I understand why people doubt there was fraud during the Presidential election but if you believe there will not be during the recall of Newsom, you are as crazy as the people that think Trump didn’t win.

There are a lot of clueless people in the United States but I seriously doubt there are 81 million people that have heads that far up their butts.

With that said, we are watching a movie and not one that you really want to grab popcorn for.

Trump is coming back, I do not know when but he will be back.

Heck, he is currently more of a “President” than the senile kid touched in office we have now.

All of the Prophets that have and are claiming Trump will have a second turn in office are correct but what they aren’t telling you is what comes after he is back.

Remember I said this 2 years ago and saying it now….

Trump along with some guy who comes back from the “dead” will usher in the Beast system aka NESRA/GESRA.

But first, we will see all hell break loose on earth.

Food shortages are already here, but most have not experienced it yet, soon water shortages will be here because of there will be no access to fresh water.

It will all be polluted.

Martial Law on a grand scale.

We will see “zombies” and we will see people falling over dead, cars randomly wrecked into each other, in ditches, off the side of the road, and so on…

Cemeteries will run out of space and people will be buried randomly anywhere there is space.

This will set the stage for Trump to return to usher in the 4th Industrial Evolution along with his buddy Klaus from The World Economic Forum.

Nesra/Gesra will look like a gift from God, but in actuality is will be the Beast System for those who survive to choose.

Faith is important to God and those with lukewarm faith will be wiped out faster than those who choose evil willingly.

What’s coming will require great Faith to get through it and hanging onto the “promises” of this world or what you think will protect you (your job, church, friends, family, 401k, money, etc) will accelerate your impending doom.

God’s Kingdom is upside down, a paradox….

His ways are not the ways of this world, therefore take what you have learned here and flush it, and learn what Kingdom really is.

Kingdom is not taught to you by buying a course online nor is it even sold.

In fact, the Kingdom operates quite nicely without money, it just needs us, the gifts we were blessed to be born with, and us living in our God-given purposes to fully activate it.

When Kingdom people come together, which will be required to get through the tribulation that is coming (and is already here), we will not just get through this display of hell on earth, we will thrive and become all that God created us to be.

It is not as simple to say that we are in a battle of good vs evil… it is much more than that.

To me, we are seeing bad vs evil at war, 2 New World Orders if you will.

Q, Trump, JFK Jr…. no one is coming to save us but the good news is, Jesus already did.

How else did the Kingdom of Heaven get inside of us?

What other way would it have gotten there?

It is up to us to accept our Kingdom assignments, if we do not, there will be hell to pay…

If you do, well, what fear of hell should you even have?