The bubbling under the surface over the last few days makes me think the next 17 days are going to be very interesting ?

I have no proof anything will happen but the “tea leaves” sure point in this direction.  

My predictions do not come with timelines, just an order of events so no need to buy a bunch of toilet paper, but it is a good idea to buy can food, other non-perishables, and of course clean bottled water that will last you a month.  

 I wake up every morning, and even in the middle of the night asking myself, God “how many Revelations at 1 time will it take to keep the media from being able to suppress the truth? At what point does it ALL come to the surface at the same time? Could the world handle it all at once?

The unleashing of all that’s been hidden will set the stage for the false messiah, the beast system and I am in awe that we will be alive to see it.

 I am sure this sounds frightening to people but the best news I can give you is that this was foretold in the Bible providing yet another example of God keeping His Word.

 When this comes true, remember God’s other promises.


  1. I am your strength.


  1. I will never leave you.


  1. I have plans for you to prosper.


  1. I hear your prayers.


  1. I will fight for you.


  1. I will give you peace.


  1. I always love you


When hell is unleashed on the world, I believe with all my heart that God’s Spirit will drop in on us like never before, giving us the ability to step into our true purpose.

 God created us for a reason and we are all about to find out why.

Be blessed! 


Joshua T Berglan

“The World’s Mayor”