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Please welcome Princess Jennifer Lee to Gratitude:UnFiltered #LIVE on the Live Mana Worldwide Multimedia Broadcast Network.



Meet Dr. Princess Jennifer Lee !

On this Gratitude:UnFiltered, our guest is late so Joshua T Berglan speaks about the George Floyd trial, the riots in Minneapolis, the future of media, and other things on his heart.

Dr. Princess Jennifer Lee is an Apostle, a Prophetess of repute, Life, Health, Wellness, and Spiritual Coach, a Teacher, Public Speaker, Author, International Evangelist, International Global Business Consultant, Humanitarian, and Philanthropist with a heart of compassion to serve the underserved.

Transcending cultural, tribal, color, and denominational barriers, her powerful message “OF HOPE” resonates among people from every walks of life. With a faith so strong, Princess Jennifer Lee teaches about a “Can-Do” spirit and faith in Jesus Christ to manifest your Dunamis & Exousia Power within you.

Dr. Lee has been diagnosed with Colo-rectal Cancer and Ulcerative Colitis and is fighting this battle currently without western medicine. She is here to share her story and how she is remaining in the fight to show the healing power of God.







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