Ladies Night – Empowering Women Worldwide


Ladies Night – Empowering Women Worldwide, brought to you by the Live Mana Network.

A network for women to use their God-given gifts to empower themselves as well as their sisters.

God has blessed every single one of us with the tools we need to grow and prosper.

It’s time to cut ties with the fall belief that we need to work for someone else to survive in this world.

God is the only one whose judgment matters. He is the only one we need to rely on to succeed in this world. We can trust in him and the gifts that he’s blessed us with.

What is your gifting?

Are you an entrepreneur?

Are you an artist?

Are you a hairstylist?

Are you a teacher?

Are you a real estate agent?

Are you a therapist?

Are you a physical trainer?

Are you a coach?

Whatever it is that you are good at, that is your gifting that we are here to maximize.

The world is changing quickly, and we are the ark that you get to jump on before everything else is washed away.

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With love,

Jessica Linn