Proverbs 12:26

“The righteous choose their friends carefully, but the way of the wicked leads them astray.”

Good friends are watchful.

Friendship is God’s gift to us, but not all friendships He approves.


I have never really had more than one really close friend…

Not the kind that you talk to every day.


I have always enjoyed my relationships this way.


I have also never had

A lifelong best friend…


I sometimes wonder if this is normal?


Not every relationship in my life has come to a dead end though.

Most come to a fork in the road.

This is when we typically continue on our journeys


While maintaining the friendship once the purpose is fulfilled.

Only from afar.


I have also walked away from friendships once my spirit no longer feels peace in them.

Even though it’s different than most,

I have enjoyed living life this way.


I have always preferred connections that hold meaning and purpose

Over relationships that just fill time and space in my life.

Putting more energy into loving one person 

has always allowed me to develop relationships on a deeper level

Then if I had a group of lifelong friends to spread myself around.


My spirit comes alive when trust and intimacy leads to growth

And Synergy.

It’s like no other feeling in the world.


Living my entire life watching others enjoy their big groups of friends

Who they’ve known since kindergarten

Has made me wonder if I am doing this friendship thing wrong.


I’ve learned a few things…

Not everyone is “for” us.

People are not meant to stay in our lives forever.

Friendships are not ours to keep.

God friends are gifts to help us get to where 

We are meant to be.


We are here to serve each other…

To be vessels for God to use.


God calls people to be in our lives

so they can make us better and stronger.

We are not meant to hang on to these relationships

Past their expiration date.

Because when we do

We only get in His way.


So now,

I don’t wonder if I am normal.

The truth is that I’ve never been alone.

God’s always been with me.


I have stopped wondering about who will stay

Or for how long.

I simply enjoy the time while it lasts

Knowing that the next phase of my journey

Is just around the corner.