Are you homosexual?

Are you a lesbian?

Are you bisexual?

Are you straight?

Are you a pervert?

If yes, guess what?

God loves you just the way you are and while He hates sin, He loves the sinner soooo much.

But guess what?

What if you have lived your entire life with shame, guilt, and confusion for no reason at all?

After a lifetime of struggles, pain, heartache and confusion, I believe I have found the truth about what God said about sexuality and it is not just great news, it is also sobering and convicting.

When I set out on this journey to find truth, I found not only what I was looking for but much more.

The trauma centered around the sexuality that has been the root of so much of the anger, pain, and shame I have inflicted on myself and others now has a chance to heal.


Has Homosexual Alwasy been in the Bible? 

I pray this Spoken Word does the same for you.

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Joshua T Berglan 0:28
I stay, of course speaks for itself. What’s up everybody, this is Joshua and I in the world’s mayor. And this is spoken word. Man that was dramatic. Like, I’m not even trying to feel that dramatic right now. Because I feel free. And I feel I don’t know if liberated is the right word. But I feel free. And yesterday, I did a broadcast, actually the broadcast that I’m doing today. But when I did the broadcast, I came in. After a long day, I was tired, I was exhausted. And I was living in fear about doing this broadcast. So I just did it. Like I made myself do it. And after it was done, I felt like I didn’t give the episode The broadcast the respect that it deserves. And while I’m all about, you know, doing live broadcasts and not censoring myself and not editing, I was happy with the broadcast, and I would love to be able to use it in some capacity. However, again, I felt like I was disrespecting the subject matter. I’ve shared over the last few weeks in the last few episodes, you can look at them, you can go to our website live Mana or live And you can see well, there’s a different tone and the broadcast and what I’m sharing talking about di D and my struggles and so forth. And of course now looking back at it because I’m out of that space I was in out of those alters out of the switch, I’m fully in my body today. In fact, I wasn’t even fully in my body yesterday when I did the other broadcast. So it’s interesting to come back today. And be willing to do this with the same gusto. But also, I want to really, really open my heart more. So this broadcast is about homosexuality. This broadcast is a message to not just the church, but also the LGBT community. I’m not factoring all the other letters. And I don’t mean that to be disrespectful. But frankly, I don’t even get the point. I’m not even a fan of labels. I don’t call myself a Christian even though Jesus is my Lord and Savior. God is everything to me, I live my life for him. And without him I would not be here. I’m not your I’m not a preacher. I you know, have the name shock jock evangelist. But that’s not to even compare me to evangelist. You know, I grew up listening to shock jocks and I have a certain edge to my personality and the things that interests me but also the things that I went through have given me a certain edge. And when I say what I went through, I’m not saying that from a victim place. So all the things that happened to me when I was younger, I don’t look at myself as a victim. In fact, for so long, I used to believe that being molested by men and women really contributed to my desire to have sex with men and women. And I to be honest, the more I’ve thought about this, the more I’ve prayed about it, the more I’ve gone back in Might, whether it’s in my dreams or in my prayers and gone back to those situations, to re face the situations that I went through that I experienced. I really started to realize that I believe that I was probably born the way that I am now Yeah, trauma and all that stuff has an effect too. But I I remember specifically the events that happened leading up to being molested the first time and let’s just say that without going into details, and I don’t want to trigger anyone today. But I’m pretty confident that I was already attracted to men and women as a child as a young I was drawn to that energy. Now of course, after being molested the first time and not understanding really what happened other you know, the experiencing the pleasure but the pain and then the fear of being told that if you say anything bad things will happen to you. That’s not fun. But ultimately, that was the source of my confusion

from the whole time and I can’t tell you that I have everything figured out. But I want to say this ever since I gave my life to the Lord and leading up to that, and it’s depicted in the book, The Devil Inside me my testimony. It’s a book, there’s a movie, you can go to our website and see it. books on Amazon. But that life that I lived, to be honest, there was no way of knowing what was really real and what wasn’t, oh, yeah, I did all those bad things. But there’s no way of knowing. While was I really in to all those sexual things that I did. The hot wifing the orgies, the bath houses, the gang bangs, the swingers clubs, the hookup apps, all the things that I was doing. I have no idea. I had no idea of knowing what was real for me because well, I was chemically enhanced the whole time. Hence, chem sex addiction. cocaine, meth, ecstasy you know, mushrooms and acid, we’re not exactly that enjoyable, it’s sex. But that’s another conversation altogether. That I don’t think I need to have but after I gave my life to the Lord, I you know, there’s a spiritual high that happens. And you know, mind you, my gave my life to the Lord in jail facing five years in prison. But when I got out on the streets, I still had the spiritual High was five days later, get on the streets, downtown LA, I’m like, Oh, God, that what these promises that I made to serve you and to be all in and to commit my life to You were so much easier behind bars. But now I’m on the streets. Now I’m back where all my triggers are. I’m back on the same streets where I was able to safely and dangerously explore my sexuality had access to everything and fact that the gay and bisexual community and even transgender community in Southern California is pretty big, especially compared to Oklahoma, where I grew up. Of course, I’ve lived in multiple beats that isn’t I’ve been very blessed to do so. And of course, in those cities is where I really, really became aware that maybe my sexuality was was what it was, and it wasn’t made up and it wasn’t drugs. But then again, I did so much drugs, so many drugs, and I did so many bad things and had so much anger and so much resentment, that I had no idea of knowing what was real. So like in my life to the Lord downtown LA on the streets, what am I going to do, but I have a spiritual high and a commitment to constantly serve the Lord and to learn his word and to learn what God wanted for me and to be what God created me to be because you see it was in prison or in jail in LA County, that I discovered that all of those dreams and visions that God was giving me were God’s showing me what was possible for my life. And that God had a plan for me, but I didn’t believe it. I’ve kept running from it and running from it, and that they didn’t want the responsibility that came with what God called me to do. But it was in jail, that I decided that I was done running, and I wanted to only run to the arms of the Father, my Creator, not my earthly father, even though I forgave him, my heavenly Father. And after that decision, spiritual high wears off. Now all of a sudden, I’m starting to notice my draw to certain men. And women too, but men is the focal point here. And here it is. I’m in the Bible every day reading Corinthians, reading Genesis 19, Leviticus 1819 and 20. Judges 19 First Corinthians 691 Timothy 110 I’m reading these verses and I’m reading that I’m this attraction is abomination to the Lord. I’m an abomination. How can somebody be how can you love me? If I’m an abomination? God? Why does this feel so real to me that I’m an abomination?

I spent the first two years in the Bible and the word seeking God trying to develop a relationship with Him, which I did and have him do do and the more I’ve gotten to know, Jesus, the more I’ve gotten to know the Lord, the more I’ve gotten to know myself. But I’m going to combination. And it never felt right. So I shamed myself and I beat myself up more. And every time that this feeling would come up for me, beat myself up. They would run from it does not mean or deny and deny it, deny it and deny it. I’m free. I’m not free of this.

And then I heard the words, two years into my walk. God loves you exactly the way you are. And I’d heard it before. But for the first time, I think I believed I believed it. And so I started to accept myself as I was, but I didn’t know what to do with my attraction to men. Because marriage is for a man and a woman. Why does the Bible say this? God, if if you love me, just the way I am, hate the sinner. I’m sorry, Hate the sin. Not the center. Okay. But it feels, and I don’t know if you can relate to this. And not everyone’s going to understand this, especially Christians and people in the church and people that think the Bible is the literal word of God, like God wrote it in a pin. Nevermind the different translations, never mind the words that have been taken out of the Bible and removed and I’m gonna get to that. Never mind the books of the Bible that were removed, that belong there. And I’ve known all that might for a long time, and I’ve always believed it. And of course, it’s taken years to be able to prove it. And now I’ve proved it. But still the question, abomination Why am I abomination? You said, You love me? How can you love me? If I’m an abomination? Okay, so now I’m denying myself. But as I noticed that I’m denying myself, I’m telling myself, No, this isn’t right for you, this isn’t right for you. What’s happening to me inside is I’m crumbling. I’m losing my confidence. I don’t know who I am. I’m closing off my energy to people. I’m wanting to hide the minute that I noticed that I may be attraction or want to go talk to that guy. I’m shaming myself and I’m blocking myself from who knows what I’m doing it because that’s what the Bible says to do. And I want to be an abomination. I want to be everything that God created me to be. I want to be all that God created me to be in, I want to accomplish all that I was created to accomplish. So I’m willing to do anything that God says

right after I understand that God loves me the way I am. I really had a hard time trying to figure out what I was supposed to do with myself. still battling di D, which is disassociative identity disorder and battling switches, but there are fewer and far between and I’m doing everything possible to avoid more triggers and switches and all that stuff. Because, you know, I did have a relapse and that time to like before that, because of the shame and guilt and all that stuff and beating myself up being rejected by the Church because I shared my testimony at what’s the name of Rick Warren’s church. Saddleback, I remember going into the men’s group. And I’ve never said this publicly, but I I’ve never said the church’s name. Being I shared my testimony there at a men’s group, and I was just basically shunned from everyone. And dealt with that over and over and over again, within the church to every church. I went to every church I went to I just go, I want to start, I want to help I want to give back. I wanted to give everything I had to these churches, and I was constantly rejected. And it beat me up and it wore me out. And I just like, well, maybe. Maybe it’s because I’m bisexual or whatever label I gave myself at that moment. Maybe that’s what it is. Maybe it’s because I haven’t healed yet. That’s why they’re rejecting me. They’re rejecting because of the Woodson Doesn’t the Bible and blah blah, blah, and it hurt? How can you love me God? If I’m an abomination? How can you love me if I’m a faggot? If I’m a bisexual, if I’m a trisexual, which is tried anything, or whatever those words are, I don’t even care. How can you love me? And with me, I’ve always been one that I don’t I question everything I hear. And I’ve always been that way. In fact, it’s why I never really got into church or religion in the first place. Because it just Something didn’t feel right to me. Never really got into the Bible, because Something didn’t feel right. But I gave my life to the Lord and I committed to that I have been to this day, even with all of my questions, and as much as my skepticism about certain things. And I’ve got reason. I got reasons. I’ve got proof, I believe. But I’ve always questioned that, that I committed to the Bible. And I noticed that as I read the Bible, I noticed the instruction. But I also noticed, because I’ve been baptized by fire multiple times, I’ve got the Holy Spirit in me, and I can read your mail. I’m highly gifted because of the Lord. And I mean, we’re all we all are. We all are, but I exercise my gift freely. And I love it. It’s all gone. It’s I get to see miracles all the time. So my relationship with the Lord here, can you can question it all you want, but I don’t question it. Because I know. I also really struggled when I’m reading these the Bible and I’m reading stuff and I’m going and my spirits lighting up, gone something right. You need to go look into that you need to go look into that. Not this is trivial, apply it to your life, you need to question that you need to find out the truth, you need to get dig. And then there’s other things that are revelations that are absolutely true. And it hits me in the spirit. I’m like, Okay, I’m corrected. I’m wrong. I repent from this. So anyway, I walk away from everything. after that. I want dating, not having sex, not doing anything. Except trying to get closer to the Lord and find out what’s true for me. No more drugs, no sex, no stimulation, I’m gonna know what true. I he’ll like he’ll God starts to restore my life. Everything that I lost after being homeless, with the exception of my kids, has come back in my life. Get the love of my life. And Jessica, I have two beautiful little girls, and I get to help raise. And here I am a grown man who’s healing. And in what I’ve noticed, the more I’ve healed is that while I, the DI D is healed, and I’m not switching to different alters and by way these altars that I’ve talked about in previous shows have different sexualities, different tastes, they have different ideology, they have different ways of thinking. Now fortunately, I kind of taught each of them to love God, except one. One is just, but he doesn’t come around very often. I haven’t seen them a long time and don’t want to see him to be honest. So they all love God. Except one. So I’ve taught them that and part of the idea is you can retrain your triggers, but you can also teach your alters. Sounds wild, right? It try living with me.

Jessica is going to have to talk about this sometime from person’s perspective. Because it’s, it’s without her I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. And she’s been a true gift from the Lord. Because without her, I mean, she’s helped me heal better than anything. And, I mean, with God’s help, but it’s been amazing. She’s been the one person on this earth that has been committed to helping me heal. And we’ve helped kill each other and it’s awesome. But as I’ve healed, and I’m not switching because before it was easier to accept, well, that’s that altar that wants to have sex with guys or this is the one that’s into being a cuckold. And you know what I mean? Like this is these are this is all very, very real. I also talked about this my book that I wrote with Jessica but as I’ve healed, and I’ve might my my soul fragments are starting to become whole and come together. I’ve really noticed that where I’m at my peak flow state where I’m feel closer to God where I feel like I’m walking the path that God wants me to walk. And I’m open to receiving and also to giving love. I’m very much I can So it would be fluid in that, or, you know, depends on how you define gender. Because, you know, like I’ve shared before that I mean, I find some transgendered women to be beautiful. But as far as attraction goes, it’s more energy for me not set, necessarily private parts, although people’s private parts are sometimes attractive and arousing. But it’s really the two that makes me want to be intimate or to bond, it is really an energetic thing. And I don’t know how to quantify that. I don’t know what to do with that, because that’s what’s always been present. When I’m in sound mind, when I’m in a perversion or on my, you know, triggered sexually, then it’s like, there’s deviant thoughts that come. But when I’m in a pure heart, this energy exchange is what I noticed and how I feel. And it’s very powerful. And I don’t know what to do with that never have known what to do with it. And so it’s led to a lot of frustration, because again, I’m wanting to be obedient to God, and I’m not wanting to be an abomination to Him. Even though I’ve accepted that God loves me, I’m still thinking that my attraction to men, or desire to do something about it is a sin, and I’m wrong. And so I beat myself up, and then I beat myself up long enough. And next thing I know, I’m triggered. And then I’m going back to the old ways of thinking, and wanting to act out on that. That’s not good, especially for me. That’s not the life I want to live because I want to honor God and all that I do. So, here we go. Now, I need to pray. Before I do this heavenly Father, please, Holy Spirit, speaking through me, I want to relay this message with love with kindness, with compassion. And I want you to flow through me, please, when I speak, because I don’t want to use any words that are blasphemous. I don’t want to speak anything that is against your name, and the plans that you have for me, I also do not want to cause confusion, I want to deliver truth. I want to deliver facts that other people can go and look for themselves to make up their own mind. I do not want to be the persuader of how people think. But I want to inspire them to think for themselves and go find the information, the way that you’ve called me to. I love you, Lord, speak through me. I surrender this broadcast to you, in Jesus name, Amen. So after lots of researching, and there’s more research to do. But I felt like I’ve gotten to a place and I’ve been able to confirm what I found in a pretty special way. And while this is spoken word, I do have notes because it’s important that I don’t put my own words in any of this.

It’s very, very important that we stick to facts here. I mean, yes, I’ll give some opinion. But you’ll know when it’s opinion and when it’s facts. And I want you to research this and not take my word for it. I don’t want you to believe me, even though I believe I’m telling the truth. Even though I’ve prayed about this, I’ve I’ve been down this path. I’ve researched the crap out of it. And so now I’m prepared to say this, anything that I say in these notes that you disagree with, and you think is bullcrap. And I also want to challenge you to reach out to me, I don’t care if you’re you can be a theology and you can be a preacher or a priest. I don’t care. If you think I’m full of crap, you’re welcome to come on this platform and prove me wrong. I say this out of love, not spite because I’m open to correction. If I am wrong about this, then God correct me. God correct me if I’m wrong, or you correct me. But you better come with facts and be able to prove it instead of your opinion. Well read this. This is Ben. This is inspired from Corinthians. Ones Corinthians six. But I wrote this down because it really hit me in the heart. When I read first Corinthians six, because this is what I believed to be really the true message of following Jesus and what it’s really about. And so here we go. In the same way, that some seek to reduce Christianity to a philosophy or set of ideas. Others seek to reduce set as a set of rules for living. If true faith is only about eating certain foods, abstaining from others and avoiding perfect practices than willpower must be more important than the Spirit of God. Willpower must be more important than the Spirit of God. Living by willpower is not easy. In Christ, there is a life of freedom that surpasses a life of rule keeping. It comes from obedience to the call of the Spirit of God following Jesus his freedom, because the way I like to think about this, and I’ve used this analogy before something close to it, but I really, I love this. When you’re doing any tasks, like for broadcasting, like people that come on the broadcast, a lot of people are prepared, they have scripts, and they have things that they follow, and everything’s got to be a certain way. But what happens for some people is they they lock up, because they’re thinking too much like, okay, Mike, is this right? Is this right? Is this right? Is this perfect? Is it when you do that you’re restricting flow, you’re restricting yourself from just being free. Because you’re stopping thinking mentalizing it’s trying to Section everything off and make everything fit just perfect and fit, right. And I think as believers, we get hung up on the rights and wrongs too much. Instead of just living by the Spirit, you know, you’ve heard of the free spirited people, my one of my best friends in the world, who is no longer with us Tiffany poor today. She died after a really brutal battle with cancer. Not long ago, and those of you that know her, know what an angel she is. She I still think she’s an angel floating around somewhere, helping people loving people, one of the most extraordinary people in my life, but when we first met and became friends, and it was just an all of her spirit, it was so free. She wasn’t hung up by a thing. And this is a woman that was going through so much pain, so much family pain, but yet she was such a lover. Like just love people. And and I never really thought about it until just now like as even she came to me as the example of being a free spirit. And

she was one of the most extraordinary humans I’ve ever met. But she that’s that’s how she lived her life. And I know that you know, she was a yogi at first and then she accepted Jesus, but she was still a free spirit. And she was this model for me of believing that spiritual but not religious people had a closer to being right than religious people. Meaning that the relationship with Jesus yes is everything. And it’s the it’s like the with as a foundational piece that we all need to have to be what we were created to be. And the religious side becomes restriction and judgment and fighting over Bible verses and interpretations and people fighting and saying the King James version is the only version of the Bible yet completely ignoring that. King James was known as Queen James and he was a homosexual who had a lover named steamy was it it was named Seanie it was a very weird name see it’s steaming where’s my note that has seen you somewhere Oh, Mercy. Oh, I think it’s all my other notes over there. Hold on I’ll be right back

Oh, whatever. It doesn’t matter. Oh, you got to see behind the scenes gotta love the AI camera. They’ve seen it doesn’t matter. There’s, you can read your love letters online. So I have all that fighting as it doesn’t do anything to make people come closer to Jesus. But that’s what we do. And that’s what religion does to people because we start arguing over who has the right God and this is the way you pray. No, this is the way you pray you should try. No you shouldn’t try all these arguments that really do nothing to move the kid Kingdom forward, they don’t advance the Kingdom, they don’t build your spirit. In fact, if anything, they just frustrate you and piss you off and make you think that you’re more holy than other people. That’s not the case. You’re not more holy than other people. You may know more Bible verses, but that doesn’t really make you holy. Any idiot can memorize things. But do you have the courage to walk it out? Do you have the courage to be willing to be corrected? Is it easy for you to pass judgment, but when you’re judged? How do you feel? Didn’t feel good? So I just like to subscribe to this I’m gonna make this statement before I go further is that none of us really know the whole truth. You can’t say, well, the government’s lied to us. And, you know, the doctors have lied to us. And all these people have lied to us and not consider the fact that maybe you’ve been lied to buy the church to the Catholic Church is one of the most evil entities in all the earth. I said it and I mean it. Go to the origins of the Catholic Church, it’s pretty obvious watch the Roman Empire and transition into the Catholic Church. And we pay attention to those stories, how the Bible was controlled by the Catholic Church, how books were decided to come in. And yeah, I know, there’s the Council of Nicaea. And then there’s all I mean, I know the story that they sold everybody but think about the COVID story that was sold. Was that true? No. Just on the news today, they wanted to vaccinate kids. Well, now we got a problem, folks. You’ve been lied to the Pope off I mean, I’m sure maybe there were some good Pope’s but the Catholic Church as a whole. It’s not exactly a Christian organization. So maybe they have an agenda. Look at the symbolism around the Catholic Church. There’s a lot more going on and what you know, I mean, some of you may know, but not all. So I homosexuality in the Bible

I’ve heard and believed in my spirit for a long time, that something wasn’t right. But I couldn’t prove it. I had heard things I did an episode a year ago when I was brought actually it’s been two years. Two years ago, it was about the most common misconceptions of the Bible, the most misinterpreted text or verses. And I briefly, my when I that was the very first time I saw it. But it was talking about how there wasn’t a Hebrew word for the word homosexual. And the word that was used in the Bible originally, really had nothing to do with homosexuality at all had to do with raping young boys. And I got a lot of flack for it, but I didn’t really have any substance to back any of it up. In fact, that episode caused so much backlash that I got gun shy, and I went and retreated. I wasn’t confident enough to stand in the face of this and say, this is right. And I was so gun shy from even going to research it for the last month. That’s what I’ve been doing. Got a story for here. The first time homosexual appears in the Bible, German translation of the Bible is 1983. Germans are the ones that created the word homosexual. And they did so in 1862. Now, I believe it was in the United States homosexual was first put in the Bible in like 1952. And that’s from a different source. And I don’t have that one in front of me. But that’s when it came into the English Bible. biblica owns the NIV version of the Bible. In 1983, they bought the German version, and they because they didn’t have the population of Christians to warrant a new version of the Bible. So this American company biblica paid and influenced to add the word homosexual was that was not there before. already told you about King James. So you have all that and so Genesis 19 is about Sodom and Gomorrah. But people think that that’s about gay sex. No, it’s about rape and incest. Leviticus 1819 and 20 was talking about incest, and predatory and damaging relationships. Not same sex law. What is 20 about incest first Krithi In six, nine and one Timothy 110. And we’re going to read that actually, sexual exploitation of young boys by older men. Paul’s letter was more about the it was. Paul’s letter was a broad indictment against idolatry and excessive, self centered lust. Driven by desire to consume, rather than to love and to serve a Christian partnership. That’s what Paul was speaking out about, not homosexuality. He wasn’t talking about two men or two women that want to get together and have a loving relationship wasn’t about that at all. And I know if you’re on Twitter, it says homosexual in the Bible, it didn’t always say homosexual in the Bible. Do you know what word said? Do you know? I can’t pronounce the word because it’s a Greek. I mean, yeah, Hebrew word. Oh, here it is the English translation until 1947. So in 1946, this is when the word homosexual was put in. Do you know what word was there before? Our sin? Oh, Koi Tae a RSENOKIT a IARSENOKOITAI. It means boy molesters. It was referring to grown men, raping little boys. That is what God has a problem with. Incest God has a problem with. But it has nothing to do with consenting adults. So what this is done, and I back this up, you can look up any of the stuff I just said. But what this has done for me, it’s helped me recognize the trauma that I’ve caused myself the trauma that I’ve caused others, but also it’s helped show me the areas I get to heal.

Because before, you know, oh, it’s di D am switching it’s in and out. It’s not always consistent. Because that was true. Because it changed so much that it was hard for me to know it was real. As I’ve healed, I’ve started to notice, well, this is more consistent than I thought. I’m not using external stimulus to trigger this and make it worse. I’m just being mean. But you see where I’ve been wrong about this. And this is where I want to get to, I want to say, let me say this first, if you’re a homosexual, if you’re a lesbian, if you’re bisexual, or whatever sexuality you are, that doesn’t make you wrong. Unless if you are molesting underage kids, I mean, that’s wrong. Cheating, wrong. But also so as defiling your body. Sex has nothing to mess with, like to just bite think it’s something you can give away. And just like, you know, put it in anybody or what? Like the secrets of sex are not just pleasure making babies. There’s a Soul Exchange, there’s an energy transfer, there’s DNA that’s transferred, that there’s a reason why people pray away soul ties, you ever notice, those of you who may have gotten drunk at the bar, went home with somebody, you had sex with them, or you were having sex when you’re dating, and then you break up and, you know, then you jump in bed with someone else, but then you’re always thinking about the axe, or you always have that draw to them, or you go have sex with the ex, that kind of stuff. A lot of that has more to do with soul ties. And, you know, it’s not just your horniness and your well that’s, you know, he was good and bad or she was good and bad. So let’s go hit it again. It’s not it’s more it has more to do with soul ties and you know, sending against your body is absolutely wrong because our body is a temple. There is no mis translation there. Our body is a temple. What we consume, what we consume, with our eyes, our mouth, we speak. All of these things can defile us. In fact, I believe what comes out of our mouth is a reflection of what’s in our heart. though, while being a homosexual or bisexual or anything else for that matter, is not a sin going and jumping in bed getting on swingers apps, and you know, just banging whoever you want. Whenever you want, don’t even know their name, maybe you know their name. Maybe you think you know their name. Maybe you thought they were really a girl. I don’t know, whatever. The point is that if you’re defiling your body, that would be the sin.

Paul wasn’t saying that being a homosexual was wrong. Because that wasn’t even really the word that was in the Bible originally. Now, why that was put in there. I got my theories, but I can’t back it up to fact, except that, well, you know, they’ve been lying to us for a long time, but a lot of stuff. And I think that’s because they don’t want us to know the truth. They don’t want us to know the truth about who we really are. So then they divide us with religion, with different, you know, agendas, to divide us to make his class to make us focus more on our differences, and not how we’re the same. Whatever the reason, doesn’t matter, but that part isn’t true. However, if you’re not seeking to love to have a godly relationship, then that’s where you get into a very, very slippery slope of potentially, if not definitely defiling your body. Just because being a homosexual doesn’t make you a sinner or wrong, or being bisexual or again, any of the other sexualities or genders. The way you go about it could very well make it wrong. I’ve sinned against my body. A lot. almost 20 years being a chem sex addict, I didn’t exactly know the names or even what half the people look like, that I had sex with, I didn’t get HIV. For me eating Cheerios might be behavior in the way that I’ve acted was living in sin. In fact, to double down on that statement, the way I’ve gone even about the way I’ve gone about trying to scratch the itch without actually going over the edge. With what I’m looking at what I’m imagining my thoughts, I would suggest that that hasn’t been right or have gone either. Because anything that becomes an obsession can’t be good lost his obsession lost is not just like looking at a movies, or looking at his package or whatever it may be. No lost is I want what they have, and you’re obsessing about it. obsessing about sex obsessing about getting the fix, obsessing about anything, instead of just being you can’t be in a place of surrender if you’re trying to plot and plan in ways to get what you want. I don’t think that’s of God. So it was interesting. Because I prayed about this, I begged God to take away my sexuality. Like because I didn’t want to be in defiance of God. I didn’t want to I didn’t want to disrespect the guy that I owe everything to my my heavenly Father, who has given me everything given me an opportunity to pursue my dreams after not really deserving that opportunity. The life I lived

don’t never want to disrespect God or Jesus for that matter. So while I’m God sent me down this path to find truth, and that’s boy, you got to see what I’m about to do next. Because he just keeps showing me this stuff to go down and I’m finding the information and it’s like, and it hits me in the spirit that I can’t argue this. But here’s the thing. I got the answer I was looking for. But there was more to it than that. I also got corrected. I also got punched in the stomach by the Holy Spirit. Do I also have much more clarity on what God wants for me in my life, and I know that there’s a way that I can just be me, respectfully, honoring God honoring my body, my temple where the Holy Spirit dwells. And I know the other way, too, I live that life. So now I have a choice, I can stay, I can go back to this life going well see, it’s not wrong. Which would be a lie. Because of the way I was doing that. Or I can honor God, I can honor my temple. And I can just be and it’s okay. I get to choose now. I don’t feel like I ever had that choice before. Because I was listening to all the noise listening to what was coming at me the opinions of others and other people’s beliefs. Only to get clarity. I’m been off social media for the last month has been the biggest blessing ever, because these distractions have been taken from me. And so I can just hear God’s voice and where God is guiding me. So while I got the answers I was looking for, and I no longer have to beat myself up over my sexuality. I also know now I am fully aware of when I’m sending now to I don’t have the confusion of is this right or wrong? Because I know what is right and wrong. And it doesn’t come from man’s opinion, where the Bible has been changed and modified it it’s the Holy Spirit. And it’s God’s Spirit. It’s God, it’s Lord Jesus that has shown me the truth has guided me to find the places. And so while I have relief in some areas, because I can just I’m okay with me. I’m okay with being me. I’m good with me. God loves me, God loves you. But I also know that I have a certain I mean, there’s boundaries. And there is obedience within this and accepting this of myself, there’s still obedience to follow. There’s still honoring what God has called me to do and asked me to do. So, I want to encourage you, that everything I read, there’s so much more, but we’re, you know, almost an hour into this. And you know, that’s the, there’ll be more to come later, I’m gonna bring on experts, things like that. Finding them because not many people actually want to talk about this openly. But but we’re gonna get there. But I want to start there and challenge you to go seek this information that I just gave you, myself everything from Queen James, to the word, you know, homosexual when it was put in the Bible, all that stuff. battery’s about to run out. I’m gonna read this really quick. First Corinthians more than I have this pulled up, six. Here’s another troubling issue. If you have grievance against another follower of Jesus,

do, do you have the audacity to bring that brother or sister to the silver courts rather than submitting yourself to the authority of God’s people? Don’t you know that his people are destined to judge the world? If you have the authority to judge the world, you can’t handle these small matters and render a better judgment than the civil courts. Further, you don’t know that we are destined to judge the heavenly messengers. So if we are to exercise authority in the heavenly realms, can we take care of conflicts that arise in this life? To put it another way, if you’re asking the courts to educate your mundane conflicts, aren’t you placing your problems under the authority of judges who have knows standing within the church, my word should embarrass you. I’m getting to the part of promise. Is it possible that you have no one among you with better with the wisdom to mediate between two siblings? So one brother Sue’s another brother in public and drags us spute be so before outsiders who have no allegiance to Jesus. The truth is that these public lawsuits cause all you to lose and lose big talking about the infighting with Christians arguing over Bible verses. This is a more extreme case, but this is same thing. The truth is public lawsuits cause all you to lose and lose big. Wouldn’t it be better to be ripped off or defrauded? In fact, you’re guilty of ripping off or defrauding your own brothers and sisters, not the other way around? Do you need do you need reminding that the unjust have no share and the blessings of the kingdom of God? Do not be misled. A lot of people stand to inherit nothing of God’s coming Kingdom, including those who live lives, lives that are defined by sexual immorality, idolatry, adultery, sexual deviancy, theft, greed, drunkenness, slander, and swindled when some of you used to live in these ways, but you were different now you’ve been washed, clean, set apart, restored, and set on the right path and the name of the Lord Jesus, the anointed by the spirit of our living God. I can hear some of you saying for me, all things are permitted. The face the facts, all things are not beneficial. Like, Hey, okay, God loves you. homosexual, bisexual guy, girl, God loves you. They didn’t give you permission to be a whore. Message to myself too, by the way. The face the facts, all things are not beneficial. So you say for me, all things are permitted. Here’s my response. I will not allow anything to control me. Perversion sexual urges, addiction. Food is for the stomach and the stomach is for food. I suppose so. But a day will come when God will dispense with both food and the stomach. The body is not meant for sexual immorality. But for the Lord, the Lord is all over his overall the Lord is overall he cares about your body. So you’re jumping in bed with a prostitute. There’s a story there to talks about, you’re taking on the soul ties of all those other people. You go to an orgy, well, you have sex and you’re doing all that. I mean, I don’t think everyone removed their soul ties before they went to the orgy, the gang bang. I mean, these are all the things that I used to do, thinking about all the soul ties. So this is not an excuse to go do all that stuff because that part matters can’t be ignored. God has raised the Lord Jesus from death, but he doesn’t stop there. His dynamic power raised us from the grips of death as well. Don’t you realize that your bodies are members of the Anointed One? God’s inside of us. So should I take the members of the anointed one and unite them to a prostitute? I used to sleep with a lot of hookers. So this hits for me. It’s ironic that I’m friends with hookers now, anyway like that or this elicit union should never take place? Don’t you understand that when your body is joined with a prostitute, the two of you have become one body. So you become one body with all the other people that she became one body with or he became one body with the two come together as one flesh. But when you are joined with the Lord, you become one spirit with him. Run from immoral behavior. All other sins are disconnected from the body but sexual immorality is a sin against your own body. Don’t you know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who comes from God and dwells inside of you? You do not own yourself.

You have been purchased at a great price. So use your body to bring glory to God. Hallelujah, hallelujah. So it’s okay to be gay. Don’t be a war message

I know there’s so much there’s more directions to go with this. But this is what came out of me today. And I’m willing to stand face to face with anybody and have this conversation. So again If you think I’m a blasphemous idiot, you’re welcome to come on and tell me, you’re welcome to bring your factbook and your history books, and come and talk about it with me. I’m open to being corrected. But I feel this so strongly in my spirit, because this is where I was led to find the information. And I back this up with multiple sources. And, you know, I’m willing to have this debate, I’m willing to say all this in confidence, I may never get invited inside of a church building again. But guess what, it’s not going to keep me from loving people. Still love the church still love the people there. Love the people side of it, too. In fact, I love the people outside of it, probably more. I love homosexuals, gay people, bisexuals, transgendered, straight people love you all. God has a plan for you. And here’s what I know. You’re never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever going to know what’s really true. And still you start speaking what’s true to you. God’s grace is so amazing that he’ll let you walk out that truth only to correct you with what really is true. If what you’re working out isn’t true. So I’m open to correction. I’m open to being wrong. But I’m also going to fight for truth. And I’m going to keep digging. Because there’s a lot more lies that have been sold to us. So gay people, bisexual people, transgendered people, whatever. God loves you, just the way you are. He may not love your behavior in the things you’re doing. But he loves you. And never ever, ever, ever doubt that I did. And it almost killed me. I will never do it again. And you shouldn’t either. God has a plan for you. And you can be a gay Christian, you can be a bisexual Christian. You can be a transgendered Christian. You can be a SIS or whatever all those filler words are Christian or follower of Christ or Jesus. And I will tell you, that if the church has hurt you, I’m sorry. If people have hurt you, your family has hurt you. Your family has betrayed you. Okay. God can heal those wounds. But he can’t heal anything unless you surrender to Him. And without going into a long, orchestrated prayer, I simply want to say this. If you are tired of hurting, tired of struggling, tired judgment, tired of everything else. All you have to do is simply surrender it to God. God knows your heart. And if you want what God has for you, if you want what God wants for you, I surrender. That’s it. God bless. Thanks for watching.

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