I posted this on Facebook a few hours ago…..


“I am going to save the, “I told you so’s” for after the chaos ends, which is going to be a while once it kicks in.

You can save your apologies until then also.

On a side note, I do hope you start paying attention to the people you have labeled “crazy conspiracy theorists” because at WORST, we are the closest people on this planet to the truth.

On another side note, it is time to buy essential and non-perishable goods.”

I had so much more to write, so much more but I deleted it and then remembered I have a blog to write down all of the noise in my head. 

Have you ever written several Facebook posts and deleted them immediately after, deleted the new one you wrote, started over and did it all again? 

I do that 10 times a week at least and that is part of the motivation for even starting a brain dump blog.  

For some reason (because no one reads this maybe?) I feel safer to say what I want here and I am extra cautious on social media?  

Then again, the internet lives forever, and eventually, someone will read this?  

Maybe when they do, they will see that I was right about what I see coming in the future, none of which is really comforting, until the end anyway.  

I write blogs as I post on Facebook because frankly, I like reading one line at a time because it is easier for my eyes to see all of the words and for some reason, I think it helps you too. 

Of course, I also said no one reads these blogs (yet). 

How is the media getting away with lying like this, still? 

I know the answers, but it is fun to ask questions. 

They know that we are intellectually lazy, will not actually research, will accept their word even with all of the times we catch them lying, and we will not do anything to fight back. 

In other non Christian words, they are bending us over and not using any lube… they will keep violating us with lies, deception and other extreme forms of gaslighting until we STAND UP.  

Literally, I think that is all it will take. 

Stand up. 

When people take a stand, the slave becomes the master. 

I see more reasons not to fear than we do TO actually fear. 

Btw, stay away from the vaccine.  

Want a little education on graphene oxide? 

After this lesson, we can go to new ones, just let me know when you are ready. 

How MRNA ties into all of this is rather brilliant but that is for another day. 

We live in a crazy world where truth is stranger than fiction.  

All you need to do is ask the right questions, and the answers will come to you, so much so that I believe you will realize how distracted you were, and how much you have drowned out your intuition.  

Heck, if you are like I used to be, I made my intuition polluted with toxins and robbed me of my ability to see.  

Now, well, I will let time prove the truth to you that my warnings are not to scare you, but to prepare you.  

While doing that, I hope that the Lord’s purpose for you also becomes even more clear, because you will be needed. 

I was going to let off some steam and rant about how I am being made fun of on Twitter about my hair but it is actually funny and I like it so I don’t really care what others think to give it any more shine than I already have. 


End of blog..  




The election mess is a distraction.

Regardless of what you believe the outcome was, it is a distraction from what is really going on.

The flood is coming but this time it will not be water, it is evil that will saturate the earth.

Your Light must be placed where it can be seen by all, now is not the time to be halfway committed.

Your Light must be ready to shine brighter than ever because anything less than MAX BRIGHTNESS will be blacked out.

You, in your FULL God-given purpose, is what will be needed.

Forget the comforts of this world, they are gone, most just do not see it yet.

Resist the temptation to give in to the pressure that is going to hit you harder than the most powerful storm, trust Him and rise above it.

Only those who are all in will survive what’s coming.

When I talk of God’s purpose for your life, I’m not talking about you being a famous actor, world-renowned physician or any of those otherworldly prizes…. 

I’m talking about your God-given purpose for THIS time YOU were created for. 

Choose Him, it’s the only way.

He is The Way, and the only way we get through this is with Him.

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author, and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart” – Hebrews 12 


I have so much to say after church yesterday so I am going to save it for the next Gratitude:UnFiltered ReMixed….  We are going to discuss Salt & Light, and I will probably get banned from every platform, a good thing I have my own network.