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Media Production 

The Founder and Chairman of Live Mana Worldwide made his childhood dream of having a talk show come true with fresh off being homeless and no money in his pocket.  After having a talk show that was to be featured on Fox Business fall through, and inspired by hearing T.D. Jakes speak while promoting his book Soar, Joshua began to focus on the things he did have and not what he didn’t.  

That meant starting a talk show on Facebook Live using his phone and treating it like it was a real TV show.  Months later it became a podcast, then online radio show shortly after.  Within a year later, Joshua’s show, Gratitude:UnFiltered made it’s TV debut and is now part of LIVE programming on the e360tv Network, broadcast on Apple TV, ROKU, Facebook Live, IGTV, Youtube, and your favorite podcast networks. 

Our team is passionate about using its collective experience working in the TV, Film, and music industries to take your message to its desired audience.  We understand that most non-profits, ministries, and purpose-driven individuals do not have the financial means, know-how, or time to set up the necessary production tools.  This is one of our favorite areas to serve because whether we like it or not, the media is the most influential force on this planet.  Our messages cannot reach the world without taking advantage of its power. 

Joshua and Live Mana Worldwide Foundation is blessed to be a part of and under the covering of Pastor Phillip Castillo from Word of God Church in Oklahoma City, Ok.  


Brand Development 


Live Mana Worldwide’s team consists of experts who can develop your idea from the idea phase to distribution.  We can even assist in creating custom formulated and white label cosmetics, skincare, and beauty supplies that are ideal for bringing in revenue for your non-profits, ministries, or personal branding desires. 

One of the brands we are the proudest of is the globally patented Eye-Am Conchita, Lash App & Curl that allows anyone who loves fake eyelashes to apply them in 5 seconds or less! 


Check it out! 

Eye-Am Conchita Cosmetics Lash-App & Curl!
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Live Mana Worldwide Foundation Media


The newly invented revolutionary Eye AM Conchita Lash-App & Curl is a favorite among many who have had a lifelong struggle applying strip lashes. The Lash-App and Curl is the first lash applicator than can that can be used to apply lashes while wearing eyeglasses.  It is designed to apply strip lashes and curl your own lashes with the same apparatus, because of the different attachments.  The app curved attachment is designed to hold the lashes without destroying its shape. The Lash App and Curl can fit different eye shapes.  The curler attachment is designed to curl your own lashes. Makeup artists and beauty professionals worldwide are raving about the ease with which the lashes can be applied to the eyes. 

Comes with two attachments which can:

Apply Strip Eyelashes

Curl Natural and fake Eyelashes


Event Production 

We love Producing and Hosting events!  We have hosted The Power of WE Symposium,  Dan and Abi’s Lifestyle Hackers Event, The World Networks Entrepreneur Awards, multiple Serve X events and many more! 

We have also been blessed to help produce multiple major events including the 2016 & 2017 Official Daytime Emmy’s Gifting Suite; the 2016 & 2017 Oscar’s Viewing Party; the 2015 ESPYs Gifting Suite; the 2017 L.A. City Gala, the 2017 Breeder’s Cup After Party, and the 2018 MTV Movie Awards.   


Other Services 

Podcast, TV, Film Producing 

Brand and Product Development/Distribution 

Strategic Planning/Partnerships 

Movie Production/Distribution 

TV Production/Commercials/Distribution 

Book Publishing/Distribution 

Script/Book Writing 

Sales Copywriting

Website Creation/Graphic Design/App Creation/Design 

PR – Public Relations 

Social Media Growth 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

 Paid Advertising/Digital Marketing

Celebrity Endorsements/Influencer Marketing 

Business Financing/Personal Loans 

Talent Management 

Revenue Stream Identification 

Investment opportunities 

Book Speaking Engagements, TV & Radio Appearances

and more! 


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