Jessica Linn from Live Mana Worldwide Foundation is passionate about serving the homeless.  I have always thought I was passionate about serving then I met Jessica, who is also my better half.  When she came to me and told me about this desire she has to feed the people in our community daily, I thought to myself "that is awesome, but how? And what does that have to do with our media non-profit?". 

What I was not prepared for was her having a plan, and a wonderful connection to help us see her vision come to life.  Jessica connected with Caring Hearts in Action in Minnesota, a local food pantry to supply us with all of the food we needed for this mission.  Jessica got a vision, had the passion and then took a step into faith.  A lot of people do not take action once they get a vision and because she did, a movement is beginning.  In these videos you will see interviews with some of the homeless, us picking up the food and then preparing it.  

Here is the most beautiful thing about her taking this on.  It did not stop with this day of providing food.  Jessica every day since has prepared food to take to our new friends and now we have a vision for what we believe God wants to do to help us deliver warm meals to the homeless in our community every day.  

The Live Mana Worldwide Foundation has a global mission to elevate the voices for the voiceless however due to Jessica's leadership and vision, we are now beginning a grassroots campaign to support our community that we prayerfully believe that will grow around the country and even around the world.  

Our goal is to provide a mobile food pantry that prepares warm meals for the homeless and for those who are hungry every day.  Have you ever heard of restaurants that do not have prices on the menu?  We want to do the same thing with a Food Truck! We will pull up to the homeless camps each morning with worship music playing, a fresh menu of food options, smiling faces and even some Bibles to give away to those in need.  What is fellowship without food?  We will serve anyone who pulls up and since most of the camps are in public parks, if those who have money wish to make a donation, we will happily accept it.  We believe that this vision will come to life and it is something that with the Lord's help will heal our communities.  

Please enjoy the videos and thank you in advance for your prayerful support. 

And thank you Jessica for your leadership and vision.