Live Life Free 

Meet Jason Sisneros

An entrepreneur, a speaker, a philanthropist, and a mentor, Jason Sisneros is a powerful influencer and thought leader who has used his success and influence to feed millions around the world, fight for abused women, and rescue underage sex slaves.

From a life of abuse at the hands of his adopted father to living a life of a gang member to failing at his first three business attempts, Jason has overcome insurmountable odds and learned through life, through mistakes, and through triumph over trials, how to own and run a successful business. Currently, he owns over two-dozen businesses, has consulted for hundreds of other business owners, and has completed more than 70 turnarounds for small- to mid-cap businesses. Through the art of leadership and the science of strategy, he has become “The Architect,” building structurally sound, action, and outcome-driven businesses for himself and his clients.

He says, “The mistakes, bad decisions, and failures of my life do not define me nor negate the value of the lessons and wisdom learned from the sum of these experiences. Quite the opposite. It requires of me a crucial calling to teach, guide, and lead.”

It is my honor to welcome Jason Sisneros aka The Bald Avenger to the You Are My Light Foundations Live Life Free, episode 5 on the Live Mana Worldwide Multimedia Broadcast Network!