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Dani was born and raised in Northern California. After her dad’s death, she was placed in the care of her Grandmother and never felt a sense of belonging. School was a strong suit, though the least of her interests- finding a community she could belong to was. As a high school dropout, Dani didn’t have a lot of career options ahead of her. The encouragement from a boyfriend lead her into an 8 year long career in exotic dancing. Quick cash, male attention and surrounded by beautiful friends, it seemed like the perfect solution to her problems until dancing became a problem itself. As money slowed down and bills piled up, when the offer to come to LA to pose for a few adult magazines was presented- Dani jumped at it.
Those magazine spreads never panned out however, and within a few months, at the tender age of barely 21, she found herself in the possession of a known predator in the adult industry. 4 days of sexual abuse turned into years of online & real life harassment. Dani had been sex trafficked and it turned her life upside down. After years were spent hiding in shame, she has reached a point in her healing journey that she gets to use her experience and voice to help educate the world about what sex trafficking can often look like and to show other survivors that self-worth & true healing are possible.
Dani’s curse has become her Super Power to help end suffering.
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