This Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’ has 2 segments featuring a morning word from the New Beginnings devotional called “Remember Who You Are” followed by a new segment that feels more like a train wreck called “What’s Trending” that is for amusement purposes only and is probably not like what you are used to on morning radio.

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Joshua T Berglan 1:26
Well, good morning. My name is Joshua. I’m the world’s mayor. And it’s blessed to see you guys today. So today is going to be a little bit different, I’m experimenting with different styles of broadcast. And also trying to ever since I quit social media typically like when God would speak to me or put something on my heart, just jump on Facebook Live or do a post. Well, I don’t have that anymore because well, I removed it. And it’s actually been the best thing in the world for me. Although I do miss my social media friends, what I’ve also learned is that I actually have friends outside of social media. And that’s been kind of a nice thing. It’s been nice to talk to everyone who’s reached out and to hear people, we’re still watching the broadcast and things like that. And which is different too, because there’s no chat or anything like that yet. And button every time we try to install a chat feature into our network. It, it just doesn’t go. It’s not what I’m looking for. Sometimes I believe that my desire for perfection. It’s kind of it’s interesting. So I’m obsessed with perfection. And at the same time, I won’t stop progress. So there’s times that I put out content, for instance, like a couple of the last few broadcasts that I’ve done, the audio issue issues are horrible. And I don’t know why. Just randomly all of a sudden, my mic is bad. And I’m using my phone for this. Because there’s no issues and that and I just don’t feel like setting everything up. I’m getting ready to do this. By the way. This is the devotional book I usually read from. It’s usually like the day, every day that this is like say, well, August 14, like on August 14, like it just made perfect sense for that. So what I’m doing here, and you’ll probably see, because there’s going to be another segment after this where all look different. Well, that’s what you can do with editing. Not just doing like broadcast, but it will be the same day. And so I want to it’s every sense I did these last few broadcasts where I’m talking about, like what I’m really, you know, struggling with and in constant communication with the Lord with it’s not fear. It’s not worry. It’s not insecurity, it’s nothing. It’s just trying to find out what’s really true with me when well, it changes so much. And that can change with switches and again, and as I’ve said before, I can go months and just feel like oh my gosh, I’m completely healed and and this di D has gone away and I can even be so bold to boast. I mean, there’s been multiple broadcasts over the years where I’ve said I’m delivered. You know, when I was diagnosed with BPD, but it was actually di D and there’s there is a difference even though they’re similar, but they’re not. But in who knows what is a real honest diagnosis in the field of psychiatry. All I know is that I have multiples and they’re all different And then they don’t, they don’t necessarily like to coexist that well. And mind you while I’ve healed, you know, that’s changed a little bit, but I have some characters that are nuisances that affect my life. And, and we work through them. And I’m, again, I, I’m so blessed, and I don’t know, and di D is such a small thing, like, if you even put it in a search engine, you’re not going to find a whole lot about it. You’ll hear a lot of opinions and some scholarly articles. But it’s not like depression, or it’s not even on the level of schizophrenia, which is also weird, and weird. It’s different. But it’s, it’s just not talked about. And the fact is, most people that have di, D don’t even know they have di D, there’s people walking around all day long, and you’re crossing your path, that habit and you don’t have a clue. And that’s a fact. And so, I feel a responsibility to talk about this because, well, it’s something I’m working through. And look, I’ve learned to thrive with this. I’ve learned to thrive with it. But I have really down points to I have epic failures. I have moments where I don’t know what’s real.

Joshua T Berglan 6:26
Meaning what someone’s saying to me. What, what I’m experiencing. It’s so foreign sometimes, or are my thoughts, my real thoughts is this action I’m about to take really like me, is this is what I really want to do. And I’ve learned throughout the years of like working to retrain triggers. And, and going on this healing journey, I’ve learned that so much of it, I could do on my own. And then I needed other people in my life, to help me do more healing, and by the grace of God. And well, this is not the word of God. But it’s a devotional words from God, and inspirations from God. But even in my other Bible reading, like I have gained so many tools, and how to live a somewhat normal life. Yet at the same time, I do live in a bubble with some respect, meaning, I live in bubble wrapping. So I go out in public, I go out and integrate myself in society. It’s nothing like that. Something that weird, but I’m also very, very hyper aware of what’s around me. And I’ve had a walk off sets before like when acting when I was in LA, because I felt, you know, like it coming on. Sometimes I have warnings for switches. Other times they don’t. But the tools that I’ve gotten from the Word of God and my relationship with the Lord, and my relationship with the Holy Spirit has really, really helped me and I haven’t perfected this at all. But somehow, someway, I’ve gotten to a place where I have healthy relationships in my life. I have good business relationships with people I can trust, but I had to find like minded people. And that wasn’t as easy as I hoped. Like true Kingdom people are not as common as you think. True Kingdom people that really know how to operate in the kingdom mindset because Kingdom mindset helps you really operate outside of the normal financial system. That’s one thing that it definitely does. Suck God’s healed me. But I feel like I have a responsibility because I’ve gotten to this place where Yeah, okay, I’m healing. I’m better I’m stronger than I was. I’m not the same man. I was I’m not the man that is depicted in the devil inside me. Which is a true story. I’m not the man that alienated my kids are not his alienate the right word. A bit basically abandoned, gave up my twins for adoption because I was too far gone mentally to even try to be a dad. And in I’m the day that I went to the court and Shawnee, Oklahoma and sign those papers are sitting there looking at my ex father in law

Joshua T Berglan 9:41
and I’m not going to say what he said. Or I’m not going to talk about any of that. Except to say that I remember thinking I’m gonna get this together. And I’m gonna live my life. in such a way that my kids will have no way no choice, but to see me. And, and, and what I mean by that is that I was going to live and I was going to tell my story. And so that they knew that it wasn’t them, I wasn’t there. They had nothing to do with it. It was me and my problems. And the demons that I had to get rid of. And I was in a bad place. And so like, I’ve worked every day since I gave my life to the Lord. I mean, I remember that and mind you, I went on a bad downward spiral after that, like, I got worse, like, I was already not suited enough to be in their life. But I got worse after that, but I always had that in the back of my head. Mike, I was gonna get an opportunity to, to do things the right way. And then be an example. But also tell the story that, you know, once a turn my life around, I was going to be able to tell the story, not only how I did it, but do it in such a way that maybe Jackson and Gabby my my two twins, my kids that I gave up for adoption would eventually find me and then maybe they would understand. I mean, not like, understand like, Hey, it’s okay. Thanks for being a piece of crap, deadbeat, degenerate drug addict, chem sex addict. No like that. But that that would be able to forgive me. And that maybe one day wants to be in my life again. That and that’s it’s such a pipe dream, right? Like, why would they want to be in my life after all these years? I won’t be what the answer to be because God is the God of restoration, of redemption, of healing the broken heart it of healing, severed and broken relationships. Healing, Father, Son, father daughter relationship. I I mean, if I ever get to see my twins, God will get all the glory. I will also say that I did the work. Yeah. But I just I’ve always kind of believed that it was going to happen eventually. And maybe that’s just another one of those crazy dreams that I have. But see, the thing about me is I’m okay being crazy. I’m crazy enough to go for my dreams. I’m crazy enough to believe that God has a plan for me. And I’m crazy enough to believe that I’m gonna I’m going to fulfill it. And I’m also crazy enough to believe that the visions in my head that I’ve been pursuing for the last several years, the same visions that showed me actually, it’s not even me. It’s the same visions that showed my mom surrounded by all of her grandkids You see, I made the bad decisions that I made didn’t just affect me. They affected obviously my kids, my axes. But the person that it affects affected the most I think was a person that didn’t deserve to have anything wrong done to her. And that’s my mom. My mom has had her grandchildren ripped from her because of the choices that that I’ve made. I’m you know, I mean, there’s more. More to that, but I’ll just speak for me. And

Joshua T Berglan 14:44
that sounds weird. So I probably should fill in that gap. I mean, look, my brother went through a divorce too. So, but what I did is it’s just like, it’s put my mom through hell because of not just a Have the the the effects that it had on me, but also her. And because our grandkids got ripped from her, and then I’m pretty confident that the people that ripped the grandkids from my mom and Robbie also told them that they wanted nothing to do with them. And here’s what I know. I know God doesn’t bless lies. God will bless truth. That’s the scary, ugly truth. And that’s the truth. Like the happy truth. So, I don’t know why I started talking about this. But I’m believing God for big things. And believing Oh, remember who you are. What I told you, I just now look, I hadn’t even read this yet. I was gonna read it with you September 9. Remember who you are. We’re talking about identity. Oh my gosh, that is wild. Anyway, holy crap. Okay. Um, that that has me excited that that just happened. Um, grandkids, my mom, the kids di D. Okay. So I believe that God is going to absolutely the restore and completely heal me. And it’s going to be a bumpy ride till then, because I feel like with the amount of attacks that the enemy is throwing at, not just me, but everyone like everyone that’s a believer right now, I think is under serious attack. And maybe that’s why I’m okay with and I’m not okay with putting out inferior content. I like I would like to do a more polished broadcast. But frankly, I think that this stripped down version of what I’m saying is really more appropriate because I look right now life is messy. It’s messy. For me. It’s messy. For other believers. It’s messy. For Jessica, it’s messy for like, it’s just messy for believers. Like there’s just attacks everywhere. And the enemy is like gold pumped up on some kind of weird stimulant that is just making people’s lives hell and, and a lot of people are battle weary, I’m I’m not battle weary. I’m kind of exhausted with not knowing exactly what is real with me most of the time. But here’s what I do know is real. God’s plan. And, and God created us for a purpose. And it’s unique. And it’s in its in its for us. And, and that’s why it’s so just disgusting, that people want to try to be anyone else. So here’s the deal. I’m not, I’m not, I don’t want to fit into a box. I don’t want to be like anyone else. I just want to be me. And part of being me is talking about where I’m at right now. And but I’m dad Gump determined, to not just heal, but to be everything and everything that God created me to be. And the only way I know how to get there is just doing in truth, walking in truth, even if the truth doesn’t necessarily fit into a box of religion or box of, of what other people say, as a Christian and not you don’t even know. Everyone goes through some weird crap. And they’re dealing with weird demons and weird stuff. And it’s different for everybody. And we should do a better job of having compassion for other people and meeting them where they’re at. Because let me tell you, half the people that other people go to is their guru. And they think they got it all together. I promise you they don’t. I promise you there’s another side to it, you don’t want to see. Because that’s we all got it. And it’s a lie to pretend we don’t. We got that nasty side. And then other people when you factor in with resentment and anger and rage and and loss of identity and confusion and not knowing what’s real and not knowing who’s a trust and then it just compounds and it creates this just just cancer. We have fixed that. God’s going to fix that.

Joshua T Berglan 19:40
So I feel like part of what my purpose is, is to bare my soul in and share the ugly stuff, so that you don’t know so that you never believe that you are alone. But here’s the thing. Just because you’re not alone doesn’t mean that I can fix you, I can heal you or anything else. That’s God. And if something I say, set you free, that was the Lord, not me. I’m just a vessel. I’m here to be a vessel and like all the other crazy people in the Bible that were schizophrenic and hallucinating and everything else will like, I’m one of those people clearly because I’m crazy and I made hallucinate and I may have like, I don’t know, like, I feel like I’m one of those characters in the Bible right now. But I’m far from perfect just like them. I’m a little bit wacky just like them. But I love the Lord. Just like that. And I need the Lord just like that. Okay. Remember who you are. This is short, sweet, Heavenly Father, thank you so much for this day. Thank you for your this devotional and I pray that it speaks to the heart of everyone watching and sets them off for a great day. We love you Lord, in Jesus name, amen. Remember who you are. So God created man in His own image in the image of God He created him. Genesis 127 Boy that reminds me of the the pineal gland episode. The Tree of Life. Oh, that was a fun episode. Wow, that still blows my mind about the Garden of Eden being the brain. Whoo, that was a fun episode. You guys got to check that one out. Okay. When it seems as if nothing in your life is working out. When loneliness takes a hold of you, and despondency descends upon you. It is time to call in remembrance a few spiritual facts you were created in the image of God. Yes, this image has been damaged and perhaps you have forgotten your rich spiritual heritage. But the fact remains that you are Eero vocally a spiritual being my third grade reading levels improving I think, knowing this should let new hope and inspiration flow through your mind and spirit. So the but the fact remains that you are ever the complete Roca blue irrevocably a spiritual being we’re spiritual beings. Knowing that should let new hope and inspiration flow through your mind and spirit. You are not created to be the plane of the moods that are beyond your control. Because you have been created in the image of God, you have also been created for spiritual greatness, and you will know no rest or fulfillment before you live and the awareness of his presence, thus growing and developing spiritually. This may sound very theoretical, but actually experiencing it brings forth practical results. If you’re afflicted by feelings of inferiority, you will find great comfort and remembering that you are spiritual being meant to live in the presence of His holy countenance. If your life is impaired by the stress and tension created by feelings of inadequacy, you will find liberation and drawing on the abundance of God’s strength. This will enable you to face life confidently because you will be assured that His Spirit is working in you, my Savior, Jesus Christ, because of my spiritual heritage, and the awareness of your living presence, I go forward to meet life with confidence. That’d be a good mantra today. My Savior Jesus Christ, because of my spiritual heritage and the awareness of your living presence, I go forward to meet life with confidence. Now this is a quote here it says, our humanity would have been pit start over our humanity would have been pitiful if it weren’t for the divinity that moves in us. God has an amazing plan for us.

Joshua T Berglan 24:12
And I don’t believe for one second that we can do it without a spirit as Holy Spirit. And the only way I know to really, truly activate the Holy Spirit and to kind of get rid of us and move the Holy Spirit in is their surrender. And the more things that we can surrender over, the more room we make for the Holy Spirit, write your fears out. So this is an actionable thing for you to do today. Write down your list of worries, concerns, your fears, your anxieties, and then look at what each one of them Father God, I surrender to you, Father God I surrender, just and on and on and on. Give it a shot. Less of you. More of him, less of me or of him. Less of us, more of him be blessed today. We’ll see you at the next segment

Unknown Speaker 25:33
here he loves you

Joshua T Berglan 26:38
hey what’s up everybody? This is a brand new segment. It’s called what’s trending. It’s unrehearsed. I have no idea what I’m going to talk about. But I’ll let you know a little secret. Those of you who have never watched any of my broadcasts before, I never really know what I’m going to say. I don’t prepare. Typically, I usually just say okay, Holy Spirit’s speak through me. Here we go. Now with what’s trending. I hope the Holy Spirit will be involved in this because I don’t want to say anything that will get me in trouble. And I just tested the mic before. So hopefully the popping sound is down. This is the craziest thing. But my mic issues. So I have really good technology in this mic. And for a cheap mic. I mean, it’s a $300 mic for a cheap mic. It works. And there’s a lot of really cool features to it. However, this software that I use to do interviews and record with doesn’t. Their technology doesn’t like this technology. And so what I had to do, I mean, we tried internet stuff, I was hacking my computer, I was basically giving my computer performance enhancers and give it some pre workout. Yeah, and I’ve just had this annoying pop. So I for those of you who listened even with the Pops and the skips and everything else, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Appreciate that. But I’m hoping these audio issues go away. Okay. So let’s find out what’s trending.

Joshua T Berglan 28:39
We’re back. Hey, Google, what’s trending? Oh, let’s see. trending. Google Trends. This should be fun. Oh, so this is not the way I Google. So when I voice text I get a different screen than when I Google it. That’s interesting. Cobra Kai. Oh my gosh, actually, that’s not really what I want to talk about here. I’m gonna do what’s trending on my actual Google Search. Here we go. Okay, there’s all kinds of stuff here. But Cobra Kai was the first thing I saw in the spirit of you know what, I want this segment to be just off the top of my head. That is the best ad game show I’ve ever seen. Not from the quality of it. I mean, it’s as douchey as the movie. The movies were the movies are awful. But I think I have every line memorized. That and Boogie Nights like those are the two just whatever for whatever reason, those movies have just stuck with me. can watch it as much as I watch Goodfellas casino, Godfather movie blow. Those are like the movies that I can watch all the time. I know they’re not necessarily appropriate. But I like those movies. And until Christian filmmakers get their act together and start making them like some hard hitting real stuff, like, hire someone to watch it, want to watch something that feels real. Anyway, I would really like to get our movie the devil inside me. Can I? Can I do that? Now? I’ll save that for a different time. That would be fun. Okay. what’s trending. Okay, so back to Cobra Kai. And then we’re going to talk about the Queen because that’s next. And this Queen Elizabeth the Second. She’s trending. Yeah, this that’s going to be an interesting conversation, especially if you believe in werewolves and lizard people. Cobra Kai, there’s something about that that show on Netflix. That was therapy. It was like it was therapeutic. And it was like going back to this time. Like, I took myself back when I was watching that show. And it was like helping me go back to memories of this timeframe of my life when Karate Kid was coming out that I don’t remember that well, that I’ve completely blocked out. And there was something about that show that took me on this weird healing journey. It’s really strange. And I was going back and it was like getting to see these memories. I’m like, wait a second. That’s not how I remember that. That’s not how I remember that. That’s not. So this show. It was like bringing up memories and letting me face those memories. Because not all of them were good. And reframe them. So now that there’s a new Cobra Kai coming out, I have no idea what’s going to happen. Except for if you saw the final episode of the last season. I mean, it looks pretty juicy. Not gonna lie. It looks awesome. And I don’t know how healing the next volume is going to be. But it was pretty fantastic. So I cannot wait to watch Cobra Kai again, as douchey as it was. Okay. Wow, Queen Elizabeth. Not a fan. But I don’t really know. I just have a really hard time. So let’s see, what’s trending is actually a thing on Twitter. And even though I’m not on Twitter, you know, I’m not signed in here. I can see it because it pops up in the news. Queen Elizabeth the Second continues to trend as King Charles and Camilla have returned to Buckingham Palace. King Charles is expected to address the people today, as he marks the transition from Prince to King. A futile date for the Queen has not been set. Well, first and foremost. conspiracy theorist love to talk about Operation London Bridge, which is not exactly itself a conspiracy theory. It’s an actual operation. It’s the plans when the Queen dies, how things are going to go. And it’s like down to the letter. Everything is marked. But conspiracy theorists have a whole other way of looking at this. And I have been avoiding any conspiracies as much as possible, even though I believe a lot of them are true or based in truth. I’ve been doing it because I’ve been trying to clear my mind and just focus on God’s voice, and then come in and do this talk show that I do.

Joshua T Berglan 33:42
But one of the things that I saw that was predicted. And I saw this years ago, it was about the Queen’s death because they were talking about the Queen’s death years ago, in a year ago, six months ago, three months ago, and I’m telling you I think she’s been dead for a while kind of like the Supreme Court justice. I’m pretty sure she was dead for a while. I know that sounds insane. But I don’t know if you’ve heard of heard of the Mandela Effect. There’s like there’s some weird stuff going on with either body doubles, or clones, or, or a deep fake mask? I don’t know. But anyway, the Queen, none of this is going to make sense. But the operation led a bridge. So one of the things that they I saw when I was in researching and looking for conspiracy stuff and like okay, what’s a different angle on this? One of the things that I saw that was going to back this this plan was that as soon as they announced operation London Bridge that the Queen is Dead, that California would flood. Okay, so how is it connected? I don’t know. But literally last night, and I’m not saying that this is actually happening. But it was really interesting because I didn’t think anything of it. And all of a sudden, we’re scanning the news. And this is what I saw a pull up. I sent it to Jessica. Last night. Let’s see here. Where to go?

Joshua T Berglan 35:20
I mean, how did oh my gosh, it couldn’t have just disappeared out of the stick. Oh, here it is. Hurricane que a hurricane just made landfall in Mexico, and it’s triggering flood concerns in parts of southern California. Here’s the map. Which you can’t really see see. But that looks like it’s going to wipe out Southern California. No. Coincidence? I don’t know. But it was weird. Okay, what else is true? Because I don’t really know much about the queen. And there’s a lot of different opinions, different opinions about the queen. She’s a werewolf suit the lizard. She’s a she’s evil. She’s Satanist, she eats children. And then some people think she’s the patron saint. Awesome. And without her there would be no freedom. You know, I don’t to be honest, I don’t really know. And I’m not gonna I don’t like to speak bad of the dead. And, and I don’t know much about her. So I don’t really have an opinion. I just think it’s interesting that we have this really enormous infatuation with the royal family. And I don’t get it like what do they really do? Like, why don’t why are Americans obsessed with it? Like it? It doesn’t seem authentic to me. Genuine? Is it? I don’t know. Okay, let’s see what else is up here? How do I see what’s trending on Google? That’s not what I’m looking for Google Trends. Here we go. Taylor Swift and I don’t want to talk about this. This segments not going exactly the way I planned because I was hoping that all of these trending stories were going to pop up. Okay, here’s something to read really captured the hearts of American people across America with his love for corn. Don’t know what that is? don’t even want to talk about it. Is there anything interesting in the news or is it all garbage? One of the youtubers with the quickest rise to fame is none other than Tana Mong Gil. Who is that never even heard of this person? Tana, she’s never heard of me. But we’re gonna talk about her so I’m gonna pull this up. She looks like famous and out of control or what the headlines? Did she die or something? History of Tana, let’s see, most YouTubers have been around since 2015. Sir, carry some controversy. She is no exception. Let’s see what this says. This is just a video. I don’t care about this. What did she do? Why is she important? This is not working the way I want it. Maybe I should start preparing. This is why people have producers, by the way. Oh, here’s just a whole what’s trending on Twitter. Maybe that’s what the segment should be. None of those people online are more than unhappy after JFK. Rallies new book. Do we ever take the time to actually talk about the things that we love? Or do we just make it a point to write articles about the things that we hate and dislike? I don’t get the corn thing. I don’t get that either. Don’t say tick tock teaches us everything these days. Let’s be real here. Everybody, I’m not on tick tock. Not on any social media. The one and only Harry Styles addressed him allegedly spitting on Chris Pine during his show at Madison Square Garden. And it’s everything we need. Let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s rewind this show it’s wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. It’s just one way to shape it

Joshua T Berglan 39:40
freaking sparkly dress. Dress. No, actually, I want to dress the show. I don’t know the words voice anymore. I did. I wore a dress one time I’ve worn a dress a few times. Not just for Halloween but when I was in high school Cool. I ran for student class president. And you know, it’s kind of funny, I talked about D ID all the time. Now, recently, it seems like, and so I don’t know, like this memory that I have, hopefully, somebody from high school will watch this because I’m curious what their memory is. When I ran for student council president. And I remember, I remember the guy was running against, there was a few people I was running against. One of them was a really good friend of mine was my first girlfriend, the first girl that I kissed and very young. And she ran for president too. But we were always good friends. And after that, it was like, not a big deal. But, uh, so she was running and another guy was running. And he was a competitive swimmer. And I think he tried out for the Olympics. And I mean, he’s actually really good dude. In fact, I got suspended with him in junior high because he faked having a diabetic seizure. And I wanted to ditch gym class. So I went with him, we walked to his house, and I got caught. And when we got went to the principal’s office, he when we went to the principal’s office, he faked having a seizure. And he got out of trouble. Because suspended a lot. But anyway, running for president president, this is years later, senior in high school. And I, the, you know, I remember he was throwing a party or something like that, or that’s what my memory was, or that’s what my brain told me. He was doing a party to, to buy votes. And it could have been, here’s the thing, it could have been completely made up in my mind. But it was real. To me, I’m not saying it was, I don’t know. In to be honest with you. If you the devil inside me book, it’s all true. It’s how it’s how it’s thinking through it all. The abuse, the drugs, the sex, all of it, stories are real. However, I know there’s other elements that are available of the truth, that I have no way of either remembering or knowing that was real or not. That’s the thing, how powerful our brains are. Because, I mean, hallucinations feel real. Sometimes. Sometimes they, you know, what is a hallucination you don’t know, is a hallucination. So I don’t know if this was real. But anyway, he, cuz I can struggled with this stuff. My whole life. It just didn’t know how to identify it, then like I do now. So he runs for president. He’s, he’s running, he’s gonna throw in a party or something like that. And I remember, one of the things that we had to do was to write out the speeches and then send it in to the student council. Well, I made up some generic speech. And I don’t know if I made up the excuse that, you know, what, why it went off script, but I really had no intentions of ever honoring the script. And the biggest reason why is that I stutter when I read out loud, like, I really, really struggle with it. And I’m doing better now with it than I am and especially getting to do voiceover work. But when I was younger, like a stutter when I read out loud, and it was embarrassed to read out loud. And I, to this day, like, if you ever hear me read from something, half the time I’m reading from it is is like his practice. Because I’m not that good of a reader. And I love to research. But for some reason, there’s words I struggle with. Anyway. So he, he throws a party, and then I come up with this ridiculous idea for a speech. This is all going back to my dress code, believe it or not, so I read the I, I decide that I make up this story, and implement something like this. So I recreated the poem, or I recreated the lyrics to Ice Ice Baby.

Joshua T Berglan 44:32
And I made up my own lyrics. I use that in my speech. And but before my speech actually happened, I was in jeans, black T shirt and a jacket. And so as I was waiting, I don’t know if you can see as I’m waiting on the My turn. I have this water balloon I pants. So I poke it right before I’m about to go on. So as a stand up, my legs just filled with water. And so I have to take my pants off. Senior in high school running for president. This is all planned, of course. So I take my pants off my back, kick off my boots, take off my pants on stage, and I’m in a miniskirt. Which reminds me of the other part of the story. And so I proceeded to go into the speech monologue about how I’ve been accused of being sexist and blah, blah, blah. And then I tie into a story about being a test tube baby, and I make up all this stuff between wetting my pants. Anyway. So as I’m walking the stage during my whole thing, then I get down in the crowd with people. And then my miniskirt. And then I take my shirt off. And I have a broad, my chest says belt Bergland. To make matters worse, as I am doing my whole test tube, baby blah, blah, blah speech. I wish I could find this video. It’s really bad. One of my friends who’s now dead, came up and put his hands on my chest, and was like, those are nice or something like that. So needless to say, I got kicked off the ballot for president they announced it over the intercom that I was not on the ballot. After I was done with my speech, I of course had to sit back down in the chair and had a miniskirt on well, you know guys set legs spread like this. That’s the other part of the story. So I don’t know actually what it was they got me kicked out who’s probably all of it together not like one thing, it was all a bit because they the full spectrum approach was

Joshua T Berglan 47:01
Oh, my God, I really am insane. Like, why am I why would I think this is that was okay. I don’t know. I’ve had a very colorful life anyway. So I get kicked off. But my friends. A lot of my friends wrote my name on the ballot anyway, and wrote expletives and other things like that. But needless to say, I wasn’t president. Which reminds me of today, the gym, which is kind of random, because I gotta tell you, so sometimes God talks to me about, you know, running for office. And I know that sounds really crazy because I Well, could be labeled insane. I’m not really insane. I feel insane. Sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I need to be locked into a psychiatric ward. There’s no doubt about that. Like the last few weeks, for sure. But not today, today feel normal today. I feel like myself for the first time in a long time. But I can see it clearly. I had a quiet time. And I, I, I feel good. And again, for the first time ever, so I feel like my thoughts are my own thoughts. So but I have aspirations. Yes, I’m the world’s mayor. It’s right below me. It’s a mindset. It’s a way of being. It’s the desire to elevate everyone around me. And, and I do that. I do it. Even when I’m talking about the craziest stuff, if you think about it. I’m talking about things other people talk about, the other people deal with are afraid to. So you can make fun of me all you want. You can say well, you you’re not ready for the Primetime those are I love those emails that come in and say you’re not ready for the primetime, you’re not ready for the whatever, I only care what God says about me. But I thought speaking of being crazy. I need a good brain supplement. So I quit losing my thoughts. Because my mind is moving so quickly. It sucks when I do that. Anyway, running for office of the world’s mayor is a mindset to way of being booked. I’m here to elevate other people and part of elevating other people is being vulnerable. And sharing from the heart where you’re at so people don’t feel like they’re alone. And when people don’t feel like they’re alone. Well, it kind of makes it easier to take the next step to keep going. And mind you I have lots of lessons to teach. And I have and over the course of my broadcasts, but part of what I do those of you who are new as I share where I’m at, as ugly as it can be sometimes I show people my monster because what I know is that the enemy doesn’t like the light and I’m going to share what I’m going to share where I’m at always. And if that does come qualifies me for political office, okay, whatever. I mean, being the world’s mayor, I get to do whatever I want. So I don’t have to run for office. And frankly, I can save a bunch of money just doing what I do. But it is on my heart. Like I would love to be able to help bring positive change and, and make things fair for people. And because it’s not fair for everyone, there’s always an agenda attached to something, I want to change that I want to change it with all my heart, I want to like the things that we give away. Look, again, I’ve talked about this a bunch of like, we’re a nonprofit media organization, we this network we’re on. We’re supported by you all, that we don’t work work when we this is work. Like everything we do is work 18 hour days, all the time. But we’re not going around with price tags attached to things we serve, and, and just trust that God will provide. And it’s a little sketchy sometimes. But I mean, we could do all this for profit. I could go get a job somewhere. But then all I’m really doing is I’m if I if I don’t teach what I know. How are the people that have been left behind going to learn? I was fortunate, I was positioned strategically, to learn all of these things and media to work with all of the amazing people I have to get to do and produce some of the coolest events in LA and Vegas and in Dallas. And I’ve done some really cool things that I’ve learned from the best. I mean, even with the running a network, I have to learn from some of the best people ever like Aaron for me, 360 and Aggie for me 360. Like if I didn’t,

Joshua T Berglan 51:57
if they took me under their wing, and I got to learn from them and work with them. Like, for years. And I learned so much from them. I mean, I’ve learned from some of the best event planners, Best TV people, best movie people, I’ve been very, very fortunate. But after my own experiences in Hollywood in LA getting screwed over and being like cut out of deals and having contracts that say I’m going to get paid so much money and not happening. I was devastated. And that’s what inspired me to go look if I’m ever in the position that those people are, I’m going to remember this moment. And I’m going to remember all the other people that got treated the same way. And I’m going to change that. To name this ambitious goal. It doesn’t even make sense, especially doing it in a way that doesn’t promise money. We lost the network for a day. And if it wasn’t for a blessing that came in at the last minute would not have been able to keep going. We don’t do we don’t ask for money should ask for money, because we can’t do it without you. And no, there’s times that I’ve wondered like, well, maybe I should go profit. But then I think about all the people that will be left behind. So we need your support. And you know what? Maybe God is preparing me to run for office. I think I probably need to be a little bit more sane. But then again, who is the president? Right? He’s not exactly saying, Can you do it? I can. If Trump can do it, I can. I’m smarter than Trump. I actually think Kanye would have made a good president. And there’s a very specific reason why the principles that he ran on and people don’t even know the principles he ran on. Go watch his interview with Joe Rogan. It’s unbelievable. And his plan in it nope, not enough people talked about it. In all the questions that Joe Rogan asked him are great questions. And his answers were beautiful. Great, great answers. Okay, is there anything else trending? I just went off on all of these tangents and I I’m gonna do one more. Like the stallion. Pretty sure that’s a dude. I mean, no offense. She is. This is really trying to make me sign on. And I don’t like that. I don’t want to be on Twitter. It’s gonna make me Well, don’t worry, darling. I haven’t seen a movie. And so long. What is this? Zan Malik debuts his new hairdo in this social post on Instagram. Why do we care about this stuff? Seriously? Why do we care about someone’s new haircut? Like, I don’t even like this segment. I think it’s just going to open a bad mood because none of it is of any value.

Joshua T Berglan 55:15
But plastic pollution, which I’m, by the way very passionate about fighting against plastic pollution, food waste. Yeah, I mean, I know that there’s people talk about the green energy and stuff like that. Well, I think windmills and solar energy and these these electric vehicles that isn’t helping the environment. It’s not helping the environment at all. It’s bull crap. To be honest. Have you ever seen one of those windmills leak? What happens when they break? Have you seen where they go? It’s horrible for the environment. Think about this. Think about Pearl Harbor, if you’ve ever been to Pearl Harbor, and why you can see the sunken ships and oil leaking from it. It’s still leaking. It was leaking. When I lived there, it was leaking. The last time I visited there, and from what I understand it’s still leaking. And that’s been it’s been about eight years since I’ve been back. It’s no different with the windmills. These are not good for the environment. But there are things that we can do. To help like not littering. Use reusable like if you get a plastic bag reuse it until you can’t anymore. We use plastic bottles. Like this is not even body armor. This is actually what is this We tasted the thing I don’t drink anymore because that tequila face would be Oh amino acids does not taste good. I don’t know what to think about this segment. I may never do it again. mean give me feedback if you want because I just feel like all I want to do is rant Now what if I got a question? What if our only job What if our only job was to make things better? Everywhere we go and we talk to somebody I want to make this better. Or I want to add value in such a way that improves the conversation. I want to leave when I have an impact positive impact go to hotel room instead of destroying it. Clean it to a restaurant instead of leaving a mess on the table stack the plates make it better smile at a stranger opened the door for someone see trash on the ground pick it up whatever only job was just to make things better. Forever. Number one that we can animals bugs. spiders don’t have spiders or you know more and more about spiders but they freaked me out. I’m not scared of anything really. But if I am it would be spiders. Like spiders. Well, that’s what’s trending. I just tried and failed miserably at doing a what do you call those like a morning Zoo? You know, morning radio broadcasts where here’s what’s trending something from the herd. Well, anyway, let’s shout out to all the people that are trying to make things better. We can pray for you. Do anything for you, and serve you in any way. Let us know. Thank you for watching. God bless