Live Life Free w/ Katy McCaffrey & Kristy Von Waldburg

Meet Katy McCaffrey & Kristy Von Waldburg…

We are identical twins who grew up in central Nebraska and we found our way to Southern California after college. We both live here in Orange County with our families, rooted in our Midwestern values.

Katy has been a professional in outside sales for over 20 years. Kristy is self-employed and has over 20 years as a Dietician in the wellness industry.

In March of 2019, we found ourselves in a courtroom, after more than 35 years, facing our childhood sexual abuser. Because of our past trauma, this past year we have become actively involved in the fight to end human trafficking and pedophilia. We are walking in God’s LIGHT for others by sharing our stories and standing in our TRUTH.

As mothers our intention is pure and our fight is righteous. We want to be part of the solution to bring awareness, justice, healing, and a voice for ALL women, men, and especially the children who have suffered. We want to show others it is possible to find peace from your trauma and use your story for good.

Welcome to the You Are My Light Foundation presents Live Life Free!