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Introducing Jerry Thompson from the film "Translated"





“Translated” is a unique and refreshing movie that’s well worth the watch…entertaining and inspiring.” Richard Paul Evans, #1 New York Times bestselling author.
Translated” is well-filmed with a critical message for the churches today.” Dr. Wayne Cordeiro, New Hope Christian College

“Translated” is one of the best Christian films I’ve ever seen, because it isn’t full of clichés, it’s realistic, the acting of Paul, Tim and Kayla was very good, and it has the brilliant idea of bringing Paul to the 21st Century.” Dr. Andrew Quicke, Graduate school film professor, Regent University, Virginia

“Tonight (after hours of focused work ) I watch Translated again for the 8th time. I love this movie. It is bringing healing to my heart. I think you nailed who Paul became!” Pastor Richard Welch

Thank you for joining us for this special broadcast! To watch the film, go to translatedfilm.com!



I grew up in Cottage Grove, Oregon, 20 miles south of Eugene. I had wonderful parents, but never went to church, and didn’t think much about God or the hereafter until Nov. 21, 1964. That night when I was 12, our car with my dad, mom, twin brother and I in it, was slammed into on the I-5 freeway by two cars. A tire had come off of a car going north on I-5, rolled across the median and struck our car, turning it broadside. In the darkness, my dad who was driving, didn’t know what had hit us. Fortunately, and I could say quite miraculously, none of us were seriously injured: concussions, broken nose, broken collarbone and whiplashes.  As I was waiting on a cot to be seen in the hospital with a broken collarbone, I cried, wondering what would have happened to me or my family if we had died.

That set me on a search about what happens after death, which led to a belief in reincarnation, and ultimately culminated in turning my life over to Jesus in 1970 at the University of Oregon in the midst of the Vietnam protest era.  I read Christian literature by a radical “Jesus Freak” group from Berkeley and the more moderate Campus Crusade writings, which included articles by Josh McDowell.  After two years at the U of O, I transferred to Eugene Bible College (lived in same house with Wayne Corderio) and graduated in 1975. In 1978 my wife and I left everything in Eugene to travel across the country to enroll at a new graduate school in Virginia Beach: CBNU (now Regent University).  I had been a 700 Club phone counselor and loved the 700 Club and hearing the many interviews with Christians and their testimonies of how God is alive and active in today’s world. By the way, my master’s thesis included a 60 min. video documentary on Ezekiel 38 and 39 entitled:  Israel vs. Russia: A War Foretold?”  After researching the subject, I went against Pat Robertson, Hal Lindsey etc. and came to a much different and quite obvious conclusion.

Most importantly, during that time I was used by the Lord to lead my dad, who was a logger and thought almost all Christians were “phonies”, to a wonderful, bonafide commitment to Jesus. Amazingly, our son Jeff was born one year after he died (1980) and our daughter Heather, was due on my dad’s birthday.

After graduate school I found a position with a feature film company in Medford, Oregon. I was a publicity representative for their new Native American film, “Windwalker”, which received two thumbs up by Siskel and Ebert.  Since then I have helped raised my two children, and written and produced 2 documentaries (1981-Evolution and Creation as well as an “epic” on the history of Oregon Ducks football-1987) and a 60 min. Christian feature (“God on Trial”-1985). For God on Trial I turned the script over to a financial agent and after about 6 months of him trying to find funding, I basically was giving up and starting classes to be an accountant. Then the agent called me out of the blue and told me he had found the money. I called my twin brother in Hawaii, who to my amazement said: “Great, now I can stop fasting!”  I had no idea he had been fasting for me.

After working in real estate and a bus driver and then from 2007-2014 as a newspaper reporter, In 2017 I wrote, produced and directed a one hour, 52 min. feature film, “Translated” that was approved by the Regal Theaters corporate office to be shown nationwide.  Released in Eugene in the fall of 2018, “Translated” in its first week drew more than any of the 15 Hollywood films other than “Crazy Rich Asians” (30 viewers less). We were 5th the second week and 9th the third. It was a wonderful feeling seeing people attend all 4-5 showings every day for 3 weeks. It was a real thrill to see our team effort create a movie for the “silver screen” that touched lives and entertained so many people. People were disappointed it was taken out for other contracted films, so a local couple who paid to see “Translated” 5 times spent $1000 to pay for 150 people to see it as an encore showing a month later. Who does that? Later, they bought 100 dvds!

I was counting being a guest on the 700 Club, since I had been in 1986 for “God on Trial”, but that did not materialize. Since then I have been distributing “Translated” on our website. I agreed to try it on Amazon Prime for a few months where it was seen by over 25,000 viewers. It was very satisfying to see that over 2/3 of those who saw it gave it a 5-star rating! There are many messages contained in “Translated”, but the main one is based on John 17:20, 21. I wrote the screenplay with the main message being that, when the Body of Christ of is united, THEN the world will know that the Father sent Jesus. In other words, one of the best means of evangelism is unity among Christians.  I believe that this message is coming from the heart of our Lord. I also included one autobiographical scene in the movie. When I was in Bible College, God, the Father, showed me through an incredible “divine coincidence” that He really is my daddy, or Abba Father. That scene has touched many who have seen “Translated.”

To my knowledge THIS IS THE ONLY FEATURE FILM EVER MADE WHERE A BIBLICAL CHARACTER (PAUL) COMES TO OUR TIME! From hearing and reading the many heartfelt responses to “Translated”, I feel almost obligated to seek ways to reach a much wider audience. That is why I am looking more endorsements from prominent Christian leaders. I have had a large number of wonderful reviews from coast to coast from those who have seen “Translated”. People can go to translatedfilm.com to buy or rent Translated.  I include my “director’s notes” which includes questions that would be appropriate to address after a showing to a Bible study group.