Abuse, Bruce Lee, Brotherhood of the Rose, Male prostitutes, Ed Parker, Sexually Violent Persons, Iran Contra, Ricky Ross, Operation Boomerang, Operation Watchtower, Gary Webb, Sally Jessy Raphael, Bill Clinton, and Minority Report are a few of the many subjects discussed in this broadcast behind the infamous state hospital aka shadow prison Coalinga we catch up with James Hydrick. 


James Hydrick joins Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’ to discuss his life and what is happening inside state hospital or shadow prison, Coalinga.

Located on the edge of the Coastal Mountain Range on the western side of Fresno County, James has been locked away inside of this institution for many years and is expected to spend the rest of his life behind bars for his crimes.

What are his crimes?

Depends on who you ask, what you read and then trying to discover the truth within all of that mess.

This broadcast begins with me waiting to be given access into the hospitals video conference room and then James shares is story for the next 30 minutes.

There are very few questions asked by Joshua however the ones he does ask provide interesting responses.

This is the first and possibly the last interview between Joshua and James.


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Joshua T Berglan 1:29
All right, everybody. So we are about to link up with the prison system. And California it’s actually state hospital that I’m brain farting on the name, which I’ll fix. I know, this has been highly stressful. The way we’re going about this, of course is we’re recording the screen, not the usual interview software. In fact, they have no idea that we’re recording the screen. At least I hope not. Because that would not be fun. Anyway, so what I understand is James Hind heidrich, will be surrounded by two people that you cannot see. One of them supposedly is involved with running drugs into the hospital. And and there’s, there’s some serious accusations with the things that are happening. But the guys that we’re going to be surrounding James, I don’t think are the most? Well, I don’t, I don’t know if they’re the nicest kind of people in the world. But we’ll see. I don’t know whether or not to believe James. I don’t know, if he’s being honest, I don’t know how much of the story is true. Frankly, I don’t know there’s so much information on him. And with the world that we live in with a lot of information, it’s really hard to know what’s true, because honestly, it’s very, very easy to manipulate. Heck, you can manipulate studies, you can manipulate science, you can manipulate Google, you can manipulate. I mean, my gosh, you can post on social media, and social media can go in and change what you wrote. So we live in that world now. And all I ask is that you guys have an open mind, I’m gonna have an open mind and an open heart. I’m just gonna let James talk because I, the more information I get, the more I’m able to discern, and also decide what we’re going to do after this. So I don’t know what to expect, but the crimes that James has been accused of are brutal, and not fun to read about. But he’s got a story. And I’m gonna let him share it. So let’s join the prison now.

Joshua T Berglan 3:59
Three minutes, I’m the current presenter. You know what I should do? While we’re sitting here, I’m gonna read this amazing Bible verse that I read today, which is a huge goal of mine. Philippians 212. If you find any comfort from being in the anointed, if his love brings you some encouragement, if you experience true companionship with a spirit, if his tenderness and mercy fill your heart, then brothers and sisters, here’s one thing that would complete my joy come together as one in mind and spirit, purpose, sharing in the same love, man, that’s good. You know, I’m actually starting to believe that the Bible gateway app is better than the Bible app. I really like this thing. Killing time killing it Hey, don’t look pretty. Coalinga Coalinga visitation number 10. Hello. Good morning. How are you, sir? Good,

Staff member 5:20
good. Before we get this meeting started, I just gotta get verification that it is you want to talk with James right? Joshua Tyler Berglan Okay, perfect. Can I just see your ID real quick?

Joshua T Berglan 5:34
James right?

Joshua T Berglan 5:42
I have hair now. I was putting no closer to the camera. I joined the Hair Club for Men. All right. Thank you, sir. Yeah, man.

jessica linn 5:53
Hey, guys. Hey,

Joshua T Berglan 5:55
how are you sir?

James Hydrick 5:56
I’m doing fine.

Joshua T Berglan 5:58
It’s nice to meet you. Same here.

James Hydrick 6:02
Same here. Yeah, you did your hair moves. Good. I see that. My wife cut it.

Joshua T Berglan 6:07
She learned on YouTube.

James Hydrick 6:08
I’m gonna get some All right. So talk to me. Here’s where we’re going. Alright, so right now. I’m talking to you from here. Wow. This is a shadow prison known as Coalinga State Hospital. That a story I got here. I’m gonna try to do in 30 minutes. Ah, I was born and raised in South Carolina. Aiken county is where I’m from. And Beach Island, South Carolina is where I grew up. I spent a lot of time on the Savannah River. I grew up on the river. I know everything about the river. I knew were alligators. He had frogs. Did you name it, I knew it. As a child, I experienced a lot of abuse from my father and witness other abuse. While on the chain game with my father in 1964. I saw a show on TV at the prison that he had the chain game with Bruce Lee. And I knew then that’s what I’m gonna have to do to protect my siblings from being beaten and stuff. So I started studying martial arts. I happen to have a child psychologist named Robert Fletcher, who happened to know Kymco and take sudo. So he introduced me to what he was known then as empty hand, can I say, can I say npm. And he noticed that I got I was extremely good for a nine year old. And he introduced me to some people are waiting for you and other people who took an interest in me because of my ability to read people. I mean, I knew from my early childhood, I knew how to read people in their lives. Come over here, we got horses and stuff like that. And you get there. There’s no horses, you’ve learned how to read people’s body language, eye movement and everything. I can do that in combat. Even as a kid nine years old, I was able to do that because I felt 16 year old at the age of 10 and was putting them on their bus. So I was pretty good. And my photos in my books and stuff. You can see my the shape I was in. You had to build your body like a temple, your body is your temple, whatever you put in it, that’s what you get out of. So I went on and met other people. And I looked up and I happen to meet Grandmaster at Parker, Sr. and Edie Parker senior, he took a hell of an interest in me and Dave German, Moses Powell out of New York, and other people talking to martial art, right. And I just got really good in martial arts. I tried to join the Army Rangers told Gordon and they said I had some type of low scoring on reading and writing because I was dyslexic at the seminary at the time to Fayetteville, North Carolina, up at Fort Bragg and wasn’t in a special program. I got out of the program because it didn’t like it. It was something like the Brotherhood of the rose. And so I want about traveled the United States went up to California, I met people in Hollywood. I spent a lot of time there. Then I I went to other places, you know, Canada, just traveling the United States. And then in 1977, I’m we’re on Hollywood Boulevard, it’s a Friday night, we have no money. And I just got it. I was weird had friends come by to vent to, hey, let’s go, go party go to a party. I’m 18 years old. I said, Okay, I’m gonna go to a party. So I get in the van and go with these guys on the party. And we didn’t have enough money. So we went out and picked up male prostitutes. And I didn’t know any better, and we took their money. And one of the guys that was in there that was in the band on our side, didn’t rub his penis on this guy’s face and throw him out on the road and everybody there was charged with what happened to the car charged with forcible copulation.

James Hydrick 10:57
Then we were put in jail. We stayed in jail for four years in LA county jail. I was while I was in jail, I met Lieutenant Michael roofer he was a drug enforcers. Drug Enforcement Officer. He recruited me into an operation, knowledge boomerang. And, okay, we got fights out here right now. So you just have bad places and get bad. So anyway, I want to back up. I want to back up just for a minute and go back to 1969. They put me in South Carolina Department mental retardation because my father tied into the tree, they got busted. I was tied to a tree with the dogs for about six months. Health and Human Services caught them. If you see sacred confession, you can see my mother. She says, buddy, it’s true. The social services knew things were bad, but they didn’t know that was leaving me there. I had to teach improvement, right? To teach one. But at night, I learned how to pick locks and I’d go down to the river and then come back and lock myself up the next morning. But still I was confined to that. And rather than a social worker, wouldn’t village says, well, it was the lesser of the two evils. Either I go to a state institution or go to South Carolina Department. They told me I was I just had a hell of a childhood. So they, they trusted me all this can be confirmed the document that we have available. So they’ve helped me with diligence, and I stayed there for nine years. 10 years. That’s where I met Robert Fletcher’s he was my child psychologist that from age nine to age 15 when they released and then of course, that’s when I did my traveling, study in martial arts different places. But getting back to the LA County. I’m sorry.

Joshua T Berglan 13:29
No, it’s okay.

James Hydrick 13:31
So, so I did before using the county jail i While in jail, I get in fights with James Holliday, who to BGF general. And I didn’t know that and I had a fight on the third floor chow hall men, a guy named Virgil Kim took out about 16 Goon squads took our equipment from them, because they were abusing us. slapping us around. It was Virgil Kimmy who they slept. I just happen to be there when it happened. And he had to be a good friend of mine. And I just helped him. We were good friends because we had something in common. We both studied Kempo. And we didn’t know that it was going to turn out. We were scared but we came out on top. So we didn’t get prosecuted for that. But we made some friends with the LAPD at the time, including Sheriff Peter J pitches who took an interest in a after the incident between me and Colin James holiday. We they moved me to the Hall of Justice gelling which is where I met Lieutenant Michael roper. He was involved with exposing the CIA on the Contra Iran Contra affair with the drugs, cocaine being introduced United States To the Crips and the Bloods. He recruited me and got me involved with operations boomerang to Pegasus operators Pegasus in 8284 operation watchtower, which is the incident in ODB in El Salvador on the Tigris River, where my friend has killed because of that entail. So me, Martinez bow and both grips. These people that were involved in some of these operations, decided that we were going to not go into more operations. And we just like the spread, I guess. The thing could have been avoided, but they screwed us over. And it seemed like it was intention just to weigh everything with them. So Ada, I mean, I go back to South Carolina prepare for the Battle of Atlanta with Joe Corley. I did a breakdown there and Parker contacted me and said, hey, you know, you did, Joe tells me you did a breakdown there. 56 inches of concrete. Yeah. He says, Can you do that up here? And I says, Well, I’ve been working on 100 inch concrete brand. And he says he do up here, I’ll make you a millionaire. So prepared in Atlanta got everything together. He paid for me to come out to Huntington Beach State in Huntington Beach prepared for the the 25th anniversary of the Parkers international credit championship, and did a concrete break at nine inches, some of the bridge was broken. So after that, made it on the cover of inside kung fu. I had already been on kung fu magazines before. I’m just giving you a brief synopsis. And anyway, so after that, somehow, someone that information about to coordinate me, Ricky Ross, my Looper very well to get involved with maybe maybe coming up with documents to show that we need to be reimbursed for this incident in El Salvador, and Nicaragua, and we could we could coordinate anything right at that time, but leaving California in Santa Ana, California, and I used connections I knew about

James Hydrick 18:02
El Salvador and Nicaragua to make extra money I had, it was just fun sign. It has nothing to do with a criminal mentality. I just, I’ve always had needed something adventurous to do. And that was, even though it was stupid. What I did, running, I ran cocaine from Huntington Beach. And they were bused in all of our adult runners. So rather than use adult runners, I stupidly pick kids, street kids, kids that were street smart, knew the alleys knew everything in and out. They were small enough to get in out of homes and areas where adults. Boy, police and so what I did was I brand drugs for a while I’m about six months. And then once I realized in our minds and

James Hydrick 19:05
I realized that there was poor and one of the males was not going to say he’s one of the ones that’s handed forward just recently with a letter to the court. He lied. I wouldn’t choose this child molestation or not lose massages or supplements inappropriately. Which I did not do jail for that orange county jail. They tried to extradite Georgia Sally Jessy Raphael show here in New Haven, Connecticut. Georgia and they just tried to extradite me from Georgia to California and they got into Arkansas they have to run or to try to drop me off sheriff in Arkansas was pretty good to see you wars that were going on I know who you are, he doesn’t seem to him and everything. Just a second on this. So he thought tax a little rock somebody actually, that’s not even the act of sharing. It ends up getting a court order release me and you’ll check the papers in Arkansas. Ada, you’ll see all about that when it happens. Clinton was the governor at that time and told them to get me on national television that’s so little attention on this case. So they had to find me guilty. So what they did they put me in Orange County Jail. And they tested the court first time and it was media everywhere, everywhere. And that famous picture where you see me like this and stuff that went around the world everywhere. So Good They could do they have no legal and adoption doctrine for forced Medicare young people. It doesn’t talk to me about five minutes we got all kinds of abilities and stuff. You participate in things like escapes, locking devices and things like that. I think you are threat to the jail and my officers. I’m gonna have to medicate you and to your fortnight to sue for their protection in New York. And this is really let Nike do about it. They force medicated 20 deputies in their helmet data ingestion means 30 milligrams of how, how fertile and cold. And for the next six months, I’ve been ejected three days for every port. But that was after I pleaded not guilty. And my attorney Jeromy Goldstein says you need to cooperate with us. We did this case, because they got they got someone telling them I really do. Well. What I want is another attorney so I go to court thinking I was gonna get an attorney and I get to that point. When he says, Your danger, we’re gonna medicate you, you’re going to court so you don’t escape. Next thing I know, the doctor and my attorney to get me to change my plea from not guilty to guilty. plead guilty to medication stopped. So he was just a little kooky. They bought an egg on their face because they they’re destroying everything and

James Hydrick 23:49
Sheriff team says, Look, this man stay with my family, my kids and everything. If he was child molester, anything like that. There would have been some evidence of something. Anyway. So I wanted to get in 17 years in prison. I did 10 years and that 17 years now wow, why this was all going on. Nobody told me about a civil commitment didn’t even exist. The SVP law didn’t even exists when I when this crime was supposed to happen. This year that’s a nice effect. I’m gonna pass to Derek also, all places, Pelican Bay State Prison I did four years and due up there, they tried to kill me three times. Right here. So I ended up having a killer inmate in prison for stabbing in the neck and courtroom. So I wind up getting out and rather than get out my wife come to pick me up my wife dies bono counsel. I wanted to get this She died shortly thereafter I went to attach to Darryl and I stayed there for 10 years fighting them on the hybrid versus running from the barracks to Talia which is right. But it’s really shadow prison in here ever since I’ve been here. I mean, it took 18 years to get into a civil trial 18 years to get me to but it’s always positive takes a year. I have two jewelry tracks I have one trial he says no, he’s not he doesn’t meet

James Hydrick 25:51
the DA I almost fell out of receipt the judge goes like this on right there, everybody saw the judge and the day they both shot with the jury. So, they try it this time they brought the victims and they even brought in the one victim who just recently sent a letter to the court

James Hydrick 26:22
so they brought in evidence with the same evidence we presented in the first trial the judge did its job and so, what happened after that is they formed this react to any behavior around or anything to do with good character are

Unknown Speaker 27:00
indeed victims in wood pitchers. Proud oh four days or something like they they went for five days come out. I met the criteria. So

James Hydrick 27:27
over the rest of my life there at this facility there there is no treatment. The treatment may have they didn’t have treatment, but people who are treating us who is one of my facilitators here

James Hydrick 27:59
for sodomized and the child you had these guys, this was a staff member who brings in child pornography. You have a patient here, good friend of mine, CJ. He was used by the Department of police services, they brought him in drugs and phones to sell to patients. And keep up on the blog. And you can see the video where he talks about how the DPS got him working. And when he did that right now in California,

Joshua T Berglan 28:47
it’s upset. Oh,

James Hydrick 28:50
we have violence in at State Hospital takes toe on staffing levels. But what they don’t say is how the violence is being out there. That means that most of the violence that has taken place is done and through because they’re not de escalating or something. We got good staff members here. Don’t get me wrong. But we have a lot of staff members as cited on a blog who say we need to be executed we need to be castrated. And we need to we don’t deserve the air that we breathe. Those are staff members who do some work here. And it’s this place is a sterile dungeon. It is not a place that is therapeutic. I’ve been here 15 years. What mental health treatment takes 15 years to get to to solve whatever mental health issues you have. I don’t know I mean, I have a case now of going before the courts with this victim who came forward and says a DA, and detectives talk to him in the lion. He said he told them before I was going to court that he lied. And he says it doesn’t matter. He pleaded guilty already. He told him in Ada that he lied. And they told him it doesn’t matter. Now he’s coming forward, and telling them the you guys still got this man locked up on a lie. And he said, You know, God, I’ll never forgive me. I’m a Christian. I gotta get this off my chest. This man didn’t do anything to me. Like I ran drugs for him. Yeah, he didn’t charge him with drug running. He charged him with something that I said he did that he didn’t do. And I said he did it because you told me to say

Joshua T Berglan 30:48
is that information public about the new trial?

James Hydrick 30:52
Not yet. Why? Because it’s still in the in the first developing stage, generate their report. They’ve already deposed him. They’re doing the letters to Well, Scott Taylor is my attorney out of San Luis Obispo. It’s called a tailor defense firm. You can look him up. He’s the one who pointed to my case. Rudy Kraft out of San Luis Obispo will be the attorney who will be taking it to trial for me because he was my appellate attorney. And he made all kinds of mistakes. Let me let me tell you, so the attorney who represented me at my civil trial, his name was Ramin Allen, he was a really good attorney. Real good. He did a hell of a job on the first trial. Something happened after he won that first draft between the first trial and the second because his whole method of how he was representing the chance he didn’t question the victims. And I told him to question the victims, you know, you can get them to hit that deadline and why they lie. He never did it. It was like he was submitted from questioner and Neff, and when I talked with him on the phone a couple of weeks ago. He says that is a tactical decision that I am still regretting to this day, especially in light of this victim coming forward. I shouldn’t listen to you.

Joshua T Berglan 32:23
We have we have four minutes left in the one part that there’s a gap that I would like for you to fill in really quick is when you got out of the hospital. I’m so sorry to hear about your wife. But you got out. How did you end up there?

James Hydrick 32:36
They took me straight from the prison to the hospital.

Joshua T Berglan 32:41
So you didn’t even get to see your wife? No. Why did they take you straight to the hospital when you were released from prison? Or was that part of the deal?

James Hydrick 32:50
No, that’s not part of the deal. Okay. They recto actively applied the SVP law to me. without due process. I knew nothing about this VP. Well,

Joshua T Berglan 33:02
that sounds very familiar with what happened to MSOP Okay, all right. Yeah, it’s terrible.

Unknown Speaker 33:07
I mean, we can continue this on another time. But here’s the thing. This is a terrible place a very dangerous place. We we got issues on this unit right now. And with people running around, beaten up old men take extorting money out of them turn up their pride got my property hidden. I have to I have to make devices to protect myself with staff hands are tied, they can’t do nothing on the program and administration’s are the ones that keep putting these dangerous individuals on this unit. I mean, look, that’s what EP law is bad. But I mean, but they are dangerous individuals that that still need something they need some taken care of. But I don’t they shouldn’t be taken these youngsters and bringing them on a unit I’m on a medical unit. We shouldn’t be exposed to this, this threat of harm 24/7 And we got patients being beaten up bad on this unit. And we need something needs to be done. And this is something we need to continue on. Have you

Joshua T Berglan 34:19
Is it true that you refused any type of treatment?

James Hydrick 34:23
I refuse treatment for the last 2030 years? Because there is no exit in their treatment protocol. They’re the curriculum is just like it’s a scam. It’s a big scam for money. 200 $388,000 a year in costume keeping. Where’s that money going? I’m not getting it. I’m not getting it yet. But I started treatment last. I started treatment in January for the first time. How’s it going? I have to pull prove that going through this treatment ain’t gonna get you out. Like a lot. There’s people who’ve been in treatment for 18 years and ain’t got out yet. How am I gonna get out of this? It’s not gonna get you out. I mean, he’s looking at this place from the inside. They need an oversight committee at this facility to see what’s going on. I really do. There’s, there’s we’ve had 45 deaths at this facility in the last two years. The highest mortality rate in the state of any institution, both prison and hospital

Joshua T Berglan 35:33
before before this closes, I want you to finish with this. What is Jen mean to you?

James Hydrick 35:39
Jen, Jen is wonderful. She is my girlfriend, she had been helping me all along. She’s, she’s just unbelievable. She means everything to me.

Joshua T Berglan 35:55
Anything else you want to say before they cut you off?

James Hydrick 35:58
Just pay attention to the civil commit. If you want to get a good example of what this place is, like, look at the Minority Report with Tom Cruise. The Minority Report. It’s pretty it’s pretty crime, detention, how you going to lock someone up for crime they might commit in the future. That’s what they’re doing here. They’re not locking me up for a crime I committed already says my time for that. They’re locking me up in punitive conditions for crime I might commit in the future, like locking you up on a hunch that you might commit a crime in the future. And the state of valuators that’s another thing. It’s terrible. We’ll continue this another time.

Joshua T Berglan 36:41
Yes, sir. James, thank you, sir. God bless you.

Joshua T Berglan 36:50
Do they exit us out? Oh, there you go. I’m about to explode with me now get low.

Joshua T Berglan 37:20
All right, what’s up everybody? So we just wrapped up with James and of course, I was on camera recording the screen. And Jessica was sitting back there listening. And the reason why is because we are we see this through completely different lenses. And I wanted her to have an opportunity to listen to James for the first time because, for me, I’ve had I think 30 phone calls with James and emails with his people. And I’ve been on a wild goose chase with talking to different people trying to gather information. And I want to say this, I’ve met some wild people, Frank Dukes from and I don’t care if he gets mad that I’m saying his name. Frank Dukes the guy that the movie Bloodsport was about Yeah, I’ve been talking to him, and a guy named Bo and, and then some other people that I can’t say their name. And I will say this. I understand how easy it is to deceive people and make people think whatever you want to think, especially if you’re a good manipulator. And there’s no doubt about it that James is absolutely skilled in those areas. He’s the master of deception. He did it on national TV in front of everybody. I think she’s shaking her head. I can’t see her because I’m looking at the camera. I can feel her moving. There was a let’s put it this way. Everyone around him. I question big time. There’s one person that was brought up that is his girlfriend. There’s something about her that I like, and I don’t know why, because I don’t really know anything about her. But there’s something about her that I do like, but there’s a lot about him that I question and I’m not sure about. And everything that he said today is basically repeated from what I’ve already been told. I don’t have any new information or depth, but I have a crapload of names. The only thing that I will say about the interview that I wish you would have done and there’s no telling why that he doesn’t do this, it could have something to do with being in prison for so long. But the lack of eye contact was something that was a flag to me. I don’t know if he’s being honest. I’m not going to defend him. But I do want to know more. What I do know is this, there are some things that absolutely line up with truth and that are consistent with what I’ve heard from other people in shadow prisons and their family. So I think what he’s saying in that respect with the horrors that go on this, the SVP law that he’s talking about is sexually violent persons law, which no one probably wants to say that out loud. But that’s indeed what it is. I don’t know what to think. But I probably have more red flags than I did before. Other than the fact that I definitely know there’s some innocent people there. And what happens in that prison can’t be good. But there’s a lot of freaking evil that’s in that prison too, as well as MSOP. So I’m actually really curious, Jessica, to know your thoughts. And i You’ve not, I told you not to share your thoughts with me. I think I kind of know what they are. But I asked you not to share it because I want to not influence anything you say. And I want you to speak freely about what you thought, because you came in this with fresh ears. You’re not influenced by anything else, except for what you’ve heard from me. But now you’ve heard from James the first time. So share, from your perspective what you think and be unfiltered, be

jessica linn 40:52
honest. Well, honestly, I don’t know what I think completely. I can see it while he was talking. I just jotted down names and things that stood up to me and kind of started researching what popped up with that. I can see where there probably are people that are being mistreated there. But I also don’t believe him. He had some moments where he was unable to answer questions, very direct questions. And then there’s a lot of stuttering, and then you put that with the eye contact. And he, he does a lot of names, and dates and throws all these things out. But I mean, one of the names that I’ve looked up, it’s one of the first names this Robert Fletcher. And there is a psychologist that pops up in the Google search. However, when you type in that name, and the hospital, and psychologist, a whole bagel case file comes up of someone else, who is not the psychologist, but just horrible, horrible, horrible things that have been done to children. And I don’t know, if he is telling him the truth. However, I can see from what he’s told you that he’s done really bad things and he doesn’t take accountability. He had one story. When they didn’t have any money. He admittedly said they didn’t have any money. So they went in the hired male escorts and robbed them and assaulted them sexually. But he didn’t sound like he felt bad. He just said I didn’t know any better. Robbing. Okay, but that was in the same story. Like it was all the same.

Joshua T Berglan 43:04
Robin is yes. He said another guy rubbed his penis on the Gaza. Yeah.

jessica linn 43:08
And then he said he was talking about the fights and James holiday. And he said, he just happened to be there, which is another another moment where he’s not taking any sort of accountability. The from what I was just reading in that short amount of time, it was basically saying that what the condition of that most of the men in there have, where they’re attracted to children, and they act out violently. It sounds like that takes a really long time to treat, and it’s very unlikely to be fully healed. And if they’re in a place where there is no God welcomed into. I mean, I could see why. So there’s that. I think there’s a lot of questions. I don’t I don’t see his fruits when he tells us what’s going on. But it’s the first conversation.

Joshua T Berglan 44:18
Yeah, I am. Well, I want to talk I want to address the healing thing really quick because the healing part I want to speak to because I’ve got my own stuff. Like I I’m not a sexually violent person. And I’m not a molester or sexual abuser. That’s There was never my thing, even being strung out and all this stuff. But I definitely was a chem sex addict and addicted to the rush of extreme sex orgies. gangbangs all this stuff like anything to fulfill me and feed the beast what it wanted. I did I’m fortunate that it never went off into the direction of minors or things like that, or animals or anything in that regard. However, I still don’t look at my my sinful past and go well and want to compare it because I look at it as just as evil and dark because I was evil and the healing part, I can tell you that it’s been six years of faithfully serving the Lord and we’ve been together for two and a half years and I think the only reason why I’ve progressed in my healing so much is because of Jessica’s help and love and teaching me to love and helping me love myself and and really working with me with the multiple personalities the DI D and in helping love each altar and it’s it’s it’s you’ve created an environment for me to be able to thrive and, and heal. But I’m not all the way healed. And I believe in like the episode The broadcast that I had those labeled on our website and our network, the live mana network, what was it, it was a homosexual, bisexual, straight and perverted Christians. That was the one that was titled. And it’s because a lot of the healing that I needed came from, well, trying to know what was right, because I know what feels right, then if I read the Bible, and the Bible is telling me that I’m an abomination for heart, half of my sexuality or whatever, like that hurts, and I beat myself up and shame myself and be like, it’s awful. So there’s no healing there. When there’s shame, there’s no healing. When you’re feeling shame, and awful, and hating yourself, that’s there’s no love present there. Therefore, there’s no healing,

jessica linn 46:52
because those feelings are not cut,

Joshua T Berglan 46:55
right? None of them are. So I’ve, for a for as long as I can remember, have tried to find the truth and understanding to match what felt right in my spirit to what the Word of God said or what they say is the word of God. And I And again, I love the Bible, but I set off on this quest to find the truth. And, and I believe that I found it and what that means. And so now I have been given this opportunity to go okay, well, now I can quit beating myself up so I can start the healing journey. However, what I’ve discovered about what it’s saying in the Bible, where I believe is wrong, and they’ve used the wrong word, and they’re using a word that wasn’t even invented yet when the Bible was written, blah, blah, blah, like watch the episode. Oh, it makes more sense. But also, when I act if I act out in a way that is not of God, in other words, just because there’s a misconception about the word homosexual in the Bible, and it not being the actual right word, and it’s really not condemning, condemning homosexuality, it also doesn’t excuse sinning against your body. It doesn’t. It also doesn’t excuse immoral acts and lusting after watching porn and masturbating like a monkey or whatever, whatever it is like that doesn’t justify that it doesn’t justify sleeping around and being a whore. It’s none of that. Because ultimately, God wanted us to be in loving relationships and share, because first Corinthians, where’s my phone, sweetheart? Oh, here it is. I want to read this. This is important, because this is the the staple of the broadcast that I was going to do. And I just felt like you belonged in this broadcast. So I want to go the Bible. And I want to do first Corinthians seven. Here we go. Man, I’ve really liked this app. Seven.

Joshua T Berglan 49:05
So is this okay, here we go. Is this about the spiritual? This is what I thought I read. Salvation is a costly proposition. You and your body belong to God. So use your body for the work of God and not selfish pursuits. So if my selfish pursuit is trying to get my rocks off, and I’m neglecting my family, because I’m needing to have kinky sex or whatever, well, that’s not really of God at all, and I could give a million examples, but I gave most of them in the broadcast yesterday. So we will go on go there. Now to the topics you raised in your last letter. Some have said it is better to better for a man to abstain from having sex with his wife. Well, I disagree because of your tendency to embrace and moralities each month of should feel free to join together in sexual intimacy with his own wife. And each woman should join with her own husband. Husbands and wives have reciprocal duties. Each husband has the responsibility to meet his wife sexual desires, and each wife should do the same for her husband. In marriage, neither the husband or the wife should act as if his or her own body is private property. Your bodies now belong to one another, and together their whole. So, you know, I talk a lot about soul ties. And, and look you know, they put practice polygamy in the Bible, there’s a lot of confusion stuff around the whole idea of monogamy. But that said, one thing that is absolutely certain is that there’s a sexual power, there’s a secret sacred power to sex that brings you and makes you one. Like when you come together, I just said that this is a ministry we just sit come instead of twice, I may say three times just for fun. But when you do that, you know you’re you’re exchanging DNA, there’s an energy exchange, I mean, think about the life force that comes from sperm. And, and so when you unite, there’s baby, it makes babies it’s a powerful force. So like, when you’re putting your seat and anything you want, well, there’s there’s an exchange of DNA, there’s a soul transfer, there’s a type. So think about it, you’re in a gangbang with a bunch of people that are horrible, filthy monsters, guess what you’re putting all over you. I mean, I guess you could go into a Christian thing. And like you’re all praying before and like, you know, I removed the soul ties. And now I’m about to take on all your soul. I don’t know how that works. And I don’t even think I want to know right now. But the point is, the sex is very powerful. And so, you know, when we’re we’re do, how we share this matters. That’s why the pure heart, the loving heart, and before you join, in sex, I think really, really matters because you’re becoming one. So do not withhold sex from one another unless both of you have agreed to devote a certain period of time to prayer. When the agreed time is over, come together again. So that Satan will not tempt you when you are short on self control. Self control is a problem, the sex stuff, the more I research, sexuality, and like even before the Bible, there are some wild wild stuff and how it was viewed. And like early Christian days, they were really, really big on just no sex at all, abstaining, even if you were married. That’s the early days. That’s what it was like. And I was, again, I’ve been researching stuff that is just like tripping me out. But, but no one really followed it. Like the early Christian days were like, yeah, no sex, no sex at all. And then, but what was happening is people couldn’t control themselves, and they just went off like animals.

jessica linn 53:00
That’s what that’s what happens when you don’t let yourself have something that you’re supposed to have just can’t control himself anymore.

Joshua T Berglan 53:09
Yeah, there is. And of course, there’s a lot more deeper context in if you go into some of the history books, and that again, posted the broadcast I did yesterday, I have the links and the studies and like, these are research papers that really dive into the words and the context of the verses that talk about homosexuality, especially the first Corinthians. So let me finish. I’m trying to encourage you to give you some wise counsel. So don’t take this advice as a command. Interesting, it’s advice, not a command. I wish that all of you could live as I do unmarried, but the truth is, all people are different, each gifted by God in various and dissimilar ways. So here’s some commentary. Paul’s teaching to the Corinthians about marriage stands in contrast to the message in Genesis to where God declares that it is not good to be alone. There he sculpts a woman from the rib of man, she was molded so that man and woman fit together perfectly. And God bless his marriage is a good thing and a beautiful thing. So as Paul contradicting the declaration of the Creator God, when He suggests that it might be better for some people to choose an unmarried life. Absolutely not. Marriage is a sacred union. But it is possible that many will be able to serve God more fully, if they do not have the limitations that come with marriage and family. Paul shares his advice humbly based on his own experience. The tension between the beauty of marriage and the freedom from marital obligations is one we should all explore. As we come to our own conclusions. We must also carry them humbly remembering that one is not better than the other. I got to stop here because this is Part Eight. Do you have anything to

jessica linn 54:55
add? I think it’s situational. I think clearly The people that have people that need to heal should not be married to someone that is not working with them to heal. I believe that those if you’re with someone and you guys don’t, you aren’t synched up and you don’t get it, and you’re not on the same mission, you shouldn’t be together. Personally, I agree that it doesn’t maybe necessarily matter if you’re married, especially if you’re married by law, because I don’t think God has anything to do with that. But, but, I mean, there’s so many things in there that are situational, where that says, not to withhold sex, and then the Catholic Church took that and ran with it, and then you’ve got rape in the home, and the women are powerless. And it’s, you have to have a good foundation to be able to take these things and apply them in any way at all to your life.

Joshua T Berglan 56:12
I, man, that is really good. I mean, I, the more I read the Bible, and especially different Commentaries, I’m really starting to believe that it’s more a collection of stories about people’s experience with God. And I do think I mean, this says, it’s not a contradiction of what it’s saying in Genesis in this but Well, I mean, the New Testament Old Testament is like in direct competition with each other. And there’s a lot of things in my opinion. I know people disagree, but they do contradict each other. And I mean, all through the Old Testament, they’re practicing polygamy. And the people in the stories that are people in the Bible, are doing it to people, God’s favorite people in the Old Testament, were practicing polygamy in some form, or fashion. They were murderers, they, I mean, they did a lot of bad stuff. There was incest, there was all kinds of crazy and not that that was ever condoned. But these are the people. And then the Old Testament seems to go completely against that. Which I don’t what what’s right, because if you’re supposed to read the whole Bible, how are you applying this to your life. And so I really believe this is more of a collection of stories that it’s like the hero’s journeys, and the stories of people’s gods. And if you notice, if you notice in the Bible, so I got distracted, we have kids running up in stairs, if you notice, so many of the stories in the Bible mimic the story of Jesus. Because ultimately, we all have our Chrome cross to bear. We have our own journey. It’s we have our own hero’s journey that very much is very similar to Jesus’s and I’m not saying that Jesus’s story is symbolic. I’m not saying that. I believe it’s absolutely true. But if you really think about it, our stories are the same with the exception of we sin. So anyway, I want to finish this, and then we’ll move on to those who are unmarried and widowed. Here’s my advice, it is a good thing to stay single as I do. If they do not have self control, they should go ahead and get married. So basically, if you want to bang, you should get married. That’s what this is saying to me. And that doesn’t seem like a reason to get married at all.

jessica linn 58:40
Worst reason number,

Joshua T Berglan 58:42
that’s the worst reason because yeah, it’s the worst reason I won’t. They should go ahead and get married. It is better to marry than to be obsessed with sexual urges. To those who are unmarried. Here’s my command. I mean, this also just shows you that marriage back then really had nothing to do with love. Like people were getting married by the house, the mountainside with goats and all that and there’s crap and flies everywhere. And they’re just getting married and making a covenant with God. Like this whole idea of the marriage that the whole wedding business is a scam. Oh, yeah. Oh my gosh,

jessica linn 59:18
I just want your money. It’s

Joshua T Berglan 59:19
just a scam. And it’s just a government bullcrap thing because the whole idea of, of, I mean, look, I’m madly in love with you. I love you with all my heart. But really, I’ve married for what I thought was love before and that was a disaster. I’m married to you and committed to you and I weave a covenant with God, because you’re my best friend. Like you’re who I want to do life with. We do life well together. And so the days that we’re not being good husband and wife, we become friends, and we’re not being very good friends, then we go to family, but we have that. And I love that and I wouldn’t trade that for the world and art but when I read this, it’s like, I feel like we’ve been lied to Even how marriage is supposed to be.

jessica linn 1:00:03
I agree.

Joshua T Berglan 1:00:04
And I think I love you more when I don’t feel in love with you. Does that make sense can

jessica linn 1:00:11
be very mystifying. It can be. It can cause you to it can cause illusions it can make things make you feel a certain way, and then you choose to overlook other things because that feeling is so when you forrec It’s almost like a drug, it just takes

Joshua T Berglan 1:00:31
ecstasy. Yeah, and I can forget some dumb stuff on ecstasy.

jessica linn 1:00:35
I don’t think I have ever been single, longer than like, you’ve been snap your finger because all sudden, like, you know, feeling free, ready to like take on the world, just me. And then all of a sudden love shows up in that euphoria. And that desire to have the fairy tale just takes over. And then next thing you know, you’re later after your first marriage, we just wanted a baby and a husband and wanted to do the fairy tale. And you got a black guy, and you’re getting picked up on the side of the road, and you got to get divorced now like and spend a lot of money. And it sucks. So yeah, I don’t think marriage is what it’s supposed to be at all. I think that love is fleeting. And it’s more about the principles.

Joshua T Berglan 1:01:26
i What and I so to add to what you just said, and I love this to those who are married, here’s my command. And it says in quotes. To be clear, this isn’t merely my opinion, it comes from the teaching of the Lord Jesus, it is not right for a wife to leave her husband. If she does, she must either remain single or reconcile with her husband, but she should not marry someone else. Likewise, the husband should not divorce his wife to everyone else. Here’s my counsel. And so the whole I’m gonna wait to everyone else. Here’s my counsel. This is not a direct command from the Lord. It is my opinion. So now we’re taking opinions in the Bible, and it’s the word of God. It’s not the little it’s not the literal word of God, people quit saying that it’s not the literal word of God. And if it’s a literal word of God, then words can’t be changed. And I’ve got historical document after historical document, which is in that episode from yesterday, the homosexual, bisexual, Christian, perverted whatever. I couldn’t think of a better title, I was gonna put faggot, just, but that was like, too abrasive. And, and I think people would have assumed that I was like, being derogatory. And that wasn’t it at all. In fact, it was much different. But there’s opinions, there’s commentary, there’s words that are changed, sentences removed. And if it’s a little word of God, I would think that if you manipulated his words, God would burn your hands off, he would your head would explode, you wouldn’t cease to exist. So. So I think that’s a lie that’s been sold to everybody. And, and I, because I don’t think that God would stand for that, which also furthers my suspicion that we live in some level of hell, because that’s the only way that that would be allowed. And people would live to do it. Because it’s blasphemy.

jessica linn 1:03:20
Right? I agree with the living in some level of health. I used to think we just lived in house. It’s similar, but the level I can see because right now, we’re the minority, because I believe there’s a good chance that we would be the majority, but they’ve poisoned and killed off all the rest and the evil are in charge right now. And I mean, it’s just one step closer to Jesus, coming back, and, God take it over again.

Joshua T Berglan 1:03:49
I wish you would hurry. Although I’m kind of enjoying watching the Bible play out because I want to make this clear, a question a lot about the Bible. But that’s the point of having the Holy Spirit, because He revealed truth to you.

jessica linn 1:04:04
It’s not questioning God either. No, by questioning, it’s actually giving more questioning man, more respect to God by not idolizing a book that man wrote about God, it’s gone straight to God as our Savior.

Joshua T Berglan 1:04:20
Yeah. And then in before we get into moral hierarchy about who’s like if we’re being blasphemous. Well, to be honest with you, if you’re wearing a cross around your neck that says blast. I mean, look, if you can do what you want with this, but holding that cross around your neck having crosses over your, to me, that’s as blasphemous as it gets. It’s as disrespectful as it gets, and it’s an idol. Praying before praying before it cross, or when you’re holding it and rubbing it. What you’re doing when you’re holding and rubbing that while you’re praying is you’re giving the energy to that not to God And I know that that I mean that that that could be a stretch. But really, if you want to be literal about things, why are you cutting your hair? I mean, we can go on and on and on and on and on. It’s not the literal word of God or none of you would have eyeballs. None of you would your your penises would be cut off, your vaginas would be sewn up. You would like if it was literal, you’d be stoned to death. So it’s not the literal word of God. And if it was, then the any text at all, any diversion of the Bible, that is not actually God’s word is blasphemous. So we got to be very careful about this. But at the same time, it is an amazing, amazing book that is life giving, and is a great way to get to know the Holy Spirit. But I’ve said this before, I can read James Patterson and the Holy Spirit will show me stuff. So do with that what you want. Alright, if a brother has a wife who does not believe in Jesus’s teaching and the truth of His resurrection, He is to stay with her as long as she’s willing to live with him. The same is true for any Sister, you should not leave your husband even if he has no alleged allegiance to Jesus. Here’s the reason. an unbelieving husband is consecrated by that union, touch by the grace of God through His believing wife, pray and wife is awesome. The same is true when the husband is a man of faith, and he’s wed to an unbelieving wife, his wife is consecrated through their union. If this weren’t so your children wouldn’t be pure. But as it is when faith enters that God sets apart these children to be used uniquely for his purposes. So what about generational sins? That doesn’t make sense? If the unbelieving spouse decides the marriage is over, then let him or her go. The believing partner is freed from marital vows because God has called you to peace. Remember that anything is possible. So the life you lead and the love you show under this strain may be what finally liberates your partner. So here’s my instruction to all the churches. Each must live with the gifts the Lord Jesus grant you and with a call God offers you. When you heard the voice of Jesus, what were your circumstances? were you living as a circumcised Jew? If so, then don’t try to undo your circumcision. When you’re living as if you were an uncircumcised outsider, if so, you don’t need to become a Jew. You see whether you are circumcised or not, these outward signs aren’t the issue. The way you live out the commands of God is what really matters is important to all the people who live out faith and the circumstances they know. Okay, so I want to go back to this you see whether your circumstance, or the way you live out the commands of God is what really matters. The commands of God come from you. Like inside of you. I believe this with all my heart, you can read God’s instruction, you can read the Bible and so on. But those of you that read the Bible, you know, when the Spirit lights up and shows you something, the words come off the page, you’re like, Whoa, that’s what that really means. Oh, hey, and what’s the likes me? Anyway? Anyway, um, so I believe that because obedience is key to everything. Obedience is keys to unlocking the gates of heaven, the kingdom of God, but also obedience to the call, when you’re filling lead when the Spirit speaks to you and want you to take a giant leap of faith. That’s obedience. That’s being honest. And you everyone knows this by now, unless of you’re just a drunk, because you’ve drank your discernment away, or you’ve numb your discernment away. But you know, when you’re about to do something that is not of God. And all of a sudden, that’s your stomach goes. Like, you need to feel it right there and you kind of want to throw up a little bit. That’s the Holy Spirit gone.

Joshua T Berglan 1:09:02
Or when you feel that up, and you feel your heart pulling you like, that’s the Holy Spirit to so pay attention to that obedience is there. Because, look, without that, I’d be jab boosted Nevermore, probably not because I’ve been such a skeptic my whole life. But that that same stuff is what pointed me to finding the facts about what was happening, when the vid was going on. So that I educated myself and saw why I don’t want to take it before it was scrubbed from the new sites. By the way, it’s all on archive.org If you want to go look for those documents, there’s all there. So um, yesterday. Anyway, so I want to say that obedience is important. A call to faith is not a call to abandon your life, family, neighborhood and culture. We must play with the hand God deals us not look for a new deck.

jessica linn 1:09:57
Yeah, that makes sense. Well No, but you still have to have a good foundation, you have to have a good base. If you have trauma, and you marry someone, where you should you have no place married to begin with. None of this applies true.

Joshua T Berglan 1:10:13
It’s absolutely true. And why would you want someone else’s the life that is designed for you, is for you. So that means the bullcrap you’re dealing with right now, gonna teach us something, it’s for you. It’s not, it’s not against you, it’s for you. We got a flat tire the other day, be able to replace the tire yet, but that tire going flat, where it went flat, how it went flat, not only probably saved our lives, seriously. And, but also, we had this crazy wild chance meeting and made it like an amazing connection when it happened.

jessica linn 1:10:51
Very godly.

Joshua T Berglan 1:10:53
God was in it. And so life happens for you. It doesn’t happen to you. But all the problems and the hardships and all of that it’s for you to learn something. Even in your marriage, even in your relationships, your relationship troubles are there to teach you something there to help you heal. And, or to show you that you’re just being a freakin jerk. You need to be nicer, whatever the good, but it’s teaching you something. All right. Even in the worst circumstances, Faith can change the believer from the inside faith. Man, that’s what to live on. If you’re asked me, Did you hear God’s voice while you are a slave, don’t be concerned. But if the opportunity comes to gain your freedom, then take it for the slave of yours. I actually I’m going to stop there. I don’t want to read any more. Because I don’t like this verse either when it talks about slavery, because I want to do more research on the slavery stuff. Because like, a lot of a lot of people have used the Bible and what it says about slavery to justify enslaving people. And I’m, I don’t stand for that. I don’t believe in that. And like, Look, I know, it could be taken out of context, whatever. But I got a problem with just like being obedient to this government and gonna happen. It’s not gonna happen. And I don’t feel in my spirit that I should be obedient to this government, because I don’t believe they have their best interest for my life. So the slavery topic, I don’t want to read that. I don’t want to until I have more facts. Until I have more facts. I don’t want to touch them. So do you have anything you want to end with honey?

jessica linn 1:12:40
I mean, that was a lot. That that was a lot to take in? Um, I definitely. I mean, it does turn it’s hard. Figuring out how to discern all of these new situations. It’s hard. And without guidance from the Holy Spirit, it’s impossible. So I am going to be talking to take out a lot.

Joshua T Berglan 1:13:13
Yeah, especially about this and how to handle it. With James and respect to James. All I know is all at the whole time. I just wanted to, like I wanted to pray for him. Because I do believe that God can heal all and I do believe he needs healing. But I just don’t I don’t know. I don’t know. i And you talked about discernment. You know, like I can speak with like, from having the ID I know that Josh was speaks the truth. But what’s true to some of the other altars may not be true to Joshua. So when they speak, it can contradict Joshua sometimes, but also with those shifts, it makes it hard to discern because you’re looking at the person you trust, but then the person actually talking is maybe not someone you trust and so with these guys that have been through a lot of women to men and women that have been through even even transgendered and whatever other genders there are, typically this happens from neglect abuse, and in pain and suffering and trauma and blah blah blah and so, they have altars because those altars are there to help initially they just can some of them can become monsters, as I know is the our book the devil inside me and which is about my monsters. So that’s, you know, very well we could be talking to an older

jessica linn 1:14:52
well and i i very well believe that everyone has altars in them. I believe that I ever it’s Everybody’s been through trauma. That’s true. It’s the last few years of their trauma. It varies, and they might not even know the extent of their trauma. Yeah, I mean, there’s most people I don’t believe do know the extent because the mind is so miraculous, that it will hide things that we are not capable of handling from us until we are capable, which takes healing. And if people don’t know what they need to heal from, or that they need to heal, they’re gonna heal. And those memories are just gonna stay hidden from us forever.

Joshua T Berglan 1:15:40
Beautiful said, You’ve been on quite the healing journey. It’s been really amazing to watch. Of course, I’ve been on my own too. And, you know, here’s the thing. It’s a lot of work. It’s been a crazy journey. For me, it’s been a wild journey for you. I’ve been able, since we’ve been in each other’s life, I’ve been able to watch you go through it. And it’s not easy to watch, always. But it’s also beautiful. And God will heal you. And sometimes it’s a journey. Sometimes you don’t, it’s hard. And it takes commitment. But it’s worth it because of the breakthroughs and the fruit you turn in, and then what you turn into, yes, that’s so good. But God’s not going to heal some things he doesn’t take away for a while. And, and there’s a reason for it, and may not make sense at the time. But stay with it. It’s worth it. Those of you who are on healing journeys, keep going, keep trusting God, and I want to pray real quick, and then we’ll quit. Heavenly Father, thank you so much for actually getting to do I wasn’t expecting to do this today with Jessica. But I was really special. really grateful for her commentary and even just what she added with James and you know, I don’t know what’s going on in the hospital other than what we’ve heard, Lord, but I just pray that Your Holy Spirit, your spirit, just drops in on that prison and heels, heels and let your let your presence be known. I don’t know how many people actually pray for that prison, but also MSOP for the people that are innocent, set them free. But then for the people that are guilty, heal them, heal them, give them a spirit, that is of repentance. And, and because I believe, Lord, that if you heal the people that are labeled monsters and predators and as sexually violent people, I know that demon is gotta be just something else that just comparing to my own demons. The Lord, I know that you can heal anything, and heal anyone. And what a testimony it would be. For those people that have caused pain to other people and have hurt them and have took their innocence for their testimony, to be able to help others heal, and and will never excuse what they’ve done. But you do forgive all you forgive any, and you forgive everything that is not blasphemous against your spirit. So Lord, I pray that you heal, and you heal all the people that are in the shadow prisons, and you set them free spiritually, but then also the people that have been left suffering because of what those people have done. You offer them healing as well because the victims need healing their testimonies, their testimonies are powerful also. So thank you for this opportunity. I have no idea what the purpose of what this was today is or was but I pray that you bless the broadcast and use it for your purposes to bring healing deliverance and truth we love you and Jesus name amen All right, thank you guys for watching. God bless

Unknown Speaker 1:18:58
me pleasing grace. How sweet the sound that saved me I was lost. I was blind but now I see. I was lost. I was blind but now I see