On this Gratitude:UnFiltered sponsored by Joy Organics, please welcome my friend, Tyler Coleman ....

She has a rap sheet 16 pages long including 11 misdemeanors and two felonies.. she was homeless sleeping in parks or in abandoned homes.. she was an addict of crack, crystal meth , cocaine , ecstasy, acid, and the occasional heroine & her means of making money was by prostitution or sitting in front of a gas station begging for change .. she’s had guns held to her head, was almost choked to death , and even tried taking her own life by overdosing on pain pills.
Tyler is now a thriving sales representative with 5% Nutrition. She recently purchased her first home. She is a fitness fanatic and has had the opportunity to compete in several body building shows .. Tyler believes in sharing what God has done through her life, and often speaks in juvenile detention centers and mentors young women in the community that are headed down that same path in hopes to make a difference in their lives. Tyler is in the process of building a non profit ministry, MisFit Ministry, with a mission to empower and encourage young women that are or have been incarcerated how to live a healthier lifestyle, physically mentally and spiritually. 

Tyler states ‘It is truly only by the grace of God that I am alive and well today and my hearts deepest desire is to help these young kids come to know who they are in Christ.’

I am your host Joshua T Berglan and welcome to the broadcast where your questions, comments, and engagement are appreciated. 

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