Pastor Christopher Bellanger delivers a powerful sermon continuing Pastor Monica DeLaurentis's series "The Devil's Dirty Little Secrets", talking about the negative effects of unforgiveness and how the devil uses it is holding us back from our destiny. The Life Center is an inner city ministry center that helps people with their basic needs and walks with them on their journey to becoming fully developed members of the body of Christ. Our goal is to equip each member to live a life free from addiction and to become positive parents, role models, and productive citizens. Our unique 4-T Ministry Model is designed to support, disciple, rehabilitate and equip people for service to others.
ICCM Life Center is an urban ministry center committed to transforming impoverished people through the power of Jesus Christ. The Life Center began in 1993 in the living room of Chris and Monica's South Minneapolis home. Today, after more than 25 years of inner-city ministry, they understand what it takes to see a life transformed. From homelessness, addiction, and abuse to having a renewed mind and life through the power of Jesus Christ.
man being prayed for at life center minneapolis

The Facts in 2018

  • Over 400 rides provided each week
  • 18,800+ meals provided each year
  • Average Sunday attendance of 306
  • Six full-time &  four part-time staff
  • Annual operating budget of 680,000
  • 87% of revenue comes from LifeGivers
  • 1,060 Volunteers served at the life center

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Sermon Transcript