This Featured Presentation segment of Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’ starts with Joshua T. Berglan talking about why he stopped using social media, the future of media, why he is called The World’s Mayor and finishes with a powerful devotional called “Yeshua Will Lead You Safely” that is a timely message for today.

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Joshua T Berglan 0:01
Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening, everyone. I guess I should look up here because that’s what the cameras instead of checking out myself. Anyway, good morning, hope you guys are doing well today. I, you know, I feel like I want to do this first before I go into a devotional I found I’ve not found that I read this morning. I love this devotional. Jessica got it for me a few years ago, it’s called New Beginnings. 366 devotions, and it’s called Jesus will lead you safely. And it’s really, really powerful. But one thing I want to do really quick is I’ve made so many posts and deleted them, and videos and deleted them and, and all that. And I want to address something sometimes when I appear on social media. I there sometimes when I appear on social media, whether it’s through alive or even posting, sometimes it’s not the best reflection of myself, or even really what I believe in or what I what’s true. And, but I’m just going to be very, very raw and real here, because frankly, that’s all I know to be. I love my life. I love everything that Jesus Yeshua, yah, has has shaped my life into. And I’ve overcome a lot of demons. Hi, Amy. I’ve overcome a lot of really crazy wild addictions and demons and all kinds of stuff. I’ve been so blessed. And I love my life. And I wouldn’t trade it for anyone. And I know, like, even though what we are going through right now is is like it’s frustrating. But a lot of believers, a lot of people of faith are they’re struggling right now too. And there’s people that are struggling, that don’t have any faith. And so, look, I am a leader, I everything that I’ve overcome in my life is a miracle. And it’s all God, it’s all the Lord, there’s nothing I have without him. And I live in complete reliance on his favor, his blessings, his goodness, and you know what, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. And in sometimes living that way, causes me and my family to live in a way that just doesn’t really make sense. It doesn’t make sense at all. living by faith, and not by site. That means site, I can see this coaching program, I can see all of these different things that are available. And all these things that I can do. But in my spirit, I feel that I’m supposed to go another way. So is is is is troubling and frustrating is that can be some time. I wouldn’t trade it. And it doesn’t mean I have all the answers. Because living by faith sometimes can be I mean, you make mistakes, I make mistakes, living by faith, because there’s times that I think that I’m doing something that God wants me to do. And it may be one of the other voices in my head. In fact, I can think back and I talked about this last night from the life that I deleted but I can think about

Joshua T Berglan 4:13
it I don’t want to go there. I just changed my mind. There’s times that that I will say and do things because I feel led. And it leads me down a path that feels like a train wreck. I think about when I felt led to marry somebody I didn’t know. And which that’s a pretty crazy story. I know Jessica, Jessica Erica, she’s my she’s my angel and every sense of the word. But you know I done some Really crazy things, trusting what I believe to be the Holy Spirit. And whether or not that was really the Holy Spirit or not. I’ve always ended up where I’m supposed to be. And that’s kind of awesome. So with hardships and struggles and all of that, that’s just part of life. And even though, like, we’ve made this decision to live by faith and just trust that God would provide and to serve without really even asking for anything from other people, which is maybe foolish, but in my spirit, I haven’t ever felt led to ask people like, hey, donate to us, like, I don’t want to be part of one of those mass texting, email chains that’s constantly hitting people up for, hey, take our free training, so you’ll donate money to us or, you know, just like, I don’t want to harass people, like if you believe in what we’re doing, it’s kind of like, this sounds crazy. But do you know the restaurants, or the businesses that inspire me the most. And I actually want to do this with food trucks one day, when not when we have the money to be able to do this. But one of the things that I I love are those restaurants that don’t have prices on the menu. So you sit down with the menu, and you see all this wonderful food, and there’s no, there’s no prices. And the reason why there’s no prices is because these people that own this restaurant, there’s one in New York, and I think they have them in some other places, too. I forgot the name of it. But they want people that can’t don’t have the money to eat quality food. They want them to be able to eat. And then the other people that have the money. Well, if they enjoyed their experience, they had value or they enjoyed the meal, then they pay. And they tip. And that’s what goes to the restaurant. No questions asked whether it’s $10 $100 $200 are free. There’s no questions asked. I want to do something like that with food trucks to be able to serve the homeless. My wife and I are getting to serve downtown a couple years ago, when we lived down there, downtown Minneapolis. You know, we’re really inspired by what we got to see. And we’d love to do that with food trucks one day. But you see, that’s, that’s what I wanted to do as a nonprofit, media organization, and even as a broadcast network. Because that’s what’s on my heart to do. And you know, what’s on our heart may not always be right or feel right. But I would rather die. Doing what I believe in my heart is right, than anything else. So with anything, there’s consequences, you know, like, if you got a million dollars right now, which would be you know, for some of us, we’d be like, I’m set, you know, or you could just do so much with that is what we tell ourselves. But there’s a consequence to receiving a million dollars. It’s not all gonna be good. Like somebody finds out you have a million dollars and all of a sudden you have like fifth uncles.

Joshua T Berglan 8:25
Fifth uncle’s like, Hey, what’s up, cousin? hook you up? So you got paid,

Joshua T Berglan 8:32
I gotta, my tires blew out like, hey, and I needed a world change. And oh, by the way, I

Joshua T Berglan 8:37
own a loan shark.

Joshua T Berglan 8:40
$800,000. So, can I have some of your money, please? That happens. That happened. I never I

Joshua T Berglan 8:53
don’t want to be like, I never want to want to be that I just want to serve. So the consequences of that could be that no one believes in what we’re doing. And we don’t get donations. Okay. Okay. Does it I don’t need it nonprofit. To be honest with you. The only reason why we created a nonprofit is that people could donate and get a tax write off. Other than that, I could have just floated through life. I don’t need a business. I don’t need a title. I don’t need a name to be the world’s mayor. I know that’s a title. But really the world’s mayor’s is a mindset. And you know what that is? By the way, for those of you who don’t know why I’m called the world’s mayor, I mean, there’s a story there. But the real reason is, I mean, the story is real too. But it’s a mindset. What does the mayor do? A mayor elevates people, everyone that’s around him. His whole job is to be able to look at the firemen, the police officer, the teacher, the citizens and elevate them, help them be in assistance be supportive of them. That’s all I want to do. That’s all I want to do. I don’t need a salary for that. I just want to help people. And I know that doesn’t make sense like, well, how are you going to provide? I don’t know, I have no idea. I mean, I, before all this before I lost everything, and ended up homeless, like I was actually pretty savvy with sales and marketing and business development. I was good at what I did, like really good, dangerously good. And I was also a piece of crap and a con artist and everything else. And to be honest with you, selling anybody, anything never felt good. I wanted to provide a service, I want to provide value. And so that’s what I’ve chosen to do, because that’s what God put on my heart to do. So I’m not attached. I mean, am I bothered about possibly losing our foundation and losing our network? Yeah, I am. And you know, why? The biggest reason why and the reason why it’s called the Digital Noah’s Ark, it’s the live mana network, the digital Noah’s Ark. The reason why is because there was it’s a censorship free platform. And it’s not that we’re dropping F bombs and shown boobies and stuff like that or not, it’s not that it’s that I, this in the last two weeks, this is real, banned from YouTube banned cannot make another account. Well, I have a different Well, I do have one that was already there that they haven’t found yet. But I mean, I lost everything there. Like 1000s of videos that I’ve created over the last three years. The I banned from banned from YouTube, banned permanently from Twitter. In other words, I can’t even log in with a different email address, banned from that. And then I’m for the next year, I’m restricted. I have like almost 7000 followers on here. And not that that means anything to me. But I mean, I’m restricted for the next year. So very few people see anything I do here. So I mean, that’s why the network, we had 4000 people, since April watch content at our network. Pretty amazing. Like that’s, that’s, that’s a blessing, we may lose it. And that’s just a fact. And the funny thing is, it wasn’t even really about our content, we’ve only wanted to use our network to serve to help other people’s voices get heard, and especially the Word of God. So anyway, going back to how I started this deal that I got has been healing me from disassociative identity disorder. And it’s a monster, it’s not fun. There’s a lot of people on your newsfeed. And there’s probably people watching this right now that have di D, or BPD, which is borderline personality disorder. And while I don’t like to get power to names except for the world’s mayor, and Joshua, because that’s my biblical name.

Unknown Speaker 13:02
I di D has

Joshua T Berglan 13:10
caused a lot of hell in my life. And switching to different altars, some of them are evil, some of them have different sexualities. Some of them are just just not the same human. And sometimes I navigate life where I don’t know what’s real. I don’t know what’s real all the time. I’m 43 years old. I’ve been walked with the Lord for six years now. And there are days that I don’t know what’s real. Now that is a far improvement from where I was. But there’s times that my brain makes me think things that are not real. And sometimes that motivates me to get on social media. Well, I see somebody else’s response, or I see somebody else’s post or I see like social media is a walking landmine, for me of full of triggers, full of triggers. It’s not a safe, social media is not safe for me to be on, at all, at least as a active user. I’m not saying that for sympathy. I’m not saying that for anything other than to say it’s not safe for me. And I’ve felt for the last, I don’t know, several months. I tell Jessica all the time, I’m deleting my Facebook profile. I need to delete it. I need to delete Twitter, I need to and you know we haven’t because, you know we put our content here sometimes not the exclusive content from our network, but we do it that and I love you guys. I’ve met so many amazing people in real life. If not just on social media, like social media has helped me, especially when I lived in LA and San Diego. And, you know, I’ve met a lot of amazing people. And it’s been awesome. Like without Facebook, I wouldn’t know how to broadcast. Because I started on Facebook Live and I started treating Facebook Live. Like it was a TV show. And Patrick, Hey, buddy, hey, Joshua. Twitter ban for sure. Ah, boy, beautiful people, not Patrick, praying for you, bro. But Patrick was there from the beginning, where I literally just treated my phone. Like it was a TV show. That was the camera that I had. But when I started doing Facebook Live intentionally and treating it like a show, the goal was to do a world tour speaking, to have my own TV show, to have my own network, and to have my own media organization. I started that, because I had that vision before I even served the Lord. And it was also a childhood dream. When I gave my life to the Lord and had lost everything, because I ended up homeless after giving my life to Christ, not before. And, but that was my dream. And the intention was I’m going to do these Facebook Lives like it’s a dead GM TV show. So, and Steven Gordon, who will probably end up watching this at some point, Stephen Gordon came in my life when I live in San Diego, and he started making cover art for me.

Joshua T Berglan 16:46
And because Steven Gordon did that, he made me feel that my dream was real. Fast forward to now my wife, Jessica, all have amazing, amazing videos that she makes in the graphics and like she has upped our production a million times over that dream. It started with a phone because I didn’t have the money to buy a webcam, or microphone. I didn’t have the money for Wi Fi. I use free Wi Fi in downtown San Diego to broadcast little by little God’s provided. So in three years, God has taken me from broadcasting on a phone to having our own network and now we are up against it. But you know, something I’ve learned. Sometimes God takes things away, because he’s got something better to put there. And yeah, it sucks to lose, it sucks to lose people. It sucks to lose friends sucks to lose job opportunities, it sucks to get passed over does it sucks to not know where the resources will come from to further the mission. But looking back over my life, and then going into this devotional, which I’m about to start, I know confidently that there’s a purpose and a reason for everything. And sometimes the good thing that we’re hanging on to is not what we’re supposed to hang on to. We’re supposed to let it go. You know the expression if you love something, you let it go. And if it comes back to you, it’s meant to be there’s layers to that. Just like the truth will set you free. There’s layers to that. Because I love to broadcast. I love being a voice for the voiceless. I love helping people take their message like not to go away from just a Facebook Live to having their own show, or to launch ministries because there’s ministries and so many people that you don’t need a church building to have a ministry. Heck, you don’t even need a microphone and you don’t even need a webcam. You can use a phone. I mean, it’s just there’s so many options now. But we hang on to good, a good relationship that an average relationship, we hang on to a good job

Unknown Speaker 19:35
instead of going for what’s great. And what’s great is what we were born for. God didn’t give us a half assed purpose.

Joshua T Berglan 19:48
Our purpose is full and rich. It’s a full spectrum of awesomeness. And it takes radical obedience. Radical faith and a relentless ambition in the word quit doesn’t enter the vocabulary. Because yeah, there’s going to be hard times, but every one of those hard times in life is a paradox. That means that joyful times should not be is celebrated near as much because there is no lesson in joy. It’s joy is like the joy comes from the breaking. Joy comes from fracturing ourselves sometimes like the breaking the blessings and the breaking.

Unknown Speaker 20:48

Joshua T Berglan 20:51
it’s like to live you have to die to yourself. So that means when God talks about finding joy in the suffering is complicated is that can be to wrap our heads around. This is where all the good stuff is created. Our attitude and the trials are attitude and the tribulations are attitude in the uncertainty. It’s blind faith for a reason. Because if I can see it, how much faith do I really need to have? To surrender your life to something you can’t see, you get the feel every once in a while, but you can’t see that takes faith. So, to recap, some of my messages sometimes get a little wacky, because well, I’m a little wacky upstairs sometimes. Sometimes I’m not really myself. But dad, gummit, I do know who I am. And I am Joshua. I am the world’s mayor. And regardless of what happens to our network, or nonprofit, our home

Unknown Speaker 22:12
all serve the Lord on the streets.

Joshua T Berglan 22:18
I mean, I want a home for my wife and my family and everything I do, but I will do anything and everything God leads me to do. Because that’s the only place I’ve ever found joy is in that obedience. So I love and appreciate your prayers, I love and appreciate you all. I’m going to do this devotional I’m going to say this first, I’m taking a break, maybe permanently from interacting on social media. If you are my friend, you consider myself a friend. And you want to stay in contact, send me a DM if you don’t, okay. I will share content here. But I don’t want to engage here anymore. And the reason why is because it’s not good for me. I have felt in my spirit for a long time I needed to do this, and I’m not going to disappear. So it’s not like I’m gonna go, you know, disappear and Taiwan off and all that stuff. I’m not doing that. I’m gonna be obedient to the what the Lord has prompted me to do. And that’s to step away from engaging every day on social media. I will put our content here. The clips we’re not on that won’t put our full broadcast here. But we because we’re segmenting our broadcast. Now part of the reason I’m set up like this is we’re going to film today, we have a wisdom segment with Jessica and I, and we’re recording that today. So but we’ll put clips here, but I’m not going to engage. And if you want to stay in contact, I would love I’d love to stay in touch with you. We’d love to help you still us whether we lose our foundation or not. If you need help media help, broadcasting help, brand development help anything like that. I’m in service. I’m here to serve. I’m here to help you. And I’m good at what I do. I made the choice not to go the money route and trying to be a multi billionaire. You know, by the world’s way. I made that choice. I do it the other way. I don’t want to do that I want to serve. I want with everything in me to give the power and the knowledge of media, the new media, to the meek to the people that don’t have the money to support it so when I help I want to help the ex convicts. I want to help trafficking victims, sexual abuse victims, ex convicts and mentally unique. Other people with the ID and BPD you know the crazy people schizophrenics I want to help and I’m here in service to you With or without a platform, I’m here in service. So remember that. All right, Heavenly Father, thank you so much for your word, thank you for timely devotionals I don’t It’s so amazing how sometimes these, these data devotionals are just like, oh, this was meant for this day. It’s like the most amazing real horoscope ever. So I’m thankful for that. Holy Spirit speak through me. And I pray regardless of the people watching these beliefs, I pray that this speaks to their heart. I love you and Jesus name. This is called Jesus will lead you safely. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you. And when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. Isaiah 43 to anyone who is a poor swimmer will know the fear of finding yourself in a pool, a river or the sea. And realizing that you are out of your depth. It causes a feeling of uncertainty, danger and anxiety, because you have nothing to hold on to, and no fixed foundation to stand on. The thought of sinking and drowning only contributes to the fear and can easily change into a panic. Your pilgrimage through life can be a similar experience. There are so many situations in which you feel incompetent, vulnerable and uncertain. In the business world, you are constantly expected to act quickly and decisively. But a wrong decision or move can mean the difference between success and dismal failure. In your personal life, you constantly have to make decisions. And these decisions often have far reaching consequences for yourself and for others.

Joshua T Berglan 26:52
The question is, how are you supposed to act logically and calmly in these circumstances, there is only one way and that is to cultivate an awareness of the living Christ in your life. Let him be a deciding factor in all of your ventures. And first seek His will before you make any decisions or take any steps do so in faith and, and a knowledge that he is the only way to success. Lord Jesus, I worship you as the Way the Truth and the Life. Not my will Lord, and not my way, but your will and your way for me and everyone watching that’s willing to receive it. There’s a quote here it says a true Christian can almost be defined as someone who experiences a constant controlling feeling of God’s presence.

Joshua T Berglan 28:02
The ways of this world are crumbling all around us. I mean, if you watch the news, obviously, they promote a lot of fear. And feed you a lot of propaganda. However, there’s a lot of stuff happening that is not on the news. And I’m going to say everything I need to say, because whether I get kicked off here eventually because I mean, right now what’s happening is they’re going through old posts, like they’ll find stuff from years ago, and they’ll get it. And, you know, I’ve kind of been warned that I don’t have any more chances left. Facebook, I didn’t get that warning on Twitter and YouTube. But anyway, may happen here. You know, the truth is starting to come out. But the last two years has been about and it’s hitting mainstream news. I mean, it’s been, it’s appearing and it’s showed up on CNN and Fox and and I really want to encourage people that have been in boostin to please get their CD for and CDA accounts checked. And I don’t say this to be scary. I say it because I know. I know. I know several people. Now. Part of reason why I’m pretty sure I got in trouble with Twitter is because of that reason of commenting on something that was going on. But I don’t want to focus on that. What I want to focus on is this. We have a duty as believers, as people of faith, to love to love above anything else. I see so many believers fighting on torture used to see it on Twitter, and even social media, about Scripture about You know, arguing about the interpretation, what is the proper book of the Bible? Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, and in the fact is this, none of you really know, I don’t know. And you don’t know, what was the real reason one Enoch was taken out of the Bible. Oh, I know what some people say. But if you actually read one Enoch, and then paid attention to what’s happening now. So there was a reason it was taken. I mean, there’s so much the fact is this, our history has been completely manipulated, our history has been changed, it’s been altered. In fact, there is a very, very strong possibility that America is not the new world. It’s the old world. And that’s a fun wormhole to go down. This is not conspiracy hour, by the way. What I’m saying is this. I believe God’s promised that all the hidden will be revealed, because it’s already starting to be revealed. That means our hidden stuff, my hidden stuff, the government’s hidden stuff, the church’s hidden stuff, all will be exposed that’s been hidden. That is the time that we are in right now. This is the Age of Aquarius, or whatever that is. But that mean, we were seeing the truth start to slip out. The we’re also seeing a brutal attack on our senses, and each other part of the reason why I’m stepping out of social media, I mean, again, I’ll put stuff here, but I’m not engaging. Part of that reason is the fucking warfare.

Unknown Speaker 31:37
The propaganda, the constant opinions, that none of it is true. Truth is what feeds our soul. Truth is what feeds our spirit. opinions don’t feed anything, they would feed pigs, Edgar, and Pinto you anything.

Joshua T Berglan 32:02
But that’s what I don’t want to just consume the opinions in the in the ideologies of others, I just want truth. And there’s only one way to get that, that’s with a calm mind. And a peaceful, rested spirit. And I don’t want to agitate my spirit anymore. Want to serve, and I want to be there for the people that need it most. And right now, you can mark my words. We are coming into a time where everyone is going to have to choose this way. Or that way, there will be no other choice you have, you will have two options, Be All You were created to be or succumb to the enemy’s plans. That is your choice. You don’t have to believe me, the Bible is unfolding. Enoch is unfolding. It’s all unfolding right before our eyes. But you can’t see it if you’re distracted, especially with the news. Christians are going to have to rise up and be what they were created to be. Because people are going to be broken and hurting and confused and angry and everything else. And it’s happening way faster than you think. This is not conspiracy. So if you call yourself a Christian, and you’re only a weekend warrior do better, you might as well just serve the devil. Because being half assed in this, being halfway in, being 90% committed is not going to get it done. You don’t have to believe me. I’m not even trying to scare you it because I believe in God’s promises. But it’s almost go time. So I beg you, please put your spiritual armor on. And I want to read something else. This isn’t Hebrews, I found this book of the Bible. And it’s tripping me out. And I don’t know what to think about it. I know how people are with books of the Bible. And you can tell me that the King James version is the only version to read. And I’ll tell you that you should do a little bit more history on that Bible because King James was Queen James he was known as the Queen of England for a reason because he was a flaming homosexual and I’m not even judging homosexuals. But I’m think it’s kind of funny that a flaming homosexual is the wrote the Bible or put together the Bible that everyone deems as the Bible even though it’s been altered 800 million times. Spare me that bull crap. Anyway, I did find another bite version of the Bible though, on this Bible gateway app. And my goodness, this version of the Bible is mind blowing. It’s called The Voice. And I’m going to read Hebrews, I’m not going to read the whole thing. But Hebrews, I’m going to read this. And I want you to hear it. I’m going to read the verse, But then I’m going to read the commentary. But I need you to open your heart and your ears and your brain to hear it. Because you may realize who you really are, when I read this long ago, at different times, and in various ways, God’s voice came to our ancestors through the Hebrew prophets. But in the last days, it has come to us through His Son, the one who has been given dominion over all things through whom all worlds remain. This is the one who, imprinted with God’s image, shimmering with his glory, sustains all that exists through the power of His word. He was seated at the right hand of God, once he himself had may be offering that pure purified us from all of our sins, the Son of God is elevated as far above the heavenly messengers, as his holy name is elevated above the earth. Now, here’s the commentary. Like when you think of angels, what do you think of? Like, I want to ask you this question first. When you think of angels, do you picture them as little cherubs with their happy wings and cute little button faces and pretty dimples? Or do you think of angels? As you know, giant winged half man, half creature? Or do you think of angels as human beings, or angels disguised in human beings body? Now, when I read this last night, I couldn’t go to sleep.

Joshua T Berglan 36:54
I was up till 2am reading this Bible, and I who? Here we go. Most images of angels are influenced by art and pop culture, and are far removed from the Bible. The word angel literally literally means messenger. Yep, I had to. That’s a good answer, Selena. I know when you hear this, I think you’re gonna agree even more. The word angel literally means messenger. And it can refer to either a human being or a heavenly being. The Hebrews author is writing about the heavenly messengers. In the Bible, heavenly messengers have severe several functions. They are executors of God’s judgment. Guardians of God’s people, heralds of God’s plans. They appear at critical moments to chosen people who play important roles in God’s salvation, such as a writing to announce the birth and resurrection of Jesus, and to transmit God’s law to Moses. They are no more than messengers, creating beings who serve the will of God and His Son, recognizing their place. They bow before the sun in loving adoration.

Unknown Speaker 38:18
I got chills, I got chills. Because Jesus is Lord.

Joshua T Berglan 38:28
No doubt. God is our Creator, no doubt. Jesus Christ walls inside and outside of his believers. I believe it. I believe Jesus is in me that Jesus Christ is in me. As much as I think I even have a heartbeat. But there’s angels that walk this earth. There’s no doubt. And when I read this last night, I started getting flashes of all of these people that have come in my way out of the blue, and delivered a message to me that saved my life. I mean, saved my life over and over Darlene justice is one of those people and any little bear, one of those people that has been multiple, multiple people. And you know what is interesting about these angels?

Unknown Speaker 39:21
These angels aren’t always nice.

Joshua T Berglan 39:27
These angels are not always, you know, pretty mouth. His angels are a little dirty. These angels have seen some things. And I believe those angels I believe these angels had to go through a certain level of hell to be able to have the compassion and the heart for other people that they’re willing to give their life to protect them or to save them or to help them. I believe with everything in me, that we have angels in some of us are encountering and talking to angels on a daily basis. And we don’t even know.

Unknown Speaker 40:14
And so it makes me think of how we treat other people that may not look like we want them to look. Because they Photoshopped that peep out of their, of their face in their imagery because they’re trying to fit into something or they’re trying to look a certain way. And so we have this idea of what perfection is. And in this idea of perfection that we are trying to embrace, we start judging other people that don’t fit into that box. But what if I told you these angels?

Joshua T Berglan 40:55
Are the former prostitutes?

Unknown Speaker 40:58
The former drug dealers, the former, maybe even murderers, abusers, drug addicts, the people that have been divorced a lot.

Joshua T Berglan 41:11
Because they’re not supposed to be in that, like, I don’t know, I don’t know the answer to this. We see the person that’s got sores on their face, or they’re super wrinkly, or they’re, you know, like, what, whatever category or the box that that that we would look at the judge and go out that’s not pleasant for me. I don’t want any part of that. What if those were the angels? What if we’re walking past angels? On a day in day out basis, they have a message for us. But we are stuck, Mindlessly scrolling on social media. We didn’t look up to see the angel that had a word for us. It changed our life. I don’t know. Is this is this real? Am I making this up? I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m going to read the rest of this. Because it’s really good. For no heavenly messengers have ever heard God address them with these words of Psalms. This is how I know that I’m not God. This is how I know that you aren’t God. Now you could be an angel, but you’re still not above God. You could have Christ within you. But that doesn’t make you God. So for no heavenly messengers have ever heard God address them with these words of songs. You are my son, today, I have become your father, or heard him promise. I will be to you a father, and you will be my son. Now, when the Son, the firstborn of God was brought into the world, God said, Let all my heavenly messengers worship Him. So if you think you’re an Earth Angel, and you’re an angel, if you are, if I am, my wife is, I don’t know anyone. We’re not God. And our solemn duty is to serve God and to serve the Lord. And then to serve as people were to bow down in admiration to our Creator to the our God, the Lord Most High Yah, we’re not above him, we never will be. That does not mean that we are not important. That does not mean that we are not powerful. That is not mean that we are not angelic. But to the Sunny said, God, your throne is eternal. You will rule your kingdom with the sceptre of justice. You have loved what is right and hated what is evil. That is why God your God has anointed you with the oil of gladness and lifted you above your companions. And God continues. In the beginning, you Lord laid the foundation of the earth and set the skies above us with your own hands. The wild they will someday pass away you remain forever. When they wear out like old clothes, you will roll them up and change them into something new. But you will never change your yours will never come to an end. Did God ever say to any of his heavenly messengers sit here on my right hand and the seat of honor, and I’ll put all of your enemies under your feet? No, of course not. The heavenly messengers are only spirits and servants sent out to minister to those who uncertainly inherit salvation. That version of the Bible is a Trip A trip. And again, I don’t know if it’s anointed works. But my experience with the Holy Spirit is I can read the James Patterson novel, The Holy Spirit jump off the page. So aren’t you know, like, start showing me stuff. So do with that what you want I personally like to think of angels. I don’t know why I always have the image because I meet people all the time. And they’re, you know, foul mouth. And, you know, they got tattoos on their face. And I mean, I’m tatted up to but haven’t put them on my face. I don’t think I will be doing that. No judgment, though, because, I mean, whatever. But I personally like to think of my angels. Because I think the people that have come into my life that have had the biggest impact in my life are these kinds of angels. Yeah, they’ve got their wings, but they’re all tatted up smoking a cigarette and drinking whiskey at a bar

Unknown Speaker 46:06
that’s the mental picture I

Joshua T Berglan 46:07
get of some of these people that I think are Earth Angels. Now mind you. I’m not you know, saying drink and smoke. I’m not saying that but like, I have this image in my head of what they’re probably like underneath the human skin. Because I think of some of these people that are really doing God’s work. They’re kind of nasty sometimes. Because it kind of have to be so who knows? Maybe more of us are angels than we thought. I clearly I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know. But I will tell you that be kind to everyone you meet because you never know that someone is going through I love that. I absolutely love that. The the phone is a tool from hell that can be used for heavenly messages. You’re right you’re you’re right. Anyway, my frames per seconds too low. Oh, yeah, cuz the internet here right now is awful. Anyway, that was a much longer live than I intended to do. But thank you so much for watching. And listening. So I’m tapping out. Social media not gonna engage. I’m not going to feed my mind with it. But speaking to Joshua’s heavenly messages, paying a tool from hell. If more it’s probably more so than people think, especially we’re going where we’re going with the new technologies.

Unknown Speaker 47:43
Well, won’t go there. I’ve already done all that. So anyway.

Joshua T Berglan 47:50
I love you guys. You will see our content not disappearing. If I can ever be of service to you. First foundation be of service to you. Messages, you want to stay in touch. You know, send me a DM get my phone number. So with that said, Take care. God bless you. And unbelievers strap in your your you’re getting called up. It’s time. It’s like you’re going to be needed. God bless you all. Take care. Goodbye.

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