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Gratitude:UnFiltered "Thorn" brought to you by &
God strengthens us….
The strength we have on our own as humans is limited. No matter how many self-help ideas we implement, or how many positive affirmations we proclaim, our strength will only take us so far.
Paul begged God to remove his thorn in the flesh but God told him “no”. Why? While we see weakness as a barrier, God is using it to uphold us…. Our strength as humans may only get to a certain level, but with Gods strength boosting us up, there is nothing we cannot endure.
When we are in a trial where we have our own “thorn in the flesh”.
We can derive power by admitting we cannot do it on our own and crying out to God “I surrender!"
Thy will be done! I surrender this __________ to you!”
This also proves our Faith is genuine. It is a chance for God’s unlimited strength to strengthen us so we will be “perfect and complete and needing nothing” James 1:4
With love,
Joshua T Berglan

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