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"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then, you will be able to test and approve what God's will is --His good, pleasing and perfect will." Don't we always hear this verse? How many of us know how to apply this? 

Paul is actually referring to our mindsets here. There is a pattern of thinking that is formed in a person who does not believe in God. Paul is suggesting the process of breaking free from the conforming patterns as the transformation of renewing our minds. The warrior must see the world from a new perspective. The warrior sees life from a different mindset--the warrior has a new mind.

*for example, "Life happens for us, not to us."

*other examples of reforming and redrawing the mind

The Will of God

The Will of God is something to be received rather than something that must be perceived. When our minds are renewed it on then and only then that we are able to test and approve what the will of God is. When we see the world from our new minds, then we will see God's intention for us is good and pleasing and perfect.

Imagine having an infinite number of futures right in front of you and each one of them is easily accessible as the others. All we have to do is choose one.

God doesn't (word not clear) us, what we dream/imagine is possible. God's will is not something to look at from a linear perspective. It's not walking a tightrope. It's not something that is a singular possibility. (words inside the parentheses are not clear)

Our future is more beautifully complex than others. Doesn't it make sense that infinite God would have an infinite amount of futures available to us? What if there is an endless number of futures awaiting us but the portal which we enter these possibilities is shaped by the choices we make?

The future is not linear, it's dynamic. The future is not determined, it is created. It is in your mind that the future begins. It is through the transformation of your mind that you can usher in the future only God could have planned. The only thing better than imagining a better life is creating it the only thing better than imagining a better world or creating it. The warrior understands that the world's best future will come with a battle. You must fight for the future that you dream of...

What is the future you dream of? The warrior doesn't fight to hold or to the past but rather to take a hold of the future... The future belongs to those with the future to create it. This is the way of the warrior. You must choose the future you want to see? So I ask you, what is the future you want to see? What are you willing to sacrifice for that future?

When your mind is shaped with hope, you do not see just 2 paths, the good one and the bad one. No-- you see endless amounts of paths filled with amazing opportunities. How many opportunities do you see for yourself right now?

"Do not allow your minds to be shaped by any patterns that would steal from you the hope that God created you to live in." Paul

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