. You’re really the only one that I’ve spoken to that ever talks about God or even wants to hear his name. What Does god mean to you?

Daniel Larsen 28:40
He is the Creator of all things, both here in this solar system, other universes. You know, this is where all life has sprung from him. I know a lot of people will talk about let’s go as an example of the Lord’s Prayer. We asked him to forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And even though a lot of people in the world may say that, how many people actually believe in practice? To forgive others. Wow. We carry the Word of God around our billfold all the time. The dollar bill the coin. It says In God we trust in our courts. We get sworn to help me who helped me the system or the judge. Well, we got

the 10 commandments I believe Even if I follow them, even though some are confusing, I’m not exactly sure. We’re supposed to be interpreted and met you know, met. But other natural I try my best. I’m not perfect, I never will be. But I try to live my life according to this will. I know he goes by many names worked God is just a title, but his name is Jehovah or in the Native American language for Ojibwe. He mighty dual, and such, you know, every culture has a name for the Creator. You have one minute remaining. I wish people learn a little bit more about God

Joshua T Berglan 31:12
Amen. Amen. Brother. You’re welcome back anytime. God bless you. All right. I’ll give you the final words, man.

Daniel Larsen 31:22
Yeah, and you got my not only my address, but my phone number and voicemail also.

Joshua T Berglan 31:31
I will man give your number out again. One more time.

Daniel Larsen 31:36
Coach 18351 1900 extension 1198494.

Joshua T Berglan 31:41
All right, man. Anything else?

Daniel Larsen 31:46
Oh, nothing I can think of at the moment because this is my last call for a while.

Joshua T Berglan 31:50
Well, I’ll talk to you soon, brother. God bless you. Thank you for being here. Thank you. Bye.

I’ve heard about Daniel, it just dawned on me this entire time. When I first met Tom and Daniel Wilson, her about Larson. Just remembered because I remember making the cover art for Daniel Wilson. And I accidentally put Larson because I’d heard so much about this guy it humble. I must humble he’s just humble. i My heart breaks for him. I didn’t want to ask him if he did it. I mean, I’m not going for hard hitting journalism awards here. I wanted him to talk. I wanted him to be heard

I I can’t imagine what he’s dealing with. And what this is like from I can’t imagine but I’m hoping with this languishing in jail. Let me see if I can share this. I know I can share it. I’m saying that because I forget which one I’m supposed to actually click. It’s this one. Okay. This article see what you can see. So we’ll watch it

Wait, is it not going to play

Unknown Speaker 34:06
to explain why it’s leaving people in jail even after they found it this day?

Unknown Speaker 34:19
County County Jail. Judge committed him to get mental mental health hospitals. Department certain services right now dozens of cases, members services and earlier this morning on Judge judge she shows us this filing right. Since September, that’s counted So he’s on

Joshua T Berglan 35:03
treatment now

for not getting proper treatment, and as a result all condition is getting worse. And I think if you separate shock people easily after what is what is called the security guard? Center date Wait, wait he jails we were everything was Christmas possible but not not reconstituted emergency over the objection again is just just to get it out I guess we’ll just have to see

Unknown Speaker 36:12
that yes about why so called follow up

Joshua T Berglan 36:32
here’s why that matters. Because it will in the article which I’ll link to this. It’s talking about the conditions, the horrible conditions that are present, also. And then people were not getting proper treatment. So there’s two tybor tipheret. There’s two types of civil commitment. And the gentleman we just spoke to is dealing with one version of it. And it’s like the bastard cousin of this version. But they tie together. And so I’m praying that this draws attention to the crap that’s happening in MSOP. And it’s happened in Kansas and happening in Jersey and happening in California Coalinga, and happening in Texas and half. I mean, it’s, it’s all over. There’s too in Minnesota. And it affects everyone. And I’m not a scholar on this. I’m not an attorney. I’m not a like I care about a lot of different causes that I want to draw attention to. So like, it’s hard for me to get too obsessed over one thing, but this one sucks. I can’t even imagine. Like I I love Tom and Tom who has been on my show before and it skirt what they did to Tom. And what I see with him now it’s there’s no doubt that Tom is a freaking genius. Like it could be the biggest gift to society. But he’s wrongfully accused and he the his anger is going to kill him. And he knows he loves God. He loves the Lord. He knows what anger is going to do to him. Maybe, I mean, maybe he still knows. I don’t know. Because eventually you just get blind by it. And Tom watches from time to time so I Tom I love you and I am praying for you man. i It’s heartbreaking to watch the anger come out of this hurt his life taken from him. He can get his life back. He’s he’s an opportunity to get his life back and I want to see it happen. But I want to see it happen for Daniel Larson. Daniel Wilson want to see it happen for I mean, everyone, I’ve gotten to know a lot of these guys and their families and what’s happening there is not right. And then you know, like I want proper justice, not in your domain justice. And I believe that God is going to make all this right. It’s going to take a supernatural X experience supernatural like it’s going to take God doing what God does, I believe but I mean How many people are running? To go listen to what a sex offender has to say? Like, oh, let me let me work on his case pro bono. Like, someone’s got to do it. Someone’s got to do it. There’s some attorney out there that can take this on. There’s some attorney like, you know, what I envision and of how we get to help in this and we’re committed to helping like, I don’t freaking sucks, man. Like, I’m sitting here, like, sitting here am I broadcasting and like, even though I know I’m going to broadcast again, and I know that God’s going to make my dreams come true. I mean, as long as I stay serving the Lord, I know my dreams are gonna come true. That’s just what I believe. In, I’m gonna do it the way that he’s leading me to do it. And so like, failure, be damned. I’m not concerned about it. But at the same time, I’m like, Alright, it’s my last one. So at All right, last one for now, maybe? I don’t know. Like, it’s like, I kind of want to like, it’s like, I feel like I’m on the Titanic. Just being like, I’m gonna be the last one playing my violin. I think that’s what happened. Remember, don’t care either.

Don’t care, but it’s but feels like you’re like, Okay, I’m gonna stay here. stubbornly. I’m just gonna put on my fine coat. Actually, I forgot to put my jacket on to this broadcast. So I was gonna have all my finest linens on and just go down with the ship and be a cliche

honey, is that you? Are the cat’s okay. I mean, I’m broadcasting but I thought it was I didn’t know if it was the cat got nervous. Hi, honey. I love you too.

We have a Maine Coon. It’s kind of a big, kind of a big cat. And these may be bigger than that, with this tail is the this law is so big. So I don’t know if you somehow figured out how to get in the cabinets even though we have them secured. But they’re clever cats anyway. But part of what we envisioned is, you know, because we are a nonprofit media organization. We wanted to continue to operate doing what we’re doing, elevating the voices of the people that come to our network, or come to our foundation. So the blogs that we’ve been publishing, we’ve got a new one Francis just send. I don’t know if well, you don’t know her last name. But she’s the preacher, Lady blog. Preachers. Lady blonde. pastor’s wife, Preacher’s Wife blog. Sorry. My wife started writing again. Oh, by the way, honey, you need to send me your actual blog. You need to send me your actual blog. You sent me the pictures? No, I can’t. But so my wife has an amazing blog called Jessica and God. That’s worth checking out. Are you letting the cats down here? Oh, boy. So anyway. And you know, by the way, the other reason why I don’t want to broadcast like this, I mean, I’ll do these broadcast is because I really enjoy the out of body experience. I enjoy being on stage and getting to engage. Because I enjoy questions. I enjoy being able to talk and enjoy that part of the experience, but I also enjoy getting immersed in it. And there’s, it feels good. It’s like one of those experiences of just like me and God because I can’t see anything that’s out there. Even though I’m engaging and talking and actually talking to people. I don’t it’s it’s different than like just seeing somebody that you see at a bar. You know, you’re walking into the church and yes, I just did the two side by side because well, first of all, like the Dinner at the bar, what it doesn’t mean whether I drink iced tea at the bar, who cares, it’s like the best place to eat is at the bar. In church, you can say both in the same sense. But you know waking up or you’re shaking someone’s hand and talking, you see people different when you do that. And then when you’re in an intimate setting and community gathering, you’re hanging out and breaking bread you see people different than but when you’re on stage and there is an audience, you’ve got all those faces and all those eyeballs looking at you. And you like it is it’s it’s very surreal experience and it’s a different thing for everyone. And like so whether you’re a musician, you know anything any whether you’re you perform with a sport in front of people may think it’s different for everybody. But when I was a cheerleader, and we competed was different, a different experience in playing football in front of a big crowd. Playing golf in front of people. But there’s something about being on stage. Because, you know, even being an inspirational speaker, or talking about God or sharing your testimony, being vulnerable, pouring your heart out and like basically cutting yourself open for people, not literally, but metaphorically. There’s a better word for that. Anyway. It, it’s a different experience. And you have to be in a different place. Like than you would be with casual conversation, mentally in a different type of focus, a different type of preparation, a different type of experience. And the reason why is because if your mind’s not right, a heckler. Or someone that comes at you, someone that’s on their phone, not listening to you. And here it is, you’re pouring out your heart and soul.

Somebody’s doing something else. Like you know, you’re not in the right headspace that can get to you anyway. So like, I enjoy this and like, I enjoy not being able to take this as serious and just being able to talk and hang out and doing something casual. But don’t get it twisted. Having the professional setup, doing my shock jock style evangelism style. Tonight Show, traveling serving circus is like what I want to do. And I want to take it serious. I want to be able to leave the stage and be done. Like Like I just played a football game. I don’t know what that says about me. I don’t know if that’s bad. I don’t know if that’s ego. I don’t know. I don’t care, actually. Until God convicts me of it being something that’s not right. I don’t care

what was the point of all that? I think I’m i Oh, I think it was because of the distractions. But I like NC like I don’t like when that happens. Really. I’m choosing to have fun with it. I don’t like when my technology sucks. And for some reason now my camera’s working okay. And the reason why you see me if you can see me keep looking down. It’s because this screen has been a 10 second delay every broadcast and give no idea why troubleshooted the heck out of it. But basically rebuilt my computer thought that I was going to have to quit using this computer and now all of a sudden it’s working. I don’t get it. And the only reason that happened is because when I broadcast the last time for my phone going well this may be my only option. I’ll go back old school broadcasting the way that I did when I first started I’ll go back to humble beginnings God like I have no problem with that. Well then I did that and our guests called and guess what happened? Well, there was 10 minutes of content before that, but then he calls and can’t hear me I can hear him he can’t hear me. So anyway, it wasn’t working trying to broadcast my phone and talk to somebody from a phone so then I had no choice but to come here because I and I almost said Well dude, my phone or my camera this this is not working on my phone. So the camera this camera and computer mic isn’t working. So we got to cancel the interview. The interview I totally had forgotten about. And thought yesterday was my last broadcast. But instead, I did a bonus one today. And I did this one. And then I’m working out. After all that I wanted to quit. I wanted to go

didn’t want to quit. I don’t want to give up fighting. I don’t want to give up being a voice for people want to do in the biggest, loudest way possible. But for the right reasons. This men and women that are locked up in civil commitment, like these stories are horrible, and I’m not an expert on it. But me need more voices need more of what just came out in the news. Last night, we were watching it it never I never watched the news. We put the news on last night. Because I got up way too early. Did not want to get up that early, but decided to like watch the news and unwind, which is a terrible idea. Like why would we do that we know the news is a lie. But then randomly on the local Minnesota news on its app, because we don’t have TV there was and we’re watching that video. And immediately the connections are going off like wait a second, this is a good sign. Because this is press this is real media. So the fact that we got the broadcast to go along with this and we’re going to use that content by the way to piggyback off of it to try to drive even more awareness to what’s happening in MSOP and other places. Because people like Daniel’s voice need to be amplified and I don’t know really like I didn’t get into relationship with Jesus because that wasn’t the question that I asked Daniel but it sounds like it’s more of a god relationship and fine Jesus is going to show up anyway but I I want to believe that God is using Daniel right now in his awful situation. Like there’s times that I want to feel sorry for myself because again, like I don’t want to lose this network I don’t want to lose our foundation and I don’t want to lose our home. But man it’s not like I have lost a home or homes before then homeless mind you is a different situation then. But it did I was the last everything but a few times. I mean, my life was a wreck before Jesus. So like I’m playing with house money. I don’t look at my failures, or lack of success the way that I want to be successful the way that I believe I’m meant to be because I have the work ethic, the skill set the wisdom, the knowledge the experience. And I believe it’s part of my destiny because of how I use it. I remember when I didn’t have that attitude

but like losing superficial things I don’t care about I’m willing to lose my life telling people not to get the the the jab in giving them the reasons why. In March of 2020 Telling people who the beast was telling people about the beast system telling people about the fourth industrial revolution telling people about how it ties in with 5g how it ties in with the Internet of bodies what graphene oxide and mRNA technology really is like you I suffered a lot of loss, telling those truths kicked off networks prone relationships, affected my relationship with people I love my family. People think I’m crazy. So like that was That sucked. That was heartbreaking. Losing my network is not heartbreaking. because it’s not like God’s done with me, because I’ve lost and we lose it if we do. We have big dreams and big visions. And, you know, if if we lose it, and we’re given another opportunity I’ll make sure to have more teammates next time, just because I tried to do everything by myself but Jessica, and to do things the right way where it’s monetizable at least with the skill sets we have, we would need, we need help. Can’t do it alone. And there is a monetizable way to give away the network. And there’s a monetizable way to give away media services. Like to be able to give it to those who need it still bring in revenue. We got to figure that out. Because I mean, look, I believe that the financial system we’re in now is a beast system in itself. And there’s levels to it, of course, but I

like I’m all about finding solutions for problems. And I don’t look at this as a problem. And so Daniel, going back to Daniel and others just because God like the circumstances that you have now that look crappy, like awful evil, sucky, vile, disgusting, horrendous dysfunctional toxic

if you’re breathing God’s not done with you. And number two you may hate where you’re at

You may hate the job you have you may hate your circumstances what you’re doing and you know some of you have the actual power to let go of those things. Some of your circumstances you can’t let go of like I mean, it would be physically impossible like there’s some things that you just have to face and when you’re stuck in prison that is a reality that you can’t change right this second but what if I told you that God if you don’t know already that God can use you in a big way? Even in a place that you don’t want to be like what if you were there for an actual reason like a very important reason it was almost like it was your God given secret mission your you know what I’m trying to say that your assignment it’s a tough one sucks could have taken something else a cancer phi HIV addiction, like you’ve got this fight that just doesn’t feel fair sometimes. But it’s in your life, you’re there in it for a reason and sometimes just knowing that that simple little shift out of your your mindset of hey maybe it’s not the end of the world after all. Maybe I do have hope. Maybe God does love me. Maybe God’s not done with me yet. And maybe that little subtle shift of energy is enough to help you make one more right decision to take one more step in faith to not give up just yet not

think God’s gonna use me like Daniel Wilson, Dana Larson. Their stories when they get out and they shut down those walls Those are going to be very powerful. Tom story is going to be powerful. A lot of the guys, and I’m forgetting some of the names now it’s COVID, brain barrhead, my prayers, and my heart is with each and every one of you. And I believe with all my heart, that you’re going to do extraordinary things. And for that matter, anyone who’s listening right now that is stuck in some kind of prison, whether it’s proverbial, metaphorical, literal. Like God’s coming for you, God wants you God’s not done with you. And even if, in the face of like, looking like you’ve losing the things that you love and care about, it doesn’t mean that God’s done yet. It just doesn’t. I’ve been through this too many times to worry. At this point, because why would God have kept me alive? And some of y’all gotta ask yourself that. Like, why would God have kept you alive? If you weren’t worth anything? If you didn’t have an important purpose? Man, I promise you surrendering your life for what God has for you. Because really, that is your life. Like this whole as is my life and my choice and my body and I’m gonna do what I want with it. Well, yeah, you get that free will you do but I would rather trust the creator with what’s right for me and what’s not. And, or to decide when I’m done or not. And I’m not done. And God’s not done with you either. No matter what your circumstances, but the sooner you get to what God has for you starts with surrender. Thank you for watching. And so we’ll be back. Some capacity. I don’t know what it’s gonna look like yet. But the good news is we have live mana.org and live Mana worldwide.org. So no matter what happens, we’re still moving forward. God bless. Thank you.

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