So Hunter Boon lives a life of Radical Faith and loves co-creating with our Lord. His walk with the Lord.

Has taken him to Africa twice to preach on stages and he had no formal training. He just said “YES LORD.”

God has restored Hunter’s relationship with his two kids, and with 13 years of sobriety under his belt, and a lot of forgiveness and gratitude, he walks a free man.

He walks in the realms of signs, wonders, and miracles as it says in the Bible.

He loves the Supernatural and wishes more people would step into the realms of the miracles and free themselves of limiting beliefs that keep them stuck.
As a businessman, Hunter has built a successful wine company, Consecration Wine, with a wine called Warrior Angel.

He owns a hemp farm in Vermont and loves farming and real food.

He is currently working on 5 movies in various stages of production.

He has a global charity called Project 248 where his heart is to take care of the orphan, widow and free the captives from sex trafficking.

Hunter loves Kingdom Business Connections and watching people thrive in the gifts that God bestowed on each of us.

Hunter is a natural encourager.

He loves to speak life, to edify people and help them see who they really are, their true identity, and loves helping people to be called back in alignment with their original blueprint or scroll from Heaven.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Hunter Boon to Gratitude:UnFiltered!

With love,

Joshua T Berglan