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Kaylene Balzer from the Non-Profit Beautiful Restoration, Inc.

The Beginning

Beautiful Restoration began 3 years ago on a hot Thursday night in the TV room of the Edmond home of Kaylene & Bryan Balzer. Even though the Balzers had a full life having raised 5 children of their own, little did they know that the rescue of a homeless lady would be beginning of this remarkable thing called Beautiful Restoration. The rescued lady, Sharee, had seen the dark side of life; to name a few: the sex industry, drug and alcohol abuse and trafficking, crime, cons and the latest, homelessness. Because of a simple act of coming into their nurturing, loving Christian home, she began to blossom and come into her own as a compassionate advocate to other broken and hurting women. Weekly, other girls were drawn to that TV room where they began to listen to videos together, read books and most importantly, develop a community of practical, physical, emotional and even legal support around each other. Other caring ladies began to mentor those hurting and what started as a small group of a church, became ministry to countless ladies who each began to heal and then begin to help other broken ladies. There are countless stories of lives changed forever in the past three years.

The motto became "get healing, give healing." Each attendee is encouraged to not wait until they are perfectly whole, but even in their brokenness, to reach out to someone that might now be where they have just come from.

The Work

From the early days to the present, teams of mentors not only assist spiritually but also physically go into homes in need, where they clean, organize, and decorate; so how fitting is it that in our search for a solution to that crowded home every Thursday night, we have found a property that needs the same: a BEAUTIFUL RESTORATION.

Exponential Growth

Our group of ladies, which began to grow from 8 to 20 to 30 to 50 and now more than 100 ladies, meets every Thursday night, in standing-room-only areas of that average size home and packs the streets of that average size neighborhood in Edmond. In an effort to minimize the crowding, more than 20 groups in other homes all over the metro have been birthed out of the main group, but the more it is divided, the more the main group multiplies.

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