Jessica, Brynlee and Charlotte join Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’ for a impromptu, but fun chat about the Sabbath, the 3 family cats, becoming a teacher and ballerina.

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Joshua, Jessica and family



Joshua T Berglan 0:00
Well hello everybody. My name is Joshua the world’s mayor and this is my family. Would you like to introduce yourself?

Brynlee 0:09
What is Mama? Mama? Mama

Joshua T Berglan 0:17
should you want the world they call you Mama

jessica linn 0:23
Mama so maybe just Jessica

Joshua T Berglan 0:30
or just Jess. Mrs. Mayer, whatever.

Brynlee 0:37
Three cast Can you believe that? Charlotte Jessica Lynn?

Joshua T Berglan 0:48
Yes, love what do you call me? Tasha? What do you call me? What do you call me?

jessica linn 0:57

Charlotte 1:02
Dad, no.

Joshua T Berglan 1:06
Call me daddy

jessica linn 1:14
I do bid bid. I think I call everyone Fave Yeah, they call your friends big sometimes too. And you get embarrassed.

Joshua T Berglan 1:26
So I got

Charlotte 1:26
my copy in. It’s a poodle. That’s it.

jessica linn 1:34
Have you been waiting and waiting to do a show? Yeah. You seem well prepared.

Brynlee 1:40
That’s why we were crazy today.

jessica linn 1:42
Cuz you were so excited. Oh, my

Joshua T Berglan 1:46
waited for this.

jessica linn 1:50
Yesterday, yesterday,

Brynlee 1:54
late in the morning just for me to do a broadcast. I was crazy. And I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t even I guess needed to prepare.

jessica linn 2:11
Well, if it’s okay. I wish I would have had this wisdom before I tried everything I could come up with to try to make you love each other.

Joshua T Berglan 2:27
Hold on, I have full transparency though. This just came to me. We’re doing this during the Sabbath is when we’re recording. And this is was our idea of what we came up with. We move around the space all the time, I think I just have motion on the camera to move on. I’m talking. I know you want to say something? See, I already lost my train of thought, no, no, we’ve moved things around on here. And when we put this table here, like I don’t know what we were doing. But we randomly just put the microphone right here. And then we were talking and then all of a sudden I got a vision of seeing the girls, the girls are actually sitting here in here. And we were there. But us like having quiet times and time with God here and then I thought well this would be an interesting conversation thing to turn into so so we haven’t done any of what we just spoke about yet at this table. This is our very first time sitting here together as a family Hold on. Hang on. This is our very first time sitting here this is completely not planned and scripted but because it is Sabbath and we are doing this Believe it or not to honor God even though it seems completely ridiculous, right? Oh, hey, you want to wave the camera over? Hi. We have an automated camera pull up. This is not gonna we’re gonna have to get a stationary. I like my high a my AI camera that works really well with solo broadcast, but not so much with a group of people Don’t wave your hand right now. Okay. So anyway, this is the Sabbath. And we the whole purpose of this we saw this table was we were going to talk about God things and family things and love and everything else. Well, this is the Sabbath. So I want to ask you my love. And then girls, you probably don’t even notice yet. You don’t really understand it. But what is the Sabbath meant to you?

jessica linn 4:24
This since we started family, it’s just devoted family time and making every single moment count.

Joshua T Berglan 4:33
How know we started honoring, like three months ago, right three or four months ago. It’s been amazing how much more we get done. And by working less. It’s it’s been wild but the thing that I love about it most is that we’ve had so many little mini adventures together. And we’ve all gotten closer because of the Sabbath and it’s been awesome. So these So, anyway, that’s all I wanted to say because I felt like we should spring up the Sabbath for now. Have you all noticed the Sabbath

Brynlee 5:07
was the Sabbath? Okay?

Joshua T Berglan 5:10
Like I said they don’t really understand. Okay my love What would you like to say?

Brynlee 5:14
Have you ever heard a challenge this is shot. This is Bradley.

Joshua T Berglan 5:25
You want to give autographs?

jessica linn 5:29
Yes. So good, did you I will get back to the Burnley in Charlotte show in a little bit but I want to catch this question brinly had first before we get to Off topic of the seven brinly said what is the seven?

Brynlee 5:47
Wait hold on since everyone that you want them to come Jessica. Oh, hello. Yes.

jessica linn 5:58
Hello. What do you think the Sabbath is? Really? Why is it your favorite thing? Oh being together or doing a video or going to the car

Joshua T Berglan 6:22
I think she’s just wandering

jessica linn 6:24
the next the next video.

Brynlee 6:28
Next. So there’s no way we’re gonna make this content apart. It’s gonna be too much.

Joshua T Berglan 6:38
Okay, all right. All right. I got a question for like, so. Tell me. I want to hear you describe the cast to the audience. Like what are the cat’s meow? What are their names? What do you love about them? Let’s talk about the

Brynlee 6:52
art. Are these the grown ups are from Anna are stepdads cat’s name is Sebastian. You will never want to pick up because he is he can behave he can find we can run up and try to hit you once if you if he misses. He can he could try to bite you on you’re holding him. So you probably don’t want to pick him up. And his name Subash and again he’s one yeah, yes. I imagine a lot through the next cat is my sister’s stuff. And then next cat is my sister stop trolling. Maybe Charlotte?

Joshua T Berglan 7:39
What you’re talking about?

Brynlee 7:41
cat’s name is butterfly. She is a me hour and a silly goose. Very true. So she is beautiful. She doesn’t really like his and hit like Subash but she she can get mad sometimes. But this is Whitten mitten does my cat she’s a little bit like Subash she can hit really hard and she does all she grows like I’ve actually never heard she’s actually cute though. She can I forgot about Butterfly. Butterfly can jump up on the cabinets on top of the cabinet. He can dunk high he can jump as high as me.

Joshua T Berglan 8:35
Oh, are you are you done now? Let’s take a turn. Yeah, let’s talk What do you have to say? Like jumping out of your seat here okay, you want to talk about the gas Now you talk about the cats because you have a different relationship with the cats and really does

Brynlee 8:58
Qt awesome I met the cat They are adorable and then

jessica linn 9:24
a cow with House run

Brynlee 9:27
and get some feed butterfly butterfly is like a cuteness trigger in the cat world. Oh, I would think so. And

jessica linn 9:43
you tell me what happened the other day?

Brynlee 9:47
Oh yeah door. Just some stairs door was left open.

Joshua T Berglan 9:52

Brynlee 9:54
The upstairs ministers the middle stairs. Don’t know what’s open so can’t escape but JAXA?

jessica linn 10:16
is freaking you out

Brynlee 10:23
I’m back.

Joshua T Berglan 10:24
Well, so what did you learn while you’re away?

Brynlee 10:27
So I just went to the bathroom that’s all and his sink. Lights up.

Joshua T Berglan 10:33
My sink lights up. I didn’t know that. I don’t think I don’t think I go to the bathroom in the dark to be able to know that.

Brynlee 10:42
No. Oh,

jessica linn 10:43
we know it. It’s a little novel. Oh, yeah. We moved in. Like an extra cherry on top.

Joshua T Berglan 10:51
I must have not been present. I don’t know. So, ladies, what do you want to be when you grow up Charlotte?

Brynlee 11:02

Joshua T Berglan 11:04
What do you want to do as a ballerina?

Brynlee 11:07

Joshua T Berglan 11:09
Why do you want to do the ballerina dances to do? Why do you like to do ballerinas because it’s my favorite. Why is it your favorite thing?

Brynlee 11:21
I like to dance. Why do you like to

jessica linn 11:26
feel good? Yes to

Brynlee 11:28
move. Yeah.

jessica linn 11:33
This is a good thing to watch. It doesn’t just run in the family

Joshua T Berglan 11:45
What did you say? What do you say about your body

once you’ve been watching, watching, What’s that movie? Is it Footloose? With a splash or is it splash What do you have to say?

Brynlee 12:10
Oh, so what I want to be I’m going to be a teacher in the gymnastics Oh

jessica linn 12:29
wrap it up.

Joshua T Berglan 12:30
Yeah. What do you have to say? That what do you want to say? Goodbye. Goodbye. Say goodbye to the audience. Yes, we’re going to end okay, what do you have to say?

Brynlee 12:44
Yeah, night. Well, so.

Joshua T Berglan 12:47
Good night. Like you

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